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 4  Colonoscopy None My doctor ordered it with Lime-Lemon flavor. The key was to get the taste out of my mouth after each sip by taking a small sip of White Grape Juice. And I also held my breath and drank it, as someone suggested on this website. I started drinking this at 04:30pm and finished it by 11:55pm. Initially I drank a glass of it every 10 to 15 minutes, but I had to take longer breaks as I was feeling full. M 38 1 days
1X D

 4  Colonoscopy Bloating and chills until I started eliminating. Taste is not horrible to me - I don't have a strong gag reflex either. (actually the last three or four portions were horrible) Drinking a little warm or hot water after each glass helped me to relax and took some of the chill of me. It didn't begin working it's magic until I had drunk well over half the jug. This is my 3rd colonoscopy, the first time I waited until my bottom was sore to apply any ointment - big mistake. 2nd time I applied Desitin before starting and kept applying it until I was done. Desitin is very messy and got through my shorts onto my trousers. This time I used A&D ointment, baby wipes with aloe and put on some Depends. M 72 1 days
4L 1X D

 4  colonoscopy Overall the medicine has been working so far. However, I think that for someone my size 4 liters is a bit extreme I am 6-8 glasses in and already have liquid stool with no particles. The hardest part is getting "used" to the taste. One thing that I've found that helps me is chewing mint gum before and after drinking it. Drinking through a straw helps. And I've learned that if you focus on your breathing it is almost impossible to gag. Best of luck to everyone going through this and remember it's only one day you have to take it. (: F 20 1 days
4 liters

 4  Colonoscopy Stomach gurgled and I felt really full, but no bad effects from drinking a gallon+ over 3.5 hours. After reading a bunch of the current reviews on Nulytely I came to the conclusion that we all react similarly, but each of us is different. The flavor packets add nothing from what I could tell and the liquid is more viscus than regular water, and slightly salty. This was not a pleasurable experience, but now it's over and it worked. Hallelujah, I'm clear at last! M 67
1X D

 4  Colonscopy I was told to drink 8 8oz with 2 hrs Then finish the remainder 3 hrs before my appointment the next day I made sure my glass was cold and the mixture was too It did take 1 1/2 hrs to start the cleansing but then again I ate very little 2 days before F 57 1 days

 4  coloscopy None The posts complaining of all the horrors are misleading and greatly exaggerated. Taste like seawater dishwater etc.....really....alot of these posters sound go into writing fiction. The drink is nothing I would consume daily but its easy to drink and don't taste that bad Ive drank worse stuff. Damn some folks are wimpy cry babies...geez M 62 1 days
1 gal 1X D

 4  colonoscopy bloating, burping, feeling cold from the cold liquid I had trouble filling my prescription--first two pharmacies did not have it in stock, so plan ahead. I did a "split prep" meaning I drank half (about 8 8-oz cups) in the evening and then 8 hours later I drank the rest. My first cup was unflavored and awful, after that I added flavor crystals from what they gave me which helped enormously. I pretended I was on "Survivor" to help me drink each cup fairly quickly. Don't laugh, my little mind game helped :-) I liked the split prep for two reasons...I was so glad to get to stop drinking halfway...would hate to have had to keep drinking more, and two, my prep was rated "excellent"...this stuff worked. Five years ago I took laxative pills for my first scope...in comparison, taking pills was much easier than drinking all this liquid, but they made for more prolonged, unpleasant bowel movements. Nulytely got the job done more quickly. I would consider doing this again, but would also consider newer options. I have heard other preps may require less liquid. F 44 2 days
8X D

 3  Colonscopy/EGD Bloating & fullness This is my second attempt at Nylytely... the first was 4 years ago, and I simply could NOT do it. Thanks to the wisdom of my Dr, I added Crystal Lite Lemonade to each glass (I think it's safe to say I'll never drink Lemonade again!!!). I'm just over 1/2 way done and I've only had 2 small bowel movements - worried I won't be cleared by morning (It's been 2 hours since I started). I had to slow down the drinking due to the fullness and being too close to throwing up - not going to let that happen, I've come too far!!!!! Hopefully I'll be clear enough to get a diagnosis tomorrow. F 27 1 days
4000 1X D
 3  Colonoscopy Bloating and severe nausea after 5th glass. I wish they could come up with something different. I was doing fine till after the 5th glass when I became bloated, nauseaous and started throwing up in my throat with any movement. It took about 2 hours for it to finally start working its way through so I could drink more. Its sad to have to use 2 vacation days for such misery. I used the lemon lime flavor on recommendation from the pharmacist. I only got 3/4ths through the nulytely and couldnt stomach anymore but I was fully cleaned out. I do recommend, vaseline before your bum gets raw, cottonelle wipes and adult diapers for when you are so tired and need to go to bed. My prep was worse I think because I have Fibromyalgia and the pain pills were going straight through so I was hurting badly. When I got there and they started my IV they gave me some IV Benadryl that made me feel very dizzy, pressure in my chest and I couldnt talk or walk right. I dont see anyone else complaining of that experience. Once I got to the room they gave me another medicine in my IV that put me right to sleep and I didnt know a thing till they said I was done. Now that it is over I have no idea how I got dressed. lol I have a friend in another state who had to take Miralax mixed with Gatorade instead of the Nulytely and she said it wasnt bad. Despite the misery I would do it again as it could save your life. I know a very rich influential man who died because he wouldnt do a colonoscopy and he got colon cancer. F 51 1 days
1/2 gallon 2X D

