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 3  Migraines Nausea/vomiting if taken w/out food I have taken this medication for years. Only take when I get a migraine. Sometimes I won't get a migraine for months at a time. Other times I will get several within a short time span. Fioricet helps somewhat, it dulls the migraine, but doesn't eliminate it. I don't understand the people saying it is addictive. I get no buzz, no high from it, and I am a lightweight. I do not even drink. It helps somewhat, but think it could be better. F 40 5 years

 5  Migraine/tension headaches sedation Works very well for mild migraines and for mild-moderate tension headaches. I've only ever had generic, so I can't say whether brand is superior as many others have claimed, but I am very satisfied with its efficacy for migraines, bad tension headaches, and cluster headaches F 27 6 months
1-2 cap 1X AN
 5  Tension headaches and migraines Rebound headaches if taken every day. "High" feeling sometimes. The only thing that works on my headaches 99.9% of the time. F 35 6 years
30MG 1X D

 5  Migraine Gets rid of my migraine!!!! I've had migraines since I was 16 yo. I've tried everything. I've been on beta-blockers to help prevent them. This is the only thing that has ever gotten rid of my migraine within an hour to hour 1/2. I take 1-2 Caps ever 4-6 hrs as needed. It doesn't make me feel intoxicated in any way. It just does it's job. I do take excedrine migraine first then I take this if it doesn't work. My migraines are debilitating to the point all noise and light kills me. I puke all day and just lay there in misery. This is a wonderful drug! F 27

 1  chronic back pain headache and hangover I have chronic back pain and I'm waiting to have the spinal stimulat. put in. I have been taking Lortab 10 6times a day for 7 yrs and it worked up til this year . my Dr. switched me to this medication and it sucks when compaired to the lortab. Ive had to go buy medication off the street to get me buy until I cld get a different type of pain medicine. This medication made me very drunk but it didnt help any of my pain. I had a very bad headache and woke up with the worse hangover. I didnt like this medicine at all. Maybe for someone with low pain rating it will work but not for very bad pain . F 33 1 months
30mg 6X D

 5  Severe Debilitating Tension headach Sleepiness I can not express how well this drug worked for me. I came home from work due to a tension headache, took this med, layed in bedo for a half hour and fell asleep.. woke up in no pain!! it was amazing! yes it makes me sleepy, but im ok with that! F 24 14 days
50-325-40 2X AN

 5  Chronic chest cramps from stress Drowsiness, Dry mouth I was dealing with cramps in my chest wall brought on by stress and over-working, and my doctor prescribed this instead of a muscle relaxer. Even though its used mainly for migraines, it worked wonders. The cramps stopped and the pain and soreness it caused stopped also. I can see how this drug can be very addicting though, so it's best to use it sparingly. M 22 2 months
2X D

 1  Migraine headaches I starting using Fioricet w/codeine in 2006 for migraines. I would take one every couple of weeks for migraines. I enjoyed the 'high' I would get when I took it, so I started taking more and more and everyday. By 2009, I was up to 20-30 pills a DAY! I felt great all day long and then I would come home from work and sleep for hours and yell at my kids if they wouldn't leave me alone. The medication made me very irritable. In 2009 I was in a major car accident while on the medication and almost died. I was in coma, had a feeding tube and broke over 10 bones - not including all the internal damage. I don't remember a good portion of 2008-2009 while I was taking the Fioricet really bad. I obtained a print-out from my pharmacy to see how much I had really taken- turns out I had been prescribed over 1,800 pills in a 6 month time frame - WOW, that's crazy. Doctor shopping obviously worked for me. So, I have been sober for over a year now and feel SO much better. If you NEED this and t F 37 3 years
40 mg 10X O

 5  Very Bad Headaches Dry Mouth, constipation I have had very bad headaches since July 2009. this is the only medicine that has helped me. I take it as perscribed but it takes my headache away right away. Just dont overtake it. F 29 4 months

