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 5  anxiety none, love it!!Works great with no side effects M 362 2 days
 4  anxiety after 6 wk hospitalization Been on medication for 18 months and it really worked well. Sleeping improved from 7 hours of sleep in 3 days to about three hours of sleep a day. At that time it was an improvement but after these many months insomnia is still a problem.............terrible weight gain...........and poor concentration...........This drug was a miracle drug for several months but because condtion was so bad, I did not realize the ongoing side effects. Other classification of drugs did not work.........I do not regret taking Buspar.............It was a life saver but now I have to address the weight gain and the insomnia....Periodically, I get sharp shooting pains in my head which I now wonder about.....The doctors were attributing these pains to arthritis in my neck which I questioned........ F 80 18 days
 2  depression dizziness fatique blurred vision general feeling of blah M 76 120 days
 4  Tbi None I sopped and I became a little anxious M 71 1 days
 1  Anxiety Weight gain of 20 lbs, insombia, numbness of fingers, diahrrhea, dizziness, disorientation, loss of memory, confusion, extreme muscle aches and fluid retention causing pressure on bone joints which resulted in terrible arthritic like pain symptoms. I would not recommend BuSpar to anyone. The symptoms sneaked up slowly and I did not relate them to the drug early on. F 68 10 weeks

 1  feeling overwhelmed, anxiety Had constant driving headache, my skull felt like it would burst. I got more depressed, and then just completely flat. I felt half dead, not like myself, and was sleeping 15-16 hours a day. Also had terrible body pains, leg cramping, almost unable to walk (I am a runner). I felt like a non-being. Would never take it again. I'd rather be the way I was before starting it. At least I felt ALIVE!!Also, mystomach burned so intensely I could not put out the fire. My Nexium, Ranitidine and Tums all were completely inffective. F 68 3 weeks
15mgX2 2X D
 5  anxiety None F 66 10 weeks

 1  anxiety Severe muscle aches in legs and Arms neck and back. Hair loss. My legs feel like they are going to fall off And Sometimes I can barely walk. I stopped buspar about 2 months ago and I am still having all the painful side effects. I am afraid I have tardive dyscansia. I am in constant chronic pain!!! I would not recommend this drug to anyone. it has corroborating life long side effects F 66 4 months

 1  Generalized Anxiety Disorder I was given Buspar to add to Lexapro -150 mg. I experienced accelerated heart rate, sweating, nausea, diarrhea. The worst of it was seeing strange images, tryi mg to touch what I thought was there, and hearing repetitive voices/singing. I was so shaken I discontinued it. Has anyone else experienced this? How long will that dose be affective. I know I'm Not Crazy....... F 66 1 days
 5  complex post traumatic stress disor None It's a miracle. Intrusive thoughts are stopped cold, I can actually feel it working. I was able to cut back on the Xanax I was taking and will eventually eliminate it, in the future. I suffer from (diagnosed) cptsd due to extreme trauma and was at a point where I could barely function and was actually considering the possibility that I would not be able to continue living this way. It can't erase the cause of this horror in my life, but so far it has certainly eased the effects. F 65 7 days
10 MG 2X D
 1  REM Sleep Behavior Disorder .25mg cured the vilont sleep movement after a week. This dose made me tired all day and lack of alertness. It also caused vivid dreams that woke me every morning at 4:30. I could not go back to sleep. So I am not sure if the cure for RBD was the Klonopin or the lack of sleep. I felt sick for two days after I stopped taking it. M 65 21 days

 5  schizoaffective disorder, anxiety some dizziness, some sedation, some insomnia if taken later than 2:30 p.m. This is going to be a miracle drug for me! I take antipsychotic medications, and I have taken Valium for years (5 mg. X 3). My psychiatrist knows that the Valium is no longer very effective, and so prescribed Buspar. I fully expect the side effects to go away in a few days, and I am very, very pleased to have taken this drug, after resisting it for several years. F 64 10 days
5 mg 3X D
 4  anxiety i haven't experienced any side effects. the only thing i cannot take the generic brand of buspar. i really feel that buspar is a mild anti anxiety medication F 64 12 days

