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 5  ASTHMA NONE F 65 15 years

 1  Asthma i wish there were ANY effects, let alone side effects. I have been using this product on and off since the switch from CFC inhalers. I seriously don't understand whats wrong with this inhaler. should i stand on my head upside down to get this to go into my lungs or something? It takes about 6-10puffs for me to get ANY relief from an asthma attack. even after 10 puffs i usually don't get MUCH relief at all and i'm still wheezing like an animal. I've gone through one of these inhalers in two days because they are so cruddy. Now i buy the Asthmanefrin from wal-mart only because its a one puff wonder. its more like a nebulizer you can take around with you, but it works just as well as the old CFC inhalers did. I feel like making a youtube video where i spray the amount of cfc that came out of the old inhalers from everyone in the world in one day. it would take about 1 can of aerosol spray to emulate. this was an evil bill. bring back CFC M 21 3 years
6-10puffs 5X D
 1  Asthma Light Headed, Passing out, Heart Palpitations, Heavy pounding Heart and Head Aches. Severe stress and lack of sleep as a result of not knowing what was wrong with me for several months. A $4000 emergency room visit. M 30
2 puffs 2X D

 1  rescue inhaler for asthma attack It does not seem to get deep enough into my lungs. There is very little difference in my peak flow meter readings before and after usage. I carry it with me, but I have had to revert to nebulizer treatments for real help. The HFA inhalers do not work and they are way too expensive. F 34
2 puffs 2X D
 1  asthma no side effects - unless you count not working. 5-6 puffs to get an effect. their recommend- breathe deeper (yeah! during an attack! JERKS!), clean properly, shake a billion times- crap. In the trash. Thank You Primetene Mist. Bought some CFC from India!!! the Next day. (Took weeks to arrive) Enough to last a long while. Got me through the winter. Primetene Mist got me through until the Albuterol from India got here. FDA doesn't care, politicians don't care, it makes no difference until maybe a few *children* - and it has to be little children because us old people don't matter to them - die and maybe the media gets and stays on it. Until then, no one will care. F 41
1 puff 1X AN
 2  ASTHMA nervousness, temporary rapid heartbeat, laryngitis this medication is nowhere near as effective as it's predecessor. It takes more sprays and a longer period of time to obtain relief. M 47 5 years
1X W

 1  asthma none-this drug does not wor this is a terrible drug.......as others have stated, it just does not work.....needing 3-6 puffs to obtain minimal relief. physicians also need to be educated re: prescribing it and pharmacists need to be educated re: dispensing it......one jerk of a pharmacist refused to refill it, though i was paying cash, stating you are using too much! F 49
3X D

 1  Asthma Only side effect was...I couldn't breathe after using!! Proventil HFA is a joke in fact any of the HFA inhalers are a joke!! We need to go back to the CFC "Global Warming" causing inhalers. I switched back to Primatene Mist (they still use CFC delivery system) works so much better than the HFA inhalers. M 44 1 years
30 MG 4X D

 1  asthma really bad headache the day after, coughing this inhaler works better then pro-air, but the headache I get after is completely unacceptable. BRING BACK CFC INHALERS!! F 26
 1  COPD Upon taking the inhaler, within 30 minutes I was having trouble breathing. I thought the first time I was getting the flu, after 5 days tried it again and ended up in ER. They said I did it wrong, but also that I had just about died because I got pure propellent the first 2 times. 5 days later I tried it the way they said and again ended up in ER, put on predisone and albutoral nebulizer. Still no strength, energy, now on oxygen 24 hours a day instead of just at night. The second time I tried it the Dr. in ER said the propellent just about did me in and the inhaler made a bad situation worse. This all started November 21 and I'm still weak. The Dr. said I'm allergic to the corn ethanol which is in the propellent.Each time I took the inhaler, there was 5 days in between. I advise not taking more than the dose as it can kill you. I'm still having trouble getting my air even on oxygen. Prior to using this inhaler I was playing pool and walking, now all I have energy to do is watch tv and sleep. It is now Dec. 18 and I don't know if I'm ever going to improve. They told me I'll be on oxygen full time the rest of my life. M 73 3 days
 1  proventil HFA Doesn't relieve asthma symptoms. I have to use more than the recommended dose in order to get minimal relief. One puff used to work, now with the new med, it takes 2 to 3 puffs. It is very scary during an attack. Please bring back the old meds; this product sucks! I have complained to my doctor and pharmacist; they both say they haven't heard any other complaints, really? Everyone I know with asthma is complaining. What can we do as consumers of this product? Are we going to have to start dying before someone listens? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. F 48 1.5 years
 1  Asthma and COPD Few effects of any kind, neither positive or negative. My old CFC Albuterol inhalers were fast and effective. Using the HFA inhalers is like using nothing for 3 or 4 times the price. It appears that a change that was meant to benefit the environment was really a benefit for the pharmaceutical industry, leaving many patients breathless and suffering. F 60 1 years
 1  Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency I have A1AD/emphysema. I have terrible asthma attacks. Basically, breathing for me is like sucking air through a straw. This stuff is crap! I refuse to use it. I spend ENOUGH on medication to be able to breathe - this stuff is too expensive. No generic brand availible. Environmentally safe? Are you kidding me? We put stuff in outer space, we have factory pollution and car pollution -- but YEAH, let's pick on the sick people who NEED albuterol in order to breath?!!! This is a joke - only I'm not laughing. I would LOVE to meet the idiots who came up with this idea & executed it! F 43

