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 5  African Travel None whatsoever. My wife and I have taken courses of Larium for 15 years at least for all our Travel to Malarial area. We have never had any doubts as to its efficacy and have never suffered any of the 'famous' side effects. This is NOT to play down those that have had problems, but the same can be said of Malarone. Many many people of my aquaintence have taken Larium without any problems at all. There is no doubt that some people are affected but many many more are not. As to the comments regarding not taking whilst pregnant, and contraception whilst on Larium, this is just common sense and clearly marked on the leaflets. ANY drug that goes into the blood stream will of course pass to a child in the womb and the same applies to Alcohol and Nicotine. My suggestion to those asking is "try a tablet" well ahead of your trip and this will give the opportunity to switch if you are one of the unlucky ones that do suffere a reaction. M 70 15 years

 1  Malaria prevention 2 years in Central African Republic, 1 year in Indonesia, 2 years in Guinea-Bissau. 1991-93, 1995-98. Initially all we had was the "Mefloquine Dreams". I did end up with Malaria in 1992 anyway. In 2001 diagnosed with drop foot in the left foot. In 2004 Began having problems with dizziness. Checked out as far as an MRI with no potential causes found. Continued dizziness until a year ago when vertigo and intermittent tinnitus were added to the dizziness and tripping over my own foot. Visits to ENT and Neuro with no cause or cure. I'm going to try the VA and see what they might find. Lariam and its generic version in Mefloquine have both been "Black Boxed" by the FDA. If I had known then what I know now, I NEVER WOULD HAVE TAKEN THE STUFF M 67 5 years
250 1X W
 4  Employment in West Africa No problems other than unpleasant taste when taken. Have used intermittantly for around 20 years, but currently 2 years continuous. M 54 2 years
1X W

 1  Nigeria Insomnia, twitching, restless legs, loss of concentration, anxiety, psychosis, Depression, suicide attempt Took this for about one year starting at age 19. Not only did it not work (I contracted malaria while in Nigeria) but I also experienced the listed side effects for several years. F 35 1 years
Standard 1X W
 1   Loss of cognitive function. Short term memory. Clumsiness , unable to recognise potential dangers. Dropping things constantly. Unable to remember names of well known persons at times. Mental blocks. M 40 1 years

 1  Malaria Prevention Anxiety, mild hallucinations, and dizziness (one episode of debilitating vertigo lasting 1 day during my first month taking Larium) while taking Larium 2009-2011. Now in 2014 frequent mild dizziness, with 4 debilitating vertigo attacks in the past 3 years. I had never suffered from vertigo before I took Larium, though I cannot say for sure that the two are linked. If possible, take a different drug for malaria prevention. Doxy made me feel nauseated and it was a bother to take every day, but now I wish I had stuck with Doxy instead of starting Larium. However, both are preferable to malaria! F 28 27 months
1X W
 1  military deployment to Afghanistan I had to run for a toilet the moment it hit my stomach. I failed to do research on this pill before or during my deployment so didn't recognize two other effects until recently. I was in Afghansitan for 23 months with the Army and religiously took my pill every "Mefloquine Monday." I thought the length of my deployment caused the anxiety that led to sleeplessness. As I was in my mid-40s I was aware of short term memory loss and was concerned that this was the onset of Alzheimer's. That scares me. I've been back now 19 months as a contractor and haven't taken pill one. I wish I had read the side effects and risked getting malaria, especially that the area I was/am in is not even a threat area. Malaria can be treated, but the short term memory loss concerns the hell out of me. Lesson learned: always research what others prescribe to you and carefully weigh your alternatives. M 47 23 months
 1  anti malarial prophylaxis hallucinations, anxiety, forgetfulness, depression This is like taking crazy pills! They made us take this in the Peace Corps and let me tell you, the side effects only get worse over time. I like how they say that only people with history of mental disorders are suseptible, well then most of Peace Corps Volunteers must be mental because so many of us had bad bad side effects from this. I would have to say that atleast 40-50% of us had some sort of psychological reaction to this drug and some of us have lasting effects! DO NOT TAKE THIS EVER! I would personally risk malaria than take this ever again! F 25 20 months

