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 1  Prostate Cancer Stage 4 Some hot flashes, Muscle and joint pain and muscle weakness in legs. There are times that I can barely walk. Some back and pelvis discomfort.Weight gain (7-10 pounds), more frequent urination (worse that with the enlarged prostate), numbness in hands and fingers (I'm a pianist, and that doesn't work too well). overall lousy feeling at times, mood swings, crying at the least little thing, pain in testicles. Testicle atrophy. Breast size increase and tenderness. My head hair continues to get thicker. Wife comments on that when she cuts my hair. I had a radical prostectomy Dec 10, 2013. I was a stage 4 with a small spot in one lymph node. No cancer in the surrounding tissue. 6 month Lupron shot in Jan. then 8 weeks of external radiation starting in May. I had been a road cyclist. I continue to do up to 2 hours per day on a stationary bike and tread mill, plus weight training. PSA at 69 pre surgery PSA was at 0.2 after surgery Went on Lupron and PSA is now <0.010, and holding at 0. Post Lupron Testosterone was at 27.78, starting to rise and is at 45.28. That's twice what they want. We are switching to a 4 month shot to try and relieve the side effects. There is concern about the rise in testosterone, however my PSA stays at <0.010. I've been on Calcium and VitD and brought my levels up. If it weren't for the side effects, I would recommend Lupron. However my Quality of Life sucks. My Urologist ask If I would consider an Orchiectomy rather than Lupron. After much study, I decided that that would be the best option for me. Fewer bad side effects, And Peace Of Mind about further return of the cancer, if Lupron stop working. Decided to try a 4 month shot and see how it goes. If I'm still feeling as lousy, I'm going to continue with the Bilateral Orchiectomy. Complete body CT Scan Dec. 2014, and that will tell us if there is any other soft tissue involvement. My latest bone scan, clean, no spread to my bones. So to hold all this in tact, we may continue on with the Orchiectomy. M 69 11 months
45mg 2X O
 1  Prostate cancer Hot flashes, joint pain and numbness in fingers, no libido, shortening penis, fatigue, frequent urination at night, difficult bowel movements, hemmorhoids , fuzzy thinking Decreased my Testosterone to 3 . After prostatectomy, PSA rose to .3 and I started lupron and external beam radiation. I will stop taking lupron after current 3 month injection is over Dec 5. Waiting to see how fast the side effects disappear . M 70 6 months
22.5 1X O
 3  PMDD Hair loss, bone and joint pain, debilitating foot pain, headaches, diarrhea. F 39 4 months

 4  fibroids Dizziness, hot flashes,moodiness, insomnia, .my fibroid pain went away with days if my shot. Not sure if the lupron caused it, but I had one shot to last 3 months. After it wore off in the 4th month I started having bad heartburn that I am still dealing with and none of the pills the doctor is giving me are helping. Going to see specialist. F 45 3 months

 3  HEAVY BLEEDING FOR 7 MONTHS hot flashes,mood swings,severe sore rash,headaches,severe cramping pain, etc. F 51 1 years
33 1X M

 2  to shut down ovaries & endo I had to go on Lupron because my body can't handle another abdominal surgery. My surgery was 8/6 and my shot was 9/12. I started my AF 3 days ago & I was laying on the couch taking a nap. When I awoke & tried to move my right leg, I had this stabbing pain in my abdomen. Worse pain in my life, well surpassing Kidney stones. Went to ER & they said it was due to the Lupron hormonal surge. The pain is so bad they gave me a script for Dilauded. If I had known I would've not gotten the shot. The pain is unbearable, but was promised this is the worst of it. Let's hope because we want to do ivf in the future & I needed to not only save my eggs but stop cysts & Endometriosis from regrowth. F 40 1 weeks
1 inj
 1  fibroid Lupron is poison! Severe migraines, very bad rash on hands, depression, can't keep my eyes open, joint pain in hands, trouble breathing. I've been healthy never had any of these symptoms. I've been a marathon runner this is very scary and the doctor, Larry Hess, never told me a thing. F 45 3 months
3 months
 3  advanced prostate cancer 1 days