 1  asthma jitters, mouth sores, NO RELIEF WHATSOEVER I just finished off the last of my final "old" albuterol inhaler. I guess I'm going to have to start lugging my nebulizer with me everywhere I go b/c Proventil just doesn't work. My doctor & pharmacist both say that all their asthma patients report the same thing. It is crazy to me that the old albuterol inhalers were banned due to CFC. It was OK for humans to breath them into our lungs, but not OK for the environment-WTF??? I'm all for being good stewards of the earth's resources but this is environmentalism run amok!!! F 44 7 days
 1  Asthma Not being able to breath due to ineffectiveness of Proventil. Proventil DOESN'T WORK! The old albuterol inhalers work great. OTC Primatene Mist works better than Proventil. What the heck is the government doing? I'm quite curious to find out if the death rate from asthma attacks is going to increase dramatically due to the poor performance of Proventil. Can the families of those who died sue the federal government? I have met so many people that comment on the new Proventil not working that it's ridiculous...I guess it's not just me. The other day I found an albuterol inhaler that had a little left in it--WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I could BREATHE! I want my albuterol back! M 4 months
 1   None, it's useless. Provides absolutely no relief. As a poor-ish college student, i simply can't afford to chuck out $40 every month for this stuff so i find myself being frugal with its usage and walking around wheezing. i'm thankful my asthma isn't as bad as it used to be, or i'd be in a lot of trouble. F 22 3 months

 1  Asthma Does not work like the old albuterol inhalers AT ALL. I was newly diagnosed with asthma and never smoked. I now have to buy theis HFA inhaler for $40.00(tier 2) and I am a senior and it only lasts me around 10-15 days at most and it just is not working. I cannot afford this much money and I NEED to breath. Something is totally wrong that they are charging full price for a generic. too expensive and does not work like I and others need it to work. M 66 2 months

 1  asthma Drug is ineffective. This drug is ineffective with the new propellant. I now have to use a nebulizer to get relief. I think those of us who need an effective form of albuteral need to find a way to take action for change. Our pulmonary specialists seem not to be hearing us and the drug companies are certainly not motivated to change back. I consider myself an environmentalist, but I doubt that asthma patients with inhalers are a significant environmental hazard. F 64 10 months

 1  Asthma (exercise & allergy induced) Jittery, mainly because I have to take more puffs than recommended to get the desired effects, a dizziness after I exhale (along with a pounding in my head). Very short, if any, relief. To be honest, OTC Primatine works better than this. I haven't taken it for long, because after a bit my ashtma doc put me on Xopenex (which I like much better), but when I was on this or when I had to take it, I had to use it so much to get the relief, and it barely lasted. I liked the old albuterol better, the one that *wasn't* environmentally safe. haha. F 20 3 years

 1  Exercise Induced Asthma Asthma attacks. Was forced into this med due to the CFC ban. This medication is worthless. It does not work for me at all and is like living with no treatment. I have allergen and exercise induced asthma which was controllable with the old Albuterol. Now I have attacks and cannot ease the suffocation and my running/cycling activities are totally hampered. M 38 1 years
 1  Asthma No side effect........CAUSE THE MED. DON'T WORK!!!!!! I was forced to take this joke of an inhaler a year and half ago, my Asthma now is worse! I have to use it more often than the other and I run out faster and then I have to pay for another inhaler just so I can function as a normal human being. I had used the generic for over 20yrs, and I loved it. Is there anything we could do to help us all out? The drug companies have us right now, and I feel like we need to end this. F 18 months

 1  asthma none, no relief, nothing Just got this stuff.....I guess I was lucky to have lived this long with asthma. Dont think I will make it thru the next month, this product does nothing for me. Wish I had a stock pile of the old stuff.... Better luck to the rest of you. F 49 6 days

