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 1  Panic attack Head pressure rapid heart rate internal trembling muscle twitches chest pains negative thoughts This medicine does more harm than good. Works great at the beginning. But your body will get addicted to it and coming off is insane. One of the most horrible things that has happened in my life M 24 2 years
 5  Severe Anxiety Initial light headedness and drowsiness. Klonopin has been a wonderful medication for me! I spent long days, months, years paralyzed in my house, with crushing panic attacks at the thought of having to go out. Klonopin put an end to that problem. F 50 10 years
1.0- 2.0 m
 5  General and Social Anxiety Virtually none. I feel mildly sedated (could call it tired I suppose) an hour or so after I take it but that feeling goes away soon after. This is a funny one. . . "my filter is broke" I'm more outgoing, talkative. . . have to watch what I say. It would be difficult for me to overstate how beneficial this drug has been to me. Prior to adding Klonopin to my regimen (diagnosed BP as well) my anxiety was so severe as to affect every aspect of my life. Socially, I was a recluse. I had to psyche myself up prior to going into social settings. At times even trips to the grocery store were difficult. At work I had a phobia when it came to using the phone (abhorred conference calls, etc). Overall, there was this constant, pervasive fear that I had never been able to shake (been that way since I was a child). After Klonopin. . . .everything changed. Like a switch, life isnt as hard anymore. I dont think twice about picking up the phone at work, after my sons basketball team wins a game I eagerly run down from the stands to chat with the other parents. Its very worrisome to read the many horror stories of people who have or are trying to wean themselves off the medicine and the horrible side effects that they are dealing with but then there are the success stories. Individuals who've been on the medicine 5,10+ years and have complain of no side effects. As for me, I'll continue taking the medicine. I take a .25mg to .5mg per day. I try to take a day off here or there in hopes that I can slow the speed at which I grow tolerate to the medicine. As I read the stories about the horrific withdrawal symptoms others are battling with I cant help but wonder. . . what prompted them to want to wean themselves off the medicine in the fi M 42 2 months
.25mg 2X D
 1  Anxiety drowsiness, depression, severe neuropathy, parkinsonism, back pain, arrhythmia. I fight for last 5 years to get off clonazepan. This is not a medicine, it's a poison. Should be forbidden. M 63 9 years
1 MG 1X D

 5  Anxiety/Panic Disorders I don't recall any side effects. I have GAD & PTSD. I withdrew from every1, but my husband & sons. I never left the apartment unless I absolutely had to. I found out about Klonopin from my husband's doctor. I called my doctor..he was hesitant at first, but knew I was grasping for hope. He had me try just about every antidepressant on the market.They all made me have nonstop anxiety attacks, made me severely depressed & I stayed nauseous & sick, so he put me on 6 MG Klonopin... 2 MG 3 times a day. I took that dosage for many years then I had to change doctors due to insurance. My new doctor changed the dose to 1 MG 3 times a day. That was 3 yrs ago. This passed September I was put on a new antidepressant. I went to get my Klonopin refilled but my doctor said no. After 3 wks I started having the episodes again and I have withdrawn from every1 again. I've had no meds of any kind for almost 2 months... I live in darkness again & it's like hell on earth. I don't know if I'm addicted to Klonopin cause the only thing I'm experiencing is what I started feeling when I was 15, & had never taken medicine of any kind before.. I didn't actually start meds until I was 28. Nothing ever worked except Klonopin. I know Klonopin won't work for everyone but it worked for me. F 40 10 years
3 MG
 1  insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks Headache, nausea, insomnia, stomach pain, RLS, no appetite, irregular heart beat, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, blood pressure problems etc, etc, etc Terrible withdrawal! This medication will make almost anyone feel great for a short time. The problem is when you HAVE to or WANT to stop. It is a terrible withdrawal to deal with. I strongly recommend NOT starting this medication unless you understand you will probably have to increase your dosage eventually/quickly to achieve the effect it is prescribed for and eventually you will have to stop taking it. Withdrawal is Hell and strongly outweighs any good this medication did for me in the beginning. It will take me months to slowly taper off and my head may never be the same again. Just trying to be honest and give someone a fair warning. Wish someone had warned me. God bless and good luck..... M 45 2 years
1 MG 2X D

