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 1  High blood pressure very dry mouth, very tired, arms won't work, hands hurt, legs hurt, cough, constipation, weight gain of about 15lbs, hair loss, headaches, and loss of sex drive. (Hate this)! I was put on .03 x 2 a day, felt bad, tired, dizzy, drugged like so I cut tabs in 1/4 x 2 a day, then after a week increase it to 1/2 x 2 a day. Bp good and felt better for about a week. I hate this med! Have to wein off slowly . F 40 2 months
.03 x 2 da

 4  stress Stopped taking cold turkey. Started having stabbing pain in bback of my left eye. F 59 1 years
3mg x2day

 1  hypertension Extremely dry mouth. My mouth and tongue feel like sandpaper since 1 hour after taking first pill without stopping. Terrible sour taste in mouth, food doesn't taste the same, beverages don't taste right - not even water. Feel like I'm in a fog all the time, can't concentrate. Don't sleep well - keep waking up with bad dreams. I've taken Adderall at work for ADD for 15 years. This medication totally cancels the effect of the Adderall! Might as well not even take Adderall - I just sit and stare at the computer, forgetting what I meant to do! I'm telling my doc this week this has got to stop - I can't function like this! Besides it has NO EFFECT on my blood pressure! F 66 14 days
0.1 mg 2X D
 1  hypertension To say I'm not on, taking any prescribe RX for my htn; then it just seems I shouldn't had experience slurred speech! I'm not on anybody prescribe medication period, besides this one! Why such extreme side effects as slurred speech? F 48 2 days
1X D

 3  Hypertensive bursts Depression, Anxiety, Hair thinning, Exhaustion and leg pain The first few months the medication worked great in lowering my BP. However... the past few months I am experiencing spikes a couple times a day and THANK GOD I found this blog because I was starting to feel crazy, like something was wrong with me. I have had a very hard time with depression, anxiety and severe exhaustion. I am so glad I found this site and can see that its not just me. F 5 months
.5 2X D

 5  hypertention head aches no side effect s very good for hypertention. And anxity M 1 days

 3  Migraine Preventitive now im starting to get the side effects, hair thinning (getting scary) extreme fatigue, at times my legs feel so weak and sore that i feel like they are going to give way while im holding the carry basket at the supermarket, arms are weak, weight gain, seem to have no emotions, no sex drive, Im disapointed and now a little scared, i have now been taking this for 6 months, hope its not as hard to get off as you all say.. F 33 6 months
0.1mg 2X D

