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 2  Heartburn Headache, stomach cramps, anxiety, insomnia, body aches The only consistent side effect was the anxiety and the headaches. The others were only occasionally. The headaches lasted all day; a couple times even close to being migraines. F 35 2 weeks

 1  gerd After taking zantac 300mg for four days I experienced numbness in my legs and pain down both arms. The gastro doc took me off of it, but my liver enzymes are very high and I have to go for many procedures to see if I have liver damage. In addition, I also need cardiac exams to rule out a heart attack. This drug should be taken off the market it is very dangerous. F 49 4 days
 1  gastric reflux & mild gastritis Dark urine and generally feeling unwell. Emotional. F 42 1 days
 3  gerd No sleep, heart palpitations, depression, confusion, extreme bloating. Had no idea what was going on until a friend said he started taking it and had body aches and headaches. I stumbled across this page....now I know what's making me so miserable. F 45 2 months
150 id

 1  Heartburn Anxiety, depression incomplete heartblock Would not recommend F 41 10 days

 3  GERD Sore throat, constricted throat, constipation, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, interesting dreams, stomach pain. I have used this drug on and off for years. When I was in my 20's I took 300 mg. a day for about 3 months without experiencing any side effects. I have been taking 150 mg every day for about a year, with minimal side effects only a little insomnia here and there. I started experiencing stomach pain and did not think at all that the Zantac could be causing it, so I upped the dosage to 300 mg. After 4 day's at this dose I experienced a tightness in my throat, sore throat, agitation, insomnia and anxiety. I missed a day of work I could not function. I have had issues with taking medications in this class of drugs, I usually experience headaches, this is the one drug that does not do that. I have now stopped taking Zantac and have made an appt. with my Doctor. F 52 365 days
150 1X D

 2  Gerd Heart beating fast Anxiety It helped gerd It is scaring me I hate my heart jumping F 27 7 days

 5  As needed for ulcers None, but I don't take it every day. I am very happy with this drug which I only a few times a month. M 37 60 times
150 mg 1X D
 4  GERD Burning mouth and tongue This is the first time I took it. I took it at night and even though it did help with the stomach acid I got severe burning mouth and tongue. I will not be continuing with this medication. F 66 1 days
150 1X D
 4  H.Hernia/Acid reflux/Pain swollowin GP prescribed this as Rabaprazole caused heart arrythmia and Omaprazole caused itchy skin. First 7 days fine but little acid relief then OMG nausea in mornings constipation all day and persistant stomach pain and horrendous belching.Some alteration to diet assisted this and I persevered with it. Now much better less symptoms and much less acid. Heard it can take a month to improve.I'm gonna stick with GP's advise and use it if all else fails but try natural remedies otherwise as it can stop absorbtion of vits and minerals so I'm taking a multivit at same time as don't want lose of magnesium causing ectopic heart rhythmn F 46 10 days

 1  acid reflux cramping, fatigue, insomnia, bloating, gas, and not sure about it but convinced I have some kind of damage to my leg, general body ache I started acid reflux treatment with Ranitidine but started getting brain pains... not unlike an ice cream headache... my doctor put me on nexium for my acid reflux and after a year or so I started to have issues with that too.... I was having difficulty with my lower leg/calf and foot (among other standard issues gas bloating etc)- my leg from knee to ankle lost partial feeling and then I started having cramps. Needless to say I stopped taking it. The cramps went away but I have permanent damage to my leg below the knee and to my toes... less sensation... just feels different from my other leg and has never improved. also have plantar faciitus. I started using over the counter zantac in low dosages... seemed to help the reflux and no brain pain... since it has ranitidine in it I figured maybe it is a dosage thing and long term reaction so I limited when I took the medication to when I was desperate and that helped... but... recently started getting the cramps in my leg again. I also have a general body ache... feels like I am aging (I am 44 but feel like I am a lot older) - my joints seem affected - I think I have always had issues with my joints but I think taking the proton pump inhibitors somehow causes acceleration of body aging... makes worse any bone issues like arthritis etc... cant prove it but I suspect it. the drug works but I am concerned about long term use M 44 3 years
150 1X D