 1  Epilepsy Before tolerance withdrawal, I'm sure I had side effects but I was too much of an idiot to notice. Basically, it changed my moods, personality, and put me in to a fog for 1.5 years until I learned about tolerance withdrawal. Learned that from the ER Drs, not my own Dr. Been tapering for a year and 3months. From 2mg, 2x day - now down to .25mg, 1x day. If I had read all the negative reviews about this before or while I was taking it the first year, I would have thought, Oh Blahhh, no biggie...works for me! That's the problem. It works for just about everyone. So for all those that give it a 4 or 5, because it works for you...you're not unique to it working for you. The negative reviews, the warnings, the horror stories are all completely true and they are not just written by people who have nothing better to do. These are warnings. I've tapered very slowly. The first few drops were rocky but not horrific because I did it very slow. My taper from .5mg to .25 has been like being dunked into my own unpredictable personal hell at any moment or day, without notice and then back to reality for a bit. If the bad reviews sound emotional, its more fact. Especially since it doesn't just effect emotions or mental state. It's completely physical as well. Your entire body is effected. Right. I didn't believe all of it either. Except today as I was doing nothing else but sitting on the couch with my dog, part of my tooth fell out of my mouth. No cavities. The nerves had died. Klonopin depletes minerals, vitamins and kills your nervous system. It was NOT intended for long term use! Good luck to all of you who are coming off of this poison and to those of you that have yet to begin the journey. F 40 2.5 years
.25 1X D
 5  anxiety panic attacks Been taking for over a year .last few months. Starting to where off. Waking up in the middle of night. Are also on aanother med effexor i take in morning Doctor wants to slowly stop talking it . I need something to sleep at nite. What should u do. F 28 1 years
 1  panic attacks anxiety, insomnia, after it became inneffective in a few weeks. Tapered slowly and am now down to a tiny .06mg per night and am clear of side effects after 2 weeks at this dose. Will stop in a week or 2. .025mg per day and higher, the insomnia and anxiety were higher than I've ever experienced. Also took an anti-depressant which I quickly tapered off about 3 months ago. This was causing agitation and severe insomnia, thus the quick taper. Eating a good diet and exercise are the best ways to control panic, anxiety and insomnia I have found. 55 7 months
1 1X D

 1  Panic attacks and anxiety I've been on Clonopin for 30 years I was prescribed it for panic attacks and anxiety started off half a milligram took a half a milligram for about 10 to 12 years if I didn't take it I couldn't sleep didn't know how addictive it was I wastold it was a very safe jog and was used for seizures and children I am now up to 2 to 3 mg at bedtime so I can sleep I still have severe anxiety it worked well for a while but it doesn't work very well nowI don't want to increase my dosage now that I know how addictive it is and I was told if I tried to go off it I would have severe withdrawal symptoms and my panic attacks would be severe and that I could even die so the doctor who prescribed it he never monitored me and I'm now addicted to it which side of fact I do I do about what tremors in my head and neck and they don't list that on Side effects I just wish that I had noon how dangerous it is I thought it was a miracle drug to when I had such a relief from my panic attacks but unless I increased my dosage I'm not going to feel better but I'm hanging in there I don't want to go any higher than 2 milligrams Sue for anyone out there that uses this drug just be very cautious don't take it if you don't need it F 62 5 days
2 to 3 mg
 5  depersonalization derealization None I've been on it for 25 years F 56 10 years

