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 5  migraines Takes my headache away within 15-20 minutes. GONE! I feel a little dizzy sometimes after injection, but I just rest for a few minutes and I know my migraine will be gone. Lifesaver for me. F 20 years
1X M

 5  migraines Some tightness in neck and shoulders, a bit 'floaty' but not really tired or sleepy. I can also get REALLY talkative once the pain is gone! I've only every had to take a second dose for the same headache once. Otherwise, my migraine pain is gone in 20-30 minutes. F 36 4 years
25 1X AN

 5  Chronic migraine Brief period of tiredness. Tingling sensation in neck,shoulders, arms, hands. Seems like in joints and most of upper body. Some jaw discomfort when eating. Occasionally a heart burn feeling. All lasting about 2 hours after administering. Then sudden energy and trouble sleeping that night. Next day kinda groggy. I think most sensations can be attributed to the surge of oxygen in the body that is cut off during my migraines. I take it about 3-5 times a week. Cuts the migraine off and i am able to function normally. F 25 4 years

 1  migraine Burning behind neck as though blood rushing out of neck. Upper -left back muscles and shoulder aches, sometimes mild stabbing feeling. Back neck mild pain, like burning that lasts about a couple days or more. Numbness down left arm and weakness. Mild Wheezing. Took Rx for 1 year before figuring out that these symptoms occur when I take the rx. They increased slowly in intensity over the course of the year. Don' take it. Fibromalagyia type symptoms. I don't have this but I thought I did before I began testing this product to see if the symptoms would arise, and they certainly did. I cut my pill in half to 25 mg to see if the symptoms subsided, but they didn't. They worked wonders on my occasional migraines but not worth the scarey symptoms. F 49 1 days
50 mg 1X M
 1  Migraine My whole body especially my arms, neck, head, shoulders and upper back just felt HEAVY. I could not stand or barely sit up strait. I had to slouch and lay down. It is 3:10pm here. I took it at 1:00pm... I'm only starting to feel a little better now- but I feel worse that I did when I first took this pill- would NOT revomend F 20 1 days

 5  migraines None Absolutely love it. I take the pill and within 30mnts never felt like I had migraine. F 1 days

 5  migraines -mild heartburn-like feeling during the first 1-2 hours after taking it. -moderate heaviness/tightness in my jaw/upper throat that lasted just about 12 hours after taking. -some drowsiness -some mild neck pain -a tightness/tingling (very mild) in my forearms. -lots of peeing Great. I've taken it twice and didn't experience any major side effects. Kicked in after 20-30 minutes, was fully ready to go at 60 minutes after. That said I did experience some side effects. But they weren't bad at all. Will definitely continue to take. But I'm free and clear of the headache. Definitely plan on taking again F 27 1 months
100 1X AN

 2  Migraine Tingling and numbness in arms, neck pain, back pain, tightness in chest, sore jaw, tight throat, irregular heart beat, An overall just weird feeling. Migraine went away but now dealing with med symptoms! F 30 1 days

 5  Migraine Headaches I was prescribed the Imitrex ampules. They were amazing at relieving my headache, usually within 15 minutes. Having said that, I had to quit using them because the medication in the powdered form and delivered directly into my nasal passages, ruined much of the soft tissue in my nose. I have not seen anyone here with the same problem. F 55 2 years
Ampule 1X D
 4  Menstrual Migraines Only two things so far: after about 10-20 minutes my shoulders and arms will get heavy, which lasts about 10-20 minutes as well -- then the migraine goes away. (yay!) Also, for about the whole day, warm water will feel like it burns my skin. Taking a shower is interesting. I try not to take the pill when I'm alone because who knows what that arm this is all about... I'm keeping an eye out for a better med because this one makes it really is difficult to do things other than sit there after I take it. However, last time I did go play paintball a couple hours after taking it, which I wouldn't have done with a migraine. It restores functionality good enough. F 29 4 months
50MG 2X M
 4  Chronic Migraine Extreme tiredness for up to one day after I take it. It works about 70% of the time, but is so hard to function with newborn when I am so tired. Zomig seems to be just as effective in treating migraines but has less side effects. F 31 7 years
100 MG 1X AN

