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 2  Hot Flashes I'm now 50 started taking at 49, but then discovered pain, muscle soreness, unable to walk stiffness and pain to stand up. Patch was hot and red, turns out the effect is possible perminate If you feel pain hands, arms, hips, muscles stiffness, be on the alert the effect is serious right now I'm Ibuprofen to ease the pain, can't run anymore joints are painful. F 50
0.25MG 1X W
 2  post-menopausal ERT This patch will not stay on my skin for the prescribed 7 days. A TERRIBLE WASTE OF MY MONEY! F 63 28 days
1.0 mcg 1X W

 5  Hysterectomy due to Ovarian Cancer I am so happy with my patch. I've had some weight gain and sometimes my patch comes off but hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, and sleepless nights are gone. I have to have my patch :). F 45 3 years

 5  Hotflashed, Night sweats It works for me.I just want to no the comments go back to 2004 with complaints about not sticking. Why or is this company reading the comments minds doesn't hold either.Are you ? F 61 3 months

 5  Menopause None I am 63 years old and I have loved my life with this patch. However, my doctor says I should quit and I don't know what to do. Some doctors say, "Don't worry about it." while others say the risks outweigh the positive effects. I just don't know who is right. Any ideas? F 63 12 years
.0375 1X W
 4  Premature menopause Pros: better mood, increased sex drive, drastically decreased migraines, more emotionally stable Cons: lots of irregular bleeding, patch does not stay on without bandaid, breast tenderness, moderate weight gain I started taking Climara Pro due to lack of estrogen at a young age. I was also having a lot of emotional issues, depression, anxiety, etc. Within 36 hours, I was feeling better mentally and emotionally. I think my skin even looks better. I do experience a lot of breakthrough bleeding, so I am going to cut the patch in half and see what happens F 32 3 months
1X W
 5  TAH Never any side effects..... Just reduced dosage to .025 and have some fatigue....normal? F 64 30 years
.05 1X W
 5  Menopause,Hot flashes Hot flashes, not sleeping at night, headaches This started working within a week of putting the patch on.I rarely have hot flashes and headaches seem to be less. I had problems keeping patch on initially, but have put it down very low (to pubic hair line). I work out and shower a lot and it's the first thing I'll try to pat dry. Sometimes I need to use a blow dryer and gently lift up the patch to dry it off. F 51 3 months
1X D
 5  Hot flashes and night sweats I'm having a few side effects but overall feeling better. I am getting breakthrough bleeding and soreness in the breast for the second time which I hate. I did not miss my period at all! It does not stick well but through blogs some people recommended tegaderm which is a a waterproof bandage protection layer. This really works! There is a smaller size the fits perfect so look for it in stores or on line. Went on vacation and swam for a week and it stayed on. I am not getting hot flashes or any night sweats and I sleep better so I'm working through the bleeding. F 53 3 months
 5  Headaches, dryness, mood swings None. Some weight gain over the years. Need to back off from the table. Only HRT I feel comfortable about using. Read all the info on possible side effects but with info from my doctors decided to take the risk. I have had unrelated blood clots in my leg but after two years off I went back on and feel great. Somedays I scare myself reading about side effects but take myself back into continuing use. F 71 23 years
.05 mg 1X D
 1  Hot flashes Diarrhea, bloating, headaches, leg edema. It is huge size and very ugly. Adhesive turns dark after a day & will not stay on after bathing. I am forced to endure this by my insurance co since they refuse to pay for the good stuff. I absolutely hate it. It has caused explosive diarrhea, bloating and leg swelling. I am taking it because my ins co refused to use it anymore, now charging $600/mo. They will only pay for generic Climara. I took Vivelle patch over 5 years & it was great. Climara comes off after 1-2 days. It's 5x size of Vivelle. F 73 9 months
0.05 1X W
 4  hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood Some trouble with patch staying on in hot showers, tried cleaning skin with alcohol 1st for next patch and that worked. My main complaint is vaginal bleeding for 7 days first cycle of four patches, and now again some only 2 weeks later. Will see if bleeding frequency lessens over time. Very annoying. But I will try the patch for at least 6 months. Most people seem to tolerate it well. It has completely eliminated my hot flashes and my mood has improved so I am very happy about that ! F 53 5 weeks