 2  colonoscopy prep I feel like I'm freezing! Nausea is terrible. If you ever got swamped by a wave when surfing in the ocean, then you know what this tastes like. F 36 1 days
1 gallon 1X D

 1  Colonoscopy Prep Nausea, Chills, Cramping, 5 days and counting of pain, vomiting, diarrhea This is toxic for me, may have caused ulcerative colitis F 60 1 days
8 oz 4X H

 2  colonoscopy none it did not clean me out completely would like to know why . if it is to be so good to cleanse you there has to be something else this day and age that is a lot easier to take than nulytely. F 59 1 days
4 liters 1X D

 5  colonoscopy prep No side effects. I was expecting this colon prep product to be disgusting. I wouldn't want to drink it everyday but it wasn't as vile as it had been made out to be. I opened all the flavor packets, smelled them and decided to use the orange. Not sure how much if any the flavor packet aided in my ability to drink this product. I used a cylinder measuring glass and a straw. Was able to down the required dosage in 2 1/2 hours with no problems. The next morning I had to drink a 10 oz. bottle of magnesium citrate. Now that was gross. Both had the desired effect of cleaning out my colon. Survived the colonoscopy, a polyp was found and removed. The procedure and prep aren't on my list of favorite things to do but I'm relieved that I did it and won't have to do it again for 5 years. F 62 1 days
2 litres 1X D
 4  Colonoscopy I read all the comments before I started. Best ideas: use crystal light lemon aid to help the taste ( I also added some of the liquid flavor drops to give it more flavor) . Keep liquid very cold and use straw. Keep baby wipes and Vaseline by toilet. I had to do the split prep so mine lasted over 14 hours. Just when I had stopped going from the first batch, I started drinking the second batch. Worse part was waiting for the urges to stop. I was clear for hours but would still have to run when the twinge hit. Am hoping they improve this process in 10 years when I do this next. You will read all different experiences here - everyone is different . Don't assume you will have problems until they happen - most get through it OK. F 54 1 days
4 liters

 4  Colonoscopy Nulytely will make you feel somewhat bloated until you begin to eliminate then no problem. It will also dehydrate you. Number one suggestion is to mix Nulytely with either orange or lemon flavored drink mix to improve the taste. Also using a straw to get it past your taste buds helps. Finally drinking something immediately afterwards, my choice white grape juice will kill any taste left in your mouth. Overall it was not the worst thing I have had to drink. Masking the flavor is key. M 52
4000ml 1X D

 4  Colonoscopy Prep and Endoscopy Nausea and "emptying out" I found that the best approach for me to drink the whole gallon was to mix the prep without flavoring and then in the bottom of an 8 oz cup I sprinkled a little bit of Crystal Light Lemonade. I put some Vicks under my nose to prevent smelling the solution and then drank the 8 ounces and chased it with a few sips of Mt. Dew followed by sucking on a lollipop. I also gave myself 20-25 minutes between each glass to prevent vomiting. I hope this helps someone. F 30
1X D

 5  colonoscopy chills, nausea This stuff does the job, but taking it is a nightmare. They gave me a lemon flavor packet which basically did nothing. On the evening before my procedure, I had to drink eight-8 oz glasses (with 10 minutes between glasses). Then I had to repeat the same procedure at 3:00 the next morning. 16 glasses in all and felt like I was going to vomit several time. I chased each drink with Sprite and that seemed to help. I did NOT breath while drinking and that seemed to help as well. Good luck and if there is something else you could ask for, I would try. F 45 1 days
1 gallon 8X D
 2  Colonoscopy Nausea and vomiting. Bloating. Hot n cold chills. F 28 1 days
8 oz/15 mi