 3  Prostate Glesson score 7 Minimal hot flash symptoms--some dizzy moments and shortness of breath it is too early to tell so my giving a rating is way too premature... M 79 5 months

 1  t2 prostate Cancer Continual hot flashes and very low testesterone M 66 1 years
not sure
 2  Before having a myomectomy I had only one shot before a myomectomy and I didn't feel any symptoms the first 2 weeks, then I had heavy muscles pain. Then nothing much... then 7 weeks after the shot I had hot flashes and difficulty sleeping. I am loosing my hair in a scary way too. I regret taking the Lupron shot. F 47 120 days
3.75MG 1X O

 5  peri-menopause hemorraging Lucky: NONE For me this has been a life-saving miracle drug! After 4 visits to the E.R., 3 blood transfusions, 1 ambulance ride and 3 EKG's my body simply couldn't take any more blood loss. I had to wait 6 weeks for my hysterectomy because I had to let me body get off the birth control pills which have a blood clotting agent...blood clots can kill you during surgery. One shot of Luperon and no more bleeding! Am on 3rd week with no side affects. I pray it lasts for 6 weeks until I have my surgery on June 2nd. F 53 1 months
? 1X M
 1  Endometriosis Muscle aches, bone aches, migraines, peripheral neuropathy, bone loss, blurred vision, depression, anxiety I took lupron over 3 years ago and still suffer daily. I continue to have whole body aches and pains and there are days I feel like I am 95. I have a college degree, worked a full time job 12 hours a day prior to these injections, now I am on disability. This drug has ruined my life. F 43 9 months
1X M
 1  Endometriosis Barely sleep at night, hot sweats day and night, depression, anger and headaches. F 32 3 months

 1  prostatr ca Spent 6 months in psych lock down M 66 3 months

 1  endometriosis I could barely walk..hot flashes no sex drive no pain relief loss of hair weight gain...divorce..due to mood swing depression anxiety...i was never like this before..and I also was not informed that it was chemotherapy.... F 25 6 months
 5  PMDD mood swings/depression (but only during the first 2 months) - then mood improvement hot flashes This drug has dramatically improved my quality of life. It has saved my life. It's important to read up on it and to know what to expect before you start - your doctor may not tell you. A very important thing to know is that things will get worse before they get better. Any hormonal symptoms will get worse for the first two weeks after the first (and often 2nd) shot. There will be periods of significant, serious depression during the first month or two. They are terrible, but short lived, only a few days for me. By month 3 I didn't have any of the mood swings, my hormonal symptoms were gone and I feel better than I ever have. F 47 5 months
shot 1X M
 1  prostate cancer everthing you can think of M 1 years
45mg 6X D

 2  Endometriosis Extreme Moodiness, short patience, weight gain, hot flashes, insomina, tiredness, vaginal dryness, loss of interest in sex, swelling, fast heartbeat, and break through bleeding I have recently taken my 2nd shot of a 6 month dose of Lupron. I have found my symptoms for endometriosis have not subsided much at all if not have gotten worse. I had surgery 2 1/2 months ago due to two cyst on my right ovary. One being an endometrioma. My doctor put me on Lupron for 6 months, but have stated that some people could only take it for 3 months due to side effects. He has also put me on Northindrone to relieve some of the hot flashes. I have feel like a different person since I been taken Lupron. My aggrivation and loss of patience in handling things is very short. I feel as though it has not helped with any of my symptoms at all. I have read that it does take 6 weeks before your symptoms get any better. I hope this is the case for me because taking this med is for the birds! I do not have kids and would like some one day, however feeling this pain I would rather him take everything out and i try adopting! Not sure if I would be able to handle 6 months of this medicine!! F 34 6 months
3.75 1X M
 3  Endometriosis Hair loss, joint pain, brain fog, memory loss, back pain, leg pain, hot flashes F 34 4 months

