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 1  Phsychzophrenia Major weight gain Don't go on it especially if you don't want major weight problems something else like abilify which is also a second generation a typical medicine can be suggested instead and will work just as well F 30 2 years
275 1X D

 1  Paranoid Schizophrenia M 47
250 MG 1X D

 2  Schizophrenia Intense sleepiness till mid-day, after a few years this side-effect went. Drooling on my pillow at night. became obese on this drug. My muscles are ineffective on clozapine. Expect my gait to be different to others. have become pre-diabetic because of clozapine. I don't want to be on this drug but have difficulty getting off this. Would like to say to anyone who is obese or fat on any drug, particularly this one, to ask their doctor to take a diabetes test. M 37 13 years
125mgs 1X D

 1  Schizophrenia.....& Psychosis..... It is killing me slowly! I don't even know who I am anymore! I'm so unhappy but a fake smile always fools my doctors and other family members...I've lost all my friends! I shut myself out from the rest of the world. I will end my life soon... death is better than suffering like this for the rest of my life I just hate what this meds have done too me! Even thou I'm now only on 250mg reduced from the high amounts I was taking when I 1st started it. Much love to others whom suffer or feel like the way I do. Keep strong God knows what we are going threw never let others bring you down in life even if its family members...that's happened in my case... M 24 2 years

 1  They HATE you! DEATH. NEVER voluntarily start taking this drug. Seroquel is better one. Lots of side-effects. M 34 1 days

 5  Bipolar 1 Drooling (worse in first few years), weight gain, craving for sweets especially after a dose at night, sedation that lasts way into the next day, too much time on the couch watching bad TV. Great drug for treating my terrible depression (suicidal thoughts) and for somewhat stabilising my rapid cycling. Hasn't fixed everything but I wouldn't like to think where I would be without it. At a time when I had run out of options it was a wonder drug for me. F 40 6 years
250mg 1X D

 3  Schizoaffective Disorder - Bipolar Nighttime drooling, carb cravings, sedation I had to switch to Clozaril after developing Tardive Dyskinesia on another anti-psychotic. I find my mood to be much better on it, and I have no hallucinations. I take the bulk of it at night, and I am really tired after an hour for about 3 hours, and then I am fine. Sometimes I fight going to bed, and have experienced hallucinations a few times when I did. F 54 9 months
150mg 2X D
 1  psychoses Doctors are in ' love ' with clozaril at the moment coz it has been known since the 1950's. So ofcourse it is the most "studied" antipsychotic. I know someone on clozaril who drools during the day time and docs couldnt care less. But hey, what can they do about it? You have to be admitted in a psych ward to start on this. If you dont like clozaril youre in shit coz docs rarely take someone off it. Meant to be a miracle drug. Keep in mind EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Pretty arrogant claiming this will wipe out psychoses. Was a sugar pill for me. M 31 9 months

 4  Bipolar disorder/insomnia drooling, extreme tiredness that lasts well into the day I am always leery about a drug that requires weekly, then monthly blood tests, but I will say that it is the only thing that has been able to put me to sleep for more than 2 hours. I have tried at least 30 different meds and none of them worked as well as clozapine. I've been taking it for almost 2 years now. F 36
100 MG 1X D

 1  Bipolar 1 - Schizoaffective Drooling, sleeping for 24+ hours straight. My daughter taxes Clorzaril and we were very hopeful but no difference in her life than any other drug she tried. Zyprexa, lithium, lamictal, haldol, seroquel etc. She is busy focusing on the voices in her head and doesn't talk much but this has been the ONLY drug she has asked and demanded to stop taking. She hates it but can't tell me why. It does make her sleep alot however and crave sweets. Doc cut her back to 400 mg and added 80 mg of Latuda and also kept her on seroquel in combination. F 24 5 months
650 1X D