 1  Military Iraq 2003-2004 It started with a strange depression and really HD dreams. After about 2 months of this I experianced a convulsive episode for 3-4 hours, vomiting relentlessly. At the time I suspected something far diffrent was afflicting me. The war began to take on a sureal quality to say the least. After I returned a year later, my command requested a Psycological eval done. I was a Sergeant Major. My career ended, my views on the world around me were not sequencing with reality in my brain housing group. It has been 10 years. I still suffer in differing degrees (waves) of symptoms Esophageal malfunction (cant swallow), had abnormal EKG, dizzy/vertigo and nausea, headaches, extreme pain in joints, had tremor, nightmares, and a host of Psych issues, to include PTSD diagnosed by VA. Making it through a day without psycological incident is very challenging. My advice DO NOT TAKE IT. M 50 12 months
25MG 1X W
 1  malaria prophylaxis paranoia, hallucinations, vivid dreams, severe anxiety leading to panic attacks and social anxiety, motion sickness, dizziness, short term memory loss, confusion All of the side effects increased the longer I was on Larium and some have subsided since I have stopped but the anxiety, suseptibility to motion sickness and short term memory loss have persisted even years after having stopped taking the medication. F 27 10 months

 1  malaria Prevention 1994-1995 ....Following day after first dose I felt very I'll and stressed, not knowing what was wrong with me... I couldn't relax... and this feeling has sort of stayed with me. Virtually continuous use for 10 months. Continued suffering from fatigue, ANXIETY, disorientation, dizzyness, lack of concentration, headaches always the day after taking each pill ( I called it my Lariam Headache) , alternating between hot and cold within minutes, depression ( treated with seroxat causing more problems and Very Vivid dreams/nightmares) hospitalised in Abidjan for 3 days and all basic tests for illness proved negative. I have never got back to the feelings of peace and relaxation that I used to take for granted before I took this devastating poison. On subsequent much shorter visits to Africa, I used Malarone, which did not appear to have any significant side effects !!! DO NOT TAKE LARIAM !!! M 58 10 months
1X W
 1  Liberia West Africa 2006 impaired speech. extreme nightmares. dizziness. depression. loss of libido. short and lomg term memory loss. loss of concentration. hypertension. 4 years later and i am still suffering with the side effects of taking lariam.forced to take this drug by the military while on operational deployment. this drug has really damaged my health and it will be something i will have to live with for the rest of my life. STAY AWAY FROM LARIAM!!!!!! M 27 8 months
250mg 1X W

 1  Military deployment to africa Severe short term memory loss, anxiety, depression, lack of empathy M 29 8 months

 1  OIF Deployment 03-04 We were forced to take this drug weekly before, during, and affter the deployment. I experience nausea, chronic headaches, mood swings, nightmares among other things. The command would not accept my refusal to take this med. Almost 10 years later I have been diagnosed by VA for Larium toxicity. This drug can cause lifetime debilitating effects. Please do not use!!!! F 30 8 months
 1  2003/4 Suicide ideation, depression, anxiety, insomnia, aggression, lack of empathy, pain in joints, spinal problems etc etc POISON that big pharma keep churning out, directly responsible for the death of hundreds,DO NOT TAKE THS POISON unless you reall have too, doctors who prescribe this need to be updated properly on its side effects. M 45 8 months
250 1X W
 1  military deployment to Pakistan clinical depression, cry easily, trouble sleeping, bad dreams, vivid dreams to seep into the real world for a few moments after waking, never feeling rested after sleeping, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, short-term memory degradation, loss of libido, short temper, shortness of breath, irritable bowels, reduced resistance to stress. My symptoms started almost immediately. I mistook it as a response to a stressful environment. About a year after I returned from Pakistan, I was diagnosed with clinical depression, which still plagues me 5 years later. Welbutrin helps quite a bit, but doesn't take care of all my symptoms. Recently, due to unexplained weight gain (20 lbs in 6 months while working out 3xweek), pain in legs, numbness in feet, dry scalp and skin, and brittle nails, I've been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. The Synthroid seems to be helping, so hopefully the right dosage will eliminate those symptoms. I am very angry that I was prescribed a substance that was known to have adverse side effects, and that come to know after the fact, I was in an even higher risk group, being that I was female and taking an oral contraceptive. Due to this horrible drug, I will be on medication for the rest of my life to control the depression and hypothyroidism that it has caused, and struggling with the symptoms that m F 35 8 months
 4  5 month stay in Ghana Light nausea at times, usually just after taking the pill. Had no effect on me, and wanted to add this comment for all the people still thinking about taking this drug. It works fine for many, and is bad for a few... it seems however that it is only the bad stories you hear.. Take it with caution, and follow your doctors instructions!! M 25 6 months