 3  Hypertension Drowsy. Dizzy. Confusion. Lethargic. Very slow heart rate. Nausea. No appetite. No desire to drink which contributed to dehydration. Hospitalized with heart and kidney failure. I have severe hypertension without medication to levels over 200/150, so this drug was combined with three other anti-hypertensive drugs and a diuretic. [Verapamil, Bystolic,Amlodipine, Triam/HCTZ]. I took Catapres on a as needed basis when my BP was severely high. It took about 24 hours for my BP to get to a normal level, but shortly got dangerously low. Twice I was hospitalized when it got really bad and the last time almost killed me. F 45 3 months
.10 1X AN
 2  Sweating/Blood Pressure/Anxiety Dizziness, Noticable Hair Loss, Severe Constipation, Occasional Palpitations, Tiredness, Malaise, Weight Gain, Extreme Dry Skin, Uncontrollable Dandruff, to name a few. I started taking Clonidine (Catapres) about 2 years ago initially at one 0.1 mg tablet per day for sweating due to Methadone Maintenance Therapy's notorious sweating problems. At first, I didn't like the drug because of the dizziness I experienced and chose to stop taking it briefly. I started on it again to give it another shot and still had the dizziness although it went away about a month into taking the drug. For awhile, it was a wonder drug. My sweating episodes decreased and it helped with my unrelenting anxiety. My doctor put me on a sedative drug for a week in the beginning of treatment for the anxiety but discontinued it after the first and only prescription because I guess he didn't want me to form another addiction. So, I stayed on the Clonidine, and he increased the dosage to 0.1 mg tablets three times a day. I was on that dose for a good portion of my treatment,, I did notice that I was taking more naps than usual and was so tired I could barely get through a 6 hour day at school without falling asleep at my desk. After about 6 months of that my anxiety increased and my doctor in turn increased my dose again to two 0.1 mg tablets, three time a day. So by this time I was sleeping all the time, no energy. Then about 1 1/2 years into taking Clonidine, I started noticing more than usual hair loss in my brush. I wasn't worried at first, but then it started to fall out more and more. So with having the one last good feature of myself that I thought I still had st F 23 2 years
.2 mg 3X D
 2  High Blood Pressure Started out fine but, after month had no energy, sleepy, no sex drive or desire. Now after 90 days, have blood in stool so, Iam going to be switching tomorrow. M 64 90 days
.2 2X D
 1  Bp Extreme fatigue, Hypotension, Sore leg muscles, Dry mouth & eyes... The list goes on & on. Started this drug about a week ago & it's been the worst week I can recall in my life. Started to wean myself off of it after about 3 days of taking it & finally stopped totally last night. My Bp is spiking now as I type (210/115) So apparently even weaning off of it doesn't really help.. My advice is to stay far, far away from this drug. M 47 5 days
0.2 Mg 2X D
 2  Opiate detox Horrible constipation. Stopped working after a few months, but the constipation stays with you. Cannot have a BM w/out a laxative, and even then it hurts. Works great for a few months then it does nothing but keep your BP low. I'm finally at .5mg's, 2X's/day and still have real bad constipation. Add this with opiates, (which cause bad constipation), and you get nothing but an impacted colon. Even the pharmacist asked why I was on the most extreme high BP med out there. I wish I would have done research on this because I would have stayed away from it. Do not take this while you are detoxing, take it when you are finally off your DOC. When my dr. put me up to .2mg's, 3 x's/day, I couldn't understand why I couldn't change the channel on my t.v.. Come to find out I didn't even have the remote in my hand, that's how out of it you can become. NOT recomended. M 34
.2mg's 3X D

 4  My 7 yr old son takes it for So far I havent noticed any side effects he takes the tablet before bed. The doctor said to try half a tablet in the morning and half at night but that turned him into a zombie and he fell asleep at school! I then decided he could stick to one at night only. Catapres has definatley helped my son with the tics he was experiencing and his concentration at school is now amazing! Every 2-3 months he experiences bad stomach cramps that are unexplained - they are bad for about 1 hour and then disappear. I sometimes wonder if this is a possible side effect of the drug but nothing I read about it says anything about stomach pain???? F 7 18 months
100 mcg 1X D
 1  Hypertension associated with PKD EXTREME fatigue, slurred speech, literally could not keep eyes open. Mouth was so dry, almost threw up from drinking so much water to quench thirst. DO NOT TAKE THIS MED! After the first dose, I slept for an entire day, only waking long enough to guzzle tons of water to quench my insatiable thirst and dry mouth. Couldn't walk right, couldn't even talk. It makes you feel like you are drugged, and not in a good way! F 28 1 days
10mg 2X D

1X D

 5  Tourettes Tiredness I love this med. After twenty years of facial twitches (etc) this is the ONLY med. that ever helped. Tourette's symptoms are about 95% gone! More people with Tourette's should try this med. The side effects are nothing compared to the anti-psychcotics you usually have prescribed for this. Helped me quit smoking to, in fact I quit with no effort due to this med. F 32 2 years
0.2 2X D