 4  Severe Hot Flashes Decreased libido. Weight gain, makes me hungry all the time. It has decreased the hot flashes tremendously but not sure if I can handle the weight gain. (6 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks). Considering discontinuing this product. F 44 3 weeks
1X W
 5  Complete hysterectomy Weight gain Suffered from migraines for about 20 years and no one would listen when I told them I thought they we're hormone related. Imitrex was a life saver but since I've been on climara NO MIGRAINES! If I don't change the patch when I'm supposed to, I can feel the migraine start to come back, I've tried to wean myself off but I refuse to go back to having migraines again. Climara is like a miracle, no hot flashes or sweats F 55 10 years
.05 1X W

 5  extreme hot flashes couldn't sleep none Very happy with the Climara Patch. It's great better then taking a pill evey day. No more hot flashes I use to wake up every half hour now I sleep all night. F 60 5 years
.05 1X W

 4  Menopause Very happy help to control My hot fls and My mood how ever I'm I having pain and my legs neck and my arms I don't know if is because of climara I need to check w my dr. F 50 3 months

 5  total hysterectomy just to let you know i to had trouble keeping patch on, now before i put it on i clean the area with alcohol wait for it to dry completely then put patch on and have had no trouble since F 53 14 days
1.0 1X W

 5  total hysterectomy Was really effective and easy to use. Didn't have any side effects until recently. Not sure if it is due to Climara patch. Doesn't stick very well. I usually end up running out of patches before my script is due. Went without it recently for two weeks and lost weight and body and joint aches seemed to disappear. Just put one back on this week and I have a burning sensation in my hip like nerve endings and the pain in my feet started again. Also my legs and feet swell. Thinking about talking to my doctor about what would happen if I stopped it altogether and just put up with the hot flashes and night sweats. F 56 9 years
0.1 1X W

 5  Total Hysterectomy Slight weight gain but had to quit smoking in order to go on it. I feel younger, stronger and healthier than before. I had total hysterectomy prior to ever experiencing any menopausal symptoms. I refer to it as my happy patch. I have more energy. My skin looks great. I deal with stress with ease which was an issue for me prior to usage. F 50 3 years
.05 1X D

 3  Menopause Symptoms Hard time losing weight. I think the drug benefits for my hot flashes and sleep interruption are very good. The problem I have is the patch doesn't stay on. In less than 24 hours there are large air bubbles in the middle and the edges are peeling off. Prior to using Climara, I used the Vivelle dot patch and it always stayed on. It is somewhat smaller, but thicker. It stayed on even when I sat in a hot jacuzzi for pretty lengthy periods of time. F 52 5 weeks
.75 patch 1X W

 4  mood swings, hot flashes, bones light skin reaction Dr. wants me to "wean" off, but husband can tell when I am about 3 days out - I can tell by hot flashes, irritability and hands ache, so side with husband on this one at least for now. I had hysterectomy at 30, no problems until early 50's - tried herbals, helped but not as well as the Climara (not the generic, that was awful). F 66 10 years
.05 1X W
 4  Surgical Menopause I've been pleased with Climara as I deperately wanted to stop taking Premarin and this seemed like the answer. I have had thinning of my hair, breast tenderness and developed tinnitus within a few years of using Climara and had no idea it was related. I've also experienced difficulty with my contacts and again due to my lack of research and not mentioning it to my gyn,,, I had no idea the relation between that and Climara. I tried the 0.375 and the hot flashes and not sleeping sent me right back to the 0.05. I'm now 65 and have done the research and realize it's time to start weaning. My next upcoming appt is in Sept, so today I cut about a third off my patch and will see how I do. I've also put on some weight since my surgery and being on hrt....although in recent years Lexapro has been added to my medications and that has added more weight. At the time of my surgery I weighed 120, I'm 5' 6" and was 45....within two to three years I gained about 10-15 lbs and maintained th F 65 8 months
0.05 1X W
 4  Menopause Patch dosen't stay on well F 52 5 months
50 1X W