 5   Hard to describe, but a head pressure, almost a dizzy feeling during the first month. I'd say if you want to get (at all) a high from a drug, this would not the one you would want to take. On the other hand if you want to be relieved of chronic anxiety without being on something addictive, this is exactly the drug that you'd want to take. I've struggled with debilitating anxiety all my long life and have tried everything! I had stopped everything a few years ago concluding that there were some people who did not ever fit in. Still felt somewhat blessed - had a wife that accepted me and a couple good friends. BUt I was still stuck in the prison of this disease. Decided to go back to those old habit formers and even the new anti depressants - but shoot, my old body was not able to take the abuse. Decided, although my Dr. and a large number of those on this list did not think very highly of it, to try Buspirone. What's prescribed for me is 10mg x 3. What I actually take is 5mg x 3, and split a 5 into two 2.5mg parts to take in the evening if things get a little off. For the first time in my I guess 50 years of this (I call it definitely) disease, I feel completely normal. Not high in any way, but NORMAL. Took about a month to really kick in, but actually felt some relief in the second week. M 63 1 years
 4  Anxiety the only side effect I noticed after about 3 or 4 months on the medication was hair loss and LOTS of it. Has anyone else experienced hair loss on this medicine? I'm currently taking about 5 mg. once a day in an effort to get off this medicine due to such a severe amount of hair loss especially this past 8 months or so. F 63 2 years
10 mg 1X D

 1  OCDchild,then pot,LSD=high anxiety akathisia, tense throughout body, have to bounce legs, clench hands, punch walls. very intense and unpleasant dreams causing insomnia. very disturbing loss of memory. feeling of not being myself. I'm very glad this med works so well for so many people on this site. I can also really empathize with those who have found it awful. Cliché: we all have different biochemisty. Very low doses of 5 mg seem to help somewhat lower my need for xanax, concern about which led me to try buspar. But even 10 mg buspar can trigger the above symptoms. M 63 4 months
5-30 mg 1X D
 3  anxiety F 62

 3  only weight loss After reading MANY comments fearful of this med. Perscribed for binging as already take Klonopin. Many comments of weight gain?! F 62 2 days
10 3X D
 2  to lessen my need for xanax Started off great with food. My shrink screwed up my prescription writing other than what he told me to do so I ran out and he was out of town. So I had to quit. Then a few days later I started again without food and got akathisia. Switched back to with food and improved, cut back on my xanax and antidepressant (clomipramine) but started having bad, vivid dreams, not quite nightmares but very unpleasant. In the morning I couldn't get out of bed; felt like I weighed 800 lbs. Quit for a while. Started again and got same side effects plus even worse, horrible aching in my bones and muscles and when I'd lie down I'd punch the bed and walls and twist and kick my feet. Just quit. Certainly didn't help my sexual dysfunction like some people say. Maybe, maybe is the cause behind my recent nausea with coffee and cigarettes. If I conclude it is I may try to go back on a really low dose (I had been on 15-30 mg. daily) so that I can see if I can quit smoking after 46 years, cuz nothing else has worked. M 62 6 months

 2  depression, also taking lexapro horrible headaches, so dr. said to quit taking and call him in three days, and we'll go from there. vivid dreams F 62 4 days
1X D

 1  anxiety Took about 15 years ago. This drug was hell on earth. I was told by the doctor that this new (at the time it was) Drug was so great with no side effects, he didn't know how it worked. I had severe anxiety, I didn;t sleep for three days, every time I closed my eyes, I would see things racing all over the place. HELL-ON-EARTH !!!!!!!!!! I hape no one else ever has the side effects I had. You'll want to end it all..... M 62 5 days
don't reme 2X D
 5  Mild GAD Very minimal side effect, only slight dizziness which is not a problem to me. I was on Klonopin for my GAD. But it has lost its effectiveness over time and I do not want to keep increasing the dosage. I then gradually taper off Klonopin (it was not easy) and my doc put me on Buspar, 5mg thrice per day. It started to work the next day and I feel much calmer and more relax overall. In the beginning, I was sceptical about this med after all I read from various sites but it turns out to be working very well for me. The side effect is very bearable. I am glad I gave Buspar a trail!! F 61 7 days

 2  depression Terrible headaches insomnia, agoraphobia, achiness, extreme irritability F 61 1 years
10 mg

