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 1  headache fainted, and seizure unfortunately i didnt make the connection the first two times i got faint after taking Aleve. 3rd reaction was more severe and resulted in an overnite stay at the E.R. The reaction or "bad" side effect started about 1 hr after taking the pill. M 36 1 days
220 mg 1X D

 1  tailbone pain Itchy and tingling in fingertips. F 43 5 weeks
2-220 mg.

 1  back pain 1 days

 1  Tendon pain intense itching, low blood pressure 65/48 then passed out and couldn't move when I came to. Never again. About 15 minutes after, I felt intense itching in my feet and hands that couldn't be alleviated. My breathing when shallow and rapid and I asked my husband to take my BP as I thought it might be up, it was so far down; 65/48. After about 10 minutes on the bed, I tried to get up and passed out on the floor but my husband said my eyes were wide open and glazed over. When I came to, I couldn't get up, so he called 911 and I spent the night in the emergency room. Received benadryl, fluids and steroid shots. F 48
2X O

 5  Arthritis knee pain No side effects Aleve has been great for relieving my knee pain. I started taking it after my knee replacement 6 years ago and have continued almost daily since then to relieve the pain in my other knee. F 63 6 years
220 4X D

 1  neckpain swollen lips. numb tongue, genital uncomfort M 39 1 times
1X D

 1  Arthiritis I had taken Aleve for Arthiritis for years with no side effects and this morning i took two gel capsules before leaving for work, about 10 mins into my drive to work i started to feel itchy but didnt really think anything of it. Once i got to work and parked i just started feeling really weird and my eyes felt itchy my lips where tingly and i noticed my arms and chest where so red they almost looked purple. It spread over my whole body and was really itchy and i just didnt feel right i took benedryl and after about 30 mins the redness started to fade. This was the wort reaction i have ever had to anything. F 27 1 days
220 mg gel 1X D
 1  back pain hives on one hand,itchy nose,feels like swollen throat Bad,bad drug.Pharmacist says to take benadryl but he says the allergic reaction may come and go for months F 58 3 days
200 1X D

 2  severe backpain Fainting and/or seizure, extremely dizzy and pale, headache F 18 1 days

 2  chronic pain arthritis Numbness of mouth dont know if its aleve never had allergies b4 itching all over sneezing 4 to 6 times in row sev times daily Can u help me pain a10 want to die. F 58 4 days

 1  pain in elbow Itching,severe sweating,passed out,extreme drop in blood pressure (80/40), extremely pale. M 55 1 days
2 pills

 1  Muscle pain Took Aleve at night for muscle pain and woke up with swollen lip and swollen eye F 27
1X D

 1  sinus headache Swollen lips, numb tongue, blisters inside mouth and genitals. This event lasted for over 5 days. The stress of this event was just as damaging as the physical affect. Explaining the scar tissue on my penis to my girlfriend at the time was embarrassing. This product should be taken off the market. M 40 1 days

 1  Minor muscle pain I have never had a suicidal thought in my life except for a few hours after taking an Aleve. I sat in a corner, wouldn't talk or move, and wanted to die. I was not in pain, I was just unbelievably depressed. This was 10 years ago and I am still horrified when I think about it! F 54 1 days
1 pill 1X D
 5  ADHD I'm throughly amazed that this drug actually helps me pay attention at work. At first i didnt notice because i needed it for the headaches. But then it dawned on me; I'm not doing other stuff. I'm actually doing my job in a way as if i like what im doing and not falling asleep totally weird. This has been the best Neutropic yet. M 24 2 days
220 1X D
 1  Migraine I took this med along with a chewable aspirin that I take every day. In 30 minutes I had sore muscles and tiredness. In a few hours, I was completely bed ridden. Every muscle in my body was tense and painful. I had chills and nausea. I took a warm bath and it seemed to help my muscles relax. In an hour, more pain occurred followed by a low grade fever. I was afraid to take a benedryl considering it may cause anotherreaction. Because I was in so much pain, I took a muscle relaxer. It calmed my muscles and my body got rest.The next day I was still bed ridden with no energy and no appetite. Finally ate something that evening and had bad indigestion. I will never take this crap again. Honestly, child birth was easier than this! F 40 1 times
1 pill
 1  dental work Blister like hives. The first time I didn't even realize I had an allergic reaction because less than I week later I got shingle and my Dr. thought the hives were part of the shingles but then a few weeks later it happened again so we knew it was an allergic reaction. A few days ago had dental work done and took two berofe the anesthesia wore off and within an hour I was itchy and without even scratching I developed hive in my neck, eyelid, under my arm, under my breast . F 34
1X D