 1  military deployment to africa nightmares, suicidal thoughts, depression, isolation, paranoid thoughts, i became really, really withdrawn from my friends. i was hearing voices in my head. thinking of things that were so far from reality it's scary to think of them now. i wanted to die and the army gave me the tools to do it. if it wasn't for the best of friends i wouldn't be writing this now. cheers buddy. now i still suffer from lariam. i have pains in all my limbs, bad headaches, muscle spasms, low libido, depression. really disturbed sleep patterns- many nights my wife wakes with me sweating profusely and trying to choke her. this is just mental shit, dont take one tablet. i dont know if i'll ever be the same again. M 31 6 months
1X W
 5  Trip to Kenya None I suffered from severe vestibulodynia for two years, after going on this medication I noticed it was about 70% better, thought it was unrelated until I came back from my trip and went off it, and the horrible pain came back. I am not going off this medication ever, I feel like it has saved my life. Ladies, if you suffer from any kind of vulvodynia take this medication! F 25 4 months

 1  Charity work Africa Anxiety, depression, agitation,facial spasms, loss of energy and motivation for 1 1/2 years, hallucianations, screaming in sleep, nerve pains in skin, suicidal thoughts I had never had any of these symptoms until after taking this drug. The first occasion I took it I was more or less ok, but subsequent trips the symptoms appeared. After experiencing hallucinations, screaming in sleep, pains in limbs and chest, and extreme agitation, I visited a doctor in Uganda who immediately identified the problem - having had many other patients with similar experiences - and instructed me to stop the drug straightaway. Nervous problems in skin, and periodic hallucinations continued for about 8 months. Loss of energy and motivation for about a year and a half. Periods of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts still continue six years later. Although I have friends who have had no adverse effects to taking Larium, on the basis of my experience I would advise against it completely - there are satisfactory alternatives. I have used Malarone twice without side effects. M 51 4 months
 1  Lived in India 1 year Totally disabling anxiety and panic attacks, insomnia - very very long term effects. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG ! If you want to lose your mind then take this medication. There are many alternatives. I have travelled back to India many times afterwards and have NEVER taken anything after this horrible experience - I would FAR PREFER to get malaria when travelling and in fact, when you are in places like India the local docs are very skilled at recognizing malaria right away with first symptoms and very effective treatment. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG, DON'T EVEN RISK IT !! F 40 4 months

 4  Travel to Africe None People may slate this drug but I found it the best by far. It was much easier to take - only once a week as opposed to having to remember to take it at the same time each day. I didn't suffer any side effects at all. I know people do, but until you try it you want know. My suggestion is to try it, if you get a side effect after a couple of weeks then you can swap to another type. F 20 3 months

 1  Malaria Prevention on trip to India Insomnia, paranoia, graduating into hallucinations and extreme psychotic episode lasting approx 3 months I CANT BELIEVE GPs ARE STILL PRESCRIBING THIS DRUG in 2011..After what happened to me over a decade ago on taking a course of this drug (and to many other people by all accounts - ask Paul Merton) I would say that it should be banned. Really scary that they still think it works. I was flown home on an emergency flight after risking my life on a trip with friends to India and Nepal due to a Lariam-induced psychosis, extremely frightening for my friends and dangerous for me. On the 'come down' back in a psychiatric ward in the UK (yes the effects were that deep, severe and prolonged..) I felt suicidally depressed for months and could still hear voices and thought that people were imposters out to kill me..all totally crazy stuff, I have never experienced such symptoms before, or, thankfully, since. What a damaging poison. F 36 3 months
30mg 1X D
 1  malaria prevention extreme dizziness all the time, weakness in hands and legs, depression, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, blurred vision, anxiety, panic attacks i'd never experienced any of this until after taking lariam. now almost 2 years later, i'm still suffering the same adverse effects of this medication. the damage seems to be permanent in some cases. F 26 3 months

 1  Malaria prevention brown acid style hallucinations, nightmares continuing into waking up, loud tinnitus, nausea, rage, crazy behavior My wife and I both had serious problems during and after taking this drug. My wife recently had a Grand Mal seizure to add to the list. I will never take this ever again and the fact that it continues to be prescribed is insane. It is not prescribed in other countries and anyone who has used it knows what I am talking about. It is so obvious that I think it is a conspiracy (another symptom? I can't tell anymore.) M 29 3 months