 2  GAD On 10mg 2x a day I got a strobing visual and auditory effect, lightheadedness, hot flashes, short term memory loss, short temperedness, weight gain. It seemed worth it the first week- I felt really good. Second week, much worse. Doctor took me off it. Might be worth a try on a lower dose, and give it more of a chance... F 61 16 days

 1  fibromyalgia/anxiety Disoriented; tight skin on fingertips; relaxed muscles: i.e., throat--hard to breathe, mild incontinence; drop in heart rate to 62; mild hypotension; inability to go outdoors--I live alone F 61 120 days

 5  Anxiety Light headeded for about an hour after each dose; slight headache; upset stomache when taken without food; nasal conjestion Do NOT consume excessive alcohol while taking Buspar! In my case, mixing the two resulted in waking blackouts that I never had with just alcohol. M 60 18 months
10 3X D

 4  GAD Dizzy right after taking my pill. If on an empty stomach I get slight to medium nausea. So I make sure to eat something each time now which helps. Strange long boring dreams. Libido somewhat down, but really to early to report on that yet. I just finished tapering off Viibryd which was awful stuff. I was on it for 8 weeks and had diarrhea the whole time. Still some lingering side effects which make it had to know fully what is caused by Buspar. My GAD causes terrible stomach distress if untreated. So far Buspar is keeping my stomach calm. Jaw clenching almost gone. This has been a constant problem with any med I have taken in the past. I will post again in a couple of months with more updates. M 60 8 days
5mg 3X D

 4  anxiety Initially, felt spaced out, was quiet, but that passed a few weeks in, now sometimes feel dizziness and nausea. I think taking with food is important. Also increases dosing, otherwise metabolized too fast. It has relieved my anxiety attacks, mostly, though I sometimes have to up dosages to get through situations and sometimes experience problems. I am taking a good amount, 3-5 doses of 7.5/day. Not on any other meds. Seem to get depression sometimes. Find it enhances libido. I mostly like this drug. Also use alcohol, in moderate excess, and find no probs from the combo. M 60 12 months
 2  Anxiety Extreme dizziness in the morning and doesn't seem to help anxiety that much. It also makes me feel emotionless sometimes and if I take it in the afternoon it messes up my sleep. M 60 1 years
10 2X D

 1  anxiety symptoms After being on it for 2 1/2 months, I began getting more anxious, finally culimnating in panic attacks. That's when I read this site and saw descriptions of all the experiences I was having. Increased anxiety, casued insomnia as I got to full dose of 15 mg b.i.d. , I felt extreme fear and disorientation, cold intolerance, with sweating hands and feet, on verge of tears all the time, noise intolerance, trembling arms and legs, leg jerks. It was frightening. I called my psychiatrist and he said discontinue immediately and to take lorazapam until buspar was out of my system. By the next day 80% of symptoms were gone. Use with caution, and monitor these symptoms! M 60 60 days

 5  anxiety brains zaps for about 20 minutes after dosage in the beginning, light headed for a short while, headache for first week, no real side effects after 3 weeks Excellent drug for my anxiety. I no longer ruminate obsessively over imagined conflicts. My mind has quieted down. My self esteem is back and I look forward to getting out of bed. Truly has enriched my life. Colors seem brighter. I smile and laugh again. F 59 9 weeks
20 2X D

 4  GAD Slight dizziness one hour after taking. Suffering from extreme anxiety, fear, worry, feeling of doom and anger. Also extreme malaise, foggy thinking and fatigue. Was taking St Johns wort for years, but quality was inconsistent. Buspar works in a subtle manner, not a sedative but makes me feel "normal" creative and productive. It removed all those negative and destructive symptoms I mentioned. Also makes me feel more social. I noticed it's effects after 3 days and look forward to increasing the dose and seeing how it works over time. Give it a chance. I don't however think this drug is for extreme cases. God Bless. M 59 14 days
5 mg 3X D

 2  Anxiety Dizziness up to one hour after taking; headache, nausea, grogginess, vivid dreams. This appeared to help anxiety but side effects not good; stopped by tapering off; have been off it totally for 2 weeks. Bad effects from discontinuation: severe headache/neckache, sleepiness, depression, nausea, early norming shivers, alternative heat and chills like flu like symptoms. Would never take this again. 59 6 months
15 2X D