 2  post surgical radical hysterectomy Migraines, swollen feet, feeling of illness, asthma symptoms. Tried reducing strength of patch down to .025 and continued to experience swelling, migraine and ill feeling. Stopped patch and will deal with hot flashes and other symptoms. F 53 8 months
.0375 1X W
 5  hot flashes after hysterectomy No side effects; only gained some weight in the last couple years since I retired--got to get that off! My doctor said that I should wean myself by cutting the patch in half, and then when my supply runs out, to try getting along without it. He mentioned that the possibility of heart attack and stroke goes up with long-term usage. F 68 15 years
.025 1X W
 5  Total Hysterectomy in 1986 Patches sometimes don't stay on very well. Hysterectomy due to Endometriosis. Started with Estradiol patch 10/1986 - 10/2006 Dosage from 0.05 to 0.025mg. 2X W. Climara patch since 10/2006 0.025mg 1X W Healthy & skin looks great but thinking about weaning off all together as I get older. No cancer in family but starting to worry about it. I exercise 5 times a week. I cook & eat healthy. Curious to see how my body will react after all these years. F 58 25 years
0.025mg 1X W

 5  hot flashes mood swings no sleep me this was a life changer for me...no more hot flashes, great mood, good sleep, and could actualy remember what I did the day before....I stopped using them about a year ago because of something I saw that said it was causing heart disease and breast cancer. My Dr. said it was low dose and as long as I came for my regular check ups once a year it would be fine....My question for you that have been on it for years...have you had any heart problems or cancers??? F 52
.045 1X W
 4  Hot Flashes, anxiety Breast swelling and tenderness. Weight gain. but less with this Climara Pro. Was on Activilla for 2 years previously. I am going to try cutting the patch down to reduce some of the side effects. Could not keep patches on. Use a large tegraderm to keep on the skin. My insurance does not pay for all of the medication and I cant waste money on doubling up on the patches because they wont stick. Controls hot flashes and anxiety well. F 48 6 months
.045/.015 1X W
 3  Menopause Symptoms Not everyone knows about this new dosage, even my ob/gyn was not aware of it. I have not been on this new dosage long enough for my body to react. So far so good. The sensitivity to glucose is what I believe adds to the weight gain. Watch your carbs! I am committed to wean myself over the next year or so. I want to take the lowest dosage I can tolerate. F 56 1 weeks
.037 1X W
 3  Menopuse Symptons Weight gain 9 lbs in three weeks, hands and feet tingling, ankles swelling, lower back pain, breast sore, severe depression, memory loss With in four days the hot flashes went away!!! To many bad effects to stay on Climare. F 53 21 days
0.0450.015 1X W
 3  Menopause Symptoms Hair loss and has lost vitality: dry, brittle and falls out constantly. Finger nails have become very brittle, split and break easily. Skin sensitivities, localized dryness and psoriasis around ear and eyelid areas. Increasing asthma symptoms. High blood sugar (glucose intolerance). While this expensive product is very effective for menopause symptoms it seems to have a very negative effect on the health of the hair follicle. Perhaps throughout the entire body. Asthma symptoms. I have also been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. These symptoms are consistent with the warning side effects on the label. I will start weaning myself asap. I've had enough. Any one have some success with other treatments? F 56 8 years
.05 mg 1X W
 5  had total hysterectomy None. My skin is soft and no wrinkles at age 64. I have been cutting the patch in half for about a year to try and get off. Then off for 2 months now. Have an appointment with the Doctor on Tuesday to get a refill. Hate the night sweats,hot flashes and dryness. Can't wait to be back on them.. They are so nice to use. Had no problem with them staying on. Don't get the generic they are thick and icky. Very happy with them not so happy without. F 64 16 years
0.1mg 1X W
 4  menopause issues weight gain, heaviness in legs F 55 7 years
.045/.015 1X W