 1  Studying abroad in southern India Mood swings, severe nausea, dizzyness, trouble concentrating, terrible nightmares, general depression I took mefloquine for two months before it occurred to me that the mental changes I was going through were related to it (I had credited it to the stress from culture shock). I stopped taking the drug and after one month - guess what? - I got malaria. The entire experience was horrific and frightening - DO NOT go without an antimalarial. If side effects are bad, get another pill abroad, or, if healthcare there is questionable, come prepared with another prescription ready. Malaria is treatable in most cases, but is can also be debilitating, terrifying and fatal. I was seriously ill for months but still feel incredibly fortunate to be healthy now. Not everyone is so lucky. Take the advantage of having access to antimalarials. F 21 2 months

 1  Trip To India Crazy CRAZY Dreams,Depression, Shortness of breath, severe mood swings, suicidal thoughts [ a friend who went on the trip with me also suffered from terrible nausea and anxiety]. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE!! I would rather have dealt with malaria and got it treated than to deal with what I went through for months after coming off of this medicine. I have supported groups that are calling for it to be taken off the market. I have no idea why this is approved by the FDA. Also research issues with our military and this drug. F 20 2 months

 1  anti-malarial Short-term memory loss, depression, speech problems I took lariam for 2 months while working in Sierra Leone in 2001. I was given no alternative. 6 years later I am still suffering with short term memory problems and depression which I never had before I took it. It became a joke while we were out there that everyone had a 'Lariam day' each week when they took their tablet, and on that day no-one really expected them to be able to function properly. (great, except I was in the Army on a military operation!) F 29 2 months

 1  Peace Corps Service in West Africa insomnia, depression, loss of appetite, extremely emotional, drug-induced hepatitis I was medically evacuated from my country of service after developing (very rapid) liver complications. The doctors did not know what was causing my liver complications, and they switched me to Malarone early on in the event that the problem was Mefloquine. It, in fact, was directly related to the Mefloquine. I knew that I was not myself while taking it, but after being off of it for about 4 weeks, I woke up one morning with my personality back. My liver functions tested normally after 3 months of being off of Mefloquine. I am very fortunate in that. Long-term effects are still to be determined. F 25 2 months
250 1X W
 1  trip to Guatemala (anti-malarial) hallucinations, difficulty sleeping, severe anxiety, paranoia, and depression. I had no idea this drug would affect me this much. I have a lot of stress in my life right now and the Lariam has amplified my problems to the point that I can't cope with anything. I don't feel like myself at all. The anxiety and depression brings\ me to the point of suicidal thoughts, because I can't find a way out of the darkness. (This is highly uncharacteristic of me and scares me because I don't know how to deal with such foreign feelings.) I had to stop taking the Lariam after the 7th week when it finally made me snap. I'm now on anti depressants and anti anxiety medication to help hold me over until the Lariam is out of my system. I hope I can return to normal. I would highly recommend that people consider alternatives before using this drug. F 23 2 months
250 MG 1X W

 1  6 month trip across Africa nightmares, anxiety, paranoia, took Larium in 1993, side effects immediate and I stopped taking it whilst away as couldnt stand it anymore. It has ruined my life, still continue to deal with cycles of depression and anxiety. Let me stress taking this drug changed me, I had absolutely no mental illness prior to my trip and was an outgoing personality. Returned to the UK from African trip to a media outburst from people who had reactions to this, however obviously nothing has changed as its still available. F 39 2 months
1X D

 1  travel sick dizzy panic vivid dreams health and wellbeing destroyed going on 10 years do NOT take this crazy drug it will ruin your life . M 47 2 months
1X W
 1  Peace Corps pressure in brain, convulsions, anhedonia, anxiety, severe depression, fatigue, suicidal ideations, loss of desire to do ANYTHING AT ALL I prepared to go to Africa for PC for over a year. They waited until the day we got on the plane to give us our first Lariam pill. No history of anxiety/depression. By the time we landed in Africa, I had social anxiety/anhedonia and could not feel any emotion besides a foreboding feeling of dread. I had anxiety every day, was in tears by the afternoon, and had pressure in my brain and intense body convulsions at night that sometimes woke me up. I could have switched to the daily stuff but the symptoms were so bad that I couldn't stay there another day. I came home and had to keep taking the Lariam for a month (I stopped after 2 weeks). Some symptoms have decreased except anhedonia. It is difficult not to contemplate suicide. I hope I get back to normal very soon, this has ruined everything for me. DO NOT RISK YOUR SANITY BY TAKING THIS DRUG. PEACE CORPS SHOULD NOT RISK VOLUNTEERS' HEALTH BY GIVING OUT THIS DRUG. F 25 1.5 months