 4  colonoscopy no side effects The whole prep for this test is like a week. Three days of no fruits or veggies - for a weight watcher this is really tough as I eat at least 7 servings a day. The day before the procedure, before the nulytely, had to drink a 10oz bottle of magnesium citrate - it tasted like drinking grape sweet tarts which is not so bad, but having nothing but fluids since start of day - I wanted to eat not drink. I started the nulytely at 5pm, I only wanted to do small doses at a time, so I drank 3oz with 1/8 teaspoon of lemon crystal lite every 7 minutes with a straw- I set the timer on the microwave. I was able to down it in 15 seconds. It didn't taste bad at all. I followed alot of the suggestion on this webside about the prep h pads and just in general about being prepared. At 9:10 I called it quits I just can't consume all this liquid that they want you to consume. I left a little less then 1/2 the jug, but on the instructions they wanted you to finish the entire container - which I did not do. I mean even something I really like and can't drink that much of, and they give the same size jug to a 6'1" man as they do a 5'3" women - How do they figure that!!?? The next day I was worried that perhaps I should have drunk more, but the fluid came out clear yellow - yellow I figured because of the crystal lite. The procedure was a piece of cake and the nurse said the colon did not have matter - so it was ok that I did not finish the container. The Dr found a polyp. F 55 1 days
5X H

 4  Colonoscopy Chills , body aches , back pains, joint pain in upper body. My elbows shoulders arms were hurtin bad. Taste is horrible like being thrown in the ocean and you have to drink so you cant drown. That flavor pack is BS does nothing for flavor... Hope this works... Make sure you drink it chug it every ten -15 min. You will notice the more you drink and faster you finish te faster you will flush out everything . M 27 1 days

 4  colonoscopy prep Runny nose, bloating, otherwise just the desired, anticipated results. Took 3 hours of drinking every 15 minutes before first bowel movement - another 3 before completion. No where near the big deal I was expecting. Orange flavor, kind of bland and salty - not enjoyable, but not unbearable. M 52 1 days
30 MG 3X H
 1  For a colonoscopy HORRIBLE!!! Entire body is swollen. Can't even move ankles. Legs twice their normal size. My butt hole is inflamed & itches like crazy. Sores all over my mouth & lips. Even though I am high cancer risk I will NEVER do this prep again!!! I started this @ 3:30 p.m. the day before & was up all night. It took over 10 hours & still could not do the last 2 cups. It even said not to but it down the sink. That should tell you how awful this is on your body!!! Very bad side effects. Started the prep Sunday & it's Wednesday & still feel bad!! Still swollen & problems with my butt. M 71 1 days
3-4 Liters 1X D
 4  colonoscopy prepgallon?unk This stuff should be called "TurboPrep." I had read somewhere to use both Vaseline and baby wipes to ease the constant friction on your abused anal opening. Excellent ideas. Also, on prep day, my favorites are barely-formed Jello (gives you the impression you have substance in your hungry tummy) and LOTS of Popsicles. I used the cherry flavor and chilled the stuff for two days. I swigged as much as I could stand at a time, and it wasn't too bad. I had to drink half of it the night before and the other half the day of the procedure. It certainly did the job. I wore a Depends to the clinic, as I was afraid of what Dave Barry called "spurtage," but didn't have any. I can't use the salty preps because I have kidney damage, so I suppose that this one was as inoffensive as any I've tried. I didn't have problems with vomiting. I had minor bloating,but let's face it - nobody feels exactly prime when they are facing this ordeal-by-scope. I don't know what the dosage was - it came in a gallon-sized bottle, give or take a little. F 64 2 days
1X D
 3  colonscopy My first colonoscopy - so far not a great deal of fun. Used the orange flavoring which was not too bad. It is the salty flavor/smell that drove me crazy. Got 4 glasses down in about 75 minutes. It took me 10 to 15 min to drink each glass- so just constant drinking. I couldn't bring myself to chug it! Got thru 2 more glasses (half way there!) felt extremely bloated and on the verge of losing it. Tried to do another glass and lost it to gagging and vomiting. Terrible feeling when one literally blows all that hard work! Had been emptying and thinking I might be able to quit and not finish the rest. Now I lost too much of the fluid to get the job done. Felt extremely chilled and like a loser. Took a break for an hour. Drank 2 more glasses. Felt that urge to toss again so stopped and went to bed. Quit while I'm ahead mentality! Slept for a few hours, it is now 2 AM - I feel quilty about not finishing the jug and am not running clear yet. Just downed 2 more glasses. Have even F 57
1X D

 3  Colonoscopy Vomiting because stomach was too full. I had heard that one man couldn't stand to cherry taste of anything after cherry nulytely so I chose pineapple because I could stand to cut that out if needed. I also used a straw based upon another patient's comments. I found the straw super useful. I still had to taste the stuff (which seemed to taste worse the more I drank) but the straw put it closer to my throat so I didn't have to taste as much. The taste makes it hard to drink and I'm sure this would be true with any flavor but I think some flavor would better than no flavor. I found that after 3 glasses I immediately threw up because it was too much for my stomach. When I switched to smaller glasses this was no longer an issue. Don't get me wrong, the product works like it's supposed to but there is nothing pleasant about it. My procedure was two weeks ago and every once in a while out of nowhere I will get that taste in my mouth and it is gross. If I have to do it again I will see if I can take a pill instead. My main complaint is the terrible taste. If it tasted decent the trowing up and feeling too full wouldn't matter so much. Overall effective but gross/unpleasant. F 24
1 gallon 1X O