 5  Hysterectomy I had a hysterectomy at 40 and have been on Climara ever since (now close to 56). The insurance company once made me go to generic, but I felt awful, so have requested name brand Climara ever since. My doctor said we should give a try to wean off of it, so he will reduce me down to the .035 for a year, then down to the .025, and then off. I feel really good, so hope that I won't have major symptoms going off it. He said if I am miserable, I can be on it longer. I am overweight, but can't really blame that on the patch. After wearing the patch for 16 years, there was only a few times it didn't stick. I had one box where all of them had a problem. But most times it didn't stick because my stick was damp. Put it on dry skin, hold your hand on top of it for 10-20 seconds and it will stay put for the week! F 56 16 years
.05 1X W
 5  Hot flashes None so far. I am fit, don't smoke, and weighed the pros and cons of HRT. I was really hoping that I wouldn't need any 'help' during perimenopause, but I am so glad I talked with my MD. I am on the lowest available dose but, truly, Climara has been life-changing (in a good way!) for me. Prescribed for horrible hot flashes that soaked me during the day and woke me repeatedly during the night. Was losing weight despite eating ridiculous amounts of food, probably from flopping around in bed all night long. Within 24 hours of applying the Climara patch, the hot flashes decreased significantly and I got my first good sleep in over a month. Since then, my hot flashes have mostly vanished and those I do experience are few and very mild. F 47 10 days
0.025mg 1X W

 2  Post Operative Transsexual When removed, adhesive ring causes actual burn on skin that seems to remain at the site. F 71 2 years
1X W
 3  Radical Hysterectomy Began having annoying side effects about 3 months into using the patch. Tingling in hands and feet, pain in feet, migraine headaches and weight gain. The patch does not stay on consistently which is a real drawback. I plan to phone my gynecologist to discuss the side effects. Prior to using the patch my estrogen level was extremely low following the radical hysterectomy even though my ovaries were left in tact. I also felt awful prior to using the Climara patch. I initially felt wonderful after a month on Climara and I really like the fact that mood swings have disappeared, although I still have some trouble sleeping. I've been exercising daily but am still struggling with my weight gain of about 10 pounds. I don't blame the weight gain on the Climara but rather menapause and eating the wrong foods. F 53 4 months
.0375 1X D
 5  Klinefelters (XXY)MtoF Transexual only a very slight itch after about 6 days on a single patch. Slight Redness if used on arm, changed to small of back and all is ok. Adhesive is horrible, usually have to apply Water proof Tape over it to keep it on. Putting a new one on twice a week helps, and results are very very good, I feel so much better, no Hot flashes now my Estradiol level is closer to 200. Klinefelters really did me in, and this helps so much allowing my body to run as smooth as it did in High School! If they make ht adhesive stronger, and the patch nearly half the size.. it would be a perfect product. F 35 3 weeks
.1 2X W
 1  surgical Menopause major weight loss, cold hands and feet, major fatigue, overall general feeling of "sick", lumps in breast, vaginal bleeding, vomitting, panic attacks, this medication made me feel so horribly sick that I thought I was dieing!!! This was absolutely the worst most horrible experince of my life. I kept telling my doctor that the med was making me sick and he kept insisting that we lower the dose and that I was feeling so bad due to something else. Finally toward the end I found a new doctor and took myself off the medication. It seemed to have built up because I still had "lingering" effects of the medication but it seems to be all gone now. F 33 4 months
.05 MG 1X W
 5  Post menopausal NO side effect. I have been wearing patches for the last 10yrs and have been on HRT for 22 yrs. My Dr prescribs 2 boxes per week. I also take a .05 Combi patch for the progestron and it works great. Never have gained any weight. I [find that if you rub alcohol on the site then place the patch it stays on I wear it for 3 then replace it. It is NOT A 7 DAY PATCH . Overall I like the patches better than the HRT pill. F 64 10 years
.05 1X D
 1  no hormones-Panhypopituitarism Headaches-from bad to extreme, dizzy spells, lightheaded, itching vagina, heaviness in vagina, lower pelvic pain, stomach pain Needed to put a band aid over the patch to keep it on F 16 14 days
2mg 1X W

