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 1  Bacterial infection: Pain, Ache Tremors, Heart feeling. "Faint" or "Fluttering." Anxiety, stress.. F 32 1 days

 5  back pain ,arthritis had to take the last dose 6 hrs before bed or had trouble getting to sleep excellent pain med for moderate acute and chronic pain. I had no trouble quitting it when I was pain free. It does raise the norepinephrine level a bit giving an energy boost. I had also read it stimulates the immune system to an extent unlike opioids which suppress it M 30 years
50mg 2X D

 5  Post surgical pain (cancer) The only bothersome side affect that I have is a very dry mouth. I was on dilaudid 4mg every 4 hours for 6 months after my upper left lobectomy. The doctor wanted me off of it of course so switched me to tramadol. The scar on my back is 9 inches long and my muscles and nerves were cut so I will always have pain. The tramadol definitely takes away my pain and gives me a mental boost. If I forget a dose, I really feel it in my back and my mood. I am cancer free today and very happy! Stage 3b lung cancer. As far as withdrawal when I no longer need it, I doubt I will ever come off if it. If I'm addicted I feel it's ok because at least I'm able to live a good quality of life!! F 51 2 years
100mg 4xd

 2  osteoarthritis pain Kill my stomach, was horrible, like a bomb in my stomach M 64 5 days
25mg 2X D
 5  Severe chronic pain (Lupus, FM) constipation, increased sweating This drug has been a miracle for me. It takes a while to kick in, and I wished it would be more fast-acting. However, it does take away the severe pain I have been living with for 5 years. Without Tramadol, I wouldn't be able to function, and now I can lead an - almost - normal life. If I have some breakthrough pain during the day, Tylenol Arthritis takes care of it. Very rarely do I need to take 100mg at bedtime. The constipation is greatly relieved by taking two soft gels of Liquid Magnesium Oxide (important as Magnesium comes in different formulations/ only the oxide one helps; also works as a muscle relaxant) at night. F 44 10 months
150 1X D

 3  Lumbar injury Mild occasional headache, some mild euphoria F 33 10 days
30 mg 3xd

 5  herniated discs arthritis its hell trying to wean of off this if you havnt started it don't it helps in the beginning but not work all time F 53 10 years

 5  sciatica,arthritis It makes me feel very alert but relaxed,kind of don't care feeling. It feels like I could go to sleep but I can't. I call it twilight sleep b/c when I try to sleep, I am in and out every few minutes untill it wears off, which it takes up to 18hours. Next day I have bad headache. I only take it as needed, 30 pills last me easy one year. It does work like a magic and I like the feeling when on it. I have OCD and SPD so being on it makes me feel relaxed but very alert and "aware" and "friendly". One pill lasts up to 18 hours. I use to suffer from Migraines and it did help with the pain some, however now without Migraines, it gives mi headache the next day. My boyfriend on the other hand gets very sick and throws up. He has very bad Dermatitis but can't take it. I only take it when absolutely needed b/c I worry it might have bad effect on my heart long term plus I don't want to go on other pain pill like codeine b/c it makes me very sick. I know someone who takes it every day and it affects him the same way, very relaxed feeling almost like antidepressant. This is the only pain pill that works for me very well. Few years ago I had abcessed tooth and took 2-100 pills every 3 hours and it killed the pain but I was VERY dizzy and could not drive. M 52 12 years
50-100 1X AN
 4  fibromyalgia First noticed itching but that went away in time. I lost almost 30 pads and I was already thin due to ed. I started to binge eat 6 to 8 hrs a day with high intense sugar cravings and carbs. This wasn't a good drug for me so I stopped cold turkey. F 36 3 months
 4  nerve pain none take reg tramadol the tramadol er doesn't work as well F 63 5 years
100mg 4X D

 2  Endometriosis/ fibroid/ menses Felt like I needed to take more of it, didn't stop pain just made me numb and the withdrawal from the drug was the Horrible! No withdrawal symptoms from true opioids but this was awful. This drug should be taken off the market! F 31 5 months

