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 1  Contraceptive/periods Depression, anxiety, severe weight loss, lack of apetite, fatigue, suicidal So a year ago I began taking this. A year ago was also when I began to experience a dramatic decline in my mood. The past year has been hell, I have experienced every symptom of every mental illness in the book. Since taking this pill i have had no interest or energy for anything, i have dramatically lost my apetite resulting in over a stone lost in exactly a year (when i started taking it), since taking the pill i have started self harming, my relationships with others have been ruined due to this new personality the pill has given me, been referred to a mental health clinic. The mood swings are so awful that it gets to the point where you wonder if you have biploar, literally fine as anything one second then an anxious emotional mess the next. This pill has messed up my hormones and my mind and every aspect of my life. Everyone thought i had developed some serious issues. A few days ago i stopped taking the pill and it has been the best decision i've made since i begun. I finally feel like myself, my brain chemicals and hormones feel balanced. I'm so happy i