 4  Migraine frequent urination, lethargy, a somewhat "hungover" effect the next day especially if the migraine is severe. This is the only medication I have found that works.. and it works fast! when I take it it makes me sleepy but I can function where without it I might as well go to bed. I am also on Effexor which doesn't always play nice with triptans but I have not had any ill effects (thank goodness) I would highly recommend this medication for anyone with migraines. If I was cool with needles id try the injection but hate needles so the pill works for me! F 38 15 years
100MG 1X AN

 5  Migraines Heavy arms, jaw tightness, sensitivity to heat, fatigue F 34 2 years

 5  Frequent migraines/coat-hanger mig. Heavy. Is all I can describe the side fx. Don't expect to do anything for 2-4 hours after taking this, it's a struggle just to sit up. However, I'd rather feel paralyzed for 2 hours than writhe in pain for 2 days like before. Worth it. F 27 3 months

 1  Migraines I've had two heart attacks from Imitrex, the first one was while I was driving to the vet, I had taken 25mgs of Imitrex ten mins. before I started driving and then experienced extreme pain in my chest and ended up in ER. My blood pressure went up to 200 over 90 and the ambulance driver said you are having a heart attack. By the time I got to hospital I was feeling a bit better but they kept me for 5 hours and then released me. i followed up with additional tests but the the doctor never gave me a definite diagnosis why this happened. Five years later I was seeing a neurologist and had taken a prescribed cocktail of 50 mgs. of Imitrex and a nausea medication and I had a massive heart attack and ended up in the ER and Cardiac unit for four days. This happened withing 10-15 mins. of taking the drug. I had extreme pain in my chest , trouble breathing and a strange feeling in my arms. I had every test and scan possible and my arteries are completely clean, in other words no plaque. Please don't take this drug, why it is still on the market is a mystery to me. It's about the money. I almost died and I'm a very healthy person.I hope I can save a life by posting this information! F 57 10 years
50 mgs 1X D
 5  migraines At first i felt like my heart would beat out of my chest. tingling in my head and really whole body after about an hour it goes away for the most part. imitrex HAS been a life saver for me M 57 10 years
100 mg
 3  Chronic migraines F 43 10 months
Not sure

100MG 1X D
 5  Severe migrane Almost no side effects. Slightly lightheaded sometimes for the first 60 to 90 minutes. Relieves attack every time. Previous to this medication I was incapacitated approximately once a week for 12 to 15 hours with violent vomiting and severe unilateral head pain. I take approximately 500mg each week. M 67 10 years

 3  Hormonal migraines Heart palpitations, chest heaviness+tightness+pain, anxiety/panic, elevated blood pressure, tremors in hands and feet, small involuntary movements all over body, tingly feeling all over body, chills, numbness, loss of sensation of heat and touch, weakness in legs, became hyper and overly alert, brief nausea, sense of euphoria, bad metallic taste in mouth I take the nasal spray. Made my migraine pain go away very quickly, but I experienced terrifying side effects. I almost considered calling 911, I thought I might have been going into cardiac arrest despite my young age. Most side effects lasted for ~2 hours after taking the spray. It is worth noting that heart attacks and abnormal levels of blood pressure run in my family. This medicine might be worth it for you if you suffer from especially debilitating migraines, but I am too scared to ever take it again. F 14 1 days
5 mg 1X D
 5  Menstrual/hormonal migraines 1st time taking it, I had no side effects & migraine was gone in 15 mins. Migraines had lasted exactly 48 hours for the past 8 years & NOTHING otc had worked (didn't know it was a migraine as it moved from side to side sometimes, light didn't bother me, it worsened with bending over, yet some relief came by laying down & holding my head in odd positions). I was in elated disbelief that it was gone, yet afraid to move, worried that it would come back with a vengeance. It didn't. Subsequent months it makes me feel...weird (can't even describe it) as it's working, but the migraine is always gone in 45 minutes. I can deal with that feeling rather than the incapacitating 2 day migraine. Good riddance! F 42 5 months
25 mg

