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 2  Ménière's Desease Lowering Potassium!! Jittery, headaches, Rheumatoid flares, high liver enzymes, vision problems I am already on 20meq potassium 4 times per day. Doc said this was the pill that would help me from having vertigo attacks and also bring Potassium levels up. Started with good Potassium readings of 4.7 which have steadily dropped to 3.3 and a whole load of problems besides those mentioned above. My regular Phys. Says the Maxizide is the culprit of Potassium and other electrolytes going down, liver problems, and other side effects. It is now 5 days since my lower dose of 1/2 pill (37.5-25) has been started. My potassium is going back up, but my Rheumatoid flares that began with the higher dose is getting worse. I am to look for fluid retention, but so far there has been none. My hands, however are getting very stiff. I have more blood work next week. I am afraid lowering the Maxzide is going to start my vertigo attacks again, but I can't live with lowering electrolytes and the other effects I was having. Just praying all holds steady soon! F 60 1 years

 5  Menieres Disease The only side effect I have experienced, is that I fit into my jeans better. I have been on Maxzide for over 10 years, if you don't continue drinking plenty of water, you will cramp up, but it's because your getting dehydrated. F 31 10 years
 5  High Blood Pressure F 4 years

 1  Hypertension This is a horrible medication due to side effects. I had severe cramps all over the body, especially the legs, stomach and back. Couldn't take the cramp pain that started day 1. M 36 2 days
75 MG 1X D

 1  Hypertension ED and loss of sexual desire Took for 12 1/2 years. Serious rebound when discontinued, tapered 1/2 dose for 2 weeks, the stopped. Still got lots of edema and some shortness of breath. Gained 7 lbs. while eating less and avoiding salt. Had to take some lasix a couple of times to control shortness of breath. After 3 weeks, still having some edema but off if for good. M 76
37.5/25 1X D

 5  HTN The only side effects I've experienced are leg cramps. These do not occur as long as I stay well-hydrated. Great impact on my blood pressure. When I miss a dose or two, my B/P shoots up to 130/80. When I take it religiously, my B/P runs about 110/70. F 59 10 years
75/50 1X D

 5  PMS then High Blood Pressure None This was a great medicaiton for me. It was first prescribed for PMS in 1986. I have been a diabetic since 1961 and as I got older and my blood pressure stayed stable my physician(s) left me on that medication. I have now changed physicians and he has abruptly taken me off of Maxzide and I am not doing as well. Before my blood pressure stayed in the 120/60 range and now it is in the 140/70 range. My new physician continues to prescribe other blood pressure medications for me, but so far nothing is working. My new physician told me that Maxzide can be damaging to the kidneys, and I did find information that supported that on the internet. However, the first physician that prescribed this for me was an endrocrinologist, treating me for diabetes. I don't believe that he would have prescribed a medication that would damage my kidneys more that diabetes would. At this point my kidneys are fine. Twenty-five years taking Maxzide and no kidney damage, thus far! Surely, if Maxzide were doing to damage my kidneys it would have done so before now. F 48 25 years
75/50 2X D
 5  Hypertension None F 41 7 years

 1  HBP ED/impotence M 35 4 years

 1  Meneires Disease Worsening depression, strange patches of skin redness, extreme irritability, decreased sexual desire. At first I dropped like 10 pounds in a week which was a plus for me. But even with decreased sodium intake and watching my diet, I gained most of it back quickly. Then the depression hit and keeps getting worse, making me feel like I'm going crazy. Going to stop taking it. F 47 3 months
37.5-25 1X D
 1  At home I had very bad muscle cramps an head aches.I went into Dehydration. F 31 3 days
75/50 mg 1X D
 4  Meniere's Disease Extreme dizziness, nausea and fatigue along with a severe headache the first three days. Increased urination. After the third day I felt significantly better. I have lost 6 pounds of water weight and feel much better. I'm still feeling a little tired and have not tried to exercise yet. I have also been following a low sodium diet. F 46 5 days
25 mg 1X D
 1  edema 7 lbs of water lost in 24 hours, i thought was extreme, then came intermittent muscle twitching (all over body) and severe muscle cramping. Could not move due to muscle cramps even though I drank plenty of water and Gatorade, ate bananas and had plenty of salt. Also had mild nausea and felt tired all the time. Doctor told me this was the mildest medicine for edema, and that I should immediately stop taking it and he would monitor the water retention. F 44 3 days
75-50 1X D