 1  Schizophrenia I took this drug because i had no choice. I was in a high secure hospital and quickly realised i had to jump through ihoops if i wanted to get out of there. I had to tell them what they wanted to hear and take the meds. All i wanted was to be my spiritual self. Theres no such thing as mental illness its a state of mind, albeit one that can be difficult, i did not want my soul destroyed by digital machines and chemicals and bullshit psychology. I hope we make spiritual progress for the sake of our future generations. They should not have to be tortured for having a spirit. This drug clozaril will destroy a part of you. It will damage your physical self just as much as your spiritual. Its like being connected to a machine. You feel good at first, silence and peace. But once you come off it, you realise how they are stopping you from being your true self. I realise i was a zombie for 5 years. These people do not want you to think for yourself. What is more dangerous. Being dead inside. I Dont take it. Its the exact chemical opposite of ecstasy. After i have been off this drug for a while i start to get my natural thoughts back. But I cant sleep without it M 30 6 years
400 1X D
 5  Schizophrenia/Psychosis Some drooling Finally, after testing various other medications such as, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Abilify, and and Risperdal. All of these medications didn't help me stop hallucinating(audial). Clozaril, after about a week I was fine and living a normal life again. It's a hassle having to do all the bloodworks, but for me this has been a miracle drug. So it made the bloodworks worth it. After 1 year it is only required once a month(the blood tests). I am free of hallucinations and more focused then any of the other meds I was taking. I give this medication a 5. M 29 1 years
225 MG 2X D
 1  Paranoia Clozaril was taken off the market in the 1960's as a result of deaths from Agranulocytosis. Now patients are tested for this. Plus have to have an ECG at least every 6 months. M 19 10 months

 1  Schizophrenia Drooling, drooling This is more sedating than seroquel. Clozaril is the most sedating antipsychotic. Clozaril has the more weight gain than zyprexa. Like the comments before: UR bed when u wake up in the morning will be full of saliva. Yuck! The only way to stop salivating is to tell ur doc to take u off it. I can't get off this stuff keep relapsing and guess what? Doctors put me straight back on it again. My life is a misery and zyprexa actually worked better for me. M 2 years
600 1X D

 2  Schizophrenia Drooling, knocked out straight after taking it This is meant to be the 'Gold standard' the 'Best' antipsychotic. Did NOT do much for me. PLZ remember everyone responds differently to medication. The thing doctors rarely mention is that Clozaril is one of the hardest drugs to discontinue if you don't like the side effects. It can cause 'rebound psychoses' at its worst. Basically your psychoses can sky rocket off the universe by trying to get off this medication even if your doctor takes you off it slowly. Once on Clozapine you might be on it for the rest of your life coz of what is mentioned above. This can be a miracle drug for some people but for me my paranoia and hallucinations were NOT stopped and were actually worse. I hated the drooling which as far as I know can NOT be stopped by anything. Missing more than 2 doses in a row can make you have a relapse which happened to me. On the up side. This is the only antipsychotic that does NOT cause TD(tardive dyskinesia). If your doing fine on something else don't bother changing hoping for a cure coz at the moment there is NONE. M 11 months
500 1X D

 5  Schizophrenia Extreme sedation, lethargy in the morning, excessive salivating, desire to eat sweets that is impossible to resist, heart races, panic attacks Yes, there are a lot of terrible side effects. Yes, the blood draws are an inconvenience. But clozapine has controlled my schizophrenia better than any med I've been on before (been on lots of antipsychotics) F 19 1.5 years
200 mg 1X D

 1  Light schizophrenia My son took it for 6 years and his worse of now-totally a vegatable.dont take this drug,its DANGEROUS! M 19 1 days
 1  sluggish schizophrenia THIS IS DEADLY KILLER DRUG. THIS IS SIMPLY USED TO KILL IN MENTAL HEALTH INSTITUTIONS. IT JUST KILLS YOU. PERIOD. Outside (prison) hospitals this drug is almost never used because it is simply a KILLER drug. It is 100% unethical to use this drug. YOU DIE. M 30 1 days
1X D