 5  chronic pain none I have to stand or walk most of the day at work and suffer from chronic pain in my feet. Doctors have not agreed on a diagnosis, from tendinitis, or nerve damage, to prolapse of bones or tissues. This medication allows me to function almost normally when I need to. F 61 6 months
25 mg 2X D

 5  Lupus, FM none whatsoever When my doctor prescribed this medication and I took it for the first time, I couldn't believe how I had survived without it for so long. The pain in my joints and connective tissue can be excruciating and would normally force me to stay in bed all day. I now take 3x50mg tablets at 6:00am every morning, and by 9:00am I am usually able to get up and get ready for work. Without Tramadol/Ultram I couldn't even lift my arms to take a shower. Wonder drug for me. F 42 1 years
150 1X D

 4  Lupus and Fibromyalgia pain Hard to say exactly what symptoms are caused by Tramadol, as I am on numerous meds, but I do experience mild relief from sometimes MAJOR lupus pain. It does not make me confused, sleepy, or dizzy. Weight gain when I started this and 2 other meds, but it doesn't seem that is common with Tramadol, so I don't think it's the culprit. I sweat like a menopausal woman or chemo patient just by vacuuming. It may be the lupus, but my doctor feels that it is the Tramadol causing it. Yuck. I like this medication. For most people with mild to moderate pain, this is a great choice. My lupus affects my joints and tendons, and it often feels like someone is injecting battery acid into my joints, so I'm on the high end of pain many days. It is not strong enough for all of my pain, so I have a breakthrough pain med, but it is a good daily medication, and when I miss it, I do not feel any side effects, i.e. it is not addictive for me. The only downside is the sweats. Keep a handkerchief handy just in case. Also be careful not to take too many. It slows your breathing, and can cause you to stop breathing in your sleep if you overdose. F 38 1 years
100 mg 4X D
 5  arthritis/fibromyalgia None F 54 10 years

 4  Headache caused by chemotherapy Itching, euphoric I personally like this medication; it just dulls the pain, doesn't really take it away but it's better than nothing and I like that I don't have to have a hard copy of the prescription. It did cause a lot of itching at first so I took it with Benadryl and then I started to get over the itching. It doesn't put me to sleep like some other pain meds and I stopped taking it a couple days ago (as chemo is over) and I don't feel any discomfort, i.e. withdrawal. Maybe that will come later but for now, I'm satisfied with the results and would take it again. F 48 2 months
50 2X D
 1  shoulder pain I took one dose at bedtime and woke up in the middle of the night itching, but it wasn't severe and I fell back asleep. In the morning I was so dizzy and sleepy, I had a hard time getting kids ready for school. I was too dizzy to drive so someone else had to drive them to school. I went back to sleep for 3 hours. I remained dizzy the rest of the day with a slight headache and even took another nap. This drug did NOT help my pain at all. I will not take this drug again. F 35 1 days
50 mg 1X D
 5  Fibromyalgia pain, chronic fatigue Itching around my nose if I take a dose too close to bedtime. I use Lanacane to help relieve the itch. Thank God for Tramadol! Without this med, I'm curled into a little ball in my bed due to my fibro pain. It also gives me a little energy, especially if I drink caffeinated tea during the day. Other than the itching, NO side effects.Even though I've been taking it for 4 years, it is still effective - so no tolerance build-up is happening so far. I ran out one time, and I didn't feel withdrawal symptoms like I've experienced with some antidepressants and other pain killers - I was just back to feeling my normal, unbearable pain. Remember that meds work differently for different people. I hope this med works for you like it did for me. -F.L. F 56 4 years
50 mg 8X D
 5  heel pain Thirsty, extremely itchy. F 38 1 weeks