 5  edema, high blood pressure F 78 3 years
37.5/25 1X D

 5  Fluid retention No side effects. Very well pleased, my pharmasist stated that maxzide was one of the safest drugs for this problem. In that it does not effect the enzymes balance. M 59 20 years
25 mg 1X D

 1  Hypertension Kidney failure, uric acid kidney stones, drug-induced Lupus erythematosus, rhabdomyolysis. If there is any family history of an autoimmune disease, mixed connective tissue disease, or kidney disease DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION. F 56 10 years
37.5/25 mg 1X D
 1  For fluid rentention and swelling Unconsciousness, Rapid Heart Beat,Severe Swelling Of The Feet. Blood Clots almost Death. I Do Not Advise Anyone To Take This Medication. It Is Dangerous And Should Be Taken Off The Shelves. F 80 6 days
25mg 1X D
 2  Hypertension severe erectile dysfunction - had none before taking this medication. Much worse that beta-blockers, which are generally not a problem (excepting atenolol). Abrupt withdrawal may cause serious rebound edema. Recommend a two week taper to withdraw. M 73 4 years

 4  hypertension At first the drug made me a bit short of breath and made my heart pound, especially after slight exertion like climbing stairs. But I stuck with it, and now the only side effect of course is increased urination. My blood pressure dropped from 135/80 to 120/70 on average in a couple of days. And has stayed low consistently. F 63 12 months

 1  hypertension The side effects were pulse rate of 95 - 110, sleeplessness, dehydration, nausea, muscle aches, frequent urination, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, My doctor prescribed maxzide to replace my normal diuretic, 25mg Hydochlorothiazide, to prevent potassium loss, due to mild dehydration. This medication further dehydrated me to the point I was unable to function. I quit taking it after 5 days and went back to my original medication. It took another 5 days for the symptoms to go back to normal and my blood pressure to go back to normal. Be very cautious when taking this medication and at the first sign of any problems stop. My blood pressure while taking this medication was as high as 160/105. F 61 5 days

 4  blood pressure I found out years later that it caused uric acid buildup which is very painful gout. Also, caused my elevated liver enzymes. My doctor will not change this medicine because it is effective for the blood pressure but has caused other problems. 61 10 years
 5  Hypertension Frequent urination for a few hours after taking dosage, and consequent need to drink more. In spite of its reputation for causing erectile problems, everything seems fine in that area. Glad I switched from atenolol, which made my hands and feet very cold, and didn't control my blood pressure as effectively as Maxzide. I'm taking generic, not brand-name Maxzide. M 54 6 months

 5  hypertension no side effects at all! F 62 2 years

 5  Mild Hypertension No side effects, except for frequent urination When my weight goes up 10-15 pounds my BP goes up with it. My Dr. wants me to keep my BP even lower than 120/80. I take 1/2 a pill of the lowest does possable and my BP stays about 115/75. No side effects that I have noticed except I drink alot so I have to urinate alot. F 46 2 years

 3  hypertension rapid heart rate, around 100 bpm; nausea, vomiting, and poor exercise tolerance on the lowest dose pill. Lost 6 lb in one weekend. After weight loss stopped, less short of breath, but still nausea and diarrhea even on 1/2 pill It did a great job of reducing BP from 160 to 120 systolic immediately, but side effects are going to make me call MD. F 47 1 months

 1  hypertension Saturday: Itook 1/2 pill at 4pm last night. That night I was nausous; rapid heart rate and felt jittery. The next morning, I weighed myself and found out I had lost 4 lbs. Pharmacist said the dosage was too high for me and not to take any more until I speak with my dr. on Monday. M 63 1 days

 4  fluid retention & HBP As far as I know, so far none. After trying many BP meds with lots of side effects, this one was the best for me. When my weight goes up, my BP goes up also. For me Maxzide 25 does not hold the BP down after 150 lbs. So it is probably good for people 150 lbs. or lower. F 60 2 years

 2  water retention Frequent urination, severe body cramps for 24 hrs . My doctor descided to give me maxzide ,rather than the diuretic I was taking before. The Doc is a good guy. But somewhere the fact I'm allergic to sulpha drugs, was lost. I took one pill on thursday afternoon and for 24 hr I was cramping everytime I finished urinating. It was a terrible exhausting experience. I immediatelly called my doctors office to let them know what happenned. Waht did I learn .....Google your meds.... before you take them. Than look for side effects. If had done so, I would have seen that people allergic tu sulpha drugs shouldn't be taking maxzide. M 50 1 days