 1  Hiatus Hernia, Barrett's Oesophagus Nausea, headache, mental deterioration, insomnia, anxiety, bloating, fatigue and malaise. Effective in stopping acid. Increases incidence of reflux due to upward pressure from bloating. M 71 4 months
300mg 1X D
 1  acid reflux Constricting of esophagus and throat. Great pains in chest , jaw and heart area. Had to take an epipen to get relief. Really major stuff. When I began taking it, it made me sick all over. Just ill like I had the flu, then as I kept taking it , the pains came and are almost like a heart attack. Take it off the market and replace it with something else. F 53 5 months
150 MG 1X D

 1  Gerd Had stomach pain 2 1/2 months after discontinuing the Zantac Dr order a ultra sound they say something in colon today they did a colonoscopy to only find the 10 Zantac my son took 2 1/2 months ago lodged and undigested in his colon M 12 9 days
 2  acid reflux Burping, gradual worsening of acid reflux, no relief at all from taking the pill, yellow stools M 35 5 days
150 2X D

 1  Acid reflux I didn't realize this was causing my affects until I quit taking the Zantac. I've been extremely Nervous, heart palpitations, shortness or breath to the point that I felt extremely lightheaded and even more nervous. I thought I was coming down with something. The bad part about all of this is I felt like I was slipping into a depression, I'm 33 years old and I was getting winded doing my regular workouts. Maybe Maybe a life saver for some but not for me. M 33 2 weeks
1 XD
 1  Gerd Sore throat,blurred vision,tightness in forehead. M 68 2 days
75 2X D

 3  Gastritis Pressure in head .sore dry throat and thirst F 58 1 days

 1  Gastritis HORRIBLE DRUG! Dried me up so bad I could not swollow. I drank and drank water all night but was still dry. Heart palpitations, sever constipation, did NOT help my gastritis. COULD NOT BREATH! Kept stopping breathing. Could NOT SLEEP ALL DAY AND NIGHT OR I WOULD STOP BREATHING! Stuffed up my nose. Felt like I was choking! F 60 1 days

 3  Gerd and Gastritis Muscle twitching (crawling/pulsating feeling under my skin) all over my body, heart palpitations (PVCs/PACs), gas and mild sleepiness. This medication worked well for my gerd and gastritis. The side effects took 3-4 months to kick in. It took me several months to taper off this medication and I am no longer on it. Lowering the dose temporarily worsened my gastric symptoms but after a week or two the rebound effects went away. F 29 2 years
150mg 2X D

 3  gerd Gas bloating anxiety slight headache F 39 1 days
 1  As an H2 blocker for Hives anxiety bordering on panic, severe dry mouth and nasal passages, agitation and slight confusion I was prescribed Zantac 150 2X day along with allegra for dealing with chronic hives. I've taken Zantac at lower doses and had not experienced anything like this. Out of the blue I started feeling confused and panicky. Dr. thinks while rare, I may be having an adverse reaction to the Zantac at this dosage. Day two of no meds and feeling a bit better but was prescribed Xanax to use if necessary for the anxiety/panic while I stop taking the Zantac. I woke up today feeling better and thought I was in the clear but by noon, I needed a half dose of the Xanax. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. They are also checking my thyroid so there is a chance it's not the zantac 150. F 45 7 days
150 2X D

 3  heartburn Stops heartburn but gives me major nausea and stomach pain. Feels like I am getting a stomach flu. Also experienced anxiety and the occasional nighmare. F 33 1 months

 1  Acid reflux Anxiety, constipation, weakness, leg pain, nightmares, vision problems So happy I happened upon this forum. I've been taking zantac for a week and haven't felt like myself at all. Seriously almost went to ER b/c of it. Stopped taking this today and I've read withdrawal is almost worse than the side affects but anything has to be better than the last week. Do not take this drug! F 37 6 days
150 1X D