 1   DO NOT TAK ETHIS DRUG UNLESS YOU ARE STUCK ON IT ALREADY! Its so addictive that if you go without it for about 2 days after youre on it for a while, you will literally die of a stroke. My doctors agree with me on that. I went from 240 pounds to 160 pounds and quit smoking, exervised, changed my diet, etc. My blood pressure went up though and now Im on 0.3 MG three times a day when I started on only 0.1 MG three times a day. Ive had midney failute that nearly killed me while on this drug. My doctor even said that it can not be substituted as far as abruptly discontinuing the drug. Last year an issue with the drug left me with a blood pressure of 260 over 160! I dont know how Im even alive now! It made me sleep all day, made me confused and fogrget things, and I even passed out a lot. Another starange thing, when I started the drug I was only 24 and was in great shape. This drug is lterally killing me. If you want to stop taking it, keep close contact with your doctors, monitor your bloo M 37 13 years
0.3 MG 3X D

 2  menopausal flushing dry eyes, dry mouth,dry stuffy nose, constipation. I have been on this drug for seven years. It worked initially for two years but now I want to come off the drug because of dry skin and a severely dry mouth..Straight away my blood pressure shot up even though i have been weaning myself off of them.I have been feeling truly awful but determined to stop taking them. F 51 7 years

 2  HBP Extreme Fatigue, Weak Legs and Feet, flushed face, Extreme Anxiety, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Increased Bowel Movements. I have bad reactions to every blood pressure med on the planet. Off BP Meds BP is 165/110, with the patch my Bp is 115/80. I have terrible headaches and flushing when I'm off meds and bad side effects when I'm on BP meds. I've had numerous ct and mri's, Every Blood test on the planet, 24 hour urine, The doctors can't figure out anything. If anybody can relate to my problem, or give me any information that will help me feel better please email me at: zwinitz@gmail.com M 27 3 weeks
 1  high blood pressure dry eyes, mouth, skin, extreme hair loss, fatigue, decrease in sex drive, drowsiness, lack of interest Treatment first week was very effective. I ended up taking too much and was dillusional, basically went crazy. I have now adjusted and been on it for over a year now. Once you get on it is extremely hard to get off. I got up to .6mg a day, .3mg patch and 3 .1mg pills. I have almost stopped taking the pill but can't seem to stop taking the patch. I have been really unsatified with this medication. The withdrawal symptoms from getting off this medication is horrible. I strongly recommend nobody take this medication. M 24 1 years

 1  Hypertension Lethargic and could not stay awake. Would nod off in the middle of a sentence. Was not getting any exercise because I was too drowsy. Sugar level got dangerously low (even to passing out) several times because I could not WAKE UP to eat the next meal. In the hospital they gave me this drug in a patch. When I got out of the hospital I changed doctors and refused to take it in pill or patch form. There are alternatives. F 82 1 years

 4  Hypertension Dry mouth, Vivid dreams, slight fatigue Have been taking medication for a week now. I am hoping the side effects will diminish after a longer time on medication. I have vivid dreams. I woke up hitting my husband with the pillow last night. I have never done anything like that in my life. I dream about doing violent things. I don't feel ragey in a waking state. I am depressed, but that occurred before this medication. My anxiety level is better, but I feel disconnected from the world at times. This does lower bp. I take .1 before bedtime. M 36 7 days

 1  Hypertension from kidney disease Severe constipation,severe dryness everywhere hallucinations,depression, paranoia,anxiety,lethargy. DO NOT take this drug!!! I hallucinated at least 4 times. This morning I suffered from depression and an emotional breakdown,followed by anxiety. Never had this problem in my life! I have also had severe constipation. Doctor took me off of it today. If you have Hallucinations you need to tell your DR. right away as this is a SEVERE side effect. I was taking .1mg then .2mg back to.1mg. M 55 2 weeks

 3  Hypertension Severe leg cramps, fatigue, lack of focus, dry eyes, depression, dry itchy skin, loss of sex drive, crave for next dosage,dizziness Oh it lowered my blood pressure, but wrecked what life I had left after changing my eating habits and such. I am currently weaning off, and it is horrible. I am hot and cold, the top of my head feels like it is going to fly off, the fatigue is horrible. Stay away from this drug, it is horrible. The hospital put me on it because my bp was 240/102, it has lowered the bp, but the cons outway the pros. My family doctor describes this drug as old and outdated and didn't hesitate to pull me off of it. F 42 3 months

