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 1  ulcer and gastrits Severe pain and burning in through mouth and esophagits. mouth and espe Heart papitaton and upset stomach.Hear F 3 days

 4  Volcal chord cancer Have not yet really noticed much... Had radiation therapy on a tumor on a vocal cord... Really helps my sore throat.... Made it much easier to eat... :-) M 52 3 weeks

 5  doxycycline hyclate damage short term memory loss. Slight dizziness as expected from this. This thing works wonders.... my immidiate flamethrower pain when eating is reduced to a slight sting on my lower right breast.. M 31 2 days
2 TSP 4X D
 1  two ulcers nausea and extremely severe stomach pains even in kidney areas. F 67 3 weeks
40 MG

 1  I have two very large peptic ulcer I was prescribed carafate 6 weeks after the ulcers were found by an EDG. I was not getting any relief taking 40 mg of protonix twice a day. Because of the flavor I gag so bad I throw up right after taking it, so it has done nothing for me... My symptoms seem to be getting worse, not better although I have completely changed my diet. I do not smoke, rarely drink alcohol and tested negative for the h paloyri, I have in the past taken NSAIDs quite regularly, but have not touched them in almost two months, yet I have had no relief. F 38 10 days
 4  botched endoscopy It WILL block other meds you take, which really sucks (take other meds well before this, and work out schedule for drugs you're supposed to EAT FOOD with). It leaves thick layer of chalk feeling in throat but really helps with ulcer pain. I'm only on day 3 of a 14-day course of Carafate (but I think I'm only going to do 7 days, long enough for the Protonix to start working well). The ER gave it to me after they found their surgeon had dug a little too deep for a biopsy during an endoscopy. In other words, I have a sudden ulcer now that I didn't have before the endoscopy, and the pain from that was truly indescribable (maybe because it was so sudden?). The on-call surgeon sent me to the ER about 36 hrs after the endoscopy; the ER dripped Dilaudid for pain after my heart checked out okay, even when I said Vicodin hadn't touched the pain. Sure enough, Dilaudid did nothing for the pain, either (though ice packs helped a lot). They put me through a bunch of tests and scans, FINALLY gave me a "GI Cocktail", and that worked like magic! But GI Cocktails wear off, don't really heal anything, and that's why they gave me 14 days of Carafate until the new Protonix script (and double Ranitidine dosage) could kick in. The first dose or two doesn't seem to help at all, but by the third dose, and sticking with just the low yield BRAT diet (banana, rice, applesauce, toast), the incredible pain was essentially gone. YAY! But WARNING: I can't get my other meds (thyroid, propanolol for heart rate, even melatonin for sleep) to work! It turns out you have to be REALLY CAREFUL scheduling meds around this stuff, because Carafate WILL BLOCK ABSORPTION of meds. I get up super early to take Protonix. F 36 7 days
1 gram 4X D
 5  Gastritis Had a terrible case of gastritis. Had gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach) along with the gastritis. Gastritis pain unbearable. The carafate soothed and coated the stomach lining and the gastritis was gone within 2 weeks. Then I could concentrate on curing my Gastroparesis which I did F 47 2 weeks
 4  GERD/stomach paid due to doxycyclin At first had stomach burning if I didn't eat exactly 1 hour after taking medication. Has gone away. Do have dry mouth and sometimes "chalky" feeling in throat. My esophagus feels healed. Before taking this felt like a blow torch was in my esophagus. I still have some stomach pain so will continue medication. Doctor recommended I take this for two more weeks after symptoms disappear. As a side note, has helped with IBS. F 60 3 months
1 GM 3X D

 1  Complications from GERD Awful drug, had every side effect including burning esophogus and severe back pain. Woke up in the middle of the night with dry mouth and dry throat with acid coming up, not a good combination, set me back several days. Would not recommend this drug, does not work any better than Maalox. F 57 2 days
3X D

