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 4  Mood Stabilizee PARETHESIA (tingling of fingers and toes-I'm a hair dresser, very BOTHERSOME!) ZERO APPETITE (I would rather not have food in my home. I am obsessed with WATER, it is ALL I want. Not even close to kidding. If I eat it's because A. I MAY vomit B. Someone makes me. WEIGHTLOSS(RARE cases would you Gain weight anyway; however lack of appetite, my huge water intake, no soda ect... THINGS I'VE NOTICED: 1. No serious side effects if you slowly up your dose. I STARTED at 25, now at 200. 2. It is WORKING as a MOOD STABILIZER 200mg, combined with 300mg bupropion sr. 3. (I went nearly a year without my period and since starting Topamax four months ago, I've had a period every month?? I don't know Why the Fuck that is. I've been irregular my WHOLE life. I should probably report this to someone important lol... 4.You will prooobably cry a lot when your dose changes but give it 1-2 weeks. It DOES work. I have been on EVERY. THING. F 24 4 months
 1   Makes me dumb and dense. It takes a while to get this side effect but eventually it makes me dull. I just get where I can't understand simple things. It effects my work. right now I am cutting back to 100 mg. I am taking it for headaches but my shrink says it helps my Bipolar 2 also. I don't care. It makes me dumb and that effects work and I can't have that. F 53 6 months
200 mg 1X D
 1  Bipolar Disorder/Weight Loss I was extremely agitated and couldn't sleep after one week, so I took it in the mornings. That was also a mistake, because I felt every side effect more profoundly, and most of them were psychiatric. I was so irritated that I was almost homicidal. I was screaming and thought about committing myself. Seriously, too. I only added this med because I thought I'd lose some Weight induced by another med , and believed another mood stabilizer at a low dose couldn't hurt. Wrong. I won't say stay away, because it's beneficial for some, but if irritation starts to come on, it may become 100 times worse rapidly, so be careful! F 46 1 months
 3  Severe migraines I had to discontinue use of this medication even though it was helping my migraines significantly, because I experienced severe vaginal yeast infections. I also experienced weird taste from carbonated beverages, a sensitivity to both alcohol and caffeine, weight loss, nausea, memory loss, dizziness, muscle fatigue, and insomnia. F 31 3 weeks
50 mg

 1  Petit mals, migraine, pseudotumor I began taking Topamax at a low dosage and titrated up to 800mg/day over the course of 2 months. Initially I felt it had some good side effects . . . like evening out my moods, but as I went up in doses, I went through ranges of side effects. At 200mg I felt really REALLY dumb. As I went up and out of 400mg and into the stratosphere with 800mg, started to feel fairly normal, as though my wits had returned. Then the fog rolled in, heavier and darker than ever before. It was forgetting what I was saying in mid-sentence, being unable to basic arithmetic, exacerbated ADD/ADHD, generally disoriented and unable to follow most conversations. . . For several months I was in this state, barely keeping my head above water, and then things began to get really really dark and it scared the crap out of me. My judgement and sense of rationale had become fragmented, I split off from who I normally was with weekly wailing spells, spiritual crises, wondering if I was having what used to be called F 53 9 months
200 4X D

 3  Migraines This did initially help my migraines, but even on high dose they slowly returned. Topamax gave me extreme fatigue, cloudy thinking- especially word retrieval, hair loss, weight loss - which was a +, my main concern was it flattened out my mood to a dull blah nothing. I couldn't seem to get off couch for much- not depressed just no feeling. I took it for a long time and the fatigue and flattening took time- I just quit it after reading more about the drug. Extremely serious side effects from this are possible / no dr not neurologist or internist told me to watch for vision changes- it can cause blindness. I was on high dose, too. Migraines are miserable! I will find another med w/ less serious side effects. I have taken many meds - have chronic illness- but this one scares me a bit. it made me crave sugar like crazy!, too. I am not sure why? Maybe the crushing fatigue? Almost as soon as I stopped I started eating normally again. I got rebound headaches, but they are tapering off. I tapered off this med too over about 2. 5 wks to quit and my legs went numb from the knee down a few times coming off it and I felt cruddy, but it wasn't hard to get off compared to other meds. F 49 3 years
200 mg