 3  Rosacea/flushing Though it did help stop the flushing, I experienced insomnia, hair thinning/loss, heart palpitations, fatigue, blurred vision. M 42 2 years

 3  HBP First month using TTS-1 patch, very good. Next few months, successively redder site rash and tons of itching, also skin peeled after each patch was removed. It took me five months before I could say my hot sweats and hot flashes were at a minimum, or gone. So don't despair - if you can tolerate thepatch, stay with it - it will eventually be VERY GOOD for menopausal symptoms. But in my particular case, the allergic reaction to the adhesive on the TTS-1 patch was so bad, very red, itching, etc. my MD took me off it, and I just started on the Catapres Oral 0.1 to replace it. F 57 6 months
 1  High Blood Pressure Insomnia, listlessness, eventual paranoia, loss of appetite, daily headaches. This might have been alright taken alone, but I was also taking Coreg and Spironolactone. The Clonidine was the only thing that actually did lower my blood pressure, but it was fighting the other 2 meds. My body was storing the Clonidine in my organs (couldn't pass it through because of the Spiro). When I quit taking the Spiro, the Clonodine started to come out, and of course I was in overdose mode. I might as well have been taking illegal drugs or something. Yes, it is a full-blown withdrawal. Be mindful of what you are taking with this drug! F 60 4 weeks

 2  Hypertension I use to love it...it caused a little dizziness, sleepiness, memory loss, fuzzy eyes, headaches but all slight, went away as the months progressed but now I have severe Withdraw symptoms like a junkie, Im addicted to this med, short lasting meds, I feel I have to take it sooner every day.it feels like ur dying when ur dose overlaps, I hate it and wish I could wing myself off from it. was on 1mg a year ago, now up to 4 to 6 mg do not take...........do not take M 38 1 years
 1  BP irregular heartbeat, poor circulations, dizziness/faintness M 61 14 days

 2  menopausal hot flushes dry mouth, depression, fatigue will not continue taking, fatigue and depression too great, no improvement in flushes F 50 3 days

 1  Hypertension severe leg and joint pain, major fatigue and sleepiness, eye infection for 3 months and is still hanging on, anxiety attacks, numbness in hands and feet, slight depression, palpitations or tachycardia,insomnia,constipation, vision problems I wish I had never been put on this medicine and my doctor doesn't believe that this medicine is causing all these things and does not want to change it. F 71 7 months
 1  high blood pressure We each sound like we are putting our last entries into a nightmare journal, and we have. First, the side effects are serious dry mouth, severe constipation, weight gain, muscle aches and incredible lethargy. I finally realized that this medication is also responsible for my severe hair loss, hair dryness, and hair thinning. Finally, the withdrawal symtoms are worser than any withdrawal sypmtoms that I can imagine. I spent a night in the hospital due to rebound high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, and terrible anxiety (due to trying to get off this medication). Yes, you do have nightmares . There are other combinations of high blood pressure medications that you can get on, but this is not one of them. I started taking it about 4 years ago. I wished my primary doctor(at the time) would have never put me on it. I have been to several doctors and nephrologists to help me get off of it. I also have finally found a good nephrologist that feels the same as I do about it. Currently, I am down from taking 6mg a day to about 1 or 2mg a day. I know that one day I will be completely off of this drug. It really does take time (weeks/months) to get off of it, and I'm still trying to. F 31 4 years