 1  Colonoscopy prep Projectile vomiting and slight fever (99.0). Prepared for other procedure in past never had such trouble BUT it cleared the colon even with only taken part of solution Whats up with the vomiting/nausea? Never had it before, has the product changed? If so NOT an IMPROVEMENT! F 53 1 days
40000 1X D

 5  pre-colonoscopy A little bit of bloating and stomach/intestinal gurgling Taking this has been no big deal. I've had worse diarrhea with the flu. On the recommendation of others at this site, I added 2 packets of Crystal Light instead of using the flavor packet that came with it. One thing I do strongly recommend is that 2 or 3 days before you are scheduled to start the Nulytely that you cut back on your food intake and start with the clear liquids. This way you have less in your system that needs to get cleaned out and the whole process goes faster. F 50
1X D

 1  COLONOSCOPY PREP Gagging, Gagging, Gagging Vomit, Vomit, Vomit Did I mention gagging and Vomit Have had to take to take this 2 times and each time it was the same gagging and vomit after taking appox, 1 oz.. Went out to Walmart each time and found over the counter laxatives each time and took them. 3 Days before each test I went on a liquid diet broth, soda, beer, coffee. Each time was told I was cleaned out good. I would rather drink a gallon of someone's urine than this crap. Took 4 Bisacodyl pills a day for 3 days prion to test. That gallon may as well have been 500 gallons to me. M 63 1 days
1 gallon 1X D

4L 1X D

 5  Colonoscopy None This site was very helpful in preparing me for what to expect with the prep. Was reassured to see that few people here reported bad side effects. Few days prior I ate rice, pasta, low fiber meals, no meats. Stocked up on green apple hard candies, lemon jello, and chicken broth. Oatmeal for breakfast, and began clear liquid diet at noon. Mixed/chilled prep a few hours before drinking it. Did not add any flavoring to prep. Made a "checklist" broken into 15 minute intervals and checked it off after each cup I drank.The taste of the prep is not bad. Slightly salty, but I was expecting sea water. The consistency is somewhat gelatinous, but not unpleasant. Did not have to use toilet until I was close to the end of the first 64 oz. Next morning I had to finish another 64 oz. I took the jug out of the refridgerator and kept it out as it had gotten very cold. I also poured the 8 oz drink into a cup 15 minutes before drinking so it would warm up a little bit. The trips to the bathroom were frequent but not constant or so urgent that I found myself running to the toilet. I was worried that the morning dose would make it hard to get to the doctors office without pooping my pants, but I had no problem there. Colonoscopy went well - next one in ten years. I hope your experience with this goes well. Bottoms up! :) M 49 1 days
64oz 2X D
 4  Colonoscopy Prep Achieved intended results I'm glad I read here before starting my prep. I added 1/2 pack of Crystal Light into each glass. It took me way longer to drink the gallon - I took 10-15 min. between glasses. I was given an anti-nausea drug to take before I even started. I had mag citrate first at 2 pm, then started the "gallon" at 5 pm and didn't finish until almost 10:30. The crystal light suggestion helped and I put my glass in the freezer between drinks. Was basically clear by 11 p.m. but this morning drank mag citrate at 4:30 am and was worried I wasn't cleaned out enough -- mag citrate finished the job. Not a horrible thing - necessary evil I suppose. Would probably ask for an alternative for next time. F 50 1 days
"a gallon" 1X D
 4  Colonoscopy Prep Gagging, Nausea, Vomiting The taste was absolutely terrible. I threw some of it up and barely got 1/3 of the entire dosage down. I used a straw and I chased with cold water and flavored cold water. On the plus side, I ate very little for two days before the prep. I started drinking it at 5:30 PM on prep day. I got results in just under 30 minutes and had clear, watery stools in under 2 hours. I kept trying to drink more since I had not been able to get much down. I was worried that even with the clear stools I might not have gotten enough down to be completely clean. Thankfully, I needn't have worried. The doc said my prep was excellent...I didn't tell him how much (really...how little) of the stuff I was able to drink. I asked about using pills next time and was told that they usually only give the pills to patients that request it.....really? If I'd known about the pills when I made the appt. I would've requested the pills! I am grateful that the colonoscopy showed I didn't have any serious problems. Good luck to everyone with their preps and procedures in the future! I don't have to have another one for 10 years. I won't forget to ask for the pills next time! F 52 1 days
4 Liters 1X D
 4  Colonoscopy Prep 8 oz every 10 minutes. Slight chills from so much cold fluid. A little bloating. Really could use some taste improvement but as long as it was around 38 degrees it wasn't too bad. Took almost 2-1/2 hours to start taking effect, causing a little bloating, but once it was working there were only 3 hours of occasional urgency feelings. Was clear at this point so went to bed and only got up twice during the night. Seems to have done what it was designed to do with only minor and acceptable side effects. Don't sweat it! You will probably have more stomach issues and side effects from the worry and anticipation than from the product itself. M 51 1 times
4 Liters 1X D