 1  Precocious Puberty muscle and joint pain, loss of libido, impotence, weight problems, ... I'm 27 and I live in the body of an old man... M 27 12 years
1X M
 1  endometriosis extreme migraines, memory loss, intense hot flashes, extreme anger issues, forgetfullness, severe bone & joint pain, weight gain, body fatigue, tiredness, incontinence, extreme vaginal dryness, loss of libido, problems with fluid filled cyst in breast & leg (after each shot), weakness of limbs and feeling like having the flu. Lupron Depot is POISON! Finally diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in May 2013 after seeing my primary on a regular basis since Jan 2012 complaining that something was wrong with me; that I didn't feel well and it all started after my Lupron Depot shots. All kinds of problems including extreme elevation of eye pressure (& now being monitored for glaucoma) to random fluid filled cysts in breast & leg multiple times to gums tingling & sore. Wish I could turn back time as Gyno strongly urged/recommended 11.25mg shots taken 2xs over 6 months after my 2nd endo surgery (2011 & 2008). First shot in June 2011/ 2nd shot Sept 2011 started feeling horrible immediately but thought all would be well by Dec 2011 when shot wore off. Period never really came back & felt horrible for months. Gyno told me no big deal that my period stopped due to my age and I was probably menopausal now. When I mentioned other side effects (other than normal menopausal ones) she told me it wasn't from the Lupron shot. Until I took the Lupron shot I NEVER missed a period since I was 12 years old; always regular until the shot! After starting on thyroid medication, period finally came back in August 2013 (normal). Still experiencing issues, but seem to be getting better since being on the thyroid medication. Forgetfulness, brain fog and memory issues have improved since taking thyroid medication (ironically it improved only after switching from generic to brand Synthroid F 48 6 months
11.25mg 2X O
 1  Adenomyosis Constant headaches, insomnia, depression, hot flashes, hip pain. Weight gain, increased appetite. No dryness or diminishing of sex drive. I have 2 more shots to go but won't be getting them F 52 1 months
 5  Endometriosis As I read through all of these reviews I consider myself extremely lucky. I had absolute NO side effects at all! F 38 1 years

 3  Fibroids, anemia, heavy periods So far: Hot flashes, digestion issues, brain fog, loss of appetite; insomnia I have only received 1 1 month injection so far 24 May. I'm also taking 2.5 MG od progesterone. I should receive my next 3 month injection 24 Jun. I'm very nervous though reading some of the other comments. F 49 1 months
1X D
 1  endometriosis I received a total of 2 Lupron shots...1 shot and then another 3 months later. The first shot had very random, odd side effects like suddenly dry skin, dizziness, severe leg cramps, and a feeling of being worn out. And of course there were hot flashes and dryness. With the 2nd shot, I started having severe joint pain, particularly in my hips. This has not stopped yet. There are days that I can barely walk or get up and down from chairs. This is on top of the hot flashes and feeling exhausted and such. I was not warned about the terrible side effects. I would have chosen not to do the Lupron, if I had. The 2nd shot was 'out' as of 10 days ago and I already have the endo pain again and now I have the joint pain too. I absolutely wish I had gone anothe rroute for my endo treatment. F 45 6 months
2X O
 1  Endometriosis and fibroids Dry mouth and soar throat, alterning bleeding and spotting, weight gain, fatigue, menstrual pain, joint pain, severe acne, no sex drive, constipation, frequent urinating, mood swings I tried both the 1-month and 3-month shot. After every injection, I had loss of muscle strenght in my legs for 1 to 3 days depending on the dosage. I could barely walk during that time. I've been bleeding constantly from spotting to regular menstruation for more than four months now. I have constant menstrual pain since the 3-month shot. I will have an hysterectomy in 10 days and can't wait to make it all stop. The severe acne on my back just adds to all the symptoms and contributes to my mood swings. I just hope it all gets better after the surgery because before the Lupron, the endometriosis was aggravating my IBS to the point I was sick all the time and could not keep food in. Now that part is better now but the side effects are just as bad, simply different. F 40 6 months
1X M
 1  endometriosis Severe headaches , and constant pain in lower back and felt like my hips knees and ankles were ripping into and had a burning sensation in them also. Also had some memory loss , haven't had any hot flashes or night sweats or nothing . wish I would've never taken this shot . My o.b didn't warn me of any of this please don't take this shot. I thought about ding a lawsuit . Once never had any of these issues until I started taking this shot. F 24 1 days
 1  Fertility The side effects were horrible, to say the least. I ended up in the psych ward because of this drug. Enough said! F 30 3 days