 1  To Lower Blood Pressure Anxiety, depression, and constant fatigue were a constant with this drug. I have NEVER been so paranoid in my life. Slurred speech was another side effect. Sure my BP lowered, but who wants to live when your quality of life is diminished so much? The only thing worse than the side effects of taking the drug were the side-effects coming OFF of the drug. Insomnia and hypo-tension (a couple of fainting spells) occurred. This was absolutely the WORST experience I ever had while taking a drug. I dumped my general physician and went to a nephrologist that specialized in blood pressure. He has prescribed a combination of a beta blocker, diuretic, and a vascular dilator, and my BP has never been better. PLUS, I have my quality of life back. Catapres/Clonodine is the WORST. I cannot believe this sh#t is on the market. M 29 13 days

 1  CFS/FMS Everything under the blue moon. Especially nausea. This medicine sucks. Horrible. Do not take because it is harder to detox off this stuff than it is off opiates. No joke. And they give Clonidine to those coming off opiates. I know. They give it to young ADHD children. The FDA is inherently corrupt. M 29 7 weeks

 3  Hypertension 150/90+ Major Fatigue, Dizziness upon standing too quickly, Bowel issues, constipation, slower reaction times. Catapres work too well. It took my BP from 150/100 to 100/50. It is a serious medicine that works very well. The problem: The Side Effects. Wow, of all the medicines I have tried, which is well into the 30's, this by far has the WORST discontinuation syndrome, and hard to fatigue levels. I would recommend another drug over Clonidine, but if you need to get you BP down quickly then this is it. M 22 2 months

 2  high blood pressure I've been on catapres patch1,patch2,then patch3 till the Doc finally got results wanted. However, I am fatigued and depressed.Can hardly do anything.Also constipated,bloated,and LOTS of hair loss.Anytime I try to decrease,rebound effect hits. I finally told my Doc to help me wean off this and find something else.Only thing is, everything else sounds bad too. F 47 2 years

 1  hypertension terrible lethergy, weakness I haev been taking this for 10 years along with Cardura for hypertension. As I have gotten older, the side effects have gotten worse. I'm suppose to take this 2xday, but I cannot take the first dose until about 2pm because of the sedation side effects. It is now about ruining my life, and I'm a very active person and tennis player. Trying to get off it is hell, as you cannot just stop it due to rebound hypertension. I now wish I had never started on this medication and I'm working with my MD to get the hell off it. I can't imagine anyone being able to take this med at greater than .1 mg. per day due to the side effects, unless all they do is sleep all day. Just terrible. F 50 10 years

 1  high blood pressure extreme constipation and immediate/extreme weight gain-difficulty getting off this medication due to high blood pressure spiking-I wish there was a cure for this drug. Severe and extreme side effects this is not the end all cure all medication. It never should have been approved by the FDA. F 31 4 years

 1  hot flushes and high blood pressure Severe headache on waking, severe loss of vision for several hours, nausea, and dizziness this happened 2 times within 1 week . resulting in hospital treatment. constant tiredness i think this medication is very dangerous and should not be given to anyone F 55 20 days

 1  High Blood Pressure Extreme fatigue, immediate and severe contipation, paranoia, nightmares This drug made me feel so bad, it was not worth living. I could not function properly. I was so physically tired and could not think straight. The worst was the last day when I became paranoid. That night I kept my husband awake, as I had numerous nightmares. I can't believe it is on the market. Unbelievable that I just read this drug is being prescribed for hyperactive children. Is the medical community crazy? F 52 7 days