 3  perimenopause none Patch does not stay on for a week if you shower or use lotion. Also, the rim of the patch tends to get dark and look bad. F 52 2 years
.45 1X W

 5  Complete Hysterectomy heaviness feeling in back of knees/hair loss in middle of head/ mustache grows if too many days pass between patch replacement Sad my primary care givers at Kaiser could never tell me how long I could or should use this product. That is still my number one question. Thank you to all the women on this site - especially the Lady thats been on the patch for 20 years- for sharing your information. I still have a slight to low normal libido. The dryness happens at times but - thanks to KY (love the heated one) problem delightfully solved. Also found out Ginseng helps my husband (also 58) libido - so no Viagra needed at this time! smile F 58 12 years
1X W
 5  total hysterectomy Overall after a period of adjustment, life has been wonderful with this product. I had horrid night sweats, hot flashes and aggressive mood swings and was on a roller coaster of emotions before using it. After using it about 8 years I thought I'd try to get off of it, but the hot flashes flared up again, so I started using it again. Now after 16 years, I have successfully been off of the product about a week and have been symptom free so far. Side effects were minimal during my use. I did notice when I applied it to my backside where instructed, I had pain in my sciatic nerve. I remedied this by applying it to my lower abdomen on either side below my panty line and this also kept clothing from rubbing it off. I found that removing it before a shower then making sure the area was completely dry before reapplying helped because any type of moisture trapped beneath the patch prevents it from adhereing well. I did notice even with precautions, some patches simply would not adhere for the e Because I have a long list of allergies and for some reason my system will not absorb pill forms of many drugs, Climara was an answer to a prayer and helped me keep my sanity as well as be a functional person. I realize everyone reacts differently to medications, however, I would recommend Climara patches to any woman experiencing post menopausal symptoms. Hopefully they will have the same results that I did. F 53 16 years
0.1 mg 1X W
 1  menopause Severe depression! Weight gain, hair loss, dizzy spells. I became so depressed it was scary, totally out of charter for me. could not take off weight even with diet and exercise. Within 4 weeks of going off, depression has eased, lost 11 pounds. I rather deal with the hot flashes! M 50 7 months
0.045/0.01 1X W
 1  Menopause skin sex sleep issues Weight Gain, external vaginal itching, overly tired at the end of the day, tiny itchy bumps/breakouts on back/stomach, periods every few days after 4 years with NO periods, depressed mood. Hair looks drab and lifeless. I don't like these side effects at all especially the weight gain. At least now I know why I've gained all this weight!! I've stopped taking this medicine after two months. I'm so happy to have found this website. We all need to help each other and this is a perfect way to know how medicines are affecting we earth-sisters! Good luck girls! F 56 2 months
0.045 1X W
 2  hysterectomy headache leg pain feet swelling do not like this at all I do no know what else to do > it been three years. M 46 3 weeks
o.o25 1X W

 3  surgery..... ovarian cancer Ok so my boobs were already big but now... hmmm cow like.. my legs and ankles are now cankles.. I have just decided to rip the thing off.. Im athletiic. and have gained 15 extra lbs??? not because of junk food... I like some of the patches effects but think I will try something else F 55 1 years
o.5 1X W