 2  water retention Frequent urination, severe body cramps for 24 hrs . My doctor descided to give me maxzide ,rather than the diuretic I was taking before. The Doc is a good guy. But somewhere the fact I'm allergic to sulpha drugs, was lost. I took one pill on thursday afternoon and for 24 hr I was cramping everytime I finished urinating. It was a terrible exhausting experience. I immediatelly called my doctors office to let them know what happenned. Waht did I learn .....Google your meds.... before you take them. Than look for side effects. If had done so, I would have seen that people allergic to sulpha drugs shouldn't be taking maxzide. M 50 1 days

 3  fluid retention I would say I have about 85% of the side effects. The bad thing about this is I never thought it could be caused by Maxzide until now. I haven't been feeling well for over 15 yrs. It seems one thing after another kept happening. The doctor explained to me about the potassium and releasing fluid, and that Maxzide was a very low dosage drug and that it would help and also control my potassium, but nothing else was really pointed out concerning Maxzide. I do not have high blood pressure. This was used for fluid only. It's a long story about how I got on this medication, but the more important thing is how I have been feeling. All the sickness I have been having has lead to having my gallbladder removed, Super Ventricular Tricardia, to ending up in the hospital three times in one year. Low potassium. I also now have Atrial Fibrillation, Heart Mumor, Fibromyalgia, Restless Leg Syndrome, TMJ, Brain tumor, stomach problems, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, vision problems, sleeping problems. I only get 2-4 hrs. of sleep a night and that is if I take Ativan. Feeling of unwellness, low grade fever, hoarseness, etc.. You can F 44 21 years
 1  for hypertension After taking a 1/2 pill dose of maxzide for 4 days, I abruptly lost consciousness while riding in the car. Fortunately, for me and the general public, I was not driving. I was picked up by ems, my heart rate was 40, not high enough to sustain consciousness. I just got out of the hospital, where I was given large iv doses of potassium because Maxzide had depleted the potassium out of my blood. I do not have kidney disease, as was just tested for that while in the hospital. DON'T TAKE IT!!! F 56 4 days
 1  hypertension I have MS which is a autoamune disease. I took Maxzide for 2 days and I had muscle cramps that is almost stopped me from breathing. I was taken to the hospital ER and almost died there. The product contains sulfa drugs and I wasnt told it did because the detailing sales person who pushes this drug in the doctors offices and wines and dines the doctors to prescribe it forgets to inform him of this compound that could kill someone if they are allergic. I dont know how much damage this drug did to my body but the doctor is refusing to contact me about how I feel. I almost lost my life on this drug. Test should be taken first before scripting it. It is not for everyone. F 56 2 days
 1  Essential hypertension Muscle aches and cramps, kidney stones, renal (kidney) insufficiency. Although I was prescribed this drug in 1994, literature was not included with the precaution "Possible exacerbation or activation of systemic lupus erythematosus". I took this drug from 1994 through most of 2003 and at one point, under the direction of a world-renowned rheumatologist, was on 72 different tablets a day - all to combat the lupus brought on by the Maxzide. In 2003 an alert FNP advised me of this literature and I was taken off the Maxzide immediately. During the time I was on the Maxzide I sometimes prayed to die the pain was so great and I feel as though I lost nine years of my daughters' growing up, their most important childhood years. I am left with renal insufficiency, kidney stones and an impaired immune system. If you have history of ANY autoimmune disorder in your family medical history DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG! F 51 9 years

 1  diuretic for Meniere's disease After just 5 days, ended up in ER with low potassium. F 50 5 days

 5  Slight hypertension/water retention No side effects for me except slight sun sensitivity during summer, have to watch it and wear sunscreen. Was on Maxzide for several years. Doctor took me off of it and told me to take Altace and I took it for 4 days now and feel horrible. I am going back to Maxzide. Altace is horrible. I'm dizzy, tired, short of breath, jittery, felt like I was going to faint a few times, pulse rate is high. Blood pressure is like way low though, so I guess it works for that. F 33 8 years

 3  hypertension None I was taking maxzide along with 100mg of Torpol XL to control my blood pressure. This combination worked for about a year and then seemed to just stop. I now take the Torpol with Diovan HCT. F 38 11 months

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