 2  High Blood Pressure The .2mg patch of clonidine helps my Blood Pressure, but after switching from the tablets to the patch, within a week, my hair started to thin quite a bit. Now I'm getting depressed about this. I want to switch back to the pills, but I don't know how to go about it yet. Going to talk to my cardiologist and see what can be done. This happened to anyone else???? F 64 18 months
 2  Problems getting to sleep Usually I wake up really dizzy and semi-conscious. Two times something very scary happened. The first scary thing which happened was when I woke up and my entire field of vision was limited to a small box, and that box was shaking like crazy around my entire head while zooming in; luckily it zoomed in an fixed itself after about 30 seconds, but it was very frightening. The second scary thing happened just now. This time I did take .15 milligrams which is very slightly over the normal amount ans usually doesn't matter, but I won't be doing it again; I woke up and I couldn't move my right arm at all except for 3 fingers. It was extremely scary, and my arm felt like a brick of flesh. I'm glad it came back to functioning regularly after a minute, but that was extremely scary (I was on no other medication both times). It was prescribes to be taken when needed, but I don't know how safe catapres is, though I rarely have any considering the crazy side effects it has managed to cause. M 18
 1  High Blood pressure There are many side effects. The worst ones are severe Headaches when I wake,The Drug is not predictable,lack of energy.It slows your Heart rate too much! It seems to cause some depression. Don't ever take this Medication unless it's an Emergency. After 9 months on this Drug, I'm up to 0.3 Mg.x 4 times a Day, and it isn't working very well. I'm now mixing small amounts of viagra to lower my BP when it gets too High.I'm becoming more and more immune to this drug and have no idea of a BP Drug to help it work, or replace it over time. I thought I had found a great Drug for High Blood Pressure because it worked so good at first. The Drug is more addictive than Valium, and should not be on the market for anything. This is a living nightmare! ANY IDEAS??? DATE POSTED 10/20/06 M 53 9 months
 4  High Blood Pressure Light dizziness. With the patch severe itching after a year and had to discontinue and use the tablets. I was put on the 1 mg patch at first, then moved to the 2mg patch shortly thereafter which I tolerated for a year and 2 months. I say tolerated because it was hell living with the itching but the benefits were worth it to me. I felt 100% better until one evening I had to go to the ER room because my BP had gone up suddenly (210/110). I was put on the 3mg patch then and only tolerated it for 4 days. I had to get off the patch because I just couldn't tolerate the itching any more. I am now on tablets and so far (1 week) I've had only minor side effects (light dizzeness, etc.). Overall this drug has worked for me in keeping my BP lowered. M 63 1 years
 1  blood pressure I get hives in the back of my throat with nagging cough within 10 minutes of taking a catapres pill. Then fatigue hits so overwhelming it can be difficult to focus. I gained weight on this medicine. There are several classes of blood pressure medicines I cannot take. Hytrin sent me to the emergency room looking like Garfield the cat. That was scary. The emergency room doctor lowered my blood pressure with catapres. Then my family doctor kept writing scrips for the medicine even though it never adequately controlled my blood pressure. Just before it is time to take a does of catapres, my blood pressure spikes. My doctor took me off of the catapres and put me on benicor which put me in the emergency room. The doctor said NEVER ABRUPTLY STOP TAKING CATAPRES. Your pressure will rebound spike. It is a withdrawal symptom. I decided to go to a heart doctor who is weaning me off of catapress instead of relying on my family doctor to lower my blood pressure. Why are they selling a blood pressure pill that actually raises your blood pressure just before it is time to take your next pill? F 51 5 months

 1  High BP I LOVED the idea of a once a week patch! Less to remember, steady dosage of drug. And it worked great for the first two years! But now I have developed severe itching and pustules at site of patch. I have to keep switching the site of the patch. I took a break of several months from the patch, then returned to it two months ago. Now, in addition to the pustules and itchiness under the patch, I have also developed itchy scalp and unbearable itching on my earlobes, esp. the left one (I wear the patch on my left arm). I am off it, permanently. I will not use it again. I have read that switching to Clonidine pills after developing an allergy to the patch could trigger a whole body allergic reaction. F 59 3 years