 3  Recreational Uses for depression While my body was getting used to it, when I took 5, i would sometimes vomit and my heart rate would get fast. I would also lose appetite and be fatigued. Even after my body was used to it, I would still have a loss of appetite and I would be tired. It isn't addictive M 16 4 months
450mg 1X D
 5  Sciatica/Mild Depression Dry mouth, constipation, severe difficulty waking up, sexual dysfunction, slight dizziness. I have been taking Tramadol for 4 years, and just recently attempted to wean myself off of the drug. HUGE mistake. While I did not have severe physical withdrawals (as my weaning process was lengthy) I still had mild fatigue, a little weight gain, and could feel myself falling deeper into depression everyday without the drug. This went on for a month. I finally went back to the doc, and am now back on 50mg 2x daily. My depression went away after 2 weeks, energy levels are back to normal, the 5 pounds I gained is gone and my pain is in check. However, the trade-off is dry mouth, some constipation, trouble experiencing orgasm, low libido, dizziness even when sitting, and difficulty waking up in the morning. The latter is probably the worst–I will hit snooze for an hour or two in the morning–or just sleep right through without even hitting snooze or turning it off. Once, my husband said he wanted to see how long I would let the alarm go; he clocked 42 minutes of the alarm blaring and me barely moving. I could only imagine how I'd be if I were to take the max dose of 400mg. To sum it up, Tramadol works well for my pain and depression, but now I wonder how in the world will I get through my next attempt at weaning off the drug. F 35 4 years
50mg 2X D
 2  Kidney Infection/Kidney Stones Severe Muscle Twitches, Anxiety, Lack of Pain Control. Didn't necessarily take pain away, but 'disconnected' me from it (and most everything else). Second day started noticing mild muscle twitches in my eyelid and base of my thumb in my hand. This quickly progressed with 24 hours into a constant spasm of the hand muscle. Also, found it very hard to urinate. Twitches eased off within 6 to 8 hours, of single dose, stopped taking for about 36 hours. Then took two for onset of severe kidney pain in the evening following day. Within two hours severe muscle twitches (all over) rapid heart rate, restlessness, shallow breathing, jaw clenching, unable to sleep, minimal pain control, nausea. I thought this must be a what a panic attack feels like. I have never had one, before though. Called nurse and she made me feel like a child, and didnt' have a clue as to why I would react like this way. Needless to say, I discontinued use. It's a month and a half later, and I am still noticing alot of random muscle twitches. Never again!. F 33 4 days
50mg 3X D

 5  Fibromyalgia I have seen a lot of Ultram reviews about how addictive and difficult this med is, but it worked well for me. When I stopped taking it, it was no big deal. I didn't have any withdrawals, sickness, or anything else. As with any med, you could be allergic to it. It is very effective for me. It does cause dry mouth! F 44 2 years

 1  Fibromyalgia I had seizers, horrible headaches that made my face tingle, severe sweating and so much more! I was hospitalized for a week in the ICU due to the seizures I was having as a side effect from this drug. And went through severe withdrawal when the hospital took me off of it. NEVER TAKE THIS DRUG! Horrible. F 17 2 months
50 MG
 4  Back pain Loss of appetite, irritability, anxious & jumpy The medicine seems to help with the pain but I have no appetite...probably not a bad thing for me though. The worst immediate side effects were severe irritability & jumpiness.....like I feel like I want to fight & can't get still.....like I could run a marathon or something. It's a very weird feeling....not sure how long I'll take this stuff. F 27 1 days
30 mg 1X D
 1  back pain suicide My son (age 30) cannot speak for himself and I wonder how many other people have experienced what he did. Within 4-5 hours of taking Ultram for the first time, he picked up a pistol and put a bullet through his brain. I am the caretaker of his memory, so I'm putting his age and gender. M 30 1 times
50 mg 4X D
 1  Kidney Infection Some itching on the skin. But more than anything: persistent & intensely severe headaches (felt like my entire skull was being hammered over and over). Even the bones on my face ached with pain. This drug pained my sinus cavities and caused me to have uncontrollably runny nose out of the blue. Could barely open my eyes because I was too exhausted from the pain, but couldn't even fall asleep because the drug kept me awake. So I just lie awake with the pain, or pace around like a lunatic until I became too weak to stand up. Tramadrol drove me to the point of insanity. I even resorted to banging my head against the wall to give minor relief to the unbearable headaches. Couldn't focus on anything else because the headache was constant and extreme, unlike any other headaches I've ever had. In fact, I would rather much go through childbirth than have the headaches from Tramadol. I quit after 3 days. Yes, it concealed my kidney pain, but it caused me even more pain than that. It was a nightmare I never want to go through again. Felt like hell. Funny thing was, I called the doctor's office and the nurse acted surprised and said that Tramadol does not cause headaches. Look at the Rx warnings, moron! It says to call my doctor ASAP if I get severe & persistent headaches! F 32 3 days
50 4X D
 1  Crohn's disease Dizzy - so dizzy it horrified me and made me nauseated. Fell several times en rte to bathroom. kept getting strange "hiccups" in hearing. NEVER TAKING AGAIN. Barely controlled pain. F 34 2 days
50mg/4-6 h