 1  Anxiety, panic attacks On it for 32 yrs... it causes dementia... 60 1 years
1 mg 4 x d
 1  OCD and anxiety At first it worked great! and it felt good to be calm and to have my mind stop racing, then I noticed something different about myself. I was on edge all the time, I didn't like to smile anymore, I found myself crying all the time at nothing!! I became very depressed, isolated and scared. I wasn't me anymore, I felt like a monster. This drug completely and solely changed my personality. How do I know this drug did this? Cause I withdrew from the drug (worst experience in my life!!!!) and when I finally got through the withdrawls, I was me again. I was happy, laughing and enjoying life. This is an evil drug and I hope people read this and NEVER take it!!! Please believe me on this, this is NOT a road you want to go down, I know people on here are giving is a high rating, but PLEASE believe me when I tell you my story. I can't get that part of my life back and I can't apologize enough to the people I love how much I was sorry for being so mean to them for so many years. I will take livi 8 years
.5-2mg/day 1X D

 4  for tinnitus and insomnia It works great tot help me sleep, so I van deal beter with my very loud tinnitus. I started with 0.5mg after 4,5 years of use I am now on 4mg so it is an addicting drug. I have no side effects, gonna try tot temper off slowly and move tot remeron. M 32 1 days
 5  BP II Anxiety Some drowsiness Best medication available for anxiety. Best to stay on lowest dose possible. I have stopped taking this med off and on over the years to prevent any serious dependence. It's the best med out there for anxiety. Period. M 55 5 years
1 mg 1X D
 5  anxiety/panic Helps me with panic-related voices, and gives me no side effects that I mind very much. Also helps with sleep, has calming effect, takes voices away F 49 10 years
1.5 mg
 4  anxiety Drowsiness. Takes the edge off bad days and on going anxiety which I've had my whole life. I don't take it all the time but it has definitely helped. I've never taken a massive dose....cut back and see what it does. I have a regular med that I take for anxiety and depression so this is like a little boost that I take when needed but not all the time. Max dose for me from doctor would be 3MG per day which I've never done. In higher doses I could see side effects like irritability and mood problems. Would not consider it a first line drug for anxiety or depression or panic. There are other, more effective products with lower side effect panels. F 42 3 years
.5 MG
 3  Panic attacks Rapid eye movments consintraion moter skills sleep I can go on and on lol for real I need help can't stop bupe or k pin M 34 1 days
 2  anxiety, grief issues, insomnia This drug may seem like a miracle pill. It is not. You become dependent on it very quickly. F 59
.5mg 4X D

 1  Anxiety disorder, insomnia Anxiety (from tolerance withdraw), peripheral neuropathy (feet). Tapering off was very hard, even at this dose which my Dr. Called low. M 53 8 years
.5 mg @bed
 1  Muscle Spasms, Anxiety Anger, sleepiness, depression, binge eating, crying uncontrollably, fighting with people over nothing. URINARY RETENTION. Just misery. What a terrible drug. I'm withdrawing, and it takes forever to get out of your system. I haven't peed without a catheter in 2 days. I want my bladder control back!!! POISON. PURE POISON. Worse than Valium. At least with Valium I felt good and could pee!!!! F 23 5 days
0.5 mg 3X D
 1  I wasnt my bf is Hello my name is Lauren . My bf has been on and off klon for months he is prescribed 1 to 2 mg daily if needed . He thinks he needs a higher dosage so he usually takes 4\6 mg a day If not more . I have seen a horrible change in him since he's been taking these. From scary mood swings to violent behaviours he had never displayed before. He talks and nothing makes sense anymore. I strongly urge ppl to get off these immediately ive suffered from depression and anxiety for years I never once picked up a pill bottle to help ..I control my mind we all do. If anyone is out there that can help get through this hard time of withdrawals and set backs.please contact me . I dint know what to do anymore. M 23 3 months
 5  Anxiety bit forgetful nothing major. I think ppl talking about hitting wives etc is Abuse of the drug, what are u mixing it with lol? lets get real........ I'ts a good medication for panic attacks. knocks it on the head. M 40 5 months
0.5 1X D