 1  acid reflux Terrible! Dizziness stomach pain ringing in ears nervousness F 44 5 days

 3  Gerd Pain in legs and arms. Dry eyes pains traveling the body. Vivid dreams pains in chest muscles M 30 2 weeks
150x2 a d

 1  Gerd Horrible anxiety! F 44 1 days
150 mg

 1  GERD in pregnancy Dry heaving and sick to stomach feeling Was taking losec(Prilosec) that also made me Ill, so switch to over the counter Zantac and I have not slept all night I felt great yesterday when not on either. I am going natural to deal with this. Made me jumpy too. F 34 1 days
75mg 2X D
 1  stomach acid I became dependent on the drug. See below. I also may have had trouble absorbing calcium and b vitamins. Ranitidine and other H2 blockers, as well as proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole, are addictive according to a New York Times article in 2013. After doing some internet research following that article, I learned that the body, in its attempt to create enough acid to digest food, counteracts the acid inhibiting effects of these drugs by creating more acid receptors that create more acid, albeit diluted acid as a drug side effect. When you go off the meds, the acid returns to full strength, but this time around you have more receptors than ever, going full blast. The resulting pain leads people to go back on the meds, thinking they still need it, and the vicious cycle begins. I was on this cycle for 28 years. Now that I understand it, I have been able to go off very slowly, with a tiny bit of pain each time I go down a bit. Once I get used to the new dose I go down further. I'm now feeling better than ever. F 54 28 years
300 2X D
 4  GERD Nightmares I have found that taking a generic (Sainsbury's) ranitidine 75mg around 8pm in the evening gives me relief from heartburn for around 24 hours. If I forget to take it I will wake up around 2am with severe heartburn so I am confident it is doing something. Very low cost, around 1 for 12 tablets. I have seen my doctor who says it is OK to keep teking it, but to go back and see her if anything changes, they may decide to do an internal endoscope examination. But for now I'm happy to carry on with the single daily dose. M 56 60 days
75mg 1X D

 3  gerd, gastritis,hiatal hernia & LPR occassional nausea, bloating, severe constipation, breakthrough reflux F 56 1 years
300mg BID

 3  ulcers Chest pains F 60 3 days

 3  Acid Reflux Lose stools, Belching , feeling bloated and sick a lot of the time almost seems as when I go to the loo food is only partly digested. It certainly does its job I would rather the symptoms I can cope with them a lot better than the Acid Reflux pain M 26 7 days
150mg 2X D

 3  Gastritis None Didn't seem to do much, good or bad. I took it as prescribed and still found that I couldn't eat most "solid" foods without nausea, discomfort, or pain. I'm not sure that this drug helped me, as it's possible I might have just healed on my own. It's possible that it helped, though, and my gastritis did go away. It just took a long time. F 19 20 days
3X D

 5  Acid reflux Chronic Constipation and nightmares at times. I use prune juice it is my new miracle drug. F 52 30 years
1X D
 1  GRD Bad vomiting hand tremor loss of appetite swelling feet and legs sore throat I only took that long then couldnt stand continual sickness As I have suffered with this for a long time I was hoping Zantac would work.ITS NOT. F 66 8 days
150 2X D

 3  Acid reflux Hand tremor, sore dry eyes,dizzy feeling,headacke,very sore muscles. Zantac works about 70% for acid reflex but I don't know if its worth all the side effects. M 69
2X D

 3  Oesophagitis Fatigue; night sweats; headache Zantac certainly eased my oesophagtis but the side effects were unpleasant (see above). My real cure involved (a) losing some weight; (b) laying off fatty food, coffee, acidic food etc. As is so often the case, treating your own body more kindly is the right way forward.I was just being lazy. Drugs lead to more drugs. The ones you get from the doctor are just the same as the ones that junkies buy from the street corner. I feel bad that I thought there was a quick fix. There isn't. I needed to lose weight and eat better. M 54 14 days
150 2X D
 3  GERD Impaired vision, nausea, dizziness, feeling faint, exhaustion Taking this medicine impaired my vision long after taking it (about 24-48 hours later I still saw a lot of blurriness and couldn't drive). I'm also having consistent dizzy spells. It's pretty unsettling and doesn't make me feel like myself. F 30 5 days
2X D
 4  i broke out in hives None F 1 weeks
10 mg