 1  fibroids PERMANENT INJURY, not side effect. ONE shot of Lupron destroyed my abdominal wall and I have not recovered, even after two major abdominal wall reconstruction surgeries. Do NOT try Lupron. Lupron is known as the Russian Roulette drug. Lupron is NOT FDA-approved for IVF. Lupron does NOT cure endometriosis. You may get some temporary pain relief for endo but Lupron causes permanent bone pain and other injuries. Lupron does NOT help you to get pregnant. Lupron shuts down your ovaries. Lupron does not cause a temporary state of menopause; it actually lowers your estrogen level to zero as if you were 100 years old. You will suffer the injuries of an elderly person. Google Lupron Petition. F 48 1 months
3.75 1X M
 3  Endometriosis Headaches, nausea, memory loss, weight gain, weight loss, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, uncontrollable anger, mood swings, hot flashes, Insomnia, Night Sweats, facial hair growth, acne, deepening voice, Body aches, No sexual desire, Lots of swinging emotions. I had gotten a rare side effect with "Break through bleeding" so I had to take another medicine for that for a month.I had taken Lupron two other times in my past. Now I remember why I didn not want to take it again. Its a nightmare. It's been out of my system now for two months & I'm still suffering with some of its side effects. I dont feel like the same person anymore, but I've been trying to get a hold of myself & tell myself its all in my head before these side effects destroy my personal life. Lupron DID help me, but no promises the endometriosis will not come back. I wish I never took it to begin with. F 21 3 months
 4  Prostate cancer Hot flashes, memory loss/fuzzy-headed, some weight gain Radical prostatectomy followed by combination of external radiation and Lupron injections have lowered my PSA to <.01 (undetectable). I have been on Lupron for 4 months and have another 3 month shot coming up, then we will watch and wait to see what happens. I'm just curious whether others have experienced any short-term memory loss. My oncologist doesn't think so - I know so. M 57 4 months
22.5 mg 2X O
 1  endometreosis Severe bone loss in right hip and chronic pain as well as my entire spine. Hair loss, short term memory loss, blurred vision, mood swings, loss of apetite, joint pain, flu-like symptoms. I've lived with chronic pain fir almodt 2 years..I wish I had never taken this drug and my doctor never warned me about these side effects other than it would give me hot flashes and my body would be normal again after treatment ended. What a crock of shit!! Stay far away from it!!! F 39 6 months
6 moths
 3  Endometriosis Insomnia, loose stools, polyuria Didn't anybody here READ or LISTEN TO THE SIDE EFFECT WARNINGS? "hot flashes, mood swings, migraines...etc." are expected and common. I have not had any of these--in fact, severe migraines, moodiness (severe), depression, overall achiness, bone aches, abdominal pain, hair loss---were what I was going through for YEARS because of endometriosis. I'm finally feeling this strange sensation--something akin to being "normal". Loss of libido--haha---ask my two ex husbands about that--endometriosis is the devil and wreaks havoc on anyone's sex life. If you have an evolved partner, "vaginal dryness" (another warned of side effect, btw) can be overcome easily--lack of interest, well, I know plenty of women (and men) who aren't interested and it has nothing to do with Lupron. All in all--I'm finally getting back on my feet from 20 years of being told "it's in your head". OH. And since I'm in Radiology for some 25 years now, I can tell you that if you haven't been pregnant at least once--you are already at high risk for all kinds of maladies, including osteoporosis. We used to get a lot of Nuns (worked at a Catholic hospital)--who were in convent from age 17--and some were bent almost in half from spinal osteo. There are many studies on animals too that say if you don't allow at least one pregnancy, all kinds of cancers develop. Research, folks, before you start blaming everyone and everything. The human body is supposed to do certain thing F 47
11.25mg 1X O