 2  asthma hfa does not work well. End up taking more than prescribed. Just another way to up price of albuterol. Why are there no generics? Cfc's are small amount compared to all other Cfc contamination. M 60 2 months

 1  Asthma/Allergy induced mostly In the begining caused jitters and elavated heart rate, but that goes away after a number of uses. At times it made my muscles feel kinda blah, for about 10 minutes or less. OMG!!!! This does nothing for me...if anything maybe 5 minutes of a small relief, but shortly after my attack comes back. Since I have been taking this crap (3 months) my asthma feels like it got worse. It did give me the jitters at first, but they slowly went away as I used it. It kinda sorta helped for a small attack...but when I have an actual attack it does nothing. It has made me feel anti-social at times...in other words....staying home when I feel a small bit of asthma coming on because I know I dont have a decent inhaler to rely on. Its starting to depress me a bit. This is not acceptable!!!!!!!!!!! F 27 90 days

 2  asthma Pros: doesn't cause the shakes and racing heartbeat that the old generic albuterol did. Cons: as others say, doesn't even remotely work as well as the old albuterol inhalers. This medicine is a joke. I have to use 2-3x the same amount to have even a small effect on minor asthmatic symptoms. Also, if you have exercise-induced asthma, this stuff will probably do NOTHING! I do intense cardio sessions and this new inhaler has made them impossible when I have symptoms. No amount of doses taken makes a single iota of difference during an EIA attack; you might as well be puffing shots of regular air. My boyfriend is an MD and tells me he has been hearing many patients independently reporting that this inhaler does not work for them either. Proventil HFA = higher initial cost + more doses required for equivalent effect = more inhalers sold at a higher profit margin. Disgusting. F 31 6 months

 1  Asthma This formulation does not work at all. My pharmacist tells me that all he hears are complaints including upset stomach, asthma attacks, headaches, etc. I have asked the pharmacy for all their "old" albuterol inhalers and hope that they last for a while. This is a terrible thing to have happen. M 56 20 years

 2  severe asthma and allergies none This medicine is the worst. Would not recommend it for people with severe symptoms. I saw no reduction in symptoms during an attack. Always have a back up source if this is your inhaler. F 27 30 days

 1  exercise induced asthma not being able to breathe at all when doing cardio... barely being able to get enough breath to even cough.. never had this problem before. All my old inhalers worked just fine. I agree with everyone. HORRIBLE. I used to be able to run miles at a time without stopping. As long as I had a couple puffs of my old inhaler before, I was good to go. Now I can barely run 2 minutes without completely not being able to breath. It's awful! I didnt even realize that my inhaler changed to HFA. I just new the casing looked different. Once I realized I could not breathe and it wasnt because I was just out of shape or something, I started to do my research. I am glad there is a reason for this and I am not just insane. But i am soooo not glad that I may never be able to run again. Seriously?? are we going to have to use this forever??? F 28 9 months

 1  Asthma Ineffective medication for myself AND my teenager! Does not provide relief during an attack~ My daughter and I are both very athletic and are asthma sufferers. We've used Albuerol for several years and have used the Proventil for 3 months. I was thrilled when I found out the CFC inhalers were banned~I THOUGHT this would be a great change (I even signed a petitition to rid them!) NO WAY! I've had three attacks and the Proventil did nothing to help me. My daughter has also been struggling in track this year due to the ineffectiveness of this product. I'm glad to find a site that has other people who are having this same issue. I thought we were just getting worse with our asthma. We must find out a way to change this product!!! How many people must suffer before they will listen?? F 43 3 months
 1  exercise-induced asthma Jitteryness, major anxiety I took this (2 puffs before exercise) about 4 times but couldn't stand the anxiety and jitters. Doc said to try MaxAir. F 34 4 days

 1  Asthma DOESN'T WORK! I have to use 4 puffs to get any relief- and I have been having a 2 month flare up, the worst of my life. During this time I also developed abnormal heart beats- PVCs, which I believe may be related to this medication as these are a new problem. I am going to die one of these days when my old inhalers run out as I still have a small supply that I use when I feel really desparte to breathe. F 46 2 months

 1  Asthma This just simply does not work, which everyone seems to know except Doctors and the manufacturer. I agree with all comments. My asthma has gotten worse with this inhaler. The FDA and the manufacturer should apologize to all who take this so called "medication". God help us all if this is what the government approves. M 50 24 months

 1  lifelong chronic asthma It doesn't WORK! CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSPERSON TO BRING BACK THE "OLD" INHALERS! This is a terrible medication -- it doesn't work even 1/8 as well as the "old" inhalers. I *had* to start taking this because of the law banning CFC inhalers (which, BTW, *only affected albuterol inhalers*!). Well, the environment might be doing well, but my asthma isn't. This doesn't work at all, and it takes two or three puffs to do what one puff used to do. AND it costs twice as much! Contact your congressperson about this. Asthma inhalers didn't cause the hole in the ozone layer. Bring back the kind that WORK and HAVE worked for years! F 38 1 years

