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 5  pain from lung cancer Slight constipation but, preferred over the other, lol... Had to get treatment for severe pain from my physician because my pain management Dr didn't seem to comprehend my level of pain? I would be in tears n he still wouldn't treat sufficiently. He thought I just wanted pills. Sad they think that way these days. The addicts make it nearly impossible for those of us with the"Real" pain. Although a lot of patients I've talked to with say this Dr is just a, well enough of him. Going through my tomotherapy right and pain is being controlled on a livable level. God bless and tx everyone! M 54 2 months
 4  Had both feet, major surgery, pins. Major surgery, have taken before, now if take causes red, itch, but goes away, have used everthing, thought was just m, tablets causes redness, the IV didnt cause any redness, had to be given IV benedryl?? Have chronic back issues, I do see a pain mgmt Dr., F 64 1 months
 4  gallbladder Hospitalized for gallstone blocking liver duct, which resulted in jaundice and infection of the gallbladder, and start of pancreatitis. Once admitted from er, doctor only gave me half the recommended dose of 2 mg. Relieved my pain, but would give me huge head rush when administered. Also had sever itching, but was most likely caused by the jaundice since I was already itching.. Next day, the new doctor put me on the full 2 mg dose to ensure pain management. Within 10 seconds of the full dose being administered, I was doubled over in horrible pain from back spasms. This would only last for about a minute, but happened with each dose, so I was given a dose of valium beforehand. Never heard of pain meds CAUSING pain. BUT.... once the spasms stopped, my pain was relieved. Some nausea, but was on Iv anti nausea meds. I give it a higher rating because it did make the pain go away until they were able to get my surgery done. Everyone reacts differently with meds, I guess I just have a weird reaction. For my own reaction, I would not take it again. F 29 5 days
 4  Pancreatectomy Very Addictive! I took as rx'd or less than rx'd and had horrible withdrawal!!!! Insomnia, vomiting,diarrhea, bloody noses, body aches, huge body temperature fluctuations,heart palpitations, anxiety,extreme restlessness etc... F 30 2 months
 4  Knee replacement sorry Am taking 2 mg every 3 hrs have experienced nausea and loss of appetite F 72 1 months
2 mg. 3 ev

 5  Multiple Sclerosis pain Constipation, dry mouth It wakes me up and I feel normal for a few hours. F 52 4 years
10 2X D
 1  Severe neck pain, cervical stenosis Was injected for severe neck pain, stiffness, and headache due to cervical stenosis. Within few minutes became very sick. Dizzy, vomiting, shaking, high anxiety, and urinated on myself ( I didn't even realize this until I went in the bathroom to vomit again after trying to leave hospital). Some areas of severe pain on my neck went away but other areas on my neck were still there full force just as before. The symptoms all lasted until the medicine finally wore off. I could actually feel when it was wearing off. I will never allow this in my body again, I have never in my life felt as much pain as I did when I went in the hospital that day, and when I left I still had the pain and all of the symptoms above to go along with it. Vomiting when you have neck pain is a form of torcher. F 37 1 days
 2  Right Flank, Groin, Lower Back Pain When having severe pain in my right flank, right groin and lower back pain, I have gone to E.R. Typically, I am given Zofran and Dilaudid by IV. After the IV combination, I end up feeling dopey and have extreme shaking. After getting home, I develop a headache and have to sleep 24 hours! I have found that I cannot take either Morphine or Dilaudid without experiencing adverse effects. I just can't easily use either. It only gives me a partial relief from the pain that I have. I, for whatever, reason just can't comfortably use opiates, no matter in what form. I can only speak for my experiences. I know that others do experience relief. I can neither recommend or not recommend. I just know that it makes me very ill. The shaking is unbelievable. Having to sleep for hours after administration is concerning. F 62 1 days
2 MGS (IV) 1X H
 5  Post-op pain Sleepiness, grogginess. While no drug is perfect, I am someone for whom Dilaudid worked wonders. I had it post-op twice--once for abdominal surgery and once for spinal surgery. I had a PCA pump for the spinal surgery and was only on Dilaudid about 12 hours or so. I wish I'd been able to do that with the hysterectomy--I had to call and request it, which meant I was already in a lot of pain by the time someone got there. They only allowed 3 doses over a 24 hour period, which wasn't sufficient. For post-op pain, this is the best thing I've had. However, I know it doesn't work well for everyone--sorry about that and hope you can find something that does. F 46 2 days
3X D