 1  Endometriosis I took two rounds of the 6 dose formulated for endometriosis first as a teen & 2nd in my early twenties. I now suffer from IBS, had to have my gallbladder out, blurred vision, fatigue, Chronic Migraines that don't respond to medication, Raynauds Syndrome, Tremors, Muscle Spasms & Jerks, Epilepsy, Odd weight fluctuations, Anxiety, Sleep Problems, Sleep Apnea, epilepsy, and I thought I had MS until I looked up a link to all of my current disorders & LUPRON POPPED UP! DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG. Try continuous birth control skipping the sugar pill or anything before LUPRON. I took LUPRON to try to have children in the future, but what future do I have living this depressing life? My mom is staying with me & I am on disability. My short term has run out & I am not sure if I can even hold a job with all of this pain and fatigue. DON'T DO IT. F 29 1 days
 1  Endometriosis Hot flashes, night sweats, thinning hair, facial hair growth, deepening of voice, heart palpitations, bone pain. Lupron completely got rid of my pain for the six months I was on it. But when it wore off, a month later it was back. It was presented to me as an alternative to surgery, with the warning "Don't look this drug up on the internet or you'll freak yourself out". I really don't understand how this drug got approved. It has some unacceptable side effects for too many people. I know now that I should've just opted for the surgery. All Lupron did was postpone it. F 29 6 months

 4  Fibroid reduction Significant hair loss and breakage I really have no complaints about Lupron (Eligard), for me it has significantly reduced the size of my fibroids so that my surgeon can perform a laproscopic procedure rather than an abdominal incision. I've experienced no side effects other than some significant hair loss and breakage. No hotflashes, sweats or confusion. It actually has not stopped my menses either.All in all, I'm glad I did it. I expected it to be so much worse. F 45 3 months
1X M
 1  Fibroids Chronic heartburn, GERD, Dyspepsia It works to help contain fibroids. But side effect is terrible. I am one of the cases, where it started with heartburn, progressed to gastritis then dyspepsia. For the last 7 months, the gastroentrologist, cannot seem to figure out how to cure or fix and no medicines work. I have severe burning in stomach all the way up through esphogaus into the mouth. I can't eat and lost weight. The medicine does assist with fibroid pain and eliminates it but the cost is high. I haven't felt well since my first shot and symptoms have escalated with my second. F 50 6 months

 1  IVF procedure Lupron has caused thyrotoxicosis - inflammation of my thyroid and everything that is controlled by pituitary, thyroid and adrenal gland and hypothalamus is out of order. Lupron has caused at least 12 nodules growing in my thyroid, thyroid antibodies, horrible hot flashes day and night accompanied by heart palpitations, breathing problems, sweating. Other side effects are horrible migraines almost every night for the first three years after lupron, high blood pressure, hair falling, brittle nails, gas in stomach, diarrhea, fever, burning and tingling pain in my head and body, dry mouth, dry eyes, vaginal dryness, my body is not able to make vitamin D any more after lupron, I have to take 5000 IU every day and vit, D is still low, muscle and joint pain (fibromyalgia), arthritis, gout, blurred vision, breathing problems, tinnitus... By ruining my thyroid and whole endocrine system, Lupron has stopped my periods forever. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS POISON IF YOU WANT TO LIVE! Every single day after Lupron is slow and painful dying. I do not understand why ABBOT and FDA are killing people with this drug. I do not believe it helped to anybody for anything except to die sooner. F 52 10 days
0.5 2X D

 1  endo Insomnia increased severity of migraines, depression and fatigue. MASSIVE body aches, clear into my teeth. F 32 3 months

 5  endonetriosis Miracle drug! I have had 3 surgeries for endometriosis and PCOS since I was 17so years old. I've been to numerous GYNs and specialists. My doctors were at their wits ends and this was the last resort before a hysterectomy. So I tried it. I have been in constant pain for years, and the first 3time weeks on lupron my pain was ever present and sometimes worse than before. But now, after my second shot I have been pain free for over 2 weeks. The only side effects I've had are hot flashes and night sweats, but compared to the pain, they're a walk in the park! F 25 2 months
3.75 mg