 1  Back X ray shivering, nausea, cramping This is the most disgusting thing I have ever taken. Im on my second liter (I have already thrown up) and nothing is happening here, no bowel movement, just nausea, big time. I want this to be over, oh please. F 35
1X D
 5  Colonoscopy Prep It did what is was supposed to do. I didn't have any chills like the others described. Overall, this was a very easy medicine to take. Don't hype it too much. It has NO taste to it. Seriously though-I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I read these posts a few days prior to starting to take this medicine and I tell you what...they had me all nerved up. I was dreading it all day. I got home and started to get my glasses all measured out and lined up since I didn't know what to expect. If it was going to make me a sick as everyone was saying, I wanted to be all organized with my doses measured out. I took a sip and it had ZERO flavor. Nothing. I couldn't even taste the 'salty' flavor some talked about. I actually was able to add a bit of beef broth to it, heat it, and drink it like no big deal. Long story short-Don't over think it. Drink it and stay home and just relax. F 29 1 days
1X O
 5  colonoscopy A bit of bloating for about 30 minutes after drinking Nulytely. The taste is just like salty water. No additives needed for me. I think if the taste had bothered me I'd have added chicken or beef bullion and heated it a bit. That would have "complimented " the already salty taste. But it really wasn't bad at all! F 55 2 days
1X D

 3  Colonoscopy Prep Extreme bloating and failure to eliminate for the frist three hours. Very uncomfortable I have done a prep in the past but it was with pills and liquids. This did not start taking effect for three hours and it became almost impossible to put any more in my distented stomach. At that point I lengthened the time between glasses. It took me 4 hours to drink the gallon. When I finally did start eliminating, i never really felt any cramps or urges, just started to run out. It would have been better if I had known that this effects people in many differnet ways. All the instructions say you will start eliminating after one hour, or three glasses, so when three hours pass and you feel like you are going to burst, you wonder if this is normal. I did not find the taste as bad as having to take so much liquid in such a short span. I believe if you start eliminating sooner you don't get the uncomfortable bloat. And in the end I was not on the throne that much. Again, I would have felt better if I had been given more information. F 67 1 days
4 litres 1X D
 4  prep for colonoscopy Some nausea and urge to vomit I was prescribed Nulytely colon prep for colonoscopy; told to drink 1/2 of the solution late afternoon before and the rest early next morning. If I'd known how disagreeable the taste really is, I would have asked if there is an alternative, as I have a strong gag reflex and and had to hold back vomiting several times. It's the sickly sweet taste on top of the slightly salty that got me. Overall, it's not that horrible, because I was able to get it all down (if I can, almost anyone can!). Here's what helped: lime wedges to taste just before, during and after drinking the mixture (don't swallow any seeds or pulp); it went better when I switched from filling mini water bottles with the solution to 16 oz disposable cups with an ice cube (even though all instructions say "no ice").. the coldness helped me; banana popsicles to suck on when I felt the nausea come on-- the strong taste of the banana helped counteract it; and a straw is imperative! If I had to do this again, I'd try adding some Crystal Lite, even though I was told not to. This prep seems much worse than previous ones, hopefully better alternatives are on the horizon. The good news is it works really well, I'm cleaned out & feel fine-- on my way to the center in a few hours. F 60
4 liters 1X D