 5  Severe Migraine SEVERE ALL OVER MUSCLE PAIN AND TIGHTNESS (so severe that I actually considered a trip to the ER, which I never do): Now, that being said; I suffer from severe migraines usually at least 5 times a week most weeks. About 40 minutes after taking the pill the side effects hit, I swore it was the worst drug ever, said I would never take it again, threatened to destroy the rest of the pills (if I could ever walk again), cried, panicked, finally realized that I wasn't dying and calmed down. But then...within 10-15 minutes, side effects-gone, headache-GONE!! First relief I have had in many weeks. So, I have to say, the relief was well worth 15 minutes of hell and I will gladly take it again, but next time I will at least know what to expect. :) F 34 1 weeks

 1  cluster headache Dizziness, chest and neck tightness, loss of power in legs and no feeling in right leg, stabbing pains in stomach, neck and back, unable to swallow or breath properly and foaming at the mouth but the worst side effect of all is that this tablet caused dystonia (rare movement disorder) I would never advise people to take this tablet. i took this tablet when i was 13 I am now 16 with my dystonia becoming worse everyday F 16 1 days
100mg 1X D
 2  Migraines and cluster headaches I thought I was going to die, even being warned by my doctor did not prepare me. The pressure in my chest was like a boulder and my throat closed off, I was left gasping like a fish out of water. The beginnings of a migraine intensified by 100 percent. There was a painful stiffness in my shoulders and nausea dizzyness with my body having slight tremors. It took 30 minutes for the effects to start and over two hours to lessen enough to sit up and contemplate taking the second dose. It was horrible worse than any migraine medicine I have ever had... I will take the migraines any day over this medicine! Why would anyone purposely expose themselves to this (more than once) There has to be something better out there!!! F 42 1 days
50mg 2X D
 4  Severe migraines (average 2x wkly.) It makes me feel a little nauseated, fatigued mild chest tightness and hot flashes come and go I do cut them in half and take only 50 mg. when the headache is just coming on but if I wake up with a full blown blinding migraine, I take 100 mg. It almost always helps. If not, it can be taken with Aleve and that should help as a last resort. Talk to your doctor before taking both meds together to confirm that it is ok for you to do this. F 44 7 years
100 1X D
 5  migraine If I take the full 100 mgs I get a tight feeling in my chest and my throat constricts a little making it hard to swallow food. But normally I can get by with cutting the pill in half and only taking 50 mgs which doesn't cause these side effects. Also, the drug acts as a vasoconstrictor, so it makes it hard to get an erection for about a day afterward. Takes about an hour to kick in, but it's the only thing that works for my headaches. M 41 5 years
100 mg 1X D