 1  Trip to Pakistan Hair lose, rage, social proplems, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness. There are three other options for Malaria prevention. I would put this drug at the bottom of the list. M 38 1 months

 1  Peace Corps facial convulsions/muscle spasms with spaciness; panic attacks. I took Lariam for about a month while I was in the Peace Corps. I stopped because I experienced facial spasms/convulsions for a number of hours combined with spaciness and panic. They switched me to doxycycline, but about once a month after that point I would have seizures again. Of course, Peace Corps maintained this was all psychosomatic (though I had traveled a great deal before and never had experienced anything remotely like it.) Even now, 5-1/2 years later, I'll have similar episodes. Lariam should not be on the market, let alone privileged as an anti-malarial drug of choice. F 30 1 months

 3  Malaria prophylaxis bad dreams (for a short period), sleeplessness, anxiety (relatively mild and only after 8-9 weeks of the drug Tastes terrible!! If you have to take it swallow it quickly! F 32 9 weeks

 1  Doctor prescribed for anti-malaria Insomnia, nausea, headache, burning in the brain, noise in the brain, anxiety, depression, body alternating between cold and hot temperatures, body drying-up and scaling, visual aberration, lights too bright, body aches. I am much better now. It has taken nearly 7 months of treatment using extensive alternative therapy - Ayurveda medicines, Yoga, Pranayam breathing, body massage, Chinese medicine, accupunture, etc. My GP (doctor) and the neurologist here in Australia were unable to determine the cause. M 54 9 weeks
250mg 1X W
 1  As a preventitive Traumatic brain injury (TBI) with permanent injury to the vestibular system and to the brain centers that filter out stimuli. Acute insomnia, major depression, and brain seizures. As a 30-year federal agent in the peak of physical and psychological condition, I took this drug as a prophylaxis. It is a chemical poison whose creators, the researchers at the Walter Reed Army Research Institute, fully admit that they have NO IDEA what the drug does inside the human brain. Those of us who have suffered its horrific toxicity know well that it causes permanent damage to multiple areas of the brain. Avoid it at all costs as a malaria preventative and choose either MALARONE or DOXYCLYCLINE. M 63 9 weeks
30 1X W
 1  malaria prophylaxis Intense anxiety, shortness of breath, depression, insomnia. The insomnia and shortness of breath passed over a period of months. But, I've never dealt with anxiety before I took Lariam and now struggle with it on a daily basis over 8 months after I took my last pill. You don't know how bad your life can be if you feel you can't even get a complete breath. It saddens me to think that people are blindly given this medicine without being fully informed. By all means, ask your doctor about Doxycycline and Malarone. I was not even made aware of these options and now my life has been affected in ways which I wrestle with several times a day. I haven't given up completely...but am beaten down multiple times a day. If God forbid you take this medicine, do no take it with alcohol. There was no warning on my prescription bottle and it put me in a dangerous situation one night. This pill may some day be viewed as the asbestos of pharmaceuticals. M 29 8 weeks

 1  Holiday to East Africa Still ill more than 10 years on. Balance disorder, brain stem damage, tinnitus, insomnia, anxiety, memory impairment, confusioon, suicide ideation, chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, vision problems, hypotension. I received huge help and support from Lariam-Mefloquine Action. They are a fantastic group and their website is: www.lariaminfo.org They have a large amount of research and support material available online. If you suspect you are having/had and adverse Lariam reaction, I would strongly recommend contacting them. M 40 8 weeks

 1  prophylaxis paranoia, hallucinations, vivid dreams, nightmares, severe anxiety leading to panic attacks and social anxiety, short term memory loss, confusion It took me 6 months after I stopped using the medicine before I began feeling relatively better. I still have trouble with social anxiety. Please avoid this medicine as much as you can! There are alternatives! F 29 8 weeks