 5  Schizoaffective/Schizophrenia Drooling at night and Drowsiness and increased appetite Clozaril has made me normal. I have no more symptoms of schizophrenia. I am very happy that I was put on this medication and I plan to stay on it. It is worth the trouble of the weekly blood draws. F 23 6 weeks
200 mg 1X D
 1  depression/bipolar II Extremely sedating--I slept 12-14 hours out of every 24. Increased appetite. I lost my personality and became like a zombie. I did not realize what clozaril was doing to me until I stopped taking it and the sedation wore off. Then I could see that the two years I spent on clozaril were two years that I spent as a zombie laying on the couch. I wish I had not taken this drug. F 41 2 years
200mg 1X D

 1  self-injury, bpd drooling, EXTREME weight gain (in institution and not eating much too), drowsiness, not remembering events, bed-wetting, 100% zoned out, taken off because my white blood cell count dropped this is the most EVIL med I have ever taken. My doc wanted to put me back on it saying that, "my white blood cell count didn't drop too far" last time I was on it. Doctors are currently in love with this med, it works for some, but event they have quite bad side effects from what I know. F 25 4 months

 5  Schizophrenia Drooling, Sedation, Seizures I have to take a seizure medication with Clozaril because my seizure threshold is low. Actually, if I take any antipsychotic I have to take an anticonvulsant, so it's not just Clozaril, it's just that I have to take a higher dose on Clozaril. Ah, for the drooling, you can take (sublingually) the eye drops that they give you at the eye doctor to dilate your pupils. It stops the drooling. I take a couple drops under each side of my tongue before bed and I don't drool at night...nice. My doctor taught me that one. When I went to fill my prescription for the eye drops, I had to explain it to the pharmacist...lol. I don't get too much sedation, I mostly sleep it off, as I take the med at night. I've tried all the meds and this is the best one. It even helps the negative symptoms, which are mostly what remained for me with the other meds. I had a lot of problem with "connecting" to people, which affected my ability to form relationships with people and my interactions with people. Clozaril helps a lot with that so I can relate to other people and "connect." It is hard to explain, but it definitely helps me feel human. For me this has been a great medication. F 37 6 years

 1  bipolar gross medicine doctors say this medicine is the best, thats a big lie and rumor. This antipsychotic did nothing for me. Most patients grow out of there bipolar or schizophrenia by the time they turn 30 years old anyway. M 29 2 years

 1  SCHIZOPHRENIA This drug is the worst just terrible. Impossible to take side effects are deadly. M 29 3 months

 5  schyzophrenia drooling 1st 2years, constipation,eating sweets in the night,makes sleepy, hard to function in the morning excellent,wonderful, saved my mind F 32 10 years

 5  schizophrenia The First year or so, alot of drooling, very tired. Major weigt gain. Id rather be ovedrweight than psychotic. great efffects though from the voices. Been on it since 1992. Been on them all. This is the best. No more voices. M 44 16 years
 5  bipolar depression super-intense weight gain via surge in appetite 45 mins-1hr later,bed wetting,extremely sedating,and drooling The ONLY reason I gave this med a 5 is because it is the only med in the universe that will put me to sleep.NOTHING else works.I do hate this drug for the side effects,especially the bedwetting and drooling.But what can I do?I need it for survival. The mandatory bloodwork is a major inconveinence and pain in the rump.The 2 good things about it are:no sexual side effects,and good for anxiety. M 12 years

 5  Schizoaffective disorder weight gain, night sweating LOVE this drug. It made me normal, for the first time. I can do housework, I can work, I have a happy relationship with my family. F 30 9 months

 4  Bipolar rapid, Psychosis, aggressio none, except knocks you out like a rock prev on everything without success. currently Clozaril (cloment) with tegretol and epilim. brought down aggression and severe psychotic episodes from 4-6 p/week, to only once every 2 weeks or so. Currently on 75mg p/d. M 32 2 years

 5  psychosis sedation, weight gain, memory problems works great on positive psychosis symptoms F 23 1 years
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