 2  asthma Didn't stop my attack like my old albuterol inhaler. Sickly sweet taste. I'm all for the environment but I need to be able to breathe. F 38 2 months

 1  Asthma Nervousness, irregular heartbeat, insomnia all due to increased usage. The new formulation does not seem to work as well as the old warrick generic. I have been using this inhaler for about a year now and my asthma has gotten so bad that I was hospitalized for an asthma attack. I have never been hospitalized for asthma in the 25 years I have had it. The new hfa version is 5 times more expensive and not as effective at all. As a rescue inhaler its a joke. I just hope that I dont die before the class action lawsuit. M 25 1 years
 1  COPD sore throat, dry mouth This inhaler does NOT work. I have used warrick albuterol inhaler over 10 years with success. When I went for a refill, they gave me Pro-Air, sorry no more warrick inhaler, the environment, you know. I'm all for the environment, but I want to breathe to appreciate it! Pro-Air gave me asthma. That is the truth. I told my doctor and he said he has had no complaints with the switch-over to these inhalers. That is hard to believe because IT DOESN'T WORK. He gave me a Proventil sample, and this is almost as bad. Can't use a spacer with these things because of the ethanol, so the medicine goes to the back of your throat, not to my lungs. I tested them both - the warrick inhaler raised my spirometer 50 points. The Proventil-HFA raised it 10 points. The warrick worked for four hours, the Proventil barely one hour and I was always air hungry. I signed the petition on the FDA website. Pray that the FDA will do something about this. It is especially worrisome that children use these F 64 1 months
 1  Asthma Great, they got rid of CFC to be replaced by stuff like this. Bad environmental policy, bad product replacement, much more costly, Poor design, and the drug companies are making windfall profits from this. I am trying to find an alternative, with little luck. This HFA for Albuteral is not working. M 53 14 days

 1  Asthman Wheezing, dry mouth, did not help asthma I have been taking Warrick's Albuterol inhaler for 20 years. I am also on singular and other steroid inhalers. When I heard that they were replacing Albuterol, I was upset but decided to give it a try. I tried proair - piece of crap. Then my doctor put me on Proventil - OMG this medicine sucks, and it does not stop an asthma attack. How can this be a replacement when it doesn't work? Do not take this medicine - you have to take more puffs than Albuterol to even get an effect and then you get all jittery and dizzy. I hate this medicine. F 27 2 weeks

 1  asthma I have used the old albuterol inhaler for 20+ years with no trouble at all. This new one gets clogged with every use and is horrible! I had to run tothe drugstore for a replacement during an attack because it would not work, despite the fact that it was 3 days old. I am upset that I have to pay 3 times as much for the same medicine. I am happy that is CFC free, but it is far less superior! I am worried about having a bad attack for the first time in years! This is appalling! F 34 6 months
 2  Asthma dry mouth, lung discomfort, cxhest pain, sore throats. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I have used the old albuterol inaler for 17 years with no difficulties, now I am concerned that this "new" inhaler that we are being forced to use as a replacement will fail me. I have never been so concerned and had to pay so much for such a crappy product. I was very disappointed to find out they were swithching our products now I am even more pissed that they traded our good product that saves lives to such a crappy product. Way to go drug companies. F 20 3 months

 1  Asthma Lingering discomfort/pain in chest, rapid heart palpitations, worsening of asthma (having to use this 4-5 times a day when the old inhalers I only had to use once a day, TOPS!!!) Are you kidding me? Is this a freaking joke? WTF is this sh!t? This is not a "rescue" inhaler but a lawsuit waiting to happen. Did I seriously just pay TRIPLE what I used to pay for something that is barely 1/4 as effective as the old CFC-based Albuterol inhalers? No. This has to be some kind of nightmare. Someone pinch me before I personally annihilate the US FDA. I can't believe they're getting away with this - FORCING us to do away with a VITAL life-saving medication that worked and replacing it with this POISON. I never thought I would have to revert back to when I was a small child and always worrying about whether or not I will DIE from an asthma attack. F 23 3 weeks
 1  Asthma The HFA inhalers don't work properly. See www.myspace.com/nohfa F 24 20 days

 2  Asthma Slight dry mouth This medicine simply did not work for me. I have used any and all variations of albuterol without any trouble, but this did nothing to help me breathe. I would not reccomend this to anyone with severe or moderate asthma. F 22 1 months

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