 5  Panic disorder and seizures None M 56 10 years
8 mg

 1  Presctibed with other meds. Withdrawal was a nightmare. Suicidal thinking, nausea, confusion, memory trouble, hysteria, irritability, etc. I now have hyperthyroidism and I believe klonopin is to blame. M 52 2 years
2, then1 m
 1  Anxiety My boyfriend began taking Clonazepam (Klonopin) for anxiety a week ago and after three days taking it he suddenly went crazy and beat me up and strangled me within an inch of my life, beat up my mother, destroyed a bunch of our stuff and furniture and tried to kill himself. And he doesn't remember any of it because he blacked out. Now he is facing felony assault and could go to jail for 20 years, and the state has threatened to take my kids away. WISH THE DOCTOR HAD TOLD US ABOUT THIS DRUG'S VIOLENT SIDE EFFECTS. It ruined our family! M 28 3 days
1 mg 1X D
 5  Anxiety/GAD/Panic Attack Mild sexual side effects for a few days afterwards. Very beneficial when used responsibly, this is my favorite benzo. Because I take other meds, I only use this as needed at once per week or less. When I'm having a lot of problems, it really takes the edge off for the whole day, allows me to relax and either read a book or play video games and lets me sleep really good. M 32 2 months
0.5 1X W
 5  anxiety and debilitating back spasm Klonopin is a life saver for those it works well on. Most people want xanax (from the benzo family). Not me. The ONLY meds that keep me ALIVE are klonopin or valium, and a muscle relaxer. I cannot take painkillers because they make me sick, no other treatment or med WORKS like magic in my severe bank spasms/pain (caused by Dystonia and herniated discs, sciatica, nerve damage, a skull fracture, and severe whiplash and concussions). I KNOW all my injuries need are klonopin and a muscle relaxer. Continuously taken, steadily taken... But Medi-Cal and whatever put stupid nonsense rules on everything, I am only getting 1/4 of the meds I need, if that. I am literally in deadly pain, uncontrollable upper body spasms, panic, nightmares, etc. without the SIMPLE and SAFE and INEXPENSIVE meds. But damn Medi-Cal makes me jump through hoops... I hate them I can legally have these meds, yet I get stuck with doctors who got busted for something and can't prescribe crap. I am on SSI and that isn't much... I am ready to go to mexico and get my meds there. It is legal and I won't suffer because my own country is stupid regarding prescription meds. F 35 10 years
 1  Panic/Anxiety Force Tapered! Withdrawals: Headaches/migraines everyday, memory loss, body feels rigid, muscle spasms, urinary frequency increased, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, almost everything is too bright and loud, depression, anger, aggression, irritability, agitation, INSOMNIA, de-realization, increased anxiety and panic, rage, pain, electric shock sensations, random lightheadedness, fatigue, etc.. Stay away from benzodiazepines in general! Please, this is the best advice you could get. Don't take this poison. I hate this drug! I am a slave to it! I can probably never live without it, ever. I could never see that being an option. Force tapered 7 months ago from my 6mg/Daily dose of 5 f****** years to 3mg/Daily. Cut in half overnight. Game Over. I now feel permanently destroyed mentally and physically. I am still suffering withdrawals after seven months and have become completely useless for the entire time. This is a nightmare that never ends. I have just about lost my mind and have certainly lost my memory. I now seem to have the onset of Alzheimer's. I can barely remember anything anymore. I actually have a little notepad called "My Memory" to remember things and I forget to even write down what was thought at the time. This drug has ruined my life. It makes me quite sad and I horribly regret my decision to even goto a doctor and complain of anxiety and panic attacks. I do have anxiety and panic attacks, but I would rather deal with what it was before taking this medicine and avoid the triggers as much as possible than be a slave to this human wrecking ball in pill form. This is downright torture. I am partially to blame as I do have to take some negligence for not researching first before I realized I was prescribed to a massive dose. Doesn’t matter now and I'm dead inside because of this garbage. I wish I could meet the person who invented it so I could trade some of this pain. Stay away! You’ve been warned. M 29 5 years
2MG 3X D