 1  Business Trip Permanent adverse side-effects such as depression, anxiety, paranoia, aggression, nightmares, insomnia, brutal and daily headaches!!!!!!! This has been ongoing since September 2000. Lariam or Mefloquine is like playing Russian roulette. No question it can help prevent malaria but it may also destroy your life. Roche Pharmacueticles updated the drug literature 4 times since I took this drug. Little too late..... M 41 7 weeks

 1  Avoid Malaria Confusion, loss of balance, loss of memory, inability to sleep,"black outs"slurred speech. sicidal ideation and attempted suiced, severe debilitating depression, lack of coordination.These are just a few of the horrors I still live with. Would I EVER recommend Lariam? NEVER. NEVER!NEVER! F 70 7 weeks
1X D
 1  Malaria I experienced swelling of feet, nausea, deathly frightening nightmares, suicide, paranoia, vomiting, diarrhea (not sure if this was from water though), pain in stomach, blood was really hot, losing my mind, sadness, crying for no reason, recollection of past and possibly past life, one patch of hair loss, jittery nerves, numbing and shaking hands and feet, and difficulty of breathing. I am happy I understand that these were side effects and not something I contracted out there. I do not recommend this drug to anybody. M 36 7 weeks
1X W
 1  Business trip to India Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Headaches, Memory Issues, Impaired Concentration, Anger and Mood Swings, Suicidal Thoughts.....Took 7 Pills Close to 6 Years Ago (September 2000)and Still Have Same Severe Side Effects. Has Stolen My Life!!!! M 38 7 weeks

 2  malaria prevention Not positive if lariam is cause but my 13 year old daughter had grand mal seizure while taking and now has epilepsy. I have neuropathy which I never had before. Would not take again unless absolutely mandated. Otherwise use insect repellent, coils, nets, clothing to avoid mosquitos. F 13 6 weeks
 1  Malaria prevention Anxiety attacks I have stopped taking it but the anxiety continues F 64 6 weeks
250 mg 1X D

 1  African Safari Still suffering, since 2002:Severe depression,suicidal ideation,loss of memory,balance,concentration,word retrieval.Confusion,slurred speech,"black outs".On & on...... Would NEVER recommend Lariam..It has changed my life forever in so many ways, I don't have enough room to write the ways. F 70 6 weeks
250 1X D
 1  Holiday to Africa Dizziness, headaches, panic attacks, problems with concentration & vision, aches in chest, arms and cheeks. This is poison and is still affecting me 3 months after I finished taking the tablets. It should be banned. M 48 6 weeks
250 MG 1X W

 1  long term stay in East Africa synestesia and tactile hallucinations, panic attacks, severe constant anxiety, nightmares, depression, suicidal ideation, agoraphobia, fear of dying, paranoia, severe insomnia, inability to eat, severe fatigue, headache, agitation, loss of body thermoregulation, weakness, tremor, dizziness, loss of balance, motion sickness, confused thoughts, sound sensitivity, very low stress tolerance. After stopping taking Lariam, it took 2 more months until the side effects slowly disappeared. And even after that, at certain moments the symptoms reappeared briefly. It was the worst period I have ever experienced. I am happy the side effects were not permanent, but I will never ever take this drug again, and I would advise everyone not to take it. And in addition to the side effects and the damage it does to your body; Taking preventive antimalarial causes the malaria to develop drug resistance. Malaria becomes harder to cure! After three months stopping the Lariam, I got Malaria. I recovered and I'm now on homeopathic pills. Until now very happy with it! F 24 6 weeks
1X W
 1  Trip to South Africa Panic attack, anxiety, nightmares, constant mood swings. This pill is a real danger, reading here about patient experiences and mine, I can not believe that doctors don't advise you about all the side effects, my girlfriend took malarone and was perfectly fine, me still suffering of nightmares and anxiety....I hope it desappear in a couple of weeks. M 34 5 weeks
250 MG 1X W
 1  Trip to Kenya Insomnia, depression, anxiety Whole family took this drug, Mum and I both effected, Mum was tearfull, paranoid, was told to come off & hasnt had any ill effects, me on the other hand, well i didnt know, any of this till months afterward, had months of the worst depression and years of insomnia, still have bad nights now, 7 years later!!! Short term memory isnt great and only realised reading this that I can trace it back to then, depression isnt so bad, but still get low days, DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG, SHOULD BE BANNED!!! F 36 5 weeks