 3  GERDS Headaches, Stomach pains, Dizziness, Brain Fog, Brittle Bones F 48 4 months

 1  possible stomach ulcer No help at all still in pain everyday M 40 4 weeks
4 times a

 1  Esophagitis Caused nausea and horrible stomach pain and burning that wouldnt let up. Also a hot flushed feeling. Horrible drug. F 41 1 days
Took twice

 3  esophagitis I felt exceptionally nauseous but it did soothe my stomach pains.. this drug is worth trying if you are experiencing stomach pains related to acid. F 15 10 days
1 g 4x
 5  Gastritis and GERD none I took this medication only once and it worked well. It made the nausea go away and enabled me to eat. F 28 1 days
1X D

 3  Gastritis Crushing headache, dizzy/lightheaded, brain fog, inner tremors, constipation and insomnia. Not sure which is worse...the side effects or the gastritis pain. This worked for relieving the gastritis but I'm going to try something else. This stuff is expensive too M 49 7 days

 4  Indegestion , pains in stomach None Has worked great for my stomach pains that I guess are caused from Gastritus which the doctor seems to think I have..Hard to take 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after meals..other than that it works great... M 51 7 days
1 GM 3X D

 2  gastritis Doc said take it, so I took it. I never felt the gastritis. He found it during a routine endoscopy. Now I have stomach polyps and doc says "Oh yeah, it can do that" Great! Now I risk a cancer that I would not have had I not taken a drug that I didn't feel I needed. I am off it and taking plain old baking soda before meals. Stops acid, right? F 53 6 months
10 mg 4X D
 4  Duodenal & Stomach Ulcer Diminished mental capacity and memory. This medication works well and allows the ulcer to heal. BUT I just found out that it contains a HIGH CONCENTRATION OF ALUMINUM! The only reason I started researching into this medication was because after taking this medication for 1 1/2 months, 4 times a day, my dad is now complaining of a diminished capacity in brain function and memory. He's saying that he's becoming more "slow" and he's becoming more "forgetful". If anyone else is considering taking this drug, please take that into consideration...the link between aluminum and alzheimer. But, in terms of the effectiveness of the medicine itself, it works really well! It does what it's supposed to do. But it's probably not a good idea to take this long term. Definitely consult with your doctor regarding the potential side effects. F 64 1 months
10 ml 4X D

 3  ulcer headache, neck pain, severe leg/foot cramps doc say none of these are side effects, he should look it up. I can't take nexium, prilosec, any of the other drugs for my ulcer & now can't take this one, either. I'm off to trying herbs. F 53 2 months
10 mg 2X D

 5  C Diff, IBS No side effects which is odd for me! I got C Diff somehow, was on Flagyl for on week deathly deathly sick, switched to Generic Cipro still making me sick. Gastro Pa prescribed this for me to help keep my stomach calm to take the antiobiotics. This drug is amazing and has helped me so much. If you have never tried it I would ask for it. Its done wonders also for my IBS. Most ever medication I take does not like me but this one is A++ F 44 5 days
1mg 4X D
 4  Gastritis Peptic ulcers Upset stomach nausea I have only started this drug along with pepcid (famotidine) I had a upper ENDO done and have gastritis and peptic ulcers and they first put me on prilosec and it did not work so after a ER visit cause i thought i was dying they tried this and it worked! I still have stomach pain a bit but it might be due to something else or just a side affect but its not as bad as it was! F 28 3 days
1GM 4X D

10 MG 4X D

 5  gasritis, acid reflux none Feel like weeping with relief. I was in the ER with scary burning in chest and back, couldn't eat a thing, distended abdomen. They did a CAT scan ruled out any serious problems. Less than 24 hours on Carafate and Protonic I started feeling real relief that otninues now, on day 2. F 55 2 days

 4  stomach ulcer None Unlike prilosec or zantac, this drug has had no side effects. It is gradually reducing stomach pain. I think it works well. M 53 30 days