 4  Migraines/bipolar/weight loss/pain A little hair loss but that seems to be subsiding. My face breaks out occasionally but even that subsides after a day or two. I feel rather dumb when trying to choose words but other than that I know it's beginning to work for the weight loss and my migraines are almost non existent now. It's great cause I've been fighting migraines all of my adult life. This has helped so much! F 42 2 months
50 mg.
 5  headaches prevention I started on 25 mg then after 2 week went up to 50mg I was feeling confused tired shortbrethe moody n tingles hands feet it stops all my headackes I then went to 25mg ather tgen beong bit sleepy n short brethe nothing else o decided to stop for a week still get short brethe which doc looking on to I no it aint the tabs even on small dose no head ackes n o feel much betsr plus lost bit weight I dont mind F 39 6 months
25 mg
 3  Depression I started with 50MG 2x per day and at first I loved it. It balanced or perhaps numbed my moods, I was losing weight and the other side effects were tolerable at first. I had very thick long hair but noticed I was shedding a bit more. Then over time, my body had gotten used to the drug and my dosage had been increased. I became ridiculously paranoid, irritable and then my hair was falling out in clumps. My weight was rapidly dropping. 8 months later, I had to go off of it. My hair was so thin, you could see my scalp which resulted me to chop it all off. I quickly gained all the weight back when I went off the meds. Not worth it. F 36 8 months
50MG 2X D

 2  Migraines/Weight Loss Extreme tingling of feet - constant, like they've "fallen asleep" - also feel as if something is squeezing the top of my head; imsomnia - will sleep for 1-2 hrs then wide awake for hrs to the point that benedryl doesn't even help me sleep F 38 2 months
50 mg 1X D
 2  fibromyalgia High intense sugar cravings, lost 30 pads but I was already thin due to anorexia. Then I was on another med that made me binge 6 to 8 hrs per day which this was making thing worse cause it stopped working. So I stopped this drug cold turkey. F 36 3 months
 3  BiPolar Disorder tingling in hands and feet. Almost constant headache and heartburn, Also feeling quite tired yet not sleeping well. I've just started on this med and I'm adding it to my Lamictal and Lorazapam. I feel a slight decrease in appetite and mental clarity. I'm hoping to lose the weight but not my job. I already have very thin hair due to menopause so I'm hoping my strong multivitamin will help prevent that. F 53 10 days
25 2X D
 2  Migraine Metabolic acidosis leading to massive kidney stones that were frequent (more than 3 per year); continued migraines; weight loss; drop in blood pressure; unable to walk for over a month due to dizziness F 44 8 years
200mg BID

 1  Lose weight Depression, extreme fatigue, phantom smells, loss of appetite. F 59 6 months
100 mg

 2  Migraines/Bipolar Ummmm...no differrent than Zyprexa. My sweet tooth has come back 3 fold and I have lost 120 pounds off LI2CO3. Getting off of of it immediately. Not good with my chemistry. Rather have the thirst and dehydration versus the intense sweet hunger with and cognititive dysfunction witith topamax. Jeez. Try it out for yourself. You have to decide. 2 days was more than enough for me to know how bad it was gonna be for me. M
100 2X D

 4  Migraine Prevention Dizziness/Faint, Nausea, Extreme Joint Pain, Muscle Spasms, Headache, Complete Loss of Appetite, Dry Mouth, Loss of Concentration, Word Loss, Memory Failure, Spaced Out My dosage was upped too much too quickly and my body couldnt handle it. I'm now only on 30mg per day and even on this low dose I am affected by a multitude of side effects. Topamax has however been amazing for decreasing the frequency of my migraines so I will stick with it F 20 10 months
15mg 2X D

 3  Migraines All of the usual: altered taste, tingling when I was on 100 mg, but that stopped when I dropped to 50 mg., forgetfulness, cloudy thinking, HAIR LOSS!!!, extreme anger, feeling DUMB, weight loss. This was a miracle for ending my migraines. It initially changed my life. However, after being on it for 2 years, I was sick of being so stupid all of the time. I also lost quite a large amount of hair...used to be super thick, but it really thinned out. I have been off of it now for 6 months. Unfortunately, the migraines are back in full force...getting several each week just like before. However, my mental acuity has returned; my hair is getting back to normal, and WOW does stuff taste good again. I have put on a few pounds, but not bad. I wish SOOOO much that topamax would work without the DUMB feeling and the hair loss. I have an MS in Math, and I would just sit and STARE at numbers, not being able to THINK about what I was supposed to do with them. I don't know if I should go back on it for the migraines or not. It is a REALLY tough trade off. :( F 44 2 years
100 1X D