 5  Sleep walking Absolutely none I don't sleep walk anymore, and I get a full restful nights sleep! Thank you Clonazepam! (: F 24 6 months
2 mg 1X D

 1  Adverse Reaction to another drug Dependency and tolerance to its affects. Cognitive decline, depression, anxiety, muscle spasms, deep bone pain, depersonalization, derealization. Tapered off the drug and had severe withdrawal to the point of being completely dysfunctional. I tapered off the drug 2 years ago and 5 months off the drug I had to reinstate because the withdrawal symptoms were intolerable. I am now in my second taper which may take 2 or more years to complete per my doctor. I feel physically unwell every day due to the long term effects of this drug. I was never given informed consent nor did any doctor ever advise me to taper off the drug. I looked up benzos on the internet and found the "Ashton Manual" online and found out at last why I have been so ill. www.benzo.org.uk/manual Drugs such as Klonopin (clonazepam) are in a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines (benzos) and are extremely addicting. They cause a part of the brain known as GABA receptors to become down-regulated and cause one of the longest, most intense, withdrawal of any drug known to man. Prescribing laws for benzodiazepines should be restricted to no longer than 2 weeks. These drugs have ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients. F 54 14 years
2 mg 1X D
 4  Insomnia Leaves me feeling relaxed and a little loopy, which is a good thing so I can sleep. Some nights it doesn't work for me so I have to take double the dosage, though. Then I wake up feeling groggy the next morning. Overall, works well and better than Xanax. F 18 2 months
0.5 mg
 5  sleep disorder 1mg. At night. Hmm, side effects. A great nights sleep, every night. Calmness and a sense of well being. Reduced overall anxiety. This drug, for me, does the job with not negative, but positive side effects! I will say though, if I forget to take it, I feel strange the next day, but nowhere near what others are talking about. Maybey its not the klonopin causing your problems. Sorry you have to deal with that. Am planning on taking for life. M 23 1 years

 5  Anxiety No side effects. Horrible side effects from Lexapro, serequel, depakote Very helpful, absolutely no side effects. F 75 18 years
.5 1X D

 3  aniexty Cough ,sick M 49 1 days

 5  Anxiety depression Bit forgetful, nothing major... Changed my life, was housebound, Miserable anxiety ridden, panic attacks. This drug let me live again, drive again, shop again. The Naysayers on here are the Abusers of the medication i am bettering. I took at look at benzo buddies, its very Shady sounds like full of addicts. I'm sorry but use the medication as prescribed and you have a life again, least till something better comes along. I was very suicidal till this helped me. I take one a day and oh the joys of living again is indescribable. Please stop giving this type of medications bad names, look at other factors, your life instead of blaming a medication. M 40 6 months
0.5mg 1X D
 4  anxiety Sleepiness I take it at night, helps with sleep and I am less on edge all day long. Recommended. Does not render me in a zombie like state like Xanax did. F 29 2 years
.5mg 1X D
 5  Anxiety I have had ZERO side effects, I love this stuff! I used to tke it like a couple times a week, now maybe a couple every six months. It calms me down when feeling panicky. F 18 1 years

 1  For anxiety I began Klonopin '09. I then began to have tinnitus, feel weak & sick & sinus headaches. I went to doctors & they couldn't find anything wrong. I didn't understand. I began to want to just stay home. I lost interest in life - only did what was necessary, for my kids. But, I didn't do fun things with them. Fun became foreign to me. I had become a recluse, that could hardly smile, I had to force it. I took Klonopin as needed every few weeks, then every few days, & just .5 mg. It didn't occur to me that this was causing my symptoms. Until 2013, I found info about Klonopin & it's side effects. I read that you shouldn't just stop it, so I asked to be weaned off. My shrink said to take half a pill for the next few weeks. I did, & within 1 week I was in the ER. I was hyperventilating,shaking, nauseous, & had the worst anxiety I have ever had. I was told it was withdrawals! My PCP reinstated me on .5 mg. But now, to stop the shaking & panic attacks, I have to take it daily! My shrink didn't think it possible to have withdrawals from a low dose. It happened to me. I'm in the early stages of tapering again, by .125 mg. I hope, I won't go through the withdrawals again. I'm okay, just very weak, sickly, sinus headaches & I'm anxious - that's tolerable. I look forward to getting off of this crap. It is not worth it! It's not intended to be taken for more than 2 weeks. I was on it for 4 years! How could this happen? I trust doctors to know what's best. F 39 4 years
.5 mg

