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 2  BV bloating, depression to the point of just wanting to be alone, tiredness, increased appetite, and anxiety. F 25 4 days

 1  Precautionary afterbirth remains Very sore throat, confusion , tension in head, extreme fatigue. My 2 weeks old baby is struggling with tummy pain and very loose stool as I'm breastfeeding F 30 3 days

 1  Tooth ache Hot cold shivers bad headache back ache kidney ache neck pain no energy no sleep feeling really not well Be careful with these M 63 2 days
2X D

 1  Womb infection Headache Dizziness Disorientated Nausea Weakness in legs and arms Joint pain and pain in shoulder Unsteadiness Lethargic and fatigued F 40 6 days
 1  Infected wisdom tooth Just felt worse and worse and had to stop taking on 4/7th day. Heavy eyes, fatigue, depression, nausea , diarrhoea, tingly fingers, severe neck pain, pain in legs, lack of sex drive, dizziness and weird dreams when asleep but coinciding with insomnia. All that for one tooth with slight pain but nothing unbearable like the tablets. #madness #no joke #bad #rather be ill F 31 4 days

 3  tooth infection dizzyness sorethroat F 4 days

 1  Suspected Bacterial vaginosis Whilst taking tablets I had bad nausea. Towards the end of the course I had severe diarrhoea for 3 days. After the course finished I had a numb leg for 1 day which then turned into severe joint pain in 1 leg and very sore shin on the other leg the next day. I could barely walk. Bending my knees or independently lifting the leg to walk was impossible. I will never, ever take this drug again, Shocking side effects and it didn't even fully clear up the infection. F 47 7 days
400mg 3X D
 1  C-Diff Mettalic taste in mouth,loss of appetite, nausea,loss of concentration,mood changes and anxiety. F 26 5 days
 1  Intestinal Infection Anxiety, thrush, yeast infection, shooting pains throughout body, infection, muscle pain in chest Well I just got off this horrible f***n medicine...I would NEVER recommend this to anyone!!!!! Gave me twinges throughout my whole body, felt like I was dying. Could not read any longer than a paragraph without feeling dizzy and sick, because my vision was blurred!!! And on top of this it gave me a yeast infection and thrush!!!!!!!! Hate hate hate metronidazole. F 18 4 days
500 MG 2X D

 1  Bacteria infection Nauseua on and off. Weak stomach. Increased appetite. Weird taste in mouth. Depressed. Very tired. F 18 7 days

 3  infection and pid Dizznes neck pain waist pain F 33 2 weeks

 2  BV I like to think I have an average range of sanity normally. Taking this started with wild dreams and fitful sleep. 2nd night paranoia and hallucinations that something was lyrking outside, trying to break into my house. I felt completely delusion +3 hours to +7 hours, then cooled down. Still groggy. Side effects seem to be dose dependent from reports and I want to fully treat the infection so I am going to try a smaller dose - long before bedtime. F 26 5 days
0.75% gel

 2  BV Depression, irritability, extreme fatigue and increased appetite. I was first on this med 6 weeks ago and I was diagnosed with IBS the first week after finishing. My BV is back now and I'm on day 2. Immediately after taking the first dose I became emotional and fatigued. I hope this BV clears up for good this time. I never want to have to take this med ever again the side effects are extreme. F 37 7 days
500 2X D
 3   I am currently on day three and I am feeling VERY depressed but my symptoms are gone. Hm now I'm weighing in if it's worth it to continue on to be depressed. F 27 3 days
500 MG
 1  BV Severe headache that seemed to change location constantly, Neck and back pain, brain fog, dizziness, fatigue, and anxiety I made it through 4 days of this medication before I realized it was the culprit behind my increasingly bothersome symptoms. It started as what felt like a sinus headache for a couple of nights and then quickly turned into constant headaches and confusion. I could barely stay awake and felt like I was in a constant fog. I can't imagine why more people are not warned of these side effects. Like others, I was only told about the alcohol interaction. I am stopping this medication immediately and will NEVER take it again. Hopefully my head will feel normal again soon. F 31 7 days
500 MG 2X D