 1  Daughter for PrecociousPuberty My Daughter has severe bonepain, numbness,headaches, memoryloss, rapid weight gain,PCOS, MANY OTHERS IT IS A HORRIFIC DRUG!! NO ONE TOLD ME THIS WOULD HAPPEN TO MY CHILD!! IT IS A NIGHTMARE WORRYING ABOUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN EACH AND EVERYDAY FOR NEW ISSUES!! F 13 48 times
1X M
1X D

 1  Endometriosis Depression Hot flashes Back Pain Mood Swings Anxiety Hair Loss Night Sweats Fatigue Memory loss This was my second time on Lupron. It was a drastically different situation the second time around. I felt like I lost myself. Terrible depression and constant anxiety. I ended up on 6 medications in attempts to curb the side effects. I lost my job of 8 years and currently have no insurance. Because of this, I have not been able to see my doctor regarding the terrible back pain I have after being off of Lupron for 3 months. There are several petitions online to get this drug banned and/or properly researched. It has changed my life. Please do not take it! F 27 6 months
1X M
 5  Endometriosis, fibroids, ovary cyst Surge in stronger migraines, hot flashes, achy, gums bleeding... I have had severely painful endometriosis since my teens, had one child at 37 yo, years after the laparoscopy to diagnose my endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I am 42, I had hot flashes anyway, severe abdominal swelling, all over body aches, and really clotted, brutally painful menses. In my second month of Lupron, I had initial stronger migraines, and hot flashes, but about 2 weeks later, all the side effects eased off, and I am pain free. I did not have a menses from the first shot on, my breasts are shrunk and pain free from the swollen painfulness they were before, my abdomen is no longer painfully swollen, I havent gained or lost weight, but the loss of pain is wonderful. I know it is different for everyone, but my prior pain was far worse then any of the side effects were. I would recommend if you want more children, or lessen the suffering of a hysterectomy, which is why my Dr recommended it. I tried pregesterone, which made me psychotic angry, I had crazy anger on my estrogen heavy natural self, and it has calmed down alot....I am impressed. F 42 2 months
50 MG 1X M
 1  Prostate Cancer Memory loss, joint pain, loss of all interest in sex with not much change after treatment ended. Hot flashes, weight gain, muscle wasting, osreoperosis, muscle weakness M 64 14 months
30 1X D

 4  26 yrs Endometriosis/Pelvic Pain Weight Gain , Acne, Night Sweats , Major Hot Flashes had to dbl the dose of meds for hot flashes . This is my 3rd go around on Lupron . I am 42 yrs old w/ no children. I have been on every type of hormone therapy you can think of .I have had at least 5or more surgeries because of this illness . One was so extreme I had the nerves removed from my uterus but I still have pain . At this point this disease has robbed me of quality of life . I am so afraid of the long term effects of this medicine that I don't know what to do. I am actually scheduled for have surgery sometime in Nov to find out why in the recent months am I starting to have major cramping all over again. I have been really thinking/praying for answer weather or not I should have my Dr. do a hysterectomy. I am so over this ..Mentally and Physically . This medicine was a temporary fix as usual. :-( F 42 6 months
30MG 1X M
 4  stage 5 endometriosis migraine/leg pain/hot flashes/vaginal dryness i have been using lupron for 6 weeks now. i was SO scared to take this drug before but i thought i'd give it a try since i don't want to have a total hysterectomy yet at 34. it's not actually that bad. i would say that having no period is great!!! i have migraines and leg pains but they're very manageable. for vaginal dryness, we can get remedies for that. for lack of sexual desire, i think it's all up to your partner to work things out. my skin is clearer and i don't have issues with being forgetful. i regularly exercise (5x/week for 30-60 minutes) and i didn't gain weight at all. i think it's only mind over matter. positive thinking is the key. just don't think about lupron being in your system. if it will give me 2-5 more years to not have a total hysterectomy, i will take it! just went for my OB visit and so far, no cysts related to endo yet. F 34 6 weeks
3.75mg 1X M
 3  endometriosis headaches, hot flashes, MOOD swings, memory loss, NO sexual desire. Had my first shot in June, no real side effeccts until middle of July. The worst are the mood swings, my poor kids don't know how I will be from one minute to the next! Nothing takes the headaches away, and I constantly forget stuff.The pain has decreased by about 90% still painful to have intercourse (if it ever happens) Go back Sept 14 to talk about another shot or hysterectomy. F 36 6 months
11.25 1X O