 1  HIP PAIN Tiredness, depression, nite sweats, pounding heart beat, itchy blisters on hand and cracked skin, hives on back, red dots near eyes on face, arms broke out, runny nose, genital itching, pain when urinating, slight bleeding on TP, blurred vision, increased ringing in ears, slight weight gain, anxiety, nightmares, under the skin bleeding on lower arm- that did it! Am off it for 3 days now, and all above clearing up!! Had taken Aleve once before years ago, and it did not help pain at all. But no side effects. The first few days I took it this time, all pain gone, but on 9th day pain back worse. After all I experienced now, I didn't make the connection until the under skin bleeding showed up for no reason! It looked like a purple birth mark 1x1 1/2 inch.THEN I went on line for side effects and realized connection. I had taken it 6 days, then off 3, then 6 days again, when all of the side effects started really bothering me. Never had allergic reactions to any pill before, and do not take medicine regularly. Just started taking Ibuprophen for hip pain this year, thought Aleve was stronger...oh it was the wrong way!! Pay Attention to ANY medication you take. (I am 5'2, 125 lbs, only took 1 a day) F 63 12 days
220 MG 1X D

 1  foot injury I wish I'd never touched this drug. Worked for quite awhile for my foot injury, but it must have reached the tipping point because I almost died. Water retention led to extremely high blood pressure (260/110), vision loss in right eye for over a year due to bulging blood vessel. It's been a very long climb up. BEWARE OF NSAIDS. F 61 2 years
220 mg. 2X AN
 1  Sciata Took one Aleve for back and leg pain and within two hours had severe mouth and lip swelling. Minimal itching. Shortly thereafter had skin eruptions around mouth resembling cold sores. This happened to me about one month ago but at the time did not attribute reaction to Aleve. Taking it the second time, same reaction, no other common denominator. My allergist and dermatologist both said stay away from it. This is a " less common" side effect but dangerous just the same. It's been 5 days and my mouth is just starting to look and feel better. Not worth the risk! F 57 1 days
220 mg

 1  Muscle aches and joint pain First 10 min. short of breath then progressively worse itching all over body. In 1 hour had massive swelling of fingers, head and hives all over. Went to ER lucky in time to not die of blood pressure loss. Please take warnings about not using if asthmatic and older seriously. I just had a near death experience and it is not worth it. F 57 1 days
2 caplets 1X D
 1  Headache My entire body hurts so bad now. My bones feel like they are breaking. My joints feel like they will break if I bend them. My kidneys hurt. I am crying a lot, partly from the pain and partly because the wind blew wrong and made me cry. I am thirsty. My mouth is like a dessert no matter how much I drink. I am never taking this again! F 38 1 days
220 1X D
 1  headache Took two aleve over the course of the day. A few hours later, my palms started itching so intensely I had to ice them to make it tolerable. In minutes, hives appeared and began to spread repidly all over my body. Scariest thing that's ever happened to me. Went to the store to get Benadryl, but was worried about my throat closing and ended up calling 911. Symptoms began to subside about 1/2 hour after taking two Benadryl. So relieved to see this since I had NO clue what could have caused that reaction. Never occurred to me that it was Aleve. The commonality of the crazy palm itch was the link. F 50 1 days

 5  Hip and leg pain Very minor gastric annoyance Works great for me anytime I have had to get rid of what I felt was a chronic pain M 69 10 days
220 2X D

 5  hip and leg pain Minor gastric disturbance M 69 10 days
220 mg. 2X D
 1  lower back pain Full body itching, hives, bright red skin, anxiety. F 71 1 days
 1  TMJ Hand very badly swollen, to the point where I cannot bend my fingers any longer. Huge itchy hives all over my body, but especially my hands, knees and thighs. I have been taking Aleve for over a year, on and off for my TMJ and this is the first time I had a reaction. I'm very disappointed, because TMJ is extremely painful and Aleve was the only thing that helped. TMJ hits me about once every 2 months, so I was only on my 3rd day of taking Aleve when I broke out. F 44 4 days
220mg 6X D