 1  travel to Brazil dizziness, crazy dreams, vertigo, anxiety, mood swings It sounds like either Malarone or doxycyclin (spelling?) would have been MUCH better. F 31 5 weeks

 1  nepal service trip dizziness, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, low blood pressure, drowsiness, loss of appetite, weight loss, residual symptoms 5 months later, confusion, hallucinations, irritability, hyperactivity Using this drug was one of the worst decisions of my life. Do not take it. F 22 5 weeks

 2  Two weeks in Uganda Recurring Nightmares/Night terrors My advice would be to avoid this medication unless there's no safer alternative. I took some for a few weeks for a fortnight trip to Uganda when I was 11 and I quicly began having terrible recurring nightmares nearly every day which lasted for at least 8 months to the point where I felt quite traumatised by them. Every night I would dream that I had fallen onto subway tracks as a train was arriving and was paralysed so I couldn't get up off the tracks, waking up as the train crushed me! M 11 4 weeks

 1  One-week trip to Rio, Brazil Mental: panic attacks, severe constant anxiety, anxiety loop thinking, nightmares, depression, suicidal ideation, social anxiety, agoraphobia, anhedonia (lack of interest), thanatophobia (fear of dying), rage, aggression, anger, mood swings, paranoia… Physical: severe insomnia, weight loss (~12kg), weight gain (~20kg) inability to eat, severe fatigue, headache, severe liver pain/gall bladder pain, “toxic feeling”, agitation, sweating, tremor, postural orthostatic tachycardia, faintness, dry eyes, malaise, weakness, tremor, numb limbs… Vestibular Dysfunction: dizziness, loss of balance, vertigo, poor cognition, motion sickness, confused thoughts, jumbled speech, photo-sensitivity, sound sensitivity, “brain fog”, low stress tolerance… The horrors of Lariam are beyond the comprehension of any friend, family member or medical professional. Those who truly understand are those that have taken and reacted. My story is much like many others; no history of any psychological problems, feeling great and enjoying life. After the 4th tablet I "broke" in March 2009. Collapsed at work with a BPM of 180PM. Then came the long, long, long struggle with trying to regain my sanity, perspective and life. Severe debilitating anxiety consumed me for almost 6 months. After just 4 weeks off work I went back to work, everyday the same, shaking and sweating in the office trying to cope with running my own business, with my friends and colleagues watching in awe and horror. Had to deal with idiotic psychiatrist who put me on 2x different drugs (Pregabalin + Escitalopram) telling me I had an "anxiety disorder". Got myself off these drugs after 6 months and continue to improve with rest, supplements, ayurveda and *time*. Still suffer with thyroid issues (shaking, agitation, tremor), vestibular issues (brain fog) and fatigue, but I am continuing to improve. Lariam completely changed my personality and I have fought to change it back. This drug is Satan's accomplice. It is the worst form of torture and it is a suffering that one shoulders completely alone. I am in the process of setting up a website at lariam.org to help others identify Lariam toxicity and recover from it. I am determined to make a full recovery, a M 25 4 weeks
250MG 1X W
 1  Trip to Kenya Within days of arriving in Kenya my body became one enourmous blister. From head to foot every inch was covered with bubbles of blisters. For the first week I had to keep my entire body covered and remain in the shade. I stopped taking it and things subsided quite quickly. It does say on the packet that a skin reaction is a side effect. There have to be better drugs. M 70 4 weeks
30 1X D

 1  Short term vacation in Zanzibar Severe insomnia, panic attacks, discomfort, slight paranoia, severe vomiting after alcohol intake. Still going on 2 months after the last pill, seems to get worse. My boyfriend was recommended Lariam by his Austrian doctor. He didn't feel any side effects but 2 months after the last pill, I still feel horrible, cannot get sleep, am subject panic attacks and paranoia. I wish I had never taken this, it ruins my life at the moment. F 25 4 weeks
1X W
 1  Trip to Mozambique This drug will take you to hell, and if you're lucky, back. 2 years on and still suffer panic attacks with weekly psychotherapy sessions. Traumatic experience. You'd rather be dead. F 30 4 weeks

 1  malaria prevention shaking, nausea, loss of balance, night sweats, bad dreams, loss of appetite, confusion, vomiting, sleeplessness IT SUCKS! DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG! THE SIDE EFFECTS MAY LAST MONTHS! M 48 4 weeks
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