 2  depression after taking for years , dizziness and sweats became more extreme I have always experienced some dizziness, sweating with this drug. I lived through it. Lately the side affects have become much more severe. My prime suspect for the cause is discontinuance of taking Effexor 2 months ago. M 59 10 years
 2  for depession/ aniexty My doctor increase my dosage to 1 tablet a day. A week ago I started feeling nervous can't sleep have bad dreams upset stomach I feel scared. Will have to change from buspirone to something else. I get scared that I am having a heart attack or that I am going to die. Are these side effects? I need to get my life back. F 59 1 months
 1  anxiety on smallest dose: slow breathing, stop breathing @ nite and have to call neighbor to make me breathe, confusion, immobile at times not good with depression, if your CNS is depressed: slows your breathing F 59 20 days

 1  anxiety on smallest dose: slow breathing, stop breathing @ nite and have to call neighbor to make me breathe, confusion, immobile at times not good with depression, if your CNS is depressed: slows your breathing F 59 20 days

 5   None Would never consider discontinuing use unless medically necessary. M 58 5 years

 5  ANXIETY & PIT-IN-THE-STOMACH FEELIN The first week was like I was getting the flu-type feeling. I think because the 10 mg 2 x a day, was too high to start out with. After one week it went away and I felt good. The dr. upped it to 15 mg. 2 x a day. But, I get too sleepy during the day. So, will ask the dr. if I can take the 30 mg before bed and 5 mg during the day to take the edge off. I also feel very sleepy for about 40 mins. to an hour after taking a 15 mg. dose. The only other thing for me, is a pressure headache if I am late taking a dose. One thing I'd like to say to anyone just starting...start slow and be patient. You get nothing for nothing. Things take time. I noticed too many newbies as they say, give up too quickly. And who ever thinks Buspar is a placebo, has got to be misinformed. By no means is this a sugar pill. It does work! The pit-in-my-stomach is gone! I am more relaxed. My muscles are not tense or tight. When around people, I am much more relaxed and are able to listen, more than talk. Sleep use to be a big problem. I use to take all kinds of natural sleep-aids (valarian, L-Ornithine, L-theanine, etc.). Now, I take 6 mg. melatonin an hour before bed and 30 mg. Buspar at bedtime. I sleep like a baby. That is amazing for me! My doctor says I need to take Buspar the rest of my life. I'd like to know from others, how they are doing after taking it for years. My husband says he doesn't see any difference in me. However, it's the difference I feel inside that counts. When watching suspense movies, I still get sweaty palms and on the edge of my seat feelings...but that's why they made the movie. I try to avoid anything on TV that will make me anxious or upset. Every day I walk for 30 minutes, take my nutrients and drink plenty of water. I feel the Buspar has helped my anxiety and the pit-in-the stomach feeling. I am grateful to the inventor. F 58 4 months
30 mg 1X D
 5  GAD, depression, sexual side effect none the anti-depressant caused sexual side effects- the buspar reversed this. i have a sex life again F 58 3 years

 4  GAD, depression Dizziness if taken irregularly, also seems to potentate with verapamil (a blood pressure med); I get a 15-30 min stupid spell (mild confusion and dizziness) when I take it in the morning with my blood pressure meds and later if taken on an empty stomach or if I wait to long between doses. All the above being said it is more effective then the welbutrin I was taking before this. I take 15mg 3X a day; I'm a big guy. I only take 10 mg in the morning when I take my blood pressure meds, then I take the other 5 mg about 2 hours later. Been taking it for almost a year now. No more anxiety attacks! worth the side effects in my opinion. M 58 300 days

 3  anxiety and treatment resistant dep first time i tried it, i developed a swollen eyelid and rashes under my arm. both my pcp and dermatologist said it wasn't related, but i got off of it anyway. started it again a few days ago and sure enough, my right eyelid swelled again. so no more buspar for me. very disappointing because it was helpful as an adjunct to fluoxetine. but can't walk around with an eye that hurts badly. my psychiatrist says nothing else for me to try. i've been through the gamut. talk about depressing! F 58
up to 15mg 1X D
 1  depression anger, anger and more anger. I am now off and should feel I should never have been on it. Don't use this drug F 58 6 months