 5  Significant Back Pain After pill wore off (about six hours) experienced headache, slight nauseous, and very sleepy and tired - needed nap and I never nap. Thought this was perhaps co-incidence the first day. Symptoms repeated on the second day- Also became a bit sweaty and nauseous in the car - a sip of soda and some crackers seemed to help - not serious. I think it is withdrawal symptom when drug wears off. If I can get adequate relief from heating pad and tylenols, I won't take it again. I can never take NSAIDS like Motrin or Advil - they might work - but I develop hemorrhagic coliis even after one dose of them. The Ultram, fortunately, did not cause this. My GI doctor said it was OK to take - although he thought the orthopod should have prescribed a muscle relaxer like Flexeril instead of this. F 60 2 days
50 mg 1X D

 2  Cervical disc hernation / fusion Dizziness, tired, low libido, unable to achieve orgasm M 46 3 weeks
100 mg

 3  DeQuervains Tendonitis Motion sickness and anxiety I didn't experience any side effects when taking this at night, I guess I slept through them. I took it during the day once and went for a car ride with my sister and she had to pull over twice so that I can throw up. Once I was laying or sitting still I was fine. I stopped taking it after that day. F 35 2 days
50 MG 1X D
 1  Ankle injury- pain Throat swelling, tremors, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, sweats, nightmares. Addicting. Was not told by my foot specialist of side effects. When I said, was told to stop taking. Went cold turkey due to lack of knowledge. Worst withdraw like a cocaine addict. Worst weeks if my life and thanks to it, today I'm on meds trying to correct what's was f**ked due to cold turkey withdraw and side effects. Horrible medicine for me. F 28 3 weeks

 5  pain in butttocks left side If taken after 5 pm it effects sleep at night If late for a dose I get a little jittery.Some times hot flashes and itchy feeling in my arms.Not anything I can't deal with. I have tried many pain meds and ultram is the only one that addresses my pain.I take it first thing in the morning and then at 1pm.I would like to get off of ultram but on this board everyone says it's very hard. why? What happens to you? Can you cut the dose? I rely on two pills a day and use ice to help with pain if needed early evening.My pain is constant when not taking my meds. F 69 4 years
50mg 2X D

 4  Fibromyalagia Relieves pain for 4-5 hrs but causes drowsiness. All day headaches; I only take at night; daytime nausea; loss of appetite; easy to become addicted to; wihdrawal symptoms are severe. F 40 3 months