 5  Colonoscopy Prep Explosive bowel movements I read through these comments the night before my own prep (today) and I want to assure everyone --- this is NOT that bad. It really, really isn't and I'm a huge baby about stuff like this. First of all - my biggest suggestion - a 16 oz plastic cup, a straw, ice and Flavor Splash Aquafina (Grape) worked just fine. The next tip: Do NOT let yourself taste the stuff. I never did. I held my nose each times and while you can tell the taste is salty and sweet at the same time, you will not gag. I mixed mine with Lemonade Crystal Lite and the lemon lime packet they give you and chilled it for a day. It really, really is not that bad. I would suck down two sips, then take a sip of the Aquafina. All I ended up tasting was grape. My first BM started approximaely 1/2 hour after I first started and after about 20 oz. Keep in mind --- these aren't continual bowel movements (which is what I thought they'd be). They're more like spurts of liquid which come out every 5-10 minutes or so, so you're not chained to the toilet like you'd believe. I used Balmex and Charmin Wet Wipes from the beginning. I got through 4/5 of the container, but stopped because since about 1:30 (I stopped at 7pm), my BM's were clear and bright neon yellow. It's now 9:19 pm and I'm pretty much finished. Just hungry. Do NOT let some of the prior posts scare you. It is just not that bad. F 33 1 days
2X D
 3  Colonoscopy prep intestinal growling, over full feeling, extended bowel movements well past when stool was clear, then followed by evacuating much gas when fluid was finally evacuated out. Did what it was supposed to (along with the 3 Bisacodyl tablets at the start): it cleared the colon for colonscopy, which ended up giving me good news: no polyps. That's the good news. And while not pleasant to drink, it was tolerable. Five years ago I used Fleet Phospho-Soda for the prep, and I didn't feel nearly this bad. I am told the Fleet option is no longer used because of potential kidney side-effects, but the nurse told me today that if I remember to say five years from now how unpleasant Nulytely had been, there still may be some other alternatives. Basic problem with Nulytely was that I was evacuating clear stools for 5 hours after the last cup, even though various literature had said expect 1 to 2 hours, maybe 4. Then, after the 5 hours, I still had the urge to evacuate, almost all night, but there was nothing left but gas. And out it came, again and again. Meantime I had unpleasant intestinal feelings and sounds. Part of the difficulty may have been that under instructions from my doctor, I took all 4 liters, just piling down the liquid to evacuate, even though the watery stool was totally clear by about 3 liters. I have read elsewhere that if that is the case you can stop there, but my doctor's clerical person crossed out that language and said "finish entire gallon." So I did. And it just kept coming out and coming out, and left me feeling very poor. Again, though, the product did its job, and the result of the colonoscopy was good. M 60 1 days
4 liters 1X D

 1  colonoscopy prep Massive bloating. Pain. Chills. No evacuation. At 9:30 this morning I had a breakfast of eggs, cereal, fruit. Nothing but liquid consumed since then. No bwl movement since three days ago and nothing still and it's now been SEVEN hours since I drank the first half gallon of this awful stuff. I was hoping to find a similar experience here but no one here seems to have had this problem. I'm becoming alarmed. Extreme bloating. Pain. Discomfort. Difficulty filling lungs due to fullness. I feel I'm going to explode like on movie Alien. Bad chills but those ended about two hours ago. I've eaten another 4 cups of jello since then. 12 midnight and I'm afraid to go to bed. Supposed to drink the other half at 4 AM but it will be impossible to fit anything else in my abdomen if nothing happens by then. If I survive, I'll report back. F 51 1 days
1/2 gallon 2X D
 5  Colonoscopy Nausea, gagging, chills Nulytely did exactly what it was supposed to. It tastes awful, much like a thicker version of Alka-Seltzer, and was really hard to get down after the third glass. The first few were fine, but then my gag reflex kicked in and my body just did not want to swallow this stuff anymore. I made it through the whole prep though but came close to vomiting many times. I used the orange flavor packet which added a lovely orange SMELL to the liquid but zero orange flavor. I will note that on the instructions it stated that the product would start to work in 30 minutes, but for me it took about 3 hours to start working and finished after about 6 hours. F 37 1 days
1 gallon 1X O

 5  Colonoscopy Prep None It did the job. I held my nose. Didn't put any flavoring packets in it. Drank 7up. Didn't taste bad at all. I bought things the people on this site recommended; lemons/limes, Country Time Lemonade, etc...didn't use any of them. F 47 0 days
1X O

 4  colonoscopy prep bloating, stomach gurgling, gas Specifically, I was given the generic version, Trilytley, I'm sure it all tastes the same though, so don't worry about it. I didn't mix with the provided flavor packs and just refrigerated it the night before; also tried to slightly freeze two doses. Freezing is a bad idea, way too much stuff to drink cold. At first it's fine, barely tastes like anything. Around the 4th dose I started to have difficulty, it just tastes like thick salt water and the mental aversion starts kicking in. I started to suck on limes before and after chugs, which was ok. It took me about 4 hours until it started working, and up until then I was feeling really bloated and gassy and upset it hadn't worked yet. Once it did though, phew... what a relief, I was so happy. Also at that point I started mixing with lemonade Crystal Lite... holy god, I was upset that I didn't do this early. SERIOUSLY, IT MAKES IT TASTE LIKE NORMAL LEMONADE. At that point I was chugging the hell out of 16 oz portions with no problem, and my stool has already been mostly liquid at that point. The remaining toilet trips resulted in yellow discharge (which I partly attribute to the Crystal Lite coloring) with tiny flecks of waste. It's the morning now, only had two more small movements, and everything seems to have worked. I'm just dehydrated with a headache and cotton-mouth; so make sure you drink as much other liquid as you can stomach before midnight. Here's to hoping they don't find cancer or something in there this afternoon! M 28 1 days
3500? 1X D
 5  colonoscopy prep Minor feeling of fullness after 11th 8-oz glass in two hours Not bad at all! Added crystal lite;flavor was then no problem at all. Had no problems getting down the first ten doses; then it got a little tough but fortunately by then I really didn't need any more. M 61 1 days
3 ltr 1X D