 1  Ruptured ovarian cyst & endometrios Extreme back pain and menstral like cramps, insomnia, nausea. Don't have any children yet so I don't want a hysterectoy. Dr told me I would have one bad period and then the pain would go away. This hurts more than my prior symptoms. I can't live like this! F 34 2 days
 3  fibroid/pcos First month suffered 12 days straight of migraines. After that no migraines until 4 months on this dose, then they returned to once a month. Painful wrists and carpal tunnel like symptoms. Has brought tremendous relief in abdominal pain, painful periods and has reduced migraines, though somewhat. Has eliminated my acne, severe oily skin and reduced the number of skin tags. The tiredness though still remains and my weight gain has finally stopped, but not reduced. I have now been increased in my dosage as my hormone levels are still too high. It's a wait and see for symptoms vs hormone stability. F 45 12 months
7.5 1X M
 1  endometriosis Severe anxiety, severe depression, hair loss, hot flashes, night sweats, crying for no reason I was given a 3 month Lupron Depot shot. F 37 3 months
1X D
 3  Fibriods -HOT FLASHES that lead to increased heart rate and CHILLS -night sweats -Joint pain -fatigue -weight gain -Memory loss -sick spells out of the blue (couldnt tell what was wrong...just didnt feel good or like myself) F 33 3 months

 1   F 1 days

 5  Uterine Fibroids Hot flashes, headaches, weight gain, body aches. I felt my worst after the first and third shots. After the first shot, I had such severe leg pain and cramps one night that I took ended up taking vicodin after 1200 mgs of ibuprophen did nothing! I had headaches for the entire first 2 weeks after the first shot, and off and on for a week, after the third. I had my period when I got the first shot, and have not bled since. My fibroids have shrunk a bit over 40%, and it has really been life-changing. I am doing what I can to avoid a hysterectomy, and have hopefully entered permanent menopause...bloodwork next week should tell me more. The constant bloated ache is gone. I was confined to my house for at least 2 days during every cycle. I was terrified after reading so much about this shot, but, the side-effects were worth the relief I have gotten. F 49 3 months
3.75 MG 1X M
 1  uterine fibroid Headaches, nausea, rapid weight loss, joint pain, back aches, and worse of all, 4 rib fractures because it caused me full blown OSTEOPOROSIS! Do not use Lupron Depot for a uterine fibroid, unless you sill plan on having children (I would be worried though for the unborn child) and are going to have surgery for this reason. If you do use the lupron depot because you are going to have children in the future, ONE 3 MONTH INJECTION will shrinkage the fibroid to it's MAXIMUM shrinkage. F 52 15 months
11.25 1X M
 3  Endoemetrisosis Headaches, weight gain, so extremely tired. I'm only 24 and I take two naps a day that are two hrs each!! It's awful. I dont know what to do F 24 2 months
? 1X M
 1  Endometriosis I had the worse headaches, Hot flashes, joint pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain, anxiety,back pain, fatigue,depressed, mood swings, pelvic pain, no sexual desire.weight gain, memory loss, chills.I fell like i am not in my own body. I can tell you don't get the shot. I had a Doctor who works with natural healing tell me its poison for your body and i agree. you will feel poisoned. F 26 3 months
1X D
 1  Catemenial anaphalaxia Period didn't stop until two months after receiving Lupron. I have headaches, hair loss, palpations, difficult breathing, joint pain, extremely tired and depression. Not worth it. This was my first and last time on lupron. F 37 1 months
3 month

 5  Fibroid,severe anemia,heavy cycles Bad hot flashes, a little difficulty with focus, sharper temper, but nothing unmanageable. Actually got rid of my migraines (life long sufferer) in addition to stopping a severe flow of blood that almost killed me. I plan to be on it 2 more months and hope to be in menopause by then. F 41 1 months
3.5 1X M
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