 1  anerobic intestinal infection Depression, anxiety, severe dizziness and inbalance, insominia, loss of appetite, irritability, blurred vision. Was prescribed the drug for anerobic infection after major abdominal surgery. Abdomen was reopened and infection found. Samples were taken and grown in the lab. Flagyl was prescribed orally, 250 mgs. four times a day for 17 days, as well as doxycycline. Never experienced side effects like this from any other drug. Depression, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, extreme dizziness and imbalance, blurry vision, slurred speech. Have been off it for four weeks now and still experiencing some side effects. Get very nervous and anxious from time to time. Dizziness is gone and appetite seems to be coming back. Still not sleeping well. Vision not 100% yet. Tried two sips of wine and got sick to my stomach, dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out. Feel itchy and get prickly feeling in my arms, legs and back. My infection did clear up. My biggest nightmare is ever taking this drug again!! F 73 17 days
250 MG 4X D

 3  bacterial infection Extreme fatigue, upset stomach, awful nightmares F 44 7 days

 3  Infected tooth socket Dull headache, lack of concentration (lost keys, $200 spent on locksmith), confusion, grogginess, weak limbs, tiredness & lethargy, loss of appetite, mild depression, irritability, dark orange urine, M 47 5 days
 1  Diverticulitis (infection in colon) Extremely BAD BAD experience! I have been taking this 3x per day concurrently with Cipro 2x per day. After 3 days I became sleep around the clock, to the point where I felt like I was going to pass out. I have been off balance as well. As of day 5 this drug has been affecting my mental state. It has caused very high anxiety, feeling shaky inside, a bit like losing my mind. Really scary. I have 2 Metro tablets left to take today and 1 Cipro left. I wish I didn't have to take them, but doctor said I have to complete all the pills to ensure the infection won't return. I saw doctor yesterday and told him all this. He took it very lightly, saying yes, Metro (not Cipro) can cause drowsiness. That's all he said, like no big deal. Yet going through this is hell. As other have said in these posts, the RX did seem to get rid of the infection. But what a huge price to pay for that! I've never had this reaction to an antibiotic before. While it fixes one problem, it causes several others--li ...One pharmacist said the drug may make one a bit drowsy. The other said the drug would NOT do these things and I must have some other problem! Comments anyone? M 60 6 days
500 mg 3X D
 2  BV I got prescribed with this antibiotic for BV and it's been hell ever since I have started taking it. I was on it for 4 days but stopped because I started getting a rash. Around day 2 of being off of it. I started getting an odorless brown discharge. And my stomach has been really upset. And I am still getting the pins and needles feeling. I do not recommend this pill to anyone. It has made me feel awful. And I have never felt so worried for my health. Although it has cleared up my problem, The side effects are horrible. This medication is scary. F 23 4 days
500 MG
 2  BV I'm currently on Day 4 and I have been experiencing extreme fatigue. Very lightheaded!!! My BV is clearing up but not all the way cleared. I am on the pill, and it has an awful taste. I dread taking the pill. I would not recommend this medication. Also it helps if you take the medication with juice rather than water. It helps eliminate the bad taste F 20 7 days

 5  Trich std Had the one dose today at the hospital strongly ask for gravol before you take the 8 pills. I have major anxiety issue and I did it after reading all the scary reviews. One IV, 8 pills and 2 shots and a adivan ..I am alive .. don't be scared get the one dose its so much easier.. side effects I got was yucky metal taste in my mouth and a few cramps.. F 45 1 days
 5  bv Sickly feeling, really bloated, wind, stomach upset, fatigue. F 28 7 days
3x 400mg

 1  For amoeba After a few hours of taking the first dose - I started to get pins and needles in my hands - that progressed to same symptoms in arms and legs. I could only sleep a few hours and then would wake up with shooting pains up and down my arms and legs, some numbness and sharp pains in other parts of the body. Very scary - ended up in hospital, and then having to fly to another city to have a series of test. I only took two doses and then stopped. 10 days later still not feeling right although symptoms have subsided a little. Scariest medication I have ever taken - and that was from only two doses!! F 40 1 days
250 3X D

 1  Gum infection Severe night sweats, depression, cried for no reason, awful taste in my mouth all the time, swollen tongue, tired, dizzy, no interest in anything. Infection does look like it's going down however! M 27 7 days
400 3X D