 3  Concussion Headaches First night taking it was bad. Very, very, bad. Became randomly very suicidal all night until I fell asleep. Split personality the first night. Was out of it. Not good. The next night, and following nights have been fine. No more split person or bad thinking. Numbness and tingling often. Dry mouth, loss of appetite. This has not made me sleepy after the first night, which makes me sad because I have difficulty falling asleep now since taking it. But, I can think!!!! Before taking this I could not even think and now I can actually look up the medication I am taking!!!!! The only reason I am not satisfied is because of the first night and constant forgetfulness, difficulty with speech and most of the other side effects. Overall I am very glad for this drug and to write this review that no one cares about, lol. I just want to say to anyone looking up this drug or reading this, I fully encourage you to take it by all means- but make sure you have a person with you the first night. Not a F 17 2 weeks
40mg 1X D
 4  Migraines w/Aura, Tremors Tingling in feet and finger tips, forgetfulness, drowsiness Has helped tremendously with my migraines. Not so much with my tremors. The tingling comes and goes so it is not too bad. My appetite has decreased and I have lost abt 5lbs. Hopefully I will lose more as I can stand to shed abt 20 lbs. I sleep better at night and recommend taking this at bedtime as it knocks me out cold. F 36 15 days
25 mg 2X D

 4  migraines tingling in hands and feet if arms or legs crossed for just a few minutes. Cannot drink carbonated beverages because the fizz is increased almost like there is too much fizz in the drink. Migraines haven't reduced yet, still at least 2 per week, but now are coming back to back days rather than two to three days apart. Has helped with depression and anxiety, have not noticed weight loss yet, but appetite is decreasing. F 34 2 weeks
25mg 2X D
 1  Migraine prevention Severe nervous system overstimulation after one dose. Generalized tingling, severe agitation, shaking, feeling of pressure and muscle tension, symptoms that were extremely anxiety provoking. I am unusually sensitive to pharmaceuticals, but have rarely experienced such a dramatic adverse effect from the first small dose of a new med. Reactions are of course highly individual. F 61 1 times
25 mg 1X D

 3  Migraines The tingling in my hands and feet was annoying, but tolerable. I didn't mind the loss of appetite and slight weight loss. But all of a sudden my personality totally changed. It was like I became a completely different person. I'm having crazy crying spells for no reason, screaming at my fiance over the stupidest things (and we're supposed to be getting married in less than a year). I'm even considering moving out because I feel so lost, like I don't even know myself anymore. Here's what REALLY bothers me: Up front, my neurologist warned me about the "very, very small" chance of developing kidney stones. He said to drink plenty of water to avoid getting them. At my 6-week follow-up I told him I was getting tingling in my extremities; here was his solution: Eat a banana, take 500 mg of Vitamin C and chew 1-2 Tums every day. When I began researching Topamax because of my severe mood changes, I discovered several warnings about kidney stones that said: AVOID ANTACIDS. AVOID EXCESS VITAMIN C. THESE WILL AID IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF KIDNEY STONES. I have left several messages at doc's office and - surprise, surprise - I have yet to receive a call back. I'm tapering off this crap drug ASAP! I wish I had found this website before starting the medication in the first place. F 27 8 weeks
50 2X D
 5  for migrainea few Get cold easier, tingling, weight loss and the dreaded hair loss and damage F 47 4 years
 3  Migraines due to menopause At first, had typical side effects--don't remember them all due to this being ages ago when I went on Topamax. I do remember almost having a head-on collision with an oncoming car due to these side effects, so be careful at first when you drive! I may have lost weight at first but like I said, it was yrs. ago when I first took this drug. I think people need to hang in there--the side effects do go away eventually. And then this will work. Topamax was eventually the only thing that ever took my migraines away, and for a long time it worked well. Over time, I began to see why people call it "dope-a-max!" I thought I was going prematurely senile since I just couldn't think straight any more. I couldn't make words come out of my mouth when I knew in my head what I wanted to say. A lot of physical stuff began happening, such as kidney stones, which was worse that childbirth in my case. I couldn't do a thing, I was in so much pain from them. It totally ruined an entire spring/summer for me. No one in my family had ever had them, either. Long term users, I'd recommend getting off this drug. I've felt so much better since being off it, I had no idea I'd feel this great, and I've been taking Excedrin Migraine now to quell any first-feelings of a migraine coming on, and that has worked fine. So far so good, knock on wood. F 62 10 years
100mg 3X D
 4  Migraines Weight Loss, Hair Loss, Tingling of Hands/Feet that went away, Throat tightness that lasted for two months initially has redeveloped after I was switched from one generic manufactured company's tablet to another company's, carpal tunnel symptoms that lasted for a month in both hands and wrists once I had hit the current dosage Not all generic topiramate tablets are the same. I'm having different side effects after I started taking a different manufacturer's generic tablets after taking the same TEVA brand tablets for four years. F 38 4 years
50 MG 2X D
 3  Migraines Tingling and numbness in hands and feet (worse in the real cold), soda tastes bad (that faded after time), hair loss, weight loss, memory loss, light trails when I'm over tired. My main concern is recent tho. I'm left handed and lately if I write a lot my hand seems to get tired and weak. I literally can NOT form a letter. That's a new unknown to me and not mentioned that I've found anywhere else symptom. F 36 4 years
100 MG
 5  chronic migraine without aura Topamax has been very effective in reducing the frequency of migraines I experience. I was having headaches at least 15 days per month and they would sometimes last for days. With topamax, I only get a couple mild, manageable headaches per month. The only side effect I am aware of is a painful burning sensation in my feet. F 25 6 months
100 mg