 1  severe migraine immediate and severe vomiting, extreme dizziness, widespread itchiness for several hours. Extreme drowsiness. At a clinic to get relief from a 3rd day migraine I was given dilaudid in a shot in place of regular morphine which is what I had recieved in the past. Morphine had no side effects except for drowsiness and itching. Dilaudid caused immediate vomiting and dizziness. Had to be brought to the car in a wheel chair with a plastic container. Could not move for at least 2 hrs without dizziness and vomiting. Did eliminate the pain of the migraine, but not sure if it was actually worth it. Do not know why the change from regular morphine. F 43 1 days
1X O
 1  Pre surgical sedation? Increase on BP, headache, palpitations Had previous similar reaction to morphine Previous level 1 Traumatic Brain Injury They did not do surgery at surgical center, blamed me for non controlled BP? F 65 1 days
 1  stomache,abdomen pain Extreme headache immediately following IV injection, which both Doctor and nurse denied F 57 1 days
iv injecti
 1  For spinal headache Felt extreme heavy pressure in my arms and legs and a numbness in my face which was then followed shortly after by respiratory arrest. Simply awful. F 27 1 days

 1  Severe lower back pain I had to stop taking Dilaudid (6mgs 3 x's a day), as the use of it caused me to shake, feel nauseous, have a headache, and to feel very drowsy. The use of it made me have INCREASED pain. Same as above. F 61 0 days
2 3X D

 5  Chronic back pain This medicine has no side effects aside from constipation and a general improvement in mood for me. Dilaudid works. It kills the pain. It's also got some other excellent effects, and should be used far more often. First of all, it kills my smoker's cough. Second of all, I have been able to not start antidepressants and I have quit Xanax because of this excellent medication. It removes anxiety and depression better than Xanax ever could. Third of all, my productivity has increased... somehow, this medication is a performance enhancer in the context of study and writing. What's a little constipation for the benefits of this amazing and unique "wonder drug"? M 21 1 years
4 4X D

 1  Severe neck and shoulder pains Went in for severe pain, told the doc and nurses I have a sensitivity to pain meds, and that I have asthma and heart palps. Nurse brushed it off and said I would be fine. Asked what the side effects were and was told nausea given anti nausea meds then given dilaudid in a shot. Had feeling like I had to pee but couldn't go, stomach cramped up really bad, body shook all over, couldnt open my eyes, hands froze up in a peculiar way, had to reverse it twice and two and a half months later and thousands of dollars later......same symptoms.....this drug should be illegal!!!! F 34 1 days

 5  Worst migraine of my life Went to the ER with a migraine that had gone on for way too long. I was on week two. I was given Dilaudid injection with phenergan within 30 minutes or less I felt much better. I did not feel any pain anymore. When I first got to the ER my legs and arms were numb the pain in my head was so bad. They took my BP and it was 160/110-and I take a beta blocker daily! This medicine wiped away all the pain and fast. I felt great the rest of the night aside from a little insomnia and urinary retention. F 25 1 days

 5  acute pancreatitis suffering with acute pancreatitis pain relief was almost instant. I recieve it IV 2mg every 4 hours. But the pill form did not offer any pain relief, so they sent me home on percocet. IV dilaudid great ! Pill form of dilaudid sucks ! M 40 4 days
2 mg IV
 5  cervical & lumbar radiculopathy some constipation (controlled); fatigue Works effectively with minimal side effects. Does not make me feel high at all. M 62 2 months
4mg 2X D

 5  chronic pain I have been on this for over two years now for chronic pain. It gave me my life back and replaced many other drugs such as neurontin, oxycodone, prednisone etc. I have no side effects at all. I don't feel "high" and have remained at the same dose daily. On occasion I research this stuff with concerns about long term use. Every day at around 2, usually after working, my entire body cramps up and I can barely walk. I take one 4mg of dilauded and within minutes I'm back up and running. F 37 2 years
4-8 mg/day