 4  Fibromyalgia Pain Control No side effect for me at all. The only bad thing is that I am about to be moved up to a much stronger drug for pain management because it no longer does the job. But if you are in need of pain relief and haven't had Fibromyalgia for 20 years like I have when no one had ever head of this sydrome and those who had wasn't for sure it was for real. It will take the edge off but be aware.....nothing will take away all the pain ever in my experience and I have been on so many different medication over the years and up to 8 at one time. I have cut back on almost everything and try my best to live each day dealing with the pain but it does get very depressing but I elected not to stay on anti-depressant for long periods. WARNING: DO NOT allow any doctor to put you on any BENZOS (klonopin, ativan, xanax, valium, etc) these are diabolical drugs and I learned the hard way what they do to you and how dependent your brain become on them and how long it takes to recover. I feel like they stole 10 years of my life and didn't realize I had changed so much. Google Benzo withdrawal and go to you tube and you will never do allow a doctor to put you own these. When I was given BENZOs was prior to the internet so the info was not available but the doctors knew back then how bad these drugs were because they have been around since the 1950's and 60's. They lie. Don't lose your life to the Benzos. If you need help with Benzo withdrawal you may email me and I will support you. F 47 8 years
100 mg 3X D
 5  Back pain, fibromyalgia None This has been a miracle drug for me. I usually get horrible side effects, but it's helped me so much without any problems at all, even at such a low dose. F 44 30 days
50-100 mgs 1X D

 5   i feel like i can tolerate life better after taking ultram. i need it the first thing in the morning and i am happy that it lasts longer than norco. ultram will save my marriage M 35 6 years

 5  Back injury Euphoria, happy, calm, high and feeling light and good Think of it, the doctor I visited actually who introduced me this drug actually wanted me to feel good, I remember him telling me,"let me prescribe you with a very good pain killer" and that's it, I am quite addicted to it now. It makes me high and calm, feel good and got the "fly" feeling... now I know how they derive the name "Dr Evil" M 38
1X D
 4  Shoulder and neck pain Does help with pain, I tried Vicodin before this and feel this is more effective for pain. This does make me dizzy about 3 hours after taking,and I really can't sleep until it has worn off which is very frustrating, Vicodin does the same thing...wish Darvocet was still on the market. F 45 7 days
50 mg

 3  Moderate back pain Increased energy, lower libido I would only recommend this medicine for short term use. I am addicted to this Ultram. I have taken it on and off for at least ten years. I quit taking this medicine about 3 years ago but started again last year for pain but mostly for the good feeling that I get when taking this. I am stopping today and know the withdrawal period will be awful. My whole body will feel heavy, and I will be extremely tired for at least a week. This drug changes your perception of things and should be more closely monitored. F 43 10 years
50 mg 2X D
 4  back pain Does help with pain but it is horrible to come off of. Feels like shocks of electricity if I miss a day M 33 4 years
50 mg

 4  fibromyalgia nausea if you take w empty stomach, F 33 2 years
300 mg

 1  Test Subject I cut a 50 mg pill in half to be on the safe side to try this drug. In 15 minutes I felt like I was going to throw up and my stomach felt like it had a severe case of acid indigestion. There was at least one hour were I was writhing in bad pain then another hour before I could get off the couch and report this. It is 2 hrs & 9 minutes and I can't tell a thing other than being dead sick during the time mentioned. Severely sick then nothing. This stuff is good 4 NOTHING! M 41 1 days
25 MG 1X D
 4  severe pain from endometriosis constipation, drowsiness/dreaminess, withdrawals (diarrhea and general crappy feeling) if taken continuously for more than 24 hours. I only take this drug WHEN I ABSOLUTELY NEEDED IT, and IN ADDITION TO a non-narcotic anti-inflammatory. I recommend it for occasional severe pain, since it is habit forming and you can quickly build up a tolerance for it, and withdrawal symptoms are inevitable if you take more than a few doses in a row. When taken as I do, though, it is effective at making the worst pain of endometriosis more bearable. If I take it continuously, though, my body doesn't get a chance to re-regulate my digestive system and the constipation/diarrhea from withdrawal makes everything worse. Like most drugs it depends on the person, and it depends on how you use it. F 26 3 months
50 1X D