 4  Migraine Lightheaded, fatigue, weak, chest/ throat tightness, clammy, cold. I've suffered from terrible migraines for years and thought nothing would ever help. Imitrex is the ONLY thing that will make a migraine go away for me, the downsides...I would say are the side effects, I don't feel comfortable driving or going to work and sometimes for days after I remain dizzy/lightheaded and unable to focus. I also regularly take Topomax which I highly recommend if you suffer from migraines because it has really reduced my migraine count from a couple times a week to about 2 times or less a month. My last suggestion maybe take half a pill at a time if you are prescribed 100MG Imitrex, and take the other half if needed to help reduce some of those side effects. Feel free to contact me! F 24 6 months
100mg 1X D
 4  migraine At first I took 100 mg and I got super rapid heartbeat, flushed, felt like I was really high, weird tingly sensation in limbs, but headache went away! I have since started cutting them in half, which lessened these side effects almost all the way, but still takes care of the migraine. I didn't like the effects of the full dosage as I felt as incapacitated as I did with the migraine (although in a different and pain-free way). I could not function at work or feel safe driving. Since I started splitting the pill in half, these side effects have almost all but gone away, but still gets rid of the headache. I do sometimes get a recurring migraine 8-12 hrs later, but I treat it with another half, which seems to work well. it also acts as a diuretic, I pee like a racehorse when on it! F 38 6 months
50 mg 1X AN
 3  migraine Some generic imitrex causes me to be very sick, nausea, dizziness, weakness. Others are fine. Always have throat tightening, but not too bad. Makes headache a little worse till it goes away about 3 hours later. People who experience a severe worsening of headache do not have a dilated headache to start with and should not be taking sumatriptan. They may have a vascular spasm migraine. It feels the same, but is made better by getting the arteries to relax instead of tighten up as imitrex causes. I get both kinds of migraine, have to determine which kind of headache I have, then if a spasm one, I take the herb and seasoning, Rosemary. It will dilate your arteries, is anti-inflammatory. Will stop an aura cold and no migraine after sometimes. F 45 20 years
50 mg. 1X AN
 5  Migraines No side effects experienced M 30 2 weeks

 1  Possible Migraines Took a 50mg pill and about 30 min later felt dizzy then a sudden severe headache, 10 times worse than the pain I had before taking the med. Hot and flushed, my neck was stiff and in pain. Vomiting and nausea. Quite scary side effects. F 30 1 days
50 mg

 2  Chronic migraine Cold, tingly feeling in head and down neck. Weakness. Shortness of breath. Jumpy. Down right awful. F 30 1 weeks

 5  Migraine Tightness in jaw/face/throat. However it's the best drug I've ever taken for migraines!! Migraine is gone within minutes; so quickly it is gone that I forget why I have a little tightness. I can take an imitrex anytime anywhere and the side effects are nothing!! F 33 7 years

 5  migraine Flushed feeling from head to toe. Especially in head and chest. If you have ever taken niacin, it is similar to the flushing felt by it. I'm feeling the flushing right now. Can't drink coffee because the heat burns my throat. A little nausea. I took probably closer to 75mg because the pills are hard to break in half. Prescribed 100 mg tabs. If I take over 50 mg, the side effects are more intense. Lower the dose and it should relieve the migraine while lessening the tingling, tightness, flushing etc. It usually passes within 30 minutes(side effects). The headache is gone within 10 minutes. Very efffective medicine. I should probably invest in a pill slicer to make the dosage more accurate. Very effective. DO NOT TAKE OVER 50 MGS IF YOU ARE BOTHERED BY SIDE EFFECTS F 33 3 years
50 mg 1X AN
 4  migraine nausea and vomitting. Have noticed this only since taking the generic drug. wondering if i may have something tto do with delivery differences. there is a imitrex hangover: "fuzzy" head and heartburn, but it sure beats the migraine or the migraine hangover. F 51
20 mg nasa 1X D

 1  chronic migraine 15 years of migraine relief....then without warning (and no heart disease) I had not one but two heart attacks! I was only 39 years old and almost left a nine, five, and three year old without a mother! It works....but the roulette wheel just may call your number too! F 39 15 years
injection 1X D

 4  migraine I woke up about 5AM with the migraine, so it was well established. I took one 50 mg Imitrex and had a slight lessening of the pain. So about 1 hour later, I took 2 Aleve. About 30 minutes after that, the pain began to lessen dramatically. Within minutes, I was sound asleep and slept until 3 PM. When I woke up, the pain was still gone, but side effects had arrived. I have a thick tongue and when I talk, I sound like I have had a stroke. Everything else works properly, so I am guessing it's just a side effect. I am dizzy and having hot flashes. I feel short-of-breath. My mood is unstable and I am depressed and anxious. (I also take meds for depression and thyroid.) I think that I will try this drug at least one more time, but I will cut the tablet and see if a half dose works. I can always take the other half later. I would not have been able to work or drive this afternoon. 50 mg of Imitrex and two Aleve stopped the migraine cold. Now I just need to figure out the proper dose. F 56 1 days
50mg 1X AN
 5  migraines drowziness F 50 20 years
50 MG 1X AN