 5  Total Hysterectomy On the .1 mg I had miserable Migraines daily, cutting the dosage in half has relieved me of those! Honestly, I have no other drug to compare this too. I was on Lupron to "help" prevent my hysterectomy. I gave up and had the surgery fearing menopause at my young age. The fist dosage of 0.1 mg was too much for a migraine sufferer like me. I was in daily headache hell. So the switch to .05 mg has been much better. Yeah, the little black circle sucks, but I keep the thing on my butt, so I don't really look at it. LOL I am suffering from the onset of mutliple kidney stones and trying to deterimine if it was the Lupron therapy that did that or just menopause in general. M 42 3 months
.05 mg 1X W
 5  ovaries removed 1993 none I had a hysterectomy in 1973 then ovaries 1993 been on since then F 64 17 years
.25 1X D

 5  Perimenopause "issues" None--I was very pleasantly surprised, as I usually experience some side effects w/medications. This patch (not the generic) has been a lifesaver for me...I was experiencing hot flashes (10-12 average per day), sleep disruption, lack of sex drive, unexplained dark days, moodiness and a general inability to focus--feeling like I was in a fog, as others have described it. Almost immediately, all of the above has disappeared or been greatly reduced (hot flashes are now almost non-existent). The one thing about these patches that no one talks about is the dark muck (skin oils) that accumulate around the edge, which I dislike and is pretty disgusting. I work out a lot and sweat a lot but shower very often so I don't see a way around this. As far as the patch coming off, which others have complained about, I have only had that happen once 2 days before I was due to replace it. I believe that was a result of my tearing off sweaty gym clothes in a hurry.... Being in good health and not at high-risk for stroke or other major side effects, my husband and I are really happy that this is an option for me. Pleased to say also that my sex drive is coming back and my husband isn't afraid that I'll bite his head off as he was for awhile there.... F 52 1 months
0.025 1X W

 4  Supracervical Hyst W/ 1 Ovary rem. Various I was on climara back in 2001 (27yoa)after my hyst. I still kept one ovary but was experiencing low estrogen symts. My Dr gave it to me for temp use until my body adjusted after surgery and it was wonderful. Now 9 years later I am in perimenopause. Anxiety, Nausea, fatigue, night sweats, hot flashes. I was put back on it once I convinced my military drs what was going on i was sure was related to hormones! I am only 34 but had the hysto early. Now that i have been back on it, i do feel better. Not 100% but getting there. I know it takes several months to level out. I tried to add progesterone cream on my own and it wasnt a good mix for me.Especially since I no longer have a period, dosing days is tricky. I have no problems keeping the patch on. I often shower 2x a day because of my work out routine. Never comes off, but on occasion I have had to change it early because the effects seem to wear after 5-6 days. When that happens I get moody, anxious and hot flashes that feel like my skin is burning. I am hoping to be on it only temp again, but we will see. I know the risks, but quality of life means a lot to me. I have a family and they need me too. F 34 5 weeks
.025 1X W

 3  Menopause Get my period every 2 weeks (I hadn't had it in over a year) = bloating = cramps within the first few days when my period is about to start. No more hot flashes. Was completely exhausted all the time and it has helped with that. Major decrease in vaginal dryness but having my period every 2 weeks kind of kills sex so that doesn't matter now anyway. On the Climara Pro Patch. Going to see my doc next week. May change. Can't handle the period every 2 weeks. ****SPECIAL NOTE FOR THOSE WHOSE PATCH WILL NOT STAY ON****** I've always been a big bath taker in lieu of showers. You can imagine what that does to the patch. After my first bath it was history. I purchased clear waterproof bandages (3"x 5") and put that over the patch. Poof! Stays on and it's waterproof. Lasts the entire time - through 7 baths per week. F 47 6 months
wkly patch 1X W