 1  Anxiety 1 days

 1  Grief Worst nightmare of my life.. 22 months off and still suffering symptoms so severe.. Has disabled me.. Look up benzo buddies.. Should be banned. F 52 5 years

 3  Insomnia At 1mg, very hungover the next morning. Hard to get up and to work on time. At .5 and .25mg that was less of a problem but drug didn't work as well for insomnia. Started at 1mg per night due to severe insomnia. It was at a stressful time of life and I also had daily headaches, abdominal pain and a prostate infection. At 1mg it did help me to get 4-6 hours of sleep but never a full night sleep. The next day I would feel very hungover and struggled getting to work on time. Once up and around it got better. However, after 3 weeks on 1mg, I tapered to .5mg for two weeks, then .25 mg for 1 week, then quit taking it due to withdrawal concerns. Withdrawal has been a challenge even at this lower dose for a short period of time. Rebound insomnia occurred at each taper and sporadically... and now that I have been off completely for a few days I'm only getting 3-4 hours of sleep per night. I hope this will pass with time. The drug didn't cause any crazy symptoms for me like some other posts... but did totally snow me on 1mg and was only partially helpful for sleep. But I must say that my sleep problems were so bad at the time that I would have probably lost my job if I had not started the medicine. So it was worth it for me. M 33 2 months
1mg 1X D

 4  anxiety. stress Dreams to start, not bad. So much stress right now taking care of sick husband, disabled daughter, 92 year old mother and keeping up with normal daily chores and activities. Everything seemed like an emergency it all had to be done NOW. Since starting meds I know it still needs done but without the urgency I slowed down and feel it's. Ok, I can handle the load without being in a panic. I need to take care of me now,, not worry about getting off of them later, geez, priorities for now. F 64 5 weeks

 5  panic disorder I only noticed a little bit of irritability. It helped wonders when I was on it. I have since changed Dr's and had to come off it cold turkey. My anxiety levels are through the roof and I am having heart palptations. Probably from anxiety. F 34 1 years
1 mg 3xday