 4   Lightheadedness, slight blouting. Not much nausea and No vomiting or cramping! Best taken cold and I mixed it with the pineapple powder. It wasn't bad tasting yust too much,.. A CONSIderation should be taken with the patients weight. Since I only weigh 113 lbs a full gallon is unnecessary torture! F 65 1 days
8 onzes 6X H

 5  Colonoscopy Prep None, other than the intended effect Was slightly nervous before taking this. I bought a whole bunch of items described in other reviews, such as chicken broth, baby wipes, lemonade, etc, in preparation, but ended up only using the lemonade. It's really not that bad if you start the liquid diet a day earlier, and pass stool normally before taking nuly tely. I only needed a third of the 4L to clear me out, though I am only 120 lbs at the moment. Some of the other reviews really helped out. M 20 1 days
4L 1X D

 4  test prep I am a scheduler for a GI doctor and to better explain how you will feel taking this solution, i try it myself. There is always going to be some discomfort taking any kind of colon prep. As for the taste, there is not much we can do for that. Its a sodium based solution and will taste nasty no matter what. We tell our patients to drink the solution with a straw so the taste will go straight to the back of your throat. There is a pill form called Osmoprep that can be takin with cation. It is made of sodium phosphate and if not used with large amounts of water will damage your kidneys. we recommend drink an eight ounce glass of water with each pill. The best prep that just came out is called Suprep. It consistes of only two sixteen ounce glasses followed by 2 glasses of water each. Our patients rave about this prep and it is completely harmless to your kidneys. F 24 1 days
1 gallon 1X D

 4   Mild bloating My father died of colon cancer at age 51, so at 53, I just completed my third colonoscopy. The previous two procedures were prepped with Phospho-soda, which I found so offensive that I simply couldn't complete the prep for the second procedure, and thus that test wasn't too effective or conclusive. I was very apprehensive about the NuLytely but I found it much easier to ingest than the Phospho-soda (which made me gag repeatedly) and I was completely clean for the test. I did take suggestions from this page about keeping the liquid cold, biting into a lemon or lime before and after each dose or a quick sip of Sprite, all of which were helpful in my case. I know everyone responds/reacts differently, but in my case, this prep was easy compared to the previous tests. Not necessarily pleasant, but relatively easy. Best to all. F 53 1 days
4L 1X D

 1  Colonoscopy prep The expected ones I'm having my first colonscopy tomorrow and was told that it was nothing compared to the prep. They were right! I've been drinking 16 oz bottles of the awful stuff for about 2 hours now. When I first started it wasn't too terrible, but it is getting progressively worse the more I drink. I can barely think about it without gagging. I'm supposed to drink the entire gallon by 8 PM...HA! Something that's helped a bit is taking a sip of Sprite right before chugging the stuff and then another when finished. I don't understand for the life of me why this can't be taken in pill form. I can't wait for this to be over! F 28 1 days
4000 ML 1X D

 4  Colonoscopy Prep Nausea and vomited one time (and no bloating, just a feeling of "fullness") When I took the first drink I thought "Wow, this stuff isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be!" I was pleasantly surprised and chugged it down no problem. Well, by the 8 glass the salty lemon-lime taste was starting to taste more like soapy sour milk and I started to feel nauseous which eventually led me to throw up. My advice to others: if you feel like you're going to throw up don't chug it, just take a break. I kept trying to pound the glasses to meet the "drink an 8 oz glass every 15 minutes" direction and it didn't end up working for me after the 7th glass. Otherwise, I thought it worked well in the way that it completely cleaned out my system with a great amount of ease (I didn't experience any cramping). Nulytely was fine for me but its biggest downfall is definitely it's awful taste. F 22 1 days
8 oz 10X D

 4  colonoscopy Not any unexpected This stuff really isn't all that bad. The taste isn't pleasant but niether is my ulcerative colitis. I would gladly drink this regularly than have UC. Its kind of humorous peeing from your anus for a couple hours. I've had severe pain and black diarhea for 5 months from UC this stuff is easy. chugged it room temp every 15 or so. No prob. Man up you cronic complainers. M 27 1 days
4 liters 1X D

 4  prep for colonscopy Side effects were minimal for myself. Just drinking the total amount is a bit overwhelming, can illicit a gag reflex by the third liter. Best advice I received on this blog was to use fresh lime wedges to suck on before and after drinking the solution. Also if you eat light the day before your fasting day it makes it easier on you intestinal tract. During my fasting day I found chicken broth, tea with lemon and nonalcoholic beer to really help. Especially the beer since it was a clear liquid and got rid of the feelings of hunger. By midday I had a headache due to lack of caffeine, a cup of tea got rid of it in 5 minutes. Drank the Nulytely over a 3 hour period and finished almost all in the am, my exam wasn't scheduled until noon. BM ran clear by 9am. So best advice is buy no alcohol beer for the day before and use fresh limes to down the Nulytely with a water chaser. I was told I cleaned out perfectly and my test was completely positive, not even a single polyp. Was much easier than the last time with the small bottles and an enema that gave me intense cramps. M 50 1 days
4 liters 1X D