 5  Blood Pressure Surges/High BP I first took clonidine/catapres for uncontrolled blood pressure surges, and it worked fantastically, very fast control. They also used it on me in the ER. Extreme tiredness is a side effect---this caused me to take 1/4 to 1/2 tab of .1mg on a regular basis, and it still works perfectly. BUT, YOU MUST NOT CONSUME ANY ALCOHOL WITH CLONIDINE. Alcohol, even one drink, reverses the effect of clonidine. Moderate alcohol (a few glasses of wine for several days) will completely stop clonidine from working for 24 hours--you will need ER and a different drug to bring down BP. Once I realized this, I found many research papers on the alcohol effect in animals. I now have no side effects from clonidine, because I quit drinking. YOU MUST NOT CONSUME ANY ALCOHOL WITH CLONIDINE. If you need to drink, find a different medication. The "Avoid Alcohol" warning is a joke--you can't drink at all without diminishing the effectiveness of this drug. F 49 3 months

 4  Orthostatic intolerance & tourettes Weight gain. I've used the patch for several years with no skin problems. I take this to raise my blood pressure, not lower it, and it works great for that. It seems to help ticks some but not great. I am searching for causes of insomnia which brought me to this site. They say the % is low. F 42 5 years

 3  Severe Hypertension Exreme fatigue and dry mouth, dry skin, hair, eyes. Is working better than anything else I've tried in lowering BP from 160/106 to 129/89 or so, but that fluctuates due to the short life of the drug. Don't know if I can continue to take at least during the day-I am falling asleep at my desk, meetings, etc. Cannot shake the pure lethargy and fatigue F 46 6 days

 3  High blood pressure At first the patch was wonderful because of the lack of side effects and the excellent control of very high blood pressure. After a couple of months on the patch, the itching and skin rash were/are almost intolerable. The other side effect that began thereafter three is anxiety and depression. I wish there were another drug that could control my BP without all the side effects. I wrote to the manufacturer in Germany without any response. That is disappointing. F 66 6 months
 2  High Blood pressure Extreme dry mouth--even though it says the drug has a half life of 6hours, dry mouth lasts for over 24hours after discontinuation. Fatigue. Minimal eye dryness. Sleepy, not good while driving at all; very dangerous. Dose taken 300mcg/day. Changes in mood, slight depression, loss of sex drive. This drug has the most side effects of anthying else and the list goes on. Whoever approved this should be put to death. Useless drug for reducing blood pressure and should be pulled off the market. All it does is give side effects. I also noticed while taking this drug that I would move my arms while sleeping at night, kinda of like sleepwalking motions. I'd actually wake up and see myself doing that. Once I woke up and I was sleeping in a "muslim praying" position. M 7 days

 2  Migraine Headaches Elevated Blood Pressure, weight gain, muscle cramps, aches and pains, dry eyes, change in taste, heart palpitations - over time, benefit for headaches ceased. After starting Catapres, I put on weight and my blood pressure became elevated - I thought BP elevation was due to weight gain - After I developed rash from patch and switched to oral (same dosage) -side effects were worse - slowly discontinued medication and side effects diminished AND blood pressure returned to normal! I don't understand this! F 60 700 days

 2  menopausal - hot flashes I was on only a 0.1 mg tablet daily for about 3 months. Now I am taking a 0.2 mg tablet daily and still find no relief of hot flashes. I understand this is a very low dose but am apprehensive about taking the patch or a higher dose. Doctor cautions about possible dizziness with increased doses. Flashes are so bad, I am willing to give this a shot for a longer time period. So far, I am having no side effects positive or negative. F 56 4 months

 4  blood pressure when taking a patch, the adhesive caused skin irritation. the drug works adequately. I have to make sure I take doses on time, as it clears the system quickly. It keeps my menopausal hot flashes at a minimum. F 54 3 years

 4  high blood pressure lowers bp for 16 hrs F 52 7 days

 3  high blood pressure F 52 5 days

 1  pain depression and constant fatigue, drowsiness, frequent urination F 69 2 weeks

 1  high blood pressure depression, anxiety, vivid dreams that lasted a few seconds after waking and nightmares, shakiness There are better medications available without such serious, potential side effects. F 34 15 days

 2  Menopause - hot flushes Extreme fatigue. I stopped taking catapres as it did not relieve the hot flushes and the extreme fatigue was too debilitating F 52 1 months

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