 1  headache About 2 months ago a physical therapist suggested that I take Aleve to relieve a back ache that I was having. I took it 3 times over 2 days, and my mouth broke out on the second day with painful white blisters on my tongue and inside cheek areas. I immediately stopped taking Aleve and within 2 days the pain inside my mouth was clearly disappearing and was totally gone on the 3rd day. Yesterday, I took one Aleve for a headache, since I had a full bottle sitting in the medicine cabinet, at about 10:00 in the evening and I woke up at around 1:00 am with the same pain inside my mouth again. I cannot believe I was so dense as to let myself take this poison again, and have as of today thrown the whole bottle in the garbage. The pain is severe, but now I am 2 days away from when I took the Aleve, so the pain is about half what it was, and I am hoping it will be gone tomorrow or the next day, as it was the first time this happened to me. I would not have known what to do with this information What a sad state of affairs in America today, when crap like Aleve can get on the shelves. M 59 1 days
1 1X O

 1  Headache and body aches Within the 30 minutes of taking it I started to have itching sensation in my hands... burning tingle in my mouth, tongue. Itching sensation has spread through my body to limbs and abdomen. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION!!! F 57 1 days
220MG 1X D
 3  Headache Next day feel tired and groggy with dull headache (the same effect happened several times I took the drug so I am fairly certain it is the side effect) Worked well to get rid of my headache! M 28 1 days
220mg 1X D

 1  cramps Strange face rash bumps, which resemble hives. Tingly lip sensation all day. I specifically used the gel capsules and this has happened to me on 3 separate occasions after taking Aleve. I'm done after this!! F 37 3 days
1X D
 1  Headache Itchy nostrils Itchy and swollen lips Itchy and swollen penis shaft and ball sack Had a headache and 30 mins later it was replaced with these symptoms M 28 1 days
2 pills

 1  Aches and pains of Flu During use Started on Sunday 9/5 - - Nighttime - Hallucinations, wild dreams, on day 2-3 severe stomach pains (like I got shot in the stomach) , I only took 5 in 3 days 72hrs - day 3 blood in stool. Stopped on day 3 taking this product. It made everything worse for me. I made a very bad choice using this product not only because I think it's dangerous, but because I'm too sensitive to it. I think many of my symptoms I thought were the Flu 1-2 days in were actually side effects. Never will I touch this product again. It disgusts me what it did to me. Still don't know if I have any permanent damage. I never get sick. I never take pain killers. Now using a product I always have around containing Organic Psyllium husk, Organic Psyllium seed, Organic Marshmallow root, Organic Slippery Elm bark, Organic Aloe Vera leaf to repair the damage. Seems to be helping. Took away the stomach pains and very soothing. M 54 3 days
220 mg 2X D

 1  Sinus headache Vivid dreams (not nightmares), two instances where I awoke trying to actually engage in the activity from my dreams (including potential incontinence), sweating, fatigue, anxiety, nervousness, slight fever, felt like I was coming down with a flu bug. Specifics regarding acting out my dreams are listed under Additional Comments. Over a period of three days I totalled two caplets of Aleve, 220 mg. The first night I awoke attempting to laugh, which was what I was doing in my dream. I skipped a day of Aleve and had no dreams. But the next day I took another Aleve and that night I had a dream where I was looking for a restroom, found one and was starting to urinate. I awoke suddenly with a feeling that I was actually going to urinate, my urethra felt like it was about to start urinating, so I ran to the bathroom to check, and thankfully didn't. I have only had this side effect one other time, years ago with a med for indigestion. It has now been two days since I took an Aleve and I am still sweating and still feeling nervous, but the other side effects are gone. I don't have a blood pressure monitor but I'm sure my BP has been elevated. I'm so happy to have found this site, I know I would've felt far worse had I continued taking Aleve. With such a low rating I have no idea why this drug is still on the market! F 53 3 days
220 mg. 1X D
 1  Back pain Hives on face neck and chest. Blood blisters on side of hand. Liver function test was extremely elevated but returned to normal in about 4 weeks. This happened twice, the second time was worse. The second time it happened I figured out the connection to Aleve. I am not allergic to anything, so this surprised me. Prior to this, I took Aleve on several occasions for back pain and it worked. It was the only OTC medication that really worked for me. If you choose to take Aleve I would recommend that you pay attention to any side affects and stop taking it if you have any (even minor) reactions. M 55 1 days
1X D