 5  Chronic lower back pain I take the Dilaudid through a implanted pain pump and have never had any side effects until today. I had my pump refilled around 12:30pm on 1/25. I woke at at Midnight with terrible itching. 1st time it's ever happened. Going to try and reach someone at the pain clinic on Saturday but no idea who I will reach. Dilaudid saved my life. Before I had the pain pump implanted I had an electric stim that wasn't helping much at all. I was pretty much disabled and rarely left home. Once the pain pump was implanted and I starting the Dilaudid my life totally changed. Was able to go back to work and do things with my family again. Still can't lift or do any physical things but my quality of life improved so much. That's why this inching concerns me now. Sure hope it doesn't mean I will have to get off it. M 53 4 years
8.4 mg 1X D
 5  Chronic pain, periferal neuropathy Dry mouth I've been able to function better than I had on just Morphine ER with the dilaudid or just the morphine. There is not a part of my body that isn't in massive nerve pain after two spinal fusions. On this drug there are days that I'm at the best I've been in years. My family sees a huge difference. Not groggy, more active, not struggling to get around as much. I also take gabapentin and baclofen and they all play together quite well. Will eventually go back on the morphine per doctors wishes but for now I'm doing the best I have in years. M 53 6 months
4 mg 6X D

 5  Chronic pain increased/Acute pain Constipation (of course), A (slight) sensation of a narrowing of the throat. Didn't affect breathing, and only lasted a short while after each dose. After being a chronic pain patient/suffering with disc pain (7 herniated discs) and Fibro. I experienced an unexplainable spike in pain - Lumbar region (have 3 bad discs there) and both hips. Pain level spiked up to 10, and stayed there for about a week straight. I have been suffering with all kinds of new pains, in addition the to usual stuff. I was concerned. * Awful Sciatic pain down entire right hip and leg - Didn't respond well to TENs this time (I tried). -(Constant pain) * Sciatic pain has developed down the entire left leg also. -(Constant pain) * Feels like a short, fat-bladed knife has been stuck into my lumbar region - Intense pain -(almost constant) * Having trouble doing anything; including walking, or putting on pants. Been taking all meds as usual. With the addition of Zanaflex, due to the practically unbearable pain. I only take the Zanaflex during emergencies (like this), but it was just barely taking the edge off this time. * Unable to sleep, despite 2Mg Zanaflex and 1.0Mg Klonopin (Can't take 4Mg Zanaflex: Gives me "funny little chest pains") * Pain in my calves was so bad, it just made me tremble sometimes. Pain Mgt. Dr. Rx'd Dilaudid (for 1 week) - It actually helped with the pain, and even gave me a glimmer of my life back. I'm not thrilled with the idea of taking/being on such a strong narcotic pain reliever - But, it's amazing. I was able to take a shower, walk, eat at a table (like a normal person) I am very grateful. M 43 1 weeks
4mg 4X D
 3  Post-hysterectomy Itchiness,severe constipation, sweating,foggy- headed,blurry vision These meds helped take the edge off of the pain, brought it down from an 8 to a 4 or 5, but no miracle.i definitely would not drive or attempt anything that takes concentration while on the medication. I needed to wean off of these because the constipation was unbearable for me, even after taking laxatives, still softeners, etc., F 40 10 days
2-4 mg 3X D
 3  Ruptured Cyst, given via IV in ER Immediate allergic response upon injection. Severe, full body itching. Difficulty swallowing. Rash on upper body. Full body sluggishness/heaviness. Relieved the pain, however caused an allergic response. Have had dilaudid several times previously with no adverse effects. Given IV Benadryl to reverse allergic reaction. Still itching hours later. F 29 1 days
2mg 1X AN

 5  At a Florida ER Pain was relieved and finally was able to sleep after having major cluste ahead ache and seizure! It's a very effective drug. F 39 1 times
3 mg

 3  Back pain Nausea if taken on an empty stomach. Pain gone, but cannot sleep at all while taking this. Relaxed, but NO SLEEP. F 58 1 days
 1  lower flank pain I died in the ER. I had a severe allergic reaction. Found by blood draw technician. Non-responsive, bagged, non-responsive for 2 minutes.............coded F 54
2mg 1X D

 2  Migrane and sinus infection lighthead, burning sensation through out my head, drowsy, F 25 1 days
 5  Severe Pancreatitis& KidneyStones Only side effect was being tired. Works wonderful the tabs you can take at home are not as well, but still do the job. Perfect for fast acting. F 26 4 days
 4  Packing of nose None in hospital where they gave as IV with anti nausea drug - taking 4mg tablets at home severe nausea M 55 1 days

 5  degen disc disease nil, stopped all pain M 50 4 months

 1  dull abdomen upper pain itching F 30 1 days
4 mg

 4  kidney stone It knocked me on my butt. I was discharged from the hospital and slept all day. This truly did the job that morphine couldnt do, I felt no more pain after getting this. F 26 1 days