 2  Bi-polar Disorder Memory loss, loss of mental clarity, tingling in hands, dry mouth, extreme suicidal ideation, weight loss, metallic taste in mouth. I went on Topamax after I gained 40 lbs on another similar med. i was thrilled to drop the weight in a matter or months. However, the other side effects range from bothersome to extremely serious. They have not subsided with time. After reading other comments on this site, I see I am not alone in what I've experienced and I should probably get off this stuff. The problem is, the other stuff I've taken is equally as bad. What to try next? F 55 5 years
150 mg 1X D

 1  back and leg pain I have had six surgeries on my back,the last was 18 months ago and was a posterior fusion with hardware.I was taking Topamax for going on 4 yrs.and until recently going off it didn't realize that it was causing exageratted pain in my legs.After quitting the topamax my leg pain is alot better and at times even goes away.This is a sorry drug,My wife also took it at 25 mg. a day and we both had shingles,how weird is that,it caused my hair to fall out,skin dryness,eye weakness,cloudy thinking,no sex drive,sleeplessness,deep depression(you will not even know yourself,out of character)loss of interest in everything you loved before.My wife had scarring on her kidneys two years later from only 25 mg a day!I would advise you not to start this drug,it is very dangerous to your health,if you are taking it please go off it and you will see clearly how bad it has been.It clouds your thinking while on it till you don't see.It also makes you very paranoid and thin skinned about every little thing,yo M 54 4 years
100 mg. 2X D
 1  Migraines Loss of recall memory. Tingling in hands and feet. Kidney stones resulting in right renal failure. Surgery has corrected majority of kidney function. Check into this drug before using. It may not be worth the risk. Wish I had never started it. My life will never be the same. F 54 5 years
100mg 2X D
 5  Neuropathy and head injury migraine Hair falling out, hair is dry and brittle, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, tired, no appetite, no sex drive, stomach irritation, there are side effects but the benefits outweigh them. F 38 10 months
300mg day

 1  migraine headaches+daily tension he WORST HEADACHES, tiredness, drawsiness, general malaise, muscle weakeness, flat mood, apathy, crying spells (out of character), stupidity (out of character) sore throat, confusion, dry mouth and thirst, feeling i may accideantlly urinate, rstlessness, difficulty falling asleep, some irregular heartbeat, blurred vission and pain in eye when I got on the higher dose. It feels like a 'bad joke' like someone is playing a trick on me and I am waiting for it to come to an end. The side effects got significantly worst when I got from the 40 to the 50 mg dose. I have gone off sick from work as I am feeling like a wreck. Thank god I am seeing my GP today. F 38 50 days
50mg 1X D
 4  Seizure/headache It started off as tingling in my fingers and slight numbness. I can handle that. It gets really bad when I get cold. I've always had that due to low blood pressure so it's not that different. If I have ANY caffeine my lips twitch, eyelids twitch and my cheeks, neck, and jaw tingle like nobodies business. Right now I'm trying to type this message out while watching my fingers spasm. It's weird that it only happens during the middle of the day after work, it seems (the finger spasms). I can make it stop by fully flexing my fingers or fully clenching them into a fist. I have lost my appetite somewhat but I've never really had a super strong one. I've lost my sex drive completely but that might be due to the topamax and other things, however it is unusual. Not that big of a deal as I'm single at the moment. I do, however, seem to get irritated at little things a lot easier and I can't remember things like I used to. Extremely frustrating, not being able to remember things well. F 25 2 months
25 4X D
 1  Migraines Extreme fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, burning in chest and throat. F 41 3 weeks