 1  Insomnia, Chronic Pain This drug is pure poison. I wish I had read this page before I began taking it. While it worked well initially, I never even thought that my side effects were coming from this medication. I have no idea why I did not research it as I have done my other medications. Memory loss was the first sign something was wrong. I was tongue tied all the time and conversations were awkward because I forgot the word I was trying to say and my brain worked faster than my mouth but I still got stuck on common words that I could not remember. Forgetfulness was terrible. I could not remember where I put anything. SEVERE procrastination, I did not care if anything got finished or not. Confusion, cognitive problems, depersonalize, no emotion, I don't give a shit attitude, lethargic, tremors/myclonic jerks, muscle weakness, mental fog, sever moods swings Dr. Jekyell-Mr. Hyde syndrome. Insomnia, fatigue, emotional numbness, headaches, heart palpitations, weight gain, no motivation and procrastination. I w My life stopped when I began taking this drug. It was not obvious at the beginning but as time went by it became obvious to everyone that something was wrong with me. This drug damages your bran and I think it is irreversible. It took me 8 months to get off of this POISON and things have not returned to normal. I am no longer the person I was before taking this drug. This drug took "me" away and all that was left was the shell of the person I used to be. I ruined every single relationship I had, my family, my friends and loved ones could not tolerate my highs and lows. Especially when I promised to do something and then had no idea why they were mad at me and they did not believe that I had no memory of that discussion. Then my moods swings were so bad that I scared people, especially when I became angry. Benzos change the receptors in your brain and you are no longer the same and never will be. This drug should be taken off the market. I have never had problems getting off of medication but this one put me on my ass. I was so suicidal that I knew I would kill myself, it was just a matter of time. I did not know who I was anymore and I did not like who I became. I had to be hospitalized to finally detox off this medication and then it became a mental health issue. After I got off this medication my memory loss did not return to normal. I think I have brain damage and neurological test show that I have noticeable cognitive impairment and memory loss.PLEASE IF YOU DO F 47 10 years
4 mg 1X D
 4  chronic anxiety/for sleep no adverse side effects Klonopin is a popular and interesting drug. Doctors prefer it over other, more quick-release benzos in particular because it lasts longer, and therefore, one would think it to be less addictive. Maybe so, maybe no, but the body and mind habituate to it in no time. I was always on a rather hefty dose of Klonopin for a long time. Anywhere between 6-11 mg a day in fact. At first, even for the first several years, it did the trick for insomnia and generalized anxiety, but after 7-8 years, even 6+ mg began to render itself ineffective. Primarily, the problem with Klonopin contrasted with other benzos is that while it lasts the longest (12 hours), it takes a full hour, that is, 60 whole minutes before one begins to feel its effects. For someone with panic disorders and poly-anxiety disorders, like myself, this simply doesn't cut the mustard. If one has panic attacks in particular, along with chronic anxiety, I highly recommend Xanax, Xanax XR, or Valium over Klonopin. But it did the trick longer than any of those others for me so far, so I did give it a 4 out of 5. M 28 8 years
2 mg 3X D

 3  It helped when I needed it .50 mg twice a day it made me really calm and tired the first few months. Then it made me feel irritable and more anxious. I've taken Ativan and xanax in the past. At this point I'm only on klonopin because I don't want to get withdrawal symptoms but I'm going to try to ask my doctor how to taper. I wish I never told my doctor I felt anxious because honestly my anxiety was easier to control before taking anything. F 28 1 years
.50 mg
 3  insomnia/anxiety It helps me sleep well, but the next day, approximately 15 hrs. Later, i become so sleepy that I have to lay down/ go to bed. I quit taking it for a week and did not have these spells. I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem, please. F 52 1 months
3 mg
 5  anxiety If I take too much I get a little sleepy the next day. Works great for anxiety. I only take .5 before bed. It helps me relax and get to sleep. If I can't sleep I'll take an extra pill and I fall asleep. F 32 7 years
.5 1X D
 5  Restless Leg Syndrome None Great drug. I read the other comments and wonder if some of these folks have co-morbid psychiatric issues that would be better helped with an old school, low side effect SSRI such as Prozac. I've had to go off Klonapin for 3 pregnancies and never had a problem titrating off. If a medication is destroying your life, STOP TAKING IT and get a new doctor if they disagree. It's your body... F 43 12 years
1 mg 1X D
 1  Panic Attacks Worked real well when first started. No side effects M 68 10 years