 3  Post ortho surgery I was constantly itchy, often nauseated, and experienced very frightening hallucinations twice during the time I was taking Dilaudid. Immediately following surgery I was given Dilaudid and Valium. That took care of the pain. I was told to take 2mg Dilaudid every 1 to 2 hours for the next two weeks along with Tramadol every 6 hours. Also, I could take 2 Dilaudids at once if needed. I did that twice when experiencing severe pain and this resulted in hallucinations. F 51 2 weeks
2 mg 6X D

 3  lower back and leg pain bad discs Some constipation slight nausea sometimes M 62 10 months
8-12 mg x

 2  lower backpain after surgery Took a little of the edge off with the pain. I understand some people it works great for others no such luck. I seem to fall into that category. F 43 4 days

 5  Back Pain Destroyed Stomach, Vomitting, Anxiety Attacks, but Great Pain Relief This medication is very addictive and I would not recommend it unless you use it for legitimate pain reasons. It works very well for my lower back pain but I have developped harsh stomach conditions that I do not have the explanation for. I have lost so much weight in the past 6 years because of stress due to an abusive relationship I was in. I don't think I would have survived the abuse if I was not on this drug. Now I am much better with that but I'm scared to stop. Anyone with similar stomach problems and using this or hydromorph contin, please email. F 27 5 years
12mg 1X D
 3  Lung blood clots As needed to supplememnt toradol Morphine has very little effect on me, so they tried this. It did take the edge off, but the only thing that really worked was the toradol M 43 3 days
2 1X H

 1  Gallbladder attack Immediate unpleasant heavy feeling in arms and legs pressure in head extreme vision disturbance like a rapid dropping rolling field of vision light headed and shallow breaths severe dry mouth anxiety and new pain in pit of tummy after 10 min F 40 1 days
One IV dos
 4  ER visit - back, ER visit - knee First time I was administered this was after I threw my back out in 1998. I was breastfeeding my 4 month old daughter at the time and rolled over while in a side laying position to adjust. The pain I had was unbearable sitting, standing, laying down. I was admitted and given this through IV and the relief was instant. It would make me fall asleep mid sentence though LOL. Since I was a mother of 5, and they had kept me over a week, I asked for a pill form so I could go home even though the pain had not subsided with physical therapy. They gave me Vicodin but that made the room spin, it was a completely different side effect to the sluggishness I felt with dilaudid IV. The second time I had dilaudid was for my knee yesterday. I have arthritis and my miniscous is gone so I was in extreme pain from my knee joints being bone on bone. I was overdosing on ibuprofen to no avail so having had the dilaudid work well 12 years ago I was relieved they were going to administer this for relief. It was a different experience though. I felt immediate mild pain as it rushed through every vein in my body, not excruciating, but irritating. I also felt like I was going to vomit, but attributed that to not having eaten for 9 hours also. Crackers helped with the nausea. Also the same sluggish or drugged up feeling as before, but oddly the pain relief was not the same. The prior back pain went from a 9 to complete relief, but the knee pain went from 7 to maybe a 4. Still feel "hung over" t F 42 1 days

 2   F 1 days

 5  Sickle Cell Crisis Itching F 22 10 years
 1  Pain In ER for ruptured ovarian cyst. Given IV Dilaudid for pain. Immediately was unable to breathe, total body cramp, felt like a clamp was on the back of my neck, head going to explode. Told it was normal and to just calm down. Within two hours started a seizure on my right side, high BP, 170 heart rate. Been experiencing increasingly worse seizures ever since. Numerous hospitalizations. Now diagnosed with abnormal electric activity on the left side of my brain. Will be taking anti-seizure meds for the rest of my life. Never stepped foot into an ER or had any medical issues before this event. F 21 1 days
1X D
 5  lyme disease/ severe chronic pain instant pain relief, nausea, Euphoric high This drug is amazing. I have had gallstones/kidney stones/ and now lyme disease. And Nothing else helps the pain like this drug does. I get severally nauseas so they always give me phenergan first. And then 2-4 mg of dilaudid. Depending on the Dr. A lot of drs and nurses say ppl fake in the er to get this drug( been there). But most actually need it and won't abuse it. It's the only one that works for me, and I have tried them all. F 24 1 days
2 mg