 3  GERD severe constipation and puffy eyes. Night sweats and spots around the mouth. This has helped with the fact that my upper stomach pains have gone, but side effects mean I will have to come off it again. One episode of severe constipation took me to hospital and three days off work. Puffy eyes all the time, unable to clear throat with mucus and eyesight blurry. Will be asking doctor for change in prescription this time. F 42 90 days
150 2X D
 3  Grade 1 reflux, mild gastritis Worked for GERD pain but terrible constipation. Needed an enema to pass stool. Also affected my eyesight. F 49 7 days
150mg x1

 2  For Gerd I took this at night before going to bed and would wake up with a headache. Also it makes my breast very sore Taking 1/2 the dose has lessened side effects F 5 days
150 1X D
 4  Gerd None M 28 1 years

 1  Gerd/heartburn Hand tremble, anxiety,constipation, red dry eyes. M 65 50 weeks
150mg 2X D
 4  GERD and gastritis I feel a bit more tired right after I take the medication (but it gets better within an hour or two). I take the medication once in the morning as soon as I wake up and once at night right before I go to sleep. It took a while for the medication to start working, but now it seems to work well. F 28 3 months
150mg 2X D

 1  acid reflux Terrible headache, feeling nauseuos in the morning I have had the most horrible headaches from this medicine! Cannot function. I will never take it again! I also feel out of it probably from the intense pain I have had all day. I also don't see that it has helped my symptoms. F 50 4 days
75 1X D

 1  Hoarseness from GERD Diarrhea, gas, bloating, belching, upper left abdominal pain, complete lack of appetite, weight loss, felt just plain SICK This medication made me sicker than I have ever been from a medication. It started off okay for the first few days, then the diarrhea began and got worse and worse. I had no appetite and literally felt like vomiting if food went into my mouth. I was constantly bloated and wound up losing six pounds in three days before I gave up. Worst of all, I began to experience a pain in my upper left abdomen that was like a stabbing knife. The diarrhea-OMG! It was explosive. I couldn't even leave the house. My doctor kept saying it was the stomach flu. Ha! I'd like to see him live through over three weeks of this. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG! F 47 24 days
300 mg 1X D
 4  too much acid in my stomach Headache,gas,infrequent bowel movements,stomach cramps but the side effects dont happen every day. They come and go. It has helped me. I have taken Prevacid and Prilosec in the past and both of them I couldnt tolerate over time. So Zantac has been very helpful. F 51 14 days
150 MG 2X D