 4  Headaches Consipation, Sleepiness, reduced sex drive, stuffy nose, memory loss, reduced inhibitions in social settings, overeating, dependency, very productive in short spurts, overcommitment when feeling the buzz, It works great on headaches! Other body pain as well. It is like a lubricant to the joints. The most I have ever taken in one day is 6 pills. This is way too much. If I take more than two then it is just the dependency driving me. It was not unusual for me to run out of pills before my next perscription was due. My doctor and I have an honest relationship about my dependency on this drug. I have stopped taking it on several occasions because I cannot stand to be mastered by a pill - longest stint without it was 8 months so it can be done. At the same time, when I get a script for anything else but Fioricet it simply doesn't work. Truth is my headaches have been gone for years. I like the med for the overall relief of body aches and pains of any kind as well as a feeling of reduced stress and increased confidence. It also helps me with decreased urine flow (Prostate) - I can go like a race-horse when taking Fioricet! I'm not sure what I will do long-term. I'd like to stop because I do not need it; however, most of the time I want it. It feels good to admit these things if for no other reason than to say it to people who might understand what I'm describing. If you can stay off any medication, do it. If you can keep your dosage to 1-2 pills per day you will be fine. One suggestion: let a spouse or friend help you be accountable for your use of this medication. M 46 10 years
 5  headaches dizzy & light headed F 47 3 times

 5  Migraines, headaches, general pain Some jumpiness This is the only medication that actually worked on my headaches and for years I would take 1 or 2 only when needed. There were some other medical problems with a lot of pain, and after I was ok and didn't need stronger medication, I figured I could use fioricet w/codeine as my all-purpose pain medication. I must admit that for over a year my tolerance has increased and I now must take at least three a day at the same time. Frankly, I can't figure out whether I really need it or not. I want to taper off and think my doctor is about to cut me off, but I can't seem to wind down or don't know how to do safely (doctor vague on this). Has anyone successfully tapered off? How and what did you experience. I still think it is a great medication, when used properly but I am pretty sure I am dependent, and very concerned. Thanks for any specific suggestions. F 59 9 years

 5  headaches and back pain only positive side effects----unless taking too much. Then I get rebound headaches, but being sensible works wonders. I don't know of any other drug that works as well for me. I have arthritis and back problems. I have tried other meds such as percocet, vicodin, etc. the fioricent w/ codeine has been as effective, if not more, than the other drugs. I have been taking this drug for nearly 40 years and don't find that I have to take more as the years go on. usually one a day will do the trick. F 67 40 years

 5  chronic headaches thirst, euphoria, increased productivity, talkativeness, complete lack of social anxiety, slight stomach pain, drowsiness after a few hours, increased appetite fioricet with codeine is almost like a wonder drug. however, i have mixed feelings about it as i have recently suspected that i have some dependency on it. i have had chronic headaches since i was 19 and although i have had migraine rxs, neurology treatments, chiropractic alignments, antidepressant rxs, epilepsy rxs, herbal treatments, acupuncture therapy, massages, and went on a vegan diet--nothing seems to make my headaches go away--except for fioricet. the most i ever took in 1 day was 2 pills. i admit to having abused the drug by taking it with alcohol. i have been off the drug for 5 days now and have had low-grade headaches almost each day, i feel unmotivated and a little depressed. i'm trying to go without it as long as possible but with headaches nearly every day now, i have been getting very little done this week. if it's the only thing that makes my headaches go away, should i continue to use it with possible dependancy, or is it better to tolerate the headache pain to F 27 2 years

 5  sinus pain no side effects a good med for pain M 47 20 days

 3  Migranes/tension headaches Dizzyness, confusion, sleepiness Be SO SO careful taking this drug...it can work and has worked well for me-depending on the type of HA I have, but is also incredibly habit forming. If you can take something else-do it. If you have to take this drug-do so with care. I no longer use it because I struggled with addiction to it. Also-prolonged use/overuse of any Tylenol product will cause kindey damage. You can get through a migraine but dialysis is a little tougher. A good neuro can provide some better options. F 41 10 months