 1  Pain from gallstones RESPIRATORY ARREST F 17 1 times
1 MG 1X D

 5  in ER with kidney stones It stopped the pain immediately, but I couldn't even open my eyes or raise a finger. It was great for the pain, but would hate to take it on a regular basis. I couldn't even walk. I felt a little out of it for a day or two, but not sure if it was the drug or just the trauma of the kidney stones. F 61
1X D

 5  pancreatitis...and auto-accident. none...morphine was far less effective, and made me itch.....no comlaints w/dilaudid!! super effective....eased the pain with no adverse affects.... . F 30 7 months
2 mg iv 1X H
 5  Migraines Pain relief. I've had debilitating migraines since I was 15. I've tried it all. Dilaudid is the only medicine that will 100% of the time get rid of the migraine. Pill form works but IV meds stop the migraine in less than 10 minutes. Now, however, it is near impossible to find a dr. who will prescribe it. This is very unfortunate for the people who need it and do not abuse it. F 31 1 years
4 mg

 4  Migraines Rush through my entire F 36 1 days

 5  Chronic back pain due to a MVA When I first started to take it I was on 2mg but I have developed a tolerance cause I have been taking it for so long. I usually take 6 mg now. Sometimes I feel like I'm ''stoned'' I get severely itchy so I take 50mg of benadryl to ease the itching. My rate and depth of breathing also decreases. I have tried so many other pain Meds and this is the only one that works for me. F 25 2 years

 4  No other opiated Great.euphoric sensation.....almost as good as demerol..injected it wads awesome M 29 4 months

 5  ovarian tumor removal Extreme energy ... took the pain away I felt amazing F 24 40 days
4mg 4X D
 1  for abdominal pain extreme respiratory depression, nearly had a heart attack, and almost died from my heart, lungs, shutting down. Couldn't walk, no strength for a long time(6 weeks) I would never take it again, The morphine didn''t work, but dilaudid almost ended my life. I was so glad my sister was next to me and saw the effects. No doctor or nurse was checking or monitoring. Everyone should have someone near by and know the signs of shutting down( dying). I really know how quickly I was dying. F 60 1 times
2mg 1X D
 1  Emergency Room Visit I am an endocrine patient and my pills were not working so my body started shutting down. I went to the ER and they rushed me right in and gave me 1 dose of Dilaudid which caused instant vomiting and within 3 minutes i was in full heart failure. Because of this drug i now live my life with a pacemaker/defibrillator due to them giving me this drug i had 10 heart failures with at least ( I have trouble remembering things) 3 of them resulting in paddles to bring me back to life. F 40 0 days
Don't know 1X O

 1  ER Visit for Back Injury Felt slight tingling sensation when the it was administered via IV, then room was spinning for about an hour but the pain went away. After an hour started experiencing nausea and tremors, then difficulty breathing, vomiting, and anxiety. Was administered a second dose against my wishes and suffered severe chest constriction and depressed heart rate. For the next few days after my release felt the after effects with dry mouth, bloody nose, severe migraines, dizziness, and blurry image. I am generally healthy, fit, with no prior allergies or any reactions to other pain medications. F 20 1 days
1X D
 5  chronic Rheumatoid arthritis I went to the e.r. One evening with chronic pain and Rheumatoid flare up this last winter and Idk why but I always remember what I'm givin' because I am allergic to some medications. This medication had a good effect and a bad effect. It was very nice that it didn't give me a head-rush or made me (excuse me) retarded/ lethargic. . . But it did give me the worse dehydrated feeling the next day... I was dehydrated the night-of but was hooked up to a i.v. Of saline. So I am not sure why but that was the only effect my body had. F 26 1 days
1X D
 1  Allergies to morphine rushed to er Got light headed and couldn't get a breath till I stopped breathing F 16 1 days
1X D

 1  gall stone pain injected by ER doc - instant violent nausea which continued for 3 days even with anti nausea injections M 74 1 days
1X D

 1  gallbladder surgery DID NOT WORK! the nurses didnt believe me until a pain specialist confirmed that it's rare, but can happen. I was in complete raw post-surgical pain for 6 hours before they gave me something else. I went into shock because of my pain and that's when they finally realized I wasn't just a druggie wanting another drug. IT DID NOTHING! not even a slight feeling for drowsiness or pain relief. the worst experience of my life. I have the same reaction to morphine too. They might as well just put water in my IV because this drug was useless to me. i had 6 hours of screaming and crying like a baby before they gave me demerol. F 25 1 days
the max 1X D
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