 3  severe osteoporosis F 58
1X D
 5  Migraines/weight loss I'm Taking along with 37.5 phentermine. I've lost 15 lbs so far and have had only a few MILD Headaches before my period since December. Topamax has been a life saver as far as my migraines go! Mild Tingling in feet sometimes, and diet coke still taste gross. The only Downside is the Blurred vision I get when we have tried to increase the dosage. F 45 4 months
125 1X D

 5  Migraines (1-3 a month) I have only had the tingling in my hands and feet periodically but nothing horrible and my diet DP tasting bad. I have also had an awful sore throat for the last 2 weeks but not sure if its related. I have lost about 10 lbs but I'm not complaining there!!!!! I haven't had a migraine since starting Topamax! For me, it's been a life saver! F 32 2 months
 4  bi polar Carbonated drinks especially beer taste bad. Other than that I'm much easier to get along with at work and home. M 34 10 months

 1  headaches numbness and tingling in my hands and feet, my brain went into a fog, I didn't remember what had happened-short term memory was horrible. became very confused. My doctor didn't believe me when tried to explain what was happening even when she witnessed it in her own office. I stopped it gradually since I had started gradually. I hope these side effects go away soon and I can get my life back. F 40 6 months
75mg 2X D
 1  Migraines Lost 15 pounds and became dumb along the way. Short term memory loss is awful. Cant remember words, lose thought mid sentence and cant remember what I ate 3 hours prior. Should be called Dope-a-max! Strange taste especially when drinking a soda. Feeling completely full 3 bites into a sandwich. I literally had no desire to eat. The Good: No Migraines for 9 months with weight loss! That part was wonderful but being dumb in exchange was not worth it! I couldn't function at work anymore. Take at night because it does make you drowsy. F 49 9 months
50mg 1X D

 4  Chronic Daily Headache Small loss of appetite. Bad taste in mouth. Definitely have made a difference to my daily headaches and am glad I am on the drug. Topamax has made a good difference to my life. I can go ahead and plan things now, knowing I will not be debilitated every single day with a chronic headache. I still get headaches but not every day. F 60 1 years
100 2X D
 2  Migraines Word search problems, forgetfulness, large kidney stones, needing more over time to get the same effect (started 10 years ago at 100mg) F 37 10 years

 1  Chronic Migraine Tingling, short-term memory loss, mood swings, anxiety, depression, rage, suicidal thoughts, I have a history of major depression and my neurologist did not inform me this medication was linked to anxiety, depression, irritability and suicidal thoughts. I thought to look after my boss mentioned how different I have been the last four months. This medication is effecting my family life, work and friendships. If you have a history of depression please proceed with caution before taking this medication. The medication did successfully treat my migraine symptoms. I was excited to find something that could prevent the horrible pain but I am now suffering emotionally rather than physically and it is not an equal trade-off. F 36 4 months
50 MG 2X D
 5  migraines none F 39 6 months
100mg. 2X D
 2  Migraine/SUNCT I'm unlucky enough to suffer 'classic' headache migraines and SUNCT or Cluster Headaches together. The SUNCT has been in abeyance for 18 months since being treated with Lamotrigine but this drug left me with daily headache migraines for which my doc prescribed topiramate. Within 2 days of starting upload period of 25mg at night, the SUNCT was back with full blown symptoms - tearing eye, swollen eyelid, streaming nose, stabbing pains in sinus, all on right side of the face this time. I thought it was just incredibly bad luck till I read of one other person experiencing the same thing on this website. Thank goodness I did. I'm stopping the topiramate right now, before the SUNCT gets any worse. F 56 10 days
50mg 1X D