 4  migranes/ headaches I was so happy to have found something that relieved my headaches!....... but it is very addictive, especially when you are dealing with chronic pain and if you take it, ALL pain goes away, plus a "high" and marked increase in energy/prouctivity. But, your body needs more and more as time goes on. Unfortunately, I am in the process, after 2 years, of trying to get off of this, with marked withdrawl symptoms and rebound headaches. If you can find a non- narcotic to relieve your headaches, I would recommend it. You never see the addiction coming, but your body gets used to having it in your system, and it is hell getting off of it. Would appreciate anyone else's experiences with medicine that worked to releieve severe migranes (non addictive). Also, anyone's experiences with withdrawl and stopping the drug, how to deal with the headaches, depression, fatigue?? F 38 2 years

 5  Headaches Just don't take them to regularly, can get rebounds if you're not careful, and because they make you feel kind of good, there is obviousely some potential for abuse. Bottom line, take them when you need them, not all the time. This is a great medication. I get headaches so bad sometimes its completely crippling, I can't do anything. Some one I know gave me a couple of Fioricet for a particularly bad one, and BAM, headache was totally gone. The person below who says they don't work blah blah blah is not speaking for the majority. They work, and they work great. I also like them because I can function on them. M 30 1 years

 1  Quit Addictive and makes headaches worse. This is an incredibly stupid and dangerous drug. Any doc that prescribes it is incompetent in headache treatment. Do not take this drug for any reason. M 54 18 months

 5   I was diagnosed with Migraines at age 11 in Austria. I am now 51-years old and have suffered with what they now have diagnosed me with "severe vascular tension headaches as well as migraines at times." I have had every test there is, and have been on every pain medication you can imagine. Fioricet w/Codeine has always worked for me, and I still take it. I've also taken Demerol (injectable), Morphine Immediate Release, Fentanyl patch, Fentora, and I prefer Fioricet w/Codeine any day. There have been times when my migraine was so bad and I was vomiting, then we would have to make a trip to the ER for injectables. It has been a long time since I had to go to the ER and I am really happy with the Fioricet w/Codeine. With the stronger drugs, I would get really rebound headaches after they wore off, especially w/ the Demerol injectable, so obviously I no longer take it. Thank God for the Fioricet w/Codeine. It's been around for a long time but it really works for me; and I F 51 30 years

 4  persistant headaches the codeine version makes me sleepy, not as effective the non codeine version was great... within 1/2 hour i was pain free F 22 3 weeks

 5  SEVERE MIGRAINES NONE I have taken this medicine for over 30 yrs now, as crazy as that may sound. A dr. told me once that the drug is lethal, thinking that I had been on it for less than a year. I thank God for this pill, as it is the ONLY medicine that takes my migraines away. And no, it hasn't killed me, and it won't. And IM NOT addicted to it. On the contrary, for years I didn't know what not having a headache was like, now I have days, weeks where I won't get one. I thank God for that. And God will heal me from this too one day, I know. Any questions, u may surely email me. Try and make it a good day, everyday, that's all we can do!!! F 48 30 years
 1  Migraine-type headache Allergic reaction. Face & Lip swelling, itchy facial hives. Burned lips & skin around the mouth. Burned mucosa inside the mouth. Nasty, nasty side effects & the headache raged on. F 47 3 times