 3  Gum Infection I feel awful, My head is hurting a constant pain, I have had terrible earache and on the first day of taking it Iv been bleeding black stuff my stomach feels horrendous like its full of air and all rearranging inside, Tired all the time, Bad mood swings and very dizzy and lightheaded. however it does wat it says and its taken the swelling down F 21 5 days
200mg 3X D

 2  gum infection Made me feel depressed and tired M 48 5 days

 1  BV I was puking, felt out of it. I missed a day so I doubled up on the medication not knowing that wasn't good. I was home for a week puking and went to emergency room. I couldn't keep anything down. That was in the year of 2012 and I have had stomach and intestine problems ever since. I have a strict diet now and have been diagnosed with GERD. I can't eat acidic or fatty foods. Don't take it. F 14 days
2X D
 1  bacterial infection while pregnant I felt extremely dizzy and my whole body felt weak. I stopped taking it after two days and was told to continue and on the fifth day I had to leave work because I couldn't stand. Woke up feeling like my head was spinning and I just had an overall feeling in my body that was off. Never again!! F 21 5 days
 3  Post abortion infection Nausea, dizziness/vertigo, feeling off balanced when walked, body weakness, insomnia, weird dreams, upset stomach, nasty taste in mouth. Horrible medicine would never take it again F 22 7 days
500 mg
 1  Tooth and gum infection I felt lethargic and depressed metal taste in my mouth and became very clumsy. Extraordinarily the metronidazole has not even kicked in after 3/4 days so I decided there is no point to continue them . They are not doing their job and making me feel sick. I also have incorporated with those symptoms flu like symptoms . I am also lactose intolerant. F 36 5 days

 1  dental abscess I was taking these along with 2x500mg amoxicillin for an abscess, stopped taking like after the fourth day due to very severe anxienty and panic. my heart rate is constantly pounding, in my mind it feels like I am not here. kinda like watching my life through a glass window, I feel like I am going crazy, I can't focus on anything all I can hear is thoughts in my head, if I'm talking to people I can't engage in conversation, its really scary. wouldn't usually post on here but I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I stopped taking Saturday its Wednesday now and I still feel like this, aswell as no appetite, fever, nausea, and stomach pains/butterflies but I'm not even bothered about them its my mind that I'm bothered about. went to doctors yesterday they prescribed me with chlorphenamine doesn't really seem to be helping but then again its only been a day. really don't know how to handle this anymore. M 17 7 days

 3  BV Stomach cramps, extreme fatigue, drowsy, dizzy, backache, chest discomfort, headaches, dry mouth, loss of appetite. I would definitely ask my provider for an alternate antibiotic in the future. F 38 7 days
500 mg

 1  Gum Abscess Dark brown urine, spaced out feeling, dizzy, palpitations, I feel wiped out, no energy. This drug is the devil. I was given 7 day course but I've stopped after 4 days I feel so weird. I'm going back to dentist for an alternative. I will never take these again. I also think dentist should make people aware of the side effects ( they only mentioned the alcohol one to me) F 54 7 days
400mg 3X D

 2  Mouth infection I had taken it before and experienced extreme nausea and feelings of being overwhelmed, but had a severe swelling this time and both dentists I saw insisted I take it as it is effective in clearing infection quickly. I am on my last dose and this past week has been so AWFUL!!! Almost unbearable!!! I have had extreme brain fog and depression and felt like the week was a horrible blur. I have had a racing heartbeat, feeling waves of hot and cold at night, unable to sleep, then when I did manage to fall asleep well after midnight I had vivid disturbing nightmares and woke at 4am. I have felt totally depressed and out of it throughout the course and felt as if I was having a mental breakdown. I lost the ability to feel any joy and excitement. I also had severe anxiety and began to experience panic attacks and shortness of breath. This was especially bad before bed but one panic attack was on the train journey to work for no reason. The mildest side effects were the pins and needles, the fatigue, the diarrhoea, the change in taste, and that my stomach had a burning feeling every time I took it. I dreaded taking it and do NOT recommend it, especially to people with existing or past mental issues as it could be very dangerous. F 23 5 days
400mg x3

 1  Dental Abcess Extremely tired, depressed, tearful, irritable. Some sort of brain fog meaning making mistakes easily. I seem to be upsetting other people too. I'm really not all there. This stuff makes you feel beside yourself. I'm not sure I'll be able to complete the course, I'd rather the abcess came back and have a tooth out than put up with what this is doing to my mind. Horrible medicine. . M 44 5 days
400 3X D
 3  C diff Metal taste in mouth, dark urine, body medicine oder with night sweats, horrible anxiety, fatigue, nausea, vomiting after first dose, depression, rapid heart beating Nightmare ten day treatment! F 47 10 days
500 3X D