 1  menapause/hystorectomy Contacted my OBGYN: Stomach/intestinal cramps 1st 7 days, 8th day Sevier, Sevier Stomach cramps/ Bloating in morning diarreah, discontinued per. Dr. in afternoon. As the day went on hard to walk, lower back ache, lower cramps from front lower cramps to my back area, @ times pain so bad brings tears to my eyes. So Sevier, if it's not better by tomorrow I am going to see my Dr. F 51 8 days
weeky patc 1X W

 1  no hormones weight gain, depression - already on cymbalta - got worse F 58 3 months
30mg 1X D

 1  Mood, sleep I was on Estradiol (patch) for several years without any pesky side effects and then my prescription insurance plan changed me to Climara patch .025 (reason unknown)six months ago and I have been suffering...stomach pain, back pain, nausea (spells can be BIG time...like appendicitis), hot flashes, sweats, external vaginal itching, vaginal discharge (never had that), leg cramps, shooting pains down my groin, weight gain, tightness in chest and memory loss like you would never believe!! Can't remember what I did a minute ago!...tested out and found that I have a thickening of the lining of my uterus. Saw this warning on the Climara website (or was it Wikipedia?)...I may have cancer of the endometrium and if already Stage 4 cancer, or a fast-growing cancer such as anerobic...I could die. I do not need this!! Some of you are complaining about it not sticking? It is a blessing if it doesn't. I am weaning myself offfffff! F 61 6 months
.025 mg 1X W
 5  total hystorectomy I probably have experienced weight gain, itching around patch, patch falling off. I have been very happy with this product. I had a total hysterectomy 6 years ago due to horrible pms symptoms. My doctor had me take Lupron injections for six months to see if this would help alleviate my symptoms. Sure enough...I felt much better when I was not having periods. After my surgery he put me on the patch. And I tease people saying I am worst than a Heroine addict. I must have my patch! If I don't get it I start to become very moody, irrational and irritable. I have put on about 20 pounds since that time and I never thought about it until I read all of the other comments that it may be due to the patch. I thought it was because of the surgery. I still can keep my weight down with a lot of focus, self discipline and following weight watchers. The weird thing is that about three nights ago I stopped sleeping so well and started having night sweats. I made an appointment with my doctor for this Friday. Maybe she will change the dosage. F 43 6 years
1 mg dail 1X D
 4  urinary tract infections Decreased libido. Initially on 0.050 mg/day but recurring infections continued, however no other menopausal symptoms. Dosage of 0.075 mg/day eliminated the infections. Recently a doctor suggested I try to come off the patch as it is intended for short term use. I must admit I noticed an increase in my libido within a few days, but also noticed my skin appeared less firm. After 2 months there has not been a reoccurence of infection but due to frequent hot flashes, night sweats and the associated loss of sleep I have just gone back on. Since I want to use the lowest possible dosage I am cutting the 0.075 patches in half to see if 0.0375 mg/day will be sufficient to get rid of the hot flashes,let me get some sleep and maintain my libido. If it works I will try using 0.025. Here's hoping! F 52 5 years
75 mg 1X W

 5  total hysterectomy Horrible hot flashes (day and night) and mood swings. I have used Climara for about 19 years. After my hysterectomy, at age 43, the hormone replacement offered by my GYN basically drove me out of my mind. This patch was prescribed by a specialist GYN-endocrinologist. Almost immediately I experienced relief from horrible hot flashes and mood swings. Besides being bio-identical-I believe the only way to go-the patch makes the medications use very easy. I have recommended this product to many women over the years and will continue to do so. It's great! F 61 19 years

 3  Hot flashes I have noticed with gain, and I seem to be hungry and want to eat something all the time, swelling in my ankles, and mood swings. I get upset and mad at the drop of a hat. I think that I am going to go off this medication. I do not like the side affects. The sweats and hot flashes have gone away, but maybe they would be better than the weight gain. Do like this at all. I struggle enough myself without help from a medication. 47 4 months
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