 2  Removed wisdom tooth & abscess. Dizziness, Panic/Anxiety Attacks, Dilated Pupils, Shallow Breathing, Extreme Drowsiness, Inability to fall asleep, Trouble Urinating. The first night I took this pill (8pm), it worked for a couple of hours and then the pain came back shortly after. I popped an extra one (12am or so) and I was unable to stay asleep. I'd wake up every hour on the hour, but I was able to fall right back asleep (unless I had to pee, which took forever to do). Finally, the next morning I popped another one (8am). By Noon, I was experiencing the signs of an overdose and ran back to the hospital. M 22 2 days
50 MG 1X D
 1  for pain I also take Effexor so my doctor decreaed the effexor. I was good until the fourth week. The sweating was, terrible, my hair was wet in the afternoon, it didn't help my pain, and it made me really anxious at 200mg a day. I went back to 100mg a day, and a little less Effexor and I have been fine. The one benifit is the little bit of antidepressent in the med, so my mood improoved, so I don't want to stop it . M 50 40 days
100mg 2X D

 5  Fibromyalgia The first dose or two made me tired so I only took it at night initially. Now I am able to take it during the day. It relieves my pain and elevates my mood and increases my energy level. Some dry mouth, slight loss of appetite, and mild itching when I take it before bed. No bad side effects at all and no sense of being addicted. It is short acting so although it helps the pain when going to bed I do wake up with pain. Some days I may take just one or none at all. No withdrawal of any kind. F 55 2 months
50 mg 2X D
 5  severe arthritis Drowsiness, must take with food or milk. F 49 8 years
50mg 6X D
 1  Pain relief after c-section Dizziness, disorientation, nausea, anxiety, slow heartbeat, shortness of breath, muscle twitches, insomnia, sweating Genius drug to prescribe to a new mother- NOT! I wish I'd found this site before I just took my last dose of Ultram/Tramadol half an hour ago. I was given Tramadol four times a day at 40mg starting the day after my caesarean section for routine pain relief. Initially I was happy that it worked to control the pain, and I was okay with the fact that I was also feeling extremely dizzy- I thought it might have been due to the operation that I couldn't walk ten steps without having to grab at a wall for support. After four days of increasing dizziness and nausea, I took a dose later than usual (after midnight), and for the first time I noticed that my pulse had dropped to around 50 beats per minute. I was trying to sleep while my new baby was sleeping, but I began to get the awful sense that my breaths were way too far apart as I was dozing off- like I was going to pass out rather than go to sleep. The breaths I could catch felt too shallow to do much. I lay there in an anxious sweat for a couple of hours before calling the nurse, who told me that panic/ anxiety attacks were a common side effect of Tramadol, an that's probably what I was feeling. Definitely true to an extent- my calf muscles were twitching in a really strange way, and in the end I was awake the entire night feeling paranoid about DVT. Anyway! At that point she told me to take only one tablet next time, but I didn't take any for a couple of days. My dizziness continued just as strongly the whole time, to the point F 30 4 days
20-40 4X D

 1  back pain Itching I have taken this drug ONE time and have done nothing but ITCH! It is miserable. I itch so bad I can't even sleep. F 26 1 days
30mg 2X D
 1  back pain scene of awareness was lost, body aches, muscle cramping, and withdrawal when missing a dose. Also very very bad withdrawal when coming off of them. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION!!!! F 20 2 years
 4  Chronic Foot/Ankle Pain Headache, Inability to fall asleep when taken at night, Sleepiness when taken during the day. F 20 1 years
150 MG