 2  migraine/potential epilepsy Suicidal ideation, rage, almost broke my hand, numbness, brain fog beyond frustrating, weight loss, abusive behaviors otherwise not present. --- The reason some people get this rage is a sulfa allergy. If you have a sulfa allergy, dont take this medicine! especially if you have prior mental health issues of any sort. This medicine made me a real evil person every uppage and no telling how coming off it will go. I have ptsd and 100% disability for it, a sulfa allergy, and get put on a med that causes those with sulfa allergies to rage. The brilliance is uncanny. I have come to terms that this med might help some people but if you have a known sulfa allergy you will at best turn into a zombie and at worst ive read people have lost friends trying to come off this pill. Im going to a hospital to be admitted and will raise hell to be sure that i get taken care of. I cant titrate off at home. My poor fiance and cats have been through more than enough! padded room for me. :/ This med is hell. Buyer beware. I almost broke my hand on the wall too. O.o F 31 3 months
 3  migraine hallucinations, weight loss, strange thoughts When I was given this prescription I wasn't told to titrate up to the 100 mg per day so i started taking 100 mg right away. I started having hallucinations where i was being followed around by a small elephant and I saw and talked with my dead mother. I also lost 70 pounds in 3 months. When I told my Dr. that I was standing at my kitchen sink doing dishes and I looked up and saw myself standing there in front of me,looking back at me his advise to me was that I should call mental health and he wrote down a number for me to call. My doctor never connected the Topamax with the symptoms I was having. I tapered off the drug and continued losing weight eating 4000 calories daily for 5 more months until the weight loss stopped. This drug can either be a miracle drug or a death drug and it all depends on the chemistry of the human that ingests it. The medical community should be better informed about its crap shoot varying effects it has on those that use it and to NOT START AT A LARGE DOSE RIGHT AWAY. M 50 3 months
100 1X D
 1  headaches Hair started to fall out. It felt like a broom. My face broke out in pimples from dry skin. My entire body, and orafices were dry as a bone. I lost 20 pounds in one month. Insomnia, lost sense of tactile stimulation, lost all libido. Lost short term,memory, word loss I went nuts on this medication. It runined my life and many relationships. I did and said whatever I wanted with no sense of discretion, and good judgement. It was as if it turned off part of my brain that stops the pain, but right next to it is the part that gives me a filter & discretion. I hit my kids! Ran faster than my dog! It makes me cringe to think of this medicine. F 51 2 years
1X D

 4  Adjunct for depression Appetite reduction The GOOD: - Didnt necessarily increase mood in a euphoric sense, but made me much more mellow. I would never get upset or aggressive at anything. - Increased lbido - Decreased headaches (I don't have migraines but I do have daily headaches and this got rid of them and enables much more sleep). The BAD: To be honest, only the appetite loss really bothered me. On 50mg, it was a bit too much for me and I found I was actually finding it harder to sleep. However, once I got down to 25 that was the sweet spot. But, since im a guy , the appetite loss wasn't wanted as I was starting to lose weight and thus finally weaned off. M 15 days
25 1X D
 3  Migraines I have been on Topamax for about 10 weeks now. Doctor just doubled dose from 100mg to 200mg 2 weeks ago. Side effects intensified then. Confusion, Lack of concentration,can't find words, constant ringing in ears, can't think clearly, nervous, irritable, no appetite whatsoever (entire time though), aversion to any carbonated beverages, struggling in school, tingling in hands, feet, face, pressure in ears, temples, headaches, feel like constant noise in head. Overall weird feeling. This past weekend, my eyes started bothering me. It's hard to explain, just general discomfort. I'm seeing my eye doctor tomorrow to make sure my eyes have not been damaged because this medicine can cause glaucoma and blindness. I am starting to taper off medication tonight. I have lost 23 pounds since starting in September but it's muscle loss not fat so that not beneficial. Doctors sugar coat this side effects. My doctor only told me about the word find problem. He wasn't concerned at all when I told him my eyes were bothering me. I have only had 1 migraine since on the medication and my daily headaches have diminished quite a bit. I want the benefit of some pain free days but I don't want all these side effects. F 45 2 months
100 2X D
 4  IIH I was prescribed Topamax because My stomach couldn't handle Diamox for IIH. For those of you reading this & unaware what this is (I wouldn't be aware if I didn't have it) that is a neuro condition in which my body overproduces spinal (csf) fluid and puts extra pressure on my brain causing a whole host of problems...the biggest is debilitating migraines. So, my neuro put me on Topamax and worked me up to my dose. I will admit, I did have a bit of trouble with some numbness & tingling while first adjusting to the medication, but this has since diminished. Secondly, I still have trouble with overheating a bit with exercise. However, those seem like such small things to overcome to me when I consider how much relief I've gotten & all that I've been able to get back since starting the med. F 24 6 months