 1  anxiety no effects whatsoever; good or bad If it were not for the comments on here I'd swear this medication was a complete placebo. Was prescribed it several times as an alternative to Ativan and Xanax. Xanax worked ok but left me hungover, Ativan worked great. After a month I flushed these down the toilet and told my doctor I wanted the ativan back. I know it's hell to get off of, but at my age, who cares? I'll be on my 4 to 6 mg the rest of my life but if it works why try and get off. I'm not one of these people who feel taking pills is evil. They were made for a reason and if that's how I have to live my life, so be it. it beats panic and anxiety attacks. If Buspar works for you, I'm glad but I secretly think it's mostly sugar. M 58 3 months

 5  GAD Big woosyness until I figured out the dosage. Usually lasted about an hour after the morning dosage. Had to lay down sometimes. I was taking 15 mg in the morning and 15 at night. After talking with my shrink I settled into 5 in the morning, 5 at noontime if I feel edgy, 5 at dinnertime and sometimes 5 around 9. Everything is great now. It really helped my condition. M 57 1.5 years

 5  General Anxiety Disorder Just a little bit dizzy at first right after taking it. I started out a couple of weeks ago taking 7.5 mgs twice a day. I just started taking my 15 mgs twice a day a few days ago. I can already tell a little difference. I know that the full affects are not there yet but I feel better. I went to a potluck yesterday and someone's dog accidentally knocked over a bag with my salad bowl in it and it broke. The hostess felt bad that my bowl broke but I wasn't upset about it at all. I mean, normally, I would have been a little sad (but not upset) but I was like, "eh". It didn't matter! And this stuff still lets me feel my feelings. I just don't worry constantly about stuff anymore. My DH's job was outsourced and that was the source of my anxiety. So, this Buspar really makes it easier to deal with. F 57 2 weeks
15 MG 2X D
 5  Anxiety, Panic Attacks I had a lot of dizziness and nausea within 15 minutes of taking the morning dose. With the evening dosage, I had very vivid dreams at night, and even some nightmares. I have always been a "worry wart" by nature, suffering from intestional and stomach upset, a feeling of fear, and a "racing" heart every time I was facing a stressful situation or decision. I never realized I was suffering from anxiety until I had my first panic attack in my late 40's. Initially I took this medication twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I got too dizzy with the morning meds, even when reducing the dosage, so I just took it at night. The night dose caused vivid dreams, which my doctor said would diminish after my body got adjusted to the medication. I now take it only once a day, before going to bed, with no ill side effects and the vivid dreams have stopped. Taking it at night also helps me relax so I can get to sleep. I did not feel immediate relief when starting Buspar. It took a few weeks before I began to feel calmer and relaxed in my day-to-day life. It also took a while for my doctor to figure out what dosage worked best for me. I still sometimes experience occasional, but milder, symptoms of anxiety when I am worried about something or am in a stressful situation, but have not had a panic attack since starting this medication. I tried to wean myself off of it once, but when my late husband got sick and the severe anxiety started to come back, I went back on the medication. I've taken it ever since. I believe Buspar works well for me. F 57 8 years
10 MG 1X D

 4  anxiety weight gain, dry mouth, May have aggravated or caused arthritis in my hip. Buspar worked great for me the first time I took it. It helped my career and made me feel much calmer in groups and in social situations. I am now taking it to ease anxiety during radiation treatments. It is okay, but I have headaches and feelings of depression which I think are from the buspar. F 57 1 days

 4  chronic anxiety (with Wellbutrin) None except if I take too much the anxiety gets worse. Have to be careful with the dosage. I take 30mg at night, then 10mg am with 200mg Wellbutrin, 10mg 2pm with 100mg Wellbutrin. If the balance isn't quite right, my anxiety comes back some, but without the Buspar, I was paralyzed with anxiety that had no base in reality. Essential to control my organic anxiety. Wellbutrin replaced 13 years of SSRI's, which got me out of the black depression, but also made me feel exhausted and useless. I barely kept my job, and couldn't function much at all at home. I didn't do my taxes for 5 years because the idea of getting the paperwork together overwhelmed me. Wellbutrin was a miracle for me, I got motivation and energy back. I'm much stronger now physically, I can finally exercise some - I was too tired on the SSRI's. F 57 9 months
 3  anxiety panic attacks deression At first alittle Dizzy, slight headach but did calm anxiety. Got full nights sleep. oke up Ok. I take at night before bed with food. taken in morning after breafast....this morning I took it and had to leave for appointment. Got dizzy and dioriented but after and hour OK. A bit more irritable, but sleeping.. taking with 800MG all natural valerian....used to take 1600Mg but cut back to see effects with buspar....will report back in week. Doctor I have says you gradually increase from 2.5...never take full doses to start... M 57 2 days
2.5 2X D