 1  Abscessed tonsil Severe headache, nausea, dizziness. Confused/foggy feelings. Leg cramps. F 27 1 days

 1  Kidney stones WORST headache of my life. Will NEVER take again !! F 20 1 days

 1  back pain Panic Attack, Extreme Generalized Anxiety If you are sensitive to medication i would not reccomend this drug. I took ONE pill and 20min later i felt extremely weak and tired so I laid down then started to feel nauseas which got worse by the minute. Then my heart started racing soi guess it was a panic attack. I did not feel real, i couldnt see straight, had very loose foul stools about 5x a day. This medication totally messed with my brain it was CRAZY and the the most scariest thing i had ever experiened in my life. The symptoms continued for weeks. I literally could not eat solid food for almost 3 weeks, i lost 35lbs, had racing thoughts, insomnia, sick twisted nightmares and the list just goes on...It is now almost 5months after that experience and i am not the same person i was before taking this drug. I suffer from extreme Anxiety and occasional panic 24/7 with many many physical symptoms like chest pain, difficulty breathing, heart palpatations, etc. I am seeing a Theralist and taking Xanax for the extreme Anxiety (as needed) as a result of this. How the heck one pill of this Ultram could do this, i dont know! But it is true and it has ruined my life for right now. I did google this drug and i think it said that it affects the brain in a similar way that Anti-depressants do so I honestly believe it f@#ked my brain chemistry up. I am also sensitive to Meds so if you are, think twice, this is a powerful drug! If anyone had a similar experience to mine from this drug, PLEASE Email me F 24 1 days
1X D
 4  Chronic pain Speedy, High Energy type drug. Withdrawal is terrible. Don't quit cold turkey. Ultram is a great drug since it's not controlled. I needed something stronger so my doc put me on the Butrans patch and told me to quit the ultram cold turkey after 7 years. DON'T EVER QUIT THIS DRUG COLD TURKEY. Besides the opioid qualities, ultram is also like an antidepressant. I've been feeling like crap for a month. The 10mcg Butrans patch didn't even help me get over the ultram. So I took an ultram today along with the patch i have on. I feel great now! Pain is about a 2 and my mood is perfect. Ultram with Butrans is the way to go. M 31 7 years
50 4X D

 3  lower back and leg pain None. I am quite convinced that I have developed a tolerance to this drug. The prescribed dose does not sufficiently cover the pain anymore. My doctor tell me that I'm at the max dosage. (400mg), which I know is not necessarily true. Reading about this online has led me to feel that increasing the dosage to deal with the pain will only lead to more dependence. I am hoping to find something to add to or replace this drug. The muscle cramps associated with withdrawl are most significant problems. Though I am not off the drug, I believe I'm experiencing these symptoms because I'm not taking the full dose. F 41 2 years
50 MG 4X D
 1  ovarain cyst Serve headache with vomiting dizzy lightheaded F 23 1 days
 4  Chronic upper back pain Felt great. No pain. Good mood. Focused--really helped a bit of ADHD. Got much more done. Sleep great as it does relax muscles. Feel fine the next morning. I only take a tramadol as needed. About 60 of them lasted a year. I don't really want to get hooked on anything so I'm wary of constant use. And some of the effects on here almost gave me a panic attack. I do not understand. My mother-in-law who is 85 takes 50 mg tramadol twice a day w/o incident? I haven't had any at all. I'm finding that it really does help calm me from effects of ADHD enough to focus and write as I am a writer. It helps me accomplish things much more methodically/organized than usual, and then sleep well at night. Otherwise, I start too many projects, get wound up, don't accomplish as much, and then can't sleep. I love tramadol. F 59
50 1X D
 4  peripheral neuropathy Brief bouts of dizziness, forgetfulness, transient anxiety, vivid dreams, transient wonkiness, low grade headache at times 12-21-11: Only medication that has curbed the burning, tingling, wooden numbness feeling in my legs and feet. I have been on Elavil (Amitriptyline), Neurontin( Gabapentin) and Cymbalta which did not help enough to outweigh the bad side effects. It's early days on Tramadol, but so far, it's fabulous. I do feel a bit dizzy from time to time, I am a little fuzzy headed, memory is definitely affected. I would not drive after I have taken my 25mg because I can tell it does affect me and my ability to stay focused. The pain before Tramadol was a solid 7 on a scale of 1-10, now it is a 2. I can sleep without pain. I still wake up with pain but it is muted now, not an "on fire" kind of pain that was waking me up every 2 hrs. I can stay on my feet and walk without the hot burning tingling pain, the use of the ice therapy booties is only 1x a day now instead of off and on throughout the whole day. I haven't had to take any Advil or Aleve, Capsaicin spray, freezing water foot soaks to prevent breakthrough pain. My appetite is below normal, I have noticed a low grade headache and it is more difficult to achieve an orgasm, but not impossible. I will continue to update. F 47 3 days
25mg 3X D
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