 1  Migraine (also have MS) Terrible tightening of muscles in my neck, jaw and back. Hot flashes and overall nervous feeling. Did not help migraine and the experience made thr migraine much worse. F 26 2 months
100 mg

 5  chronic migraines this is unfortuntely the only thing that works on me if I get a severe migraine.. I hate the side effects but I tolerate them because the headache is worse than the side effects to me! I usually get a rapid heartbeat and a heaviness in my chest and am slightly nauseous. It does take away the headache very quickly but I have noticed since I have been taking this drug for years that it causes a "rebound" effect frequently and the headache comes back 8 hours later -sigh F 62 8 years
50 mg 1X D
 1  Migraine Headache got much worse. Tightened throat, severe nausea, dizzy, muscle aches. F 1 days

 5  chronic migraines tingly, burning sensation in my brain, and sometimes in my finger tips, rarely skin irritation at injection site After having had two concussions to the right side of my head as well as a permanently damaged nerve and tendon in the right side of my neck, finding something that makes the migraine go away is awesome. Yes I have one of the rarer side effects of taking it but it is worth it to burn for 30 minutes versus suffering for a whole day. Without this shot I would be down for the entire day. I have been on the pill form as well as Treximet, and this is the fastest and most effective one by far. I went from having migraines every day to 2-4 times a week to 1-2 a week and now I am at 1-3 a month. F 31 4 years
6mg shot 1X AN
 5  Migraine After you take the pill, tired. Next day a little constipation and heartburn. Heartburn treatable. Constipation goes away. Once you know the migraine is coming on, you take the pill immediately. It works within a half hour. You can function again. Better that laying in bed suffering. Your body is weak from the migraine but you are pain free. Used to take injections - shots. Found 100mg pill is equivalent to 6ml injection. F 52 15 years
100 mg 5X M

 5  Migraine This has been a miracle drug, the migraine is gone within 1-2 hours. Very mild side effects such as occasional upset stomach for 1-2 hours and mild drowsiness. F 33 1 years

 2  Migraine I just too m fist imitrex at the onset of a migraine. Within 15 minutes I was flat n back. Tightness In chest, neck and back. I mst ave clinched m hands also. I jus came to 4 hours after and my mind is blown. No headache, but that was like a bad trip. Insane, not sure I want that again. F 39 1 days
100 mg 1X D
 1  Migraines With the pills themselves, I had to leave school because I was flushed, dizzy, and I couldn't focus. My migraine was gone, but the symptoms from the medication were worse than the migraine itself. The nasal injection left a disgusting taste in the back of my throat that wouldn't go away no matter what I ate or drank. After brushing my teeth and mouth 6 time, I was more focused on the dizziness and nausea rather than the taste. I had to stay home from school and work the following day because I would get dizzy after standing up for 5 minutes. I'd have to lay down for 10 minutes and then I could be on my feet for 5 more minutes. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I've tried 2 of the 3 ways to take it, and I wasn't satisfied with either. I'm honestly afraid to try the injection. F 16 5 times
20 MG 1X AN

 4  Lupus migraine Head rush, tightness in throat, dizziness. Pretty scary at first but my doctor had warned me about them. I just laid down and waited for them to pass. I definitely couldn't take these at work like the other migraine meds I have been prescribed. It worked though! Split the initial doses in half so that the side effects are not so bad. That way you can gradually work up to the desired dosage. This is what my neurologist said when I called him about the side effects. F 40 1 days
100 mg 1X D