 3  nausea resulting from kidney stones haven't had much problem with dyspepsia for years, but when my kidney stones make my back cramp badly it makes my stomach to upset to keep food down, and passing, and to take pain killers. It actually seems to abate the cramping better than the pain killers, but I am unsure if it address the cause or the result of my digestive discomfort. Kidneys do not feel pain per se, the pain comes from the cramps in the back as a result of the damage. Possibly the zantac is blocking this signal? in any case, it always seemed to bring on reflux before taking it away before, but now it seems integral in management of my back pain from kidney stones. I would be interested to hear if anyone else has similar experiences and ideas about them. to feel totally pain and nausea free has been requiring three 150s a day, I don't like the way this dosage makes my head feel, akin to a slight light-headedness M 48 3 days
75-150 3X D
 3  Acid reflux Experienced dizziness, dry eyes, tingling sensations in hands, higher anxiety, loss of apetite I had no idea this medication had so many side effects. After 6 days on it, I began to feel very strange and not like myself.I got online tonight to research the medication and after reading all of the reviews, I now know it is because of the Zantac. I have stopped taking it and will look at other options. I couldn't understand why I was so anxious and not like myself. So glad I'm not crazy! F 17 7 days
300 MG 1X D
 2  acid reflux took 3wks to finally kicked in and do its job. Anxiety. Shakiness and weakness of arms and legs. Burning/heat sensation on back. Malaise. Nausea. And recently added to my dilemma, trapped gas which gives dyspepsia like pain, pelvic pain, kidney pain. What made me sure it is trapped gas is I felt relieved after belching and tooting! (sorry) took a while to work its purpose. If people respond to tums, gaviscon, mylanta and such, stay away from this med. I dont intend to stay on this med too long! I hope I can wean myself when acid reflux is totally controlled and will respond to antacid. F 43 5 weeks
150mg 2X D
 2  Upper abdominal Pain Insomnia, loss of appetite, frequent bowel movement and unsettling stomach with nausea that came on about 4am and last until lunch time. Unfortunately there were too many side effects of the drug, it did however reduce my upper abdominal pain. I've also tried omeprazole and i've had worse effects. Apparently this seems to be the norm for some people and i've been advised to keep trying other acid reducing drugs and PPIs. M 29 7 days
150mg 2X D
 1  NAISDS related ulcer peptic Constriction of throat and esophagus, darker urine at times, vivid dreams, malaise, nausea, chills, odd heat flashes, not like menopause, pain in chest and lower right side on occassion, lower back pain on occassion while sleeping, slight dizziness. Felt an ulcer coming on from taking over the counter pain/cold flu relivers. Started on Zantac 150. Comes in a container with 65 tabs loose in it, easy access and hey, you can buy it at WalMart so muct be safe. Taste minty and great to eat. F 51
150 1X D

 3  GERD headache, pains in body I only take it when I need it, but it does really work good. I sometimes take an enzyme papaya pills. I had to change my whole diet. Almost everything I eat makes me sick and I throw up every 2 weeks, so I am experimenting with foods. I mostly try not to eat too much. Eating veggies and seafood. Cant eat tomatoe sauce, butter, eggs or coffee all the time. F 59 5 months
150 mg 1X D

 4  Gastritis Headaches for the last 2 days...will continue to see if there is any improvement over the next several days. Have taken every brand of PPI's and H2 drugs on and off over the last 8 years. All of the drugs improved my stomach related issues, but all have caused me heart arrhythmia and other symptoms mentioned on this site. (tachycardia, PVCs, PACs, insomnia, sweats). I have refused to take any of these meds for this reason, but it seems I have no other options at this time of need.. So. I'm taking Zantac again, but have since found that adding a magnesium supplement of 200mg /day (which is less than the RDA) seems to prevent the arrhythmia. (knock on wood) and other symptoms. A holistic doctor told me about the magnesium and acid reducers. Most people do not get adequate magnesium in their diets and the acid reducers deplete the level even more. You need to take specific brands of magnesium for best absorption. Check this link regarding the FDA notice on magnesium and acid reducers. arthritisselfmanagement.com/newsletter/03-10-2011/new-fda-warning-on-acid-reducers/ M 50 5 days
150mg 2X D
 5  Reflux slight gas so much easier to handle than a ppi and does a better job (for me) tried omeprazole, nexium, prevacid and aciphex and all were about the same as this for reflux but all of them (bar this) raised my bp in to the stratosphere M 31 100 days
150 2X D

 3   I went to the emergency room with chest pain and they found no reason for it, so Dr. gave me 300 mg ranitdine. I was supposed to take it 2 x day but never took it more than once. I had been on prevacid before and couln't take it because my legs swell so bad and tingle. It's just not worth it. A natural Dr. told me to mix 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar in 4 oz water and drink with meals. magic does anyone else have a problem with edema? swollen legs..... F 70 10 days
300 1X D
 3  heartburn M 47 8 days
300mg 1X D

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