 1  Insomnia While taking the 2mg dosage at night I did not think I had many bad side effects but then went to 5mg and this medicine almost killed me I discovered that this medication caused severe memory loss - I would do things and have absolutely no memory of doing it, severe cognitive impairment, irrational thought and actions, confusion, heart palpitations, severe mood changes - the time I was on it have been a blur. I have been suicidal with irrational thoughts and actions. Very sudden changes in my mood and behavior. I would be fine one minute and throwing a temper tantrum the next. The worst part is not remembering things that I said or did. I wrote letter that I do not remember writing, talked to people and later had no memory of even seeing that person or what I said. I had no impulse control and from what my family has told me I acted like a crazy lunatic. I lost friendships and my own son will not let me see my grandchildren because I have acted so irrational. I was a different person Getting off this medication was pure hell, I literally thought I was losing my mind. I had terrible mood swings, headaches, and felt at times that I was unable to sit still. I had to have something moving at all times. I had to tap my foot or swing my arms. It was like I had ants in my pants, that creepy crawly feeling all the time. I think I was more irrational trying to get off this medication that I was while on it full strength. Please if you are considering taking this medication, check out the side effects and read the hell that some of the people on this site have been through. My advice is to never take this medication unless you want to ruin every single thing in your life. I have relationships that can't be fixed, I lost everything I loved, my marriage, my son and grandson, my job, friendships and all self-respect that I ever had for myself. I almost killed myself on several occasions. The temptation to kill myself was so great that I had myself committed which was the worst thing I could have done. Three days in hell and I would not wish anyone to go through what they put me through in the psyc ward. It took 6 months to finally come off of this medication completely. I have been off of it for 3 months now but the damage to my family and everyone I loved has not been not been repaired. I do not know if my son will ever let me see my grandson again. Right now I have supervised visits with him but hopefully someday I can prove to my son that I am okay and not the cra F 54 2 years
4mg 1X D
 4  Anxiety I only take it as needed. Sometimes I will go three months without it. Sometimes I will take it ever night for six weeks. No side effects except I have to be very careful not to get hooked on it. It can make me sleepy too. F 34 7 years

 1  as a tapering method after Ativan IT'S BEEN A LIVING HELL. I'm on a slow taper (was originally on Ativan, but have switched to liquid K to taper because of K's longer half-life). Was originally prescribed Ativan for anxiety after an emergency medical situation and subsequent PTSD. No doctor ever explained the problems associated with benzo pills. I didn't take it every day, so I naively thought I wouldn't be hooked. And I believed in my doctors. One day while out walking, I felt like I was having a stroke. I was extremely dizzy, couldn't walk straight, and had to hold onto something for awhile. After it happened again, I realized I was addicted after searching online. My doctor refused to help me taper and instead told me that I needed to see a psychiatrist and be on Paxil. I've been going through an online program to taper slowly from K, and even with the slow taper, it's been hell. I cannot believe that doctors are SO DAMNED IGNORANT about these dangerous drugs. The least they could do is warn people about the many t F 61 5 months
.5 mg. 1X D
 5  anxiety, insomnia, nervous Some days tired and some days motivated. Always in a better mood. Since taking this I can now rode add a passenger in a car, I can fly and I don't take my 3 kids and 2 100lb dogs in our 3x5 bathroom during every rain storm now. I can sleep and I don't get angry over silly things. F 27 1 years

 3   1 days

 5  insomnia because of tinnitus I had no side effects at all. Sometimes a little blurred vision. Helped me a lot with in my insomnia and anxiety. When tempering with this drug it's quit easy, Iowered my dose 1 time a week with 0,5mg. M 31 3 years
 1  menieres disease I'm having horrible insomnia. Ivr been off klonopin 5 months. I lierally go a week at a time without sleep. Am I gonna die F 58 10 years
 3  Anxiety None F 30 4 years
6mg day

 1  withdrawal from lyrica First week helped my shakes/anxiety from lyrica withdrawal a lot. Then came the WORST psychotic dream you could imagine. Only it felt real. I dreamt I was sleeping on couch with my dog and cat. (Which I was. Dog had surgery so I wanted to keep an eye on him.). I dreamt mt 13 yr old cat had kittens, they were stuck in the couch, then they were gone, I got up with horrible scratching, to find baby kittens scratching me inside my pajamas, then I opened the freezer and found someone had put the kittens in plastic containers, no lids and froze them to death. Yeah, seriously. I've NEVER in my life experienced anything like this! Now my anxiety and shaking is through the roof! This is sick! And the rheumatologist asked me if I'd rather go back on lyrica because I have such a hard time coming off. That was horrible too! Shook like I had Parkinsons, speech problems...now I'm just psychotic. ..great. Pharmaceuticals are killing me! I never should've gone to the rheumatologist for my fibro ever! I'll take the pain anyday!! I'm seriously afraid this crap is going to kill me. I'm used to being able to go out and work and plow through anything head on. Now I'm afraid prescribed meds will kill me. F 47 8 days
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