 1  demonstration Horrible stinging/burning sensation in my throat and nose I broke a pill in half to give it to my daughter for pain, she couldn't swallow it, so I decided to demonstrate to her by placing the other cracked half pill into the back of my tongue. In a split of a second I felt a sudden stinging/burning sensation to my throat glands after swallowing it. I was speechless and began having a steady runny nose and started sneezing. After a good hour, I began feeling much better. Glad my teenager did not take Aleve after all. F 39 1 days
220 1X D
 5  popped eardrum Had no side effects except for the fact that it's difficult for me to sleep. Within 5-6 hours of taking Aleve, the pain in my ear would come back but that's understandable since a q-tip was pushed through my eardrum. Other than that, I love this medicine. It works great. F 17 1 days

 1  Knee injury inflammation I developed a horrible facial rash from taking this medication. My cheeks, forehead and chin turned bright red with a rash resembling tiny hives. The hives oozed, itched, caked over, and the skin started flaking off. It itched, burned, and tingled, and absolutely nothing I tried relieved the symptoms. Then my face swelled, and my skin started cracking. Fortunately, at this point I read an article in a medical column about a reader who had developed a rash after taking Aleve. I immediately stopped taking it, and my symptoms are slowly subsiding, but it's been over a week now, and my symptoms returned after being in the sun, even with sunscreen protection. This drug is bad news, and I don't think the medical community is sufficiently aware of the wide range and frequency of the problems associated with it. F 65 30 days
220 mg 1X D

 5  Headache No side effects at all. This drug has worked 100% of the time for my headaches. Very surprised to see all these low ratings. For me, Aleve is a "guarantee" med. Within 30 mins of me taking 2 Aleve, my headache has ALWAYS gone away versus taking 6 Tylenol for many hours. As far as other body aches and pains I don't know...but for headache there is nothing better. M 38 1 days
220 1X D
 3  toothache Pain went away but I felt very angry. I searched for this side effect and noticed other had same experience M 35 1 days
220mg 1X D
 2  headache it worked for my headache within 30 min but 3 hrs later im itchy all over F 27 1 days
200 mg

 5  Joint pain, muscular pain Works great on pain, as if I had taken something much stronger. F 40 3 days

 1  Headache After taking Aleve my nose and throat started to hurt really bad. It made me throw up and also have a lot of mucus and saliva coming out. Worst experience ever!! Seriously, I've never had this reaction before to any other kind of medicine. F 19 1 days

 1  headache I would like to call this a "balloon" feeling in the back of my mouth and throat..its this painful stinging sensation in there but it feels like its expanding. It hurts and this has happened multipke times.i wouldnt take this again. F 15 1 days

 1  Headache Severe burning and stinging to inside of my mouth and throat Thought that the stinging and burning was all in my head the first time so I took it again and had the same results! I mean severe burning to inside of my mouth and throat M 52 1 days
1 tab 1X D
 1  Back Pain Complete Indigestion, Constipation, Blood in urine, Painful Urine, Pain in kidneys, Burning Bladder, Itchy Skin, Blotchy Palms, EXTREME muscle weakness, Dehydration, Headache, Trouble Thinking and Difficulty Waking Up. I could've died from all of these side effects if I had taken anymore. I have taken hundreds of recreation drugs when I was younger, including common OTC drugs, and I have NEVER EVER seen something this TERRIBLE, HARMFUL and DANGEROUS. M 21 1 days
220 1X D
 1  Headache Lets start by saying that I'm not allergic to anything besides aleve. This went on for 6 years because I didn't think I had allergies. I would take aleve for a headache and about 30 minutes later my eye would start to itch and get symptoms like pink eye. About an hour in my penis would start to itch. After the eye was awoken shut and about 12 hours after taking aleve my penis would still be itching and the shaft would swell up on the right side. About the size of a golf ball and feel fatty. The eye and penis would be swolen for about three days. After the swelling went away the skin on my penis would start to fall off and leave very painful open soars that wouldn't go away for about a week. Couldn't walk or do anything. Finally I tracked down the fact that I was allergic to aleve and went to the hospital (after the 6th time this has happened. Call me an idiot) they shots me full of benedryl and all was better. I hate aleve M 27 1 times
 1  pain in shoulder I took one tablet of Aleve 12/14/2012 and within 15 minutes had itching and then burning palms and felt strange. I waked to the next room to tell my wife I had taken an Aleve and that I thought I was having a drug reaction. By the time I finished that sentence I passed out. I went into shock and was taken to the emergency room and was hospitalized for two days. I still cant believe I nearly died from one pill sold over the counter. This is a dangerous medication. 71 1 days
1X D
 1  Back Pain I got up and had a shower in the morning, I was drying my back and I turned wrong and got a strain. I went and took (2) Aleve Liquid Gels naproxen sodium capsules, 220 mg (NSAID). I sat down and put a heating pad on my back. Within about 10 minutes I started to feel strange, never had that feeling before. I started to get tingly/itchy fingers and then I noticed my tongue was getting itchy also and I felt it swelling. I started to walk around thinking I was having a heart attack and then after calming down I realized I was having an allergic reaction. My face and arms began getting extremely red. I picked the phone up and dialed 911, then I noticed my tongue had stopped swelling and decided to drive to Urgent Care. I got there and immediately saw the Doctor who figured it was the Aleve, due to everything I did that morning was not out of the ordinary. I was given (2) injections, methylPREDNISolone sodium succinate (SOLU-MEDROL) injection 125 mg and diphenhydrAMINE (BENADRYL) inject If you get those reactions, go to the ER as soon as you can. M 46 0 days
220 mg 1X AN
 1  Pain from swelling Intense itching, rosy cheek rash , burning cheeks, burning fingers, leg pain both legs,Fore arm pain, First time ever taking drug. Taking for epidimytis, and wrist surgery carpel tunnel pain. Bad reaction used Benadryl with some relief from the itching.this is day one with out alive. I still have leg pain. Feels like pressure build up in legs M 48 14 days
220 mg 1X D
 1  Stomach pain Only made my stomach issues worse instead of better. Also had very itchy hands and feet along with my right shin breaking out with bruises. F 31 5 days