 1  Suspected PID Unable to continue after 4 doses. Hallucinations and confusion both night and day, unable to move for 2-3 hours after dose due to excruciating headache and incessant waves of nausea, dark urine. I have never experienced anything like this. GP advised stopping immediately. I felt my health was put in jeopardy by taking this. Horrible almost surreal experience. This is the first time I have contributed to such a site as this but experience was so bad feel I must share. F 47 2 days
400 2X D

 4  I had trichomonasis I began throwing up on my fourth day of taking this medication and i threw up yellow liquid tasting like poison 30mins right after i took it for 4days straight and i couldn't eat for a few hours before nor after i took this medicine.i never want to catch an std again!i hate this medicine F 21 7 days
500 mg

 5  tooth absess i felt like i had a massive hang over the entire time of taking this medicine i experienced chest pains as well seemed to work very fast however i wont be taking it again full marks for working but the side effects not so appealing F 46 5 days
200mg 3X D

 1  Reflux and rash (I think) Sever stomach cramps, emotional, on going! I have taken this drug before for BV about 5 years ago, and did not experience any side effects whatsoever. This time.. OMG! I have reflux and have had on going issues with that. Went to docs with a rash, and he prescribed this drug and a couple of others. I was rattling! Day 3, I experienced the most severe stomach pains ever. I couldnt breathe in, walk about, sit down, stand up, lay down.. nothing.. I vomited twice, and to cut a long story short I went to the docs who said that they had interefered with my complaint, and to come off them. 3 days after coming off them, I am still in pain. Not as severe, but I have a feeling that I have been winded, and breathing in is uncomfortable and moving about is not a pleasant experience. Also when I cough and sneeze, it causes my stomach to flinch. My stomach is bloated too, like extended at least 6 inches. I can't hold it in. I am just feeling really sorry for myself. I didn't drink. I remember from the last time I took them that this was a no go! I don't know what to do now. I can't feel like this for much longer! Back to the docs on Monday me thinks! F 39 3 days
30 3X D
 3  suspected PID tiredness, bitter taste in mouth, joint pain, fever, perspiration F 14 days
400mg 2X D

 1  mouth infection Was in bed for the week I was on this medication. Although it relieved the pain from my mouth very quickly, symptoms from the antibiotic replaced it. I had depression, tiredness, anxiety, hot and cold flushes, head aches would come and go same as the back pain. Sympons that worried me about this drug was the shaking hands and depression it gives you. It was weird because I never get symtons from meds and rarley feel so down. I was getting panic attacks and feelings of depression for the first 4 days of taking this. I would definitely ask for a different antibiotic if I ever have this problem again. F 17 1 days

 1  suspected infection PID Horrible!!! I am on day four and it is horrible seeing others comments makes me feel at ease I seriously thought I was going crazy side effects include stiff neck shoulder pain jaw tension anxiety panic attacks thoughts of death and dying rapid heart rate shaking of hands thigh twitches shortness of breath like you can't take a deep breath loss of appetite the runs insomnia chills angry irritable no interest in sex. I almost feel like I have the full blown flu or vertigo. I even asked the doctor of the possible side effects she said there were none. I did not get a leaflet paper with it either! Would not recommend! I have a 3 month old at home and cannot even hold her right now without feeling dizzy or spaced out! F 24 7 days

 1  amoebic dysentery Severe anxiety, depression, panic attacks lasting two hours at a time, sore throat that feels like needles or knives are in my throat which will not go away, inability to sleep, and difficulty swallowing (again, linked to the anxiety which causes tensing of throat, leading to throat irritation) This drug is horrific. Never ever ever take it if you can avoid it. F 25 7 days
400 MG 3X D

 1  Bacteria infection Sore back, headache, stomach cramps, fatigue, minging taste in mouth, and the most worse case ever of the runs!!! Hope I never have to take these tablets again! 38 6 days