 4  Colonoscopy Some bloating and a lot of nausea The laxative effect was no problem. It started to take effect 2 hours after my first drink. I was a bit bloaty and crampy up till that point but nothing major. No pain or discomfort with bowel movements. The very rough part of this was the actual solution itself. I had to take the rest of the gallon starting at 11pm, and it was all I could do to not throw up. The stuff is vile tasting and the only thing that kept me from vomiting was taking sips of gingerale in between. It took me until 3am to finish the last dose. I actually left some solution in the gallon. One more drop of it would have been too much. It really upset my stomach on top of it. Keep it refrigerated! Towards the end I left it out and lukewarm intesifies its grossness. Other than that, no problems. F 28 1 days
1X D

 1  colonoscopy Chills, nausea, pounding headache, bloated feeling in abdomen. Doing the "split" prep. half the night before and half the morning of. The night before it went down worse w/ each glass. Didn't start evacuating til 30 min. AFTER the last glass. Up most of the night. Massive headche in the temples, back of the head and neck. Chills. Started again in the morning and got 4 glasses down and just couldn't do it any more. NASTY NASTY STUFF. BTW, I used the Lemon Lime flavor pack. ugh. M 49 2 days
2 liters 1X D

 4  Colonoscopy None other than what was expected. Slight bloating about halfway through. Stopped drinking for an hour and started again. I added 8 of the Crystal Light lemonade water bottle packets and refrigerated it. Poured it over a couple of ice cubes and drank it with a straw. It really wasn't that bad to me. If I had added some tequila it would have tasted like a margarita. I'm a salt-a-holic anyway. I had to stop half way through because I felt like I was going to vomit. My reflux started acting up. I stopped for about an hour and started it back up again. I was able to get it all down except about a 1/4 inch left in the bottom of the jug. Colonoscopy came out fine today. A bit of diverticulosis but nothing else. Oh, and use baby wipes with aloe instead of toilet paper and grease your hiney with vaseline after each time you go. F 53 1 days
4 Liters 1X D

 4  COLONOSCPY DIAHRREA First 4 glasses were hard to drink, tried it with the flavor packets,ice cold. Almost gagged it back up. Drank it really quickly and got it all down. Then I read to heat it up and add beef/chicken broth to it and it went down SOOOO easy and tasted good. Started "dumping" after 1st drink, but that is why I am getting the colonoscopy done to start with. Not bad at all, I have 3 more glasses to drink tonight and then 8 in the morning. not sure I will need to finish it, as water is coming out already. F 39
1X D
 1  colonoscopy projectile vomiting, pounding headache, chills I am attempting to drink this. It seems to be having minimal effect to my lower GI tract. It feels like it gets as far as the mid-epigastric area and causing extreme nausea. I have never not been able to get to a toilet or trash recepticle if I've had to vomit (which is a very infrequent event), but i was about 10 feet from my bathroom and the vomiting was explosive and uncontrollable-all over floor, walls...disgusting. F 54
4000 liter 1X D

 5  colonoscopy A feeling of enormous bloat so bad I could hardly bend over. I'm one of the rare people who enjoys taking enemas. So, I was very curious about taking Nulytely. I started taking the 8 oz. glasses of it every 10 minutes as directed. After about the 3rd glass, it felt like fluid that was not being absorbed and was moving around into my abdomen. After about an hour, it started to feel like a bloating sensation. After about two hours, it was a very uncomfortable bloating sensation and my abdomen was obviously distended. At that point, I felt like it wanted to come out of me, but I held it back because I was curious about what would come next. I finally finished all 4 liters at 2-3/4 hours. It was a tremendous bloating sensation. I could feel pressure on my esophagus and my anus at the same time. It was like a giant enema that went all through me from top to bottom. With a giant effort, I held it back for 15 more minutes. Surprisingly, there was no nausea. Using the toilet was a huge, continuing explosion. Needless to say, I was totally cleaned out! I did the colonoscopy without drugs the next day. M 62 1 days
1X D

 5  Colonoscopy None other than expected the expected cleansing Worked as advertised. Read alot of very negative reviews here on NuLytely so was expecting the worst. No problem at all, no nausea, cramps, or bloating. Mixed it with crystal light lemonade and it tasted fine, easy to drink in 8-ounce intervals every 15 minutes. First "movement" for me occurred after the third glass. However for me, the movements continued for a while after stopping, had to get up once during the night to go once, and in the morning once again. Would use this again if needed, it was really easy. I did have a sore bottom though, so use baby-wipes and just dab for cleaning, and use petroleum jelly ;) M 33
4L 1X D

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