 4  Migraine Short Term - dry mouth, slight euphoria, constipation,impaired concentration, nausea counteracted by gravol Long Term - Very concerned and can't seem to find any data I have tried Imitrex, zomig, daily drugs etc and the only drug which provides relief with minimal side effects has been fiornal C 1/2. The migraines vary in intensity sometimes with aura and sometimes without. However I am very concerned with the long term side effects in my system and am always concerned about physical addiction. My migraines are occurring 2 - 3 times a week and this is actually not too bad right now. Having been on the drug for so long, I don't think addiction has occurred as there has been prolonged periods without headaches and no problems. However, rebound headaches are a concern at times as well. I would love to hear from anyone with experience with this drug - positive and negative. F 43 26 years
 5  persistent headaches Positive - this improves my mood, social skills, and mental acuity. I also have noticed an increase in motivation, which leads to productivity. Negative - this has HIGH abuse potential if not kept in check. I have definitely noticed a rapidly developing tolerance. NOT an ideal medication for anyone who has frequently abused or currently abuses drugs of any sort. I have had daily debilitating headaches (sometimes they fit the criteria for migraines, sometimes they do not) for a few months now - ever since I took Wellbutrin for a few days. OTC headache treatments have NEVER worked for me, not even as a small child, so this was a godsend! However, tolerance to codeine escalates rather quickly, and does not ever top out (it is an opiate). Barbiturates are also supposedly very addictive; I have not noticed any signs of physical addiction yet. I am trying to find another medicine that works for me because of the addiction/abuse potential. Unfortunately, this is BY FAR the best thing I have found. Most other medications render me what I can only describe as "narcoleptic" for a few days, and some are too intoxicating to be of any use. Note: the first week or so I took this, it was also mildly intoxicating. However, I got over it, and no longer get such effects. F 19 5 weeks

 5  Migraine Infrequently I will experience slight nausea I have suffered from migraines for almost 35 years and this is one of only 2 drugs that have ever helped. The other drug that works well is valium. M 55 7 months

 5  chronic headaches constipation, increased dosages I think this medicine works wonders, but over time you have to take more and more for it to work. I tried to come off of the drug and the reboud headaches weren't like anything I have ever experienced. I take two capsules two to three times daily depending on my headaches. I have seen a neurologist for my headaches, and they can't seem to find anything significantly wrong...weird, I have chronic headaches for some reason. F 27 8 months
 5  migraines and back pain sometimes a slight dry mouth and slightly sleepy feeling, but for the most part I feel normal except for the passing headache. I have been using this drug for years and its the only drug that doesn't bother me in an adverse way and works. I've had some severe drug allergies when I was younger, so my motto is, if it works, stick with it. Imitrex works on the headache, but makes me feel strange in other ways and its very expensive. I can't take Advil, but I take Bayer Back and Body or Tylenol. I have back pain and arthritis so if I am feeling really bad I will use the Fioricet for that too. But I have a new doc and he is real hestitant about giving me the drug at all because he thinks I am addicted. Thats scarey to me, because I know I am not addicted, and its no fun to endure the pain and have to worry about not having enough medicine. I know my body and I am under control, but anyway, thats my story. F 52 15 years

 5  headaches and back pain I wrote them already...I am the 52 year old female...but I forgot to put my email address so here it is I welcome anyones comments about this drug. F 52 15 years
 5  Chronic, recurring migraines If the headache is extremely dibilitating and I take the full recommended daily maximum, I tend to get sleepy or slightly speech impaired. This is the only medication I can take that has consistently worked. When the pain is more than I can bear, it becomes a trip to the ER where they administer fluids, anti-nausea meds, and demerol w/dilatid. This usually includes and overnight stay. F 42 3 years

 4  migraines At first it made me very dizzy and loopy feeling. I reccomend to eat something before taking to ease this feeling. After my body got used to the drug I could take it at the onset of a headache and symptoms and side effects went away quickly. I noramlly need to eat a snack before taking the pill or I will feel woosy. I have been taking this drug for several years along with other preventative meds (topamax) for migraines and I feel my body has become a little immune to the effects of fioricet. Overall has made suffering with migraines much easier. F 25 3 years

 5  MIGRAINES Slightly sleepy It is the only thing that has worked consistently for me. F 57 15 years

 2  migraines Fioricet makes me dizzy and queasy, and I have to lie down and try to sleep. It does little for my migraines, and the side effects compound the migraine symptoms. F 42 10 days

 5  tension migraines and fibromyalgia upset stomach: I try to take it also with some food or if my stomach is already upset from the pain caused by the migraine or fibromyalgia I take it with either Phenergran or a motion sickness pill that is sold over the counter. F 26 3 years

 5  Migraines I try to take this with a small amount of food to avoid any more stomach upset than I already experience with my headaches I am very careful about how often I take this so that my doctor will not worry that I am abusing the medication. F 37 22 years

 5  Migraine F 36 1 years

 5  headaches none it works F 56
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