 1  Gum Infection extreme neusea after taking only two doses of this tablet, slept from morning to evening, adomninal pain, irriatablity, headache F 18 2 days
400mg 3X D
 2  BV I took the gel for 5 days, once a day. it worked got rid of BV.BUT the side effects for me were horrible! I have really bad cramps and my vagina broke out in a rash. and it itches sooo bad, to the point where I just cry. (im not a sensitive person but this really got to me). I don't have stds, ive been tested. its this drug that has me all messed up. F 19 5 days
5 g
 1  bacterial infection Very itchy, irritable, depressed, BAD mood swings, blurred vision, hot, cold, loss of appetite, sore, cannot concentrate, spacey, etc. Absolutely horrible. Day 4, 3 to go. Dread taking. Feels like im some hardcore tweaker. Do not recrommend. F 21 4 days
 2  Diverticulitus Terrible problems sleeping and tarry stools and shoulder pain. Never had any side effects this strong on any other antibiotic! M 58 10 days
500 4X D

 3  Dental surgery I felt weakness, foul smell from urine,stools and sweat,very bad smell in mouth,as if not brushed for ages,it also affected my driving skills..was a bit suprized,but it was a side effect I realized only after the dosage stopped,you actually feel confused and ur driving in traffic is messed up...it was a dirty feeling ...yuk 31 5 days
3 x d

 5  Bacterial infection Dark urine, nausea after eating, accelerated heart rate, thrush, cramps, headaches The first few days I didn't have any side effects, then it seemed to hit all at once. Every time I take a pill I feel sick and sick again after eating. On day 4 I had thrush and my heart wouldn't calm down. Increased headaches and cramps. But it did kill my infection with the quickness. F 23 7 days
500 2X D

 4  STD Nasty taste, loss of sleep, cramping ALL OVER M 40 10 days
250mg 3xs

 3  BV The first 3 days I thought I had the flu. I couldn't get up out of bed for 3 days. I had chills; a fever that would go as high as 101.5; loss of appetite; headache; I even called the Doctor that prescribed the antibiotic to ask her if these were side effects of the medicine, she said it sounds like what i have is the flu and said these aren't the side effects of the medicine. So i spaced the medicine out longer than I had been and started to feel better. With the flu, I know it last longer than 3 days so I couldn't have had the flu. I never want to take this again! F 28 7 days
500 2X D
 3  BV While on this pill for BV I experienced all of these things below. None were unmanageable, but they were unpleasant: _________________________ Heartburn_____Scary fast pounding heart at night _____Paranoid thoughts / anxiety about dying right before falling asleep _____ Discomfort taking deep breaths _____Was always thirsty even tho I drink water all day _____Dizzyness _____Soft stool _____Very gassy, some bloating _____Discomfort in stomach, intestines, sides _____Strange dreams, re-living old dreams I had had years ago, scene by scene (for 4 nights!) _____Phantom smell _____Shoulder pain,back and neck pain _____Ringing / foggyness in ears __________________________________________________ _________________________ Good side effects: _________________________ My skin looks radiant! _____ I feel a general 'happiness' and 'pep' that I hadn't felt for a long time. __________________________________________________Tips:__________ _____Make sure you limit the amo F 28 7 days
500mg 2X D
 1  Bv It gave me hallucation I didn't know until I read the side effect I can't think right I don't before stopped taking it am gona use the gel instead. F 25 2 days

 1  bv Basically little sleep and if i do sleep i wake up with a pounding heart,that last for about 30min,very scary!!!!! metallic taste in my mouth,shoulder pain,back and neck pain,dizziness and chest tightening feels like gas and bloating. I am very uneasy and anxious the weird thing is most of all this got worse after i stop taking this medication which i stopped three days early because of side effects F 39 4 days

 4  BV Rash in chest and back, itchy red dots, annoying. Seems to be working though, I think. Head pounds when I stand up but not an ongoing type headache. F 38 5 days

 3  BV Depression/brain fog. Excessive tiredness. Back and neck ache!! I am usually a happy involved person but by the 4th day of the 7th day treatment, I was whiney with the covers over my head. Very alarming mood switch for me. Next time will use the gel instead. Also stuffy nose with slight headache. F 45 7 days
500 mg

 2  PID/BV Funny taste, feeling sick, headaches,really irritable and the worst thing SLEEP...can't sleep...feel like I've been on something... but shattered in the day. F 38 4 days

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