 5  Bile Reflux None Taking the liquid suspension is easy, not tasty, but easy. Burning pain was quelled immediately and that is all I ask for. F 42 6 days

 3  esophogus rash around the bottom lip M 29 4 days

 5  esophagus ulcer from doxycycline none I had pain in my chest and upper back and felt an uncomfortable fullness in my upper body. I was instructed by my doctor to take OT C Priolosec for 1 week with Carafate. The symptoms were gone in a day but my doctor would like me to take the Carafate for 2 weeks F 58 1 weeks

 1  ulcers Ihad burning sensations in my stomach. This medication made my stomach pain much worse. The pain was exactly in the places where my ulcers are located. I had the chills and finally threw up. Thank God! I don't take any other medications, however I do have non Hodgkins lymphoma. My regular chemo (Rituxan) doesn't cause me this kind of problem. Some research should be done to explore the effects of Carafate on patients with low stomach acid. F 62 1 days
 5  gastritis Some brief heart burn from time to time I have to say that this is a wonderful medicine. I have taken it on & off for over 20 years. Doctors don't think to prescribe it much because of the newer drugs, but, it works! I take Carafate and Nexium every day. Suffer from gastritis, IBS, & acid reflux. F 43 25 years

 5  Excess Stomach Acid - reflux None Worked extremely well. M 48 3 weeks

 5  Reflux at night No side effects at all. I experienced nighttime reflux for many months. I almost choked to death several times. I was so afraid of it that I would only sleep sitting up in a chair. You can imagine what that was like along with work and caring for my child. My husband tried sleeping sitting up in the living room with me for support, but why ruin his life and career too. The GI that I was seeing tried everything and I followed every tip and guideline out there. Endoscopy showed nothing. The GI finally precribed Carafate. IT WORKED IMMEDIATELY!!! I take a two teaspoonful dose (that's all!) prior to going to bed and I sleep with a fifteen degree wedge pillow and have not experienced a single episode since. It is truly a wonder drug. My quality of life has been restored. F 34 4 months

 5  Reflux None I was prescribed the liquid by my GI to get my out of control reflux problem under control. It is very easy to take - almost pleasant. It worked wonders! It did the trick like no other medication(s)has. M 55 3 weeks

 4  Gastritis Some dry mouth, but not bad. It started working after the second pill. I'm still using it. Works the very best when I take just as recommended of course! Sometimes I forget, then hurt some after a meal, but works best 1 hour before eating anything! I like the cost too, not as expensive as Protonix!! Have to remember to take 4X's a day, which is difficult for me, but I feel so much better already! F 51 2 weeks

 5  Stomach Ulcers/Gastric Acid Constipation when I first started taking them. I was on Carafate 4 times a day plus Nexium 1 time a day for bleeding stomach ulcers and gastric acid. These pills worked very well for me and I was able to stop taking them all together. F 35 5 months

 2  Gastratis I have been on for three days and never have felt worse. I have all side effects that are listed. F 42 3 days

 5  Crohn's disease nausea, headaches I'm taking Carafate along with many other medicines for Crohn's disease and today I'm not feeling so hot. I'm extremely fatigued, I have nausea, chills, and stomach cramps. I don't know if this is from the Carafate or the AciPhex (since I started both at the same time). I currently take three to four tablets a day depending on what's needed. The only down side is that the pills dissolve INSTANTLY and you end up swallowing a bunch of horrible tasting dissolved mush. F 18 3 days
 5  heartburn and IBS Started taking Carafate for heartburn. Finally something that helped. Started noticing that it also helped with IBS symptoms. Started with 4 pills a day, and am down to 1 or 2 pills a day now. F 50 2 years

 5  IBS None This medication has eliminated (except when I forget and don't take it for a few days) the intestinal pain I suffered for years. I am supposed to take 4 tablets a day, but I have gradually reduced this to two a day, before my major meals. F 65 7 years
 3   M 2 months

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