 1  Chronic headaches with migraines Intense crushing pain inside my head. Unlike any headache or migraine experienced. This pain started after took the pill and wore off before next dose. Did nothing for chronic headaches. Constant pain in upper head unlike anything ever experienced so painful. Was told to stop. F 50 4 days
25 1X D

 1  mood stabilizer broken bones wouldn't heal; fingernails became paper soft; chronic anxiety; metallic taste in mouth; diet soft drinks tasted horrible; fluctuated between hyper-vigilance, dissociation, and mental fog -- very hard to feel grounded; worse effects were when gradually backing off dose (under medical supervision) -- almost unbearable anxiety and agitation; impaired judgment. Friend also backing off same dose experienced anxiety, paranoia, then committed suicide. I would not recommend Topamax to anyone before ruling out predisposition to anxiety or mood disorder of any kind. The drug is insidious. It can alter the sense of self, and of reality. I honestly have no idea who I was during the years I took this medication. Now that I'm free of this or any other drug, I realize most of the anxiety I experienced was probably caused by the drug itself. I feel better than ever. I strongly recommend trying meditation, environmental adjustments, avoiding stressors, etc. -- anything natural before resorting to a mood-altering medication. Although I started feeling like myself within months of stopping this drug, it's taken 4 years for my fingernails to become strong once again, and I'm still dealing with orthopedic frailties. F 60 5 years
800 mg 2X D

 4  Weight loss It's really not that bad for me right now. I have an aversion to carbonated beverages, some tingling and cramps not bad though. The worst is bad breath and dry mouth/ sore throat which I can deal with. I've lost 40 pounds in 3 months!!! F 33 3 months

 2  migraines fatigue, tingling in hands/feet, muscle cramps (went away with potassium supplement), word loss, confusion, nausea, anxiety, depressed appetite, weight loss, back and neck pain Made my migraine nausea better, but made my headaches worse. Increased from 5 days a week to every day, and more painful. Started having a constant aura. Been off this drug for 2 weeks, feeling somewhat better, but still having headaches every day. F 21 2 months
100 mg 1X D

 1  Migraine Prevention Terrible metal taste in mouth. That was the only drawback and it was awful. Even water tasted terrible. It never went away. I tried it off and on for 2 years both the real drug and generic. No luck If not for the metal mouth I would have stayed on it. It helped prevent many migraines. I had way less migraines but could never ever get past the horrible metal taste in my mouth. It never went away. I started on a low dose then worked up to 200. I took it at bedtime. F 38 2 years
200 1X D

 2  Depression, bulimia Initially: tingling/numbness in hands and feet, metallic taste in mouth, sleepiness More gradually: memory issues (couldn't recall simple words like "desk"), flu-like symptoms I stopped taking this med because I felt run-down and feverish while on it. Also, it lives up to its reputation of "Dopamax." It made me feel really stupid! I wouldn't recommend it. F 22 1 months
50 mg 2X D

 3   What time of day are you all taking your one dose??????morning it night??????? F 39 7 days
 1  Migraines Completely exhausted all the time, trouble concentrating and finding the right words, weight loss, tingling in hands, food did mot tast the same especially carbonated drinks. Worst drug ever! Its called Dopemax for a reason! I felt like I took a stupid pill! Had to wean myself off of it! Could not get off it fast enough! Did not feel like myself for the entire 4 months. Was still getting migraines just not as many. Sometimes the side effects are worse than the actual problem. F 30 4 months
80 mg

 1  Bi-Polar First yr: quit smoking, quit drinking, lost 60 lbs 2nd yr: bad soar throat 10 months, feet & hand spasms, fibromyalgia symptoms, then horrible itching began 3rd yr: painful lesions, dillusional parasitosis, scarring Physicians: 2 ENTs, 2 primary care, 2 dermatologists, general surgeon (3 biopsies), Infectious Disease, Rheaumatologist, 2 Psychiatrists Resolved: Topamax is a sulfonomide drug. Have had KNOWN sulfa allergy for 15 years. NO physician recognized the correlation. I resolved this puzzle on my own through net research. 2 weeks off Topamax: itching, pain, lesions; all healing. Physical and mental anguish subsiding. F 42 3 years
200 MG
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