 2  GAD Buspar hasn't helped me -- yet -- after 3 mos at 15mg twice/day. Was just told to increase by 5mg every 4 days till taking 30mg twice/day. Wondering what this will do?!(Still relying on Xanax to make it through the day). I hate meds...but I cannot handle all that's going on in my life right now and I NEEEEEED something to work. Dr will not give me enough Xanax to help; and has agreed to try Buspar. I am still totally reliant on Xanax to control my panic and "what ifs" attacks... I am unable to "get a life" till this panic is in control. I have had constant nausea (even before Buspar) and no one seems to know why, other than stress side-effect. Only other meds I take are Estradiol (hormones) and Aciphex (acid reflux); and Lunesta for sleep (but doesn't keep me asleep) other than the Xanax, which is necessary to sustain me through the day, but with only 1 mg/day, that makes it hard to do. After 3 mos on Buspar (30mg/day) I still can't tell it is doing anything. Beginning the increase tonight till I can tell it's helping. I hope it isn't a placebo, like the post I read where the person was taking 90mg. I need help, with NO side effects, so I can get my once very-active life b F 57 3 months

 1  anxiety Not good at all.Once I got to 30 mg.it affected my mind.I was unsure of my thinking.Then it affects my sensory process.Everything was loud to me.All things in life as very loud.This was awful for me.I just thought it was a panic attack...I wont take another pill in my life time.Busbur was like poision to me... F 57 1 months
 1  anxiety, depression suicidal actions, strange behavior,hyperactivity,depression, excessive talking, loss of memory. These side effects resulted in a near fatal incident. Took 60mg. last day (30mg per day normal dosage during period), along with 30mg. Toprol under doctors supervision. I do not recommend it to anyone. M 57 6 weeks
 5  Anxiety, obsessive thoughts. A little buzz in my head when I take the first one in the am. I tried to wean myself off but found I was getting obsessive thoughts and pretty severe anxiety. I'm afraid I may need to take it forever... F 56 10 years
20-30 mg
 4  Bipolar Disorder When I first take it,I get dizzy and have hot flashes.I have felt less anxiety while taking BuSpar. I had never done well on tradtional anti-depressants,they usually made me manic,or sick. Taking BuSpar has lowered my anxiety levels somewhat.I still feel very tired a lot,and emotionally flat. I have been taking BuSpar for 1 1/2 yrs. F 56 2 years

 3  bipolar anxiety/depression It helps with anxiety, I've been pretty calm so far, but I'm moving very slow though and even talking slow. I hope this passes soon, I'm usually a very hyper person and I feel very drugged right now. its inexpensive which is good F 56 8 days
10 3X D
 2  Depression None Prescribed to counter sexual side-effects of Zoloft. Had absolutely no effect at dosage of 10mg tid, so stopped taking it. M 56 20 days

 1  anxiety disorder insomnia, sweats, paranoia, worsened anxiety, forgetfulness, loss of concentration, took about 2-3 months before these symptoms started; symptoms stopped about 1-2 weeks after stopping. F 56 2 months

 1  to get me off of Ativan insomnia,major flatulence,nightmares,skin rash,red itchy eye lids,rectal bleeding,weight gain,spacey,out of sorts,blurred vision,leg muscle cramps,hair loss,easy brusing,bags under eyes from lack of sleep. I am trying to decrease the dosage to get off of them, but its been HELL! My head literally feels like there is a concrete brick inside the middle of my brain. It's not a headache pain- it is like my brain is in a vice. It hurts sooooooo bad. F 56 6 months

 4   If you take too much, you can't sleep at night. You actually sleep better with less M 55

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