 1  Knee pain I was told that aleve would soothen my knee pain. I took 1 aleve after food. In about 1 hour I got a huge hive. Won't be taking it again. M 36 1 days
1X D

 1  headache I took one Aleve for a headache before going to bed. Two hours later I woke up to intense itching of my scalp. The itching was so intense I wanted to rip my hair out. I got up and was in shock when I looked in the mirror. My face and neck were covered in hives, my eyelids and my lower lip were swollen. Luckily, I had no problems breathing. I took a Zyrtec immediately and then waited for the drugstor to open. I took two Benadryl in the morning and two more before going to bed. This morning I still have some hives but in much better sshape than yesterday. Be VERY careful with this product. Too many people are reporting the same type of side effects. F 45 1 days
1X D

 1  headache Swollen lip M 16 1 days

 3  Toothache Fatigued and a bit anxious (I have an anxiety disorder though). Felt extremely drowsy for no reason so thought i'd google Aleve and see if it could possibly be because of that (hypochondriac). Man, reading everyone else's side effects is scaring the crap outta me :D. If my snatch starts to itch i'm gonna be mad! Toothache is gone though so I guess that sometimes you just have to barter :D. F 30 2 days
220 mgs 2X D
 1  For back pain and headache Within minutes of taking ALEVE, I felt cramps that spread to my lower back, feeling like contractions. Could barely stand or talk. My husband had taken the same medication earlier in the day and experienced lower abdomen and back pain as well. He went to order pizza and could barely articulate his order because his pain was so severe. He took some Pepto Bismol, which helped a little. I will NEVER ever again take this medication, because this is the second time it happens to me, the first time around I had not linked the terrible lower abdomen pain to ALEVE but I went to the pharmacy in the middle of the night to find something for stomach pain. F 41 2 days
1X D

 1  Pain I used to take Aleve all the time for cramps it was the only thing that cured it and I never had a problem...but when I take it now I break out in a rash and have difficulty breathing so I've stopped. Wondering if the ingredients got changed? F 45 1 days
1X D
 1  arthritis pain Took one Aleve after breakfast, was OK until after lunch when a blinding headache hit, became dizzy and frightened. Had tried taking one Aleve several months ago. Same experience but was not sure at the time that it was a result of the single Aleve pill I had taken. Now I know. Will never take Aleve again. F 72 1 days
1X D

 1  Back Pain I have severe sciatica in my lower back which causes constant pain. I've taken Advil for long periods with no side effects but hasn't seem to address the pain. I thought I'd try Aleve because you only have to dose twice a day. I experienced nausea and my blood pressure spiked horribly to 200/112. Normally I read 120/78. Horrible OTC drug that should be taken off the market. I've since stopped and blood pressure seems to be returning to normal and nausea is leaving. Lousy drug for pain. Side effects are horrible! M 64 3 days
220 2X D
 1  headache Took 2 at 3am. Three hours later woke up with itchy palms. Many body parts including hands, neck, eyes etc swollen and itchy. Went to store for benadryl. Several hours later hands like balloons along with neck and face. Ears especially inner still not good. After reading on the internet found I an not alone. M 49 1 days

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