 5  Yes Rapid heartbeat. Flushing. But adjusted and went away F 45 6 days
6 mg injec

 1  Migraines After about a 30 minutes to an hour of taking this I became sick. My head feels worse and I get this horrible pain throughout my neck and shoulders. My shoulders feel heavy and tight. My whole body gets this cold/hot clammy feeling. I would rather deal with the chronic migraines I get a few times a month than take this pill anymore. If you're having any of the same problems, stop taking the pill and talk to a doctor. I don't know if these are normal side effects, but they hurt and suck. F 27 2 weeks
100MG 1X AN
 1  Migraines After about a 30 minutes to an hour of taking this I became sick. My head feels worse and I get this horrible pain throughout my neck and shoulders. My shoulders feel heavy and tight. My whole body gets this cold/hot clammy feeling. I would rather deal with the chronic migraines I get a few times a month than take this pill anymore. If you're having any of the same problems, stop taking the pill and talk to a doctor. I don't know if these are normal side effects, but they hurt and suck. F 27 2 weeks
100MG 1X AN
 3  Migraine headaches Minor increase in blood pressure Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If you don't take the medication early on when migraines are starting it may do more harm than good. It usually works for migraines though. F 25 1 years
100 MG 1X AN

 5  Severe Headaches No negative side effects, so sorry for the people experiencing them!! Gets rid of the severe headaches quickly with no adverse effects, but my MD told me today there can be severe ones, thus my visit to this site. F 48 365 days
1/2 100 mg 1X AN

 1  Migraine Increased pain!!! Neck pain Nausea Dizziness I thought my migraine couldn't get any worse, but it did. There was severe pain in my neck and head after ten minutes of swallowing the pill Horrible medication. Will never take this again. F 15 1 days
100 MG
 1   And I thought the migraine was bad, really thought I was having g a heart attach about 20 minutes after taking it.4 hours later I'm so tired but can't sleep, and headache has moved from right side to left. Last pill for me, its not worth the scary feeling. F 53 1 days

 4  Migraines & tension headaches I don't recall any symptoms or side effects. Got my first imitrex pill in the ER several months ago for Migraine. They usually do Reglan/Toridol/Benadryl combo on me, but they tried Imitrex. I left the hospital in a bout a hour with a milder headache, didn't take it away for another hour. F 32 2 days
50-100 MG 1X AN
 5  debilitating migraines none, just blessed relief Several years ago, my neuro told me to take a dose of imitrex at the first sign of a headache. Since then, I have had my life back. Now the sky has fallen on me. In late May I saw him, gave him the usual update, no problem. Six weeks later, I called to renew imitrex prescription and he refused, made me see his previously unseen PA, and was told I had to go off imitrex because it might be causing rebound headaches. I explained my chronic daily migraines pre-dated regular imitrex use by at least 10 years, but no one listened. They put me on muscle relaxants, anti-axiety meds, and pred. Still have the same migraine 7 days later and can't function on these other drugs. Can't understand this. Has it happened to anyone else?? Please share if it has. Seems possibly coincidental with GSK lawsuit in early July. So unlike my neuro's way of handling things. Am dying without imitrex. F 61 16 years
50 mg 1X D

 5  Migraines Tightening in Chest, Heart Burn, Joint and Muscle Pain, fatigue. Started out approximately 20 years ago with the Injections and then after 11 or 12 years started with the 100mg pill form. Imitrex has definately done the job it was created to do. Takes about 40 mins and all headache pain is gone. I can deal with the other symptoms that are normally gone the next day. However, I have noticed as I get older, the symptoms have intensified somewhat. But still my nomination for best Migraine Meds F 20 years
100mg 1X D
 5  Migraines Fuzzy, warm feeling kind of like being high in the beginning of taking it...now just get really tired but imitrex Always works! F 28 4 years
100 mg

 5  Migraines F 23 1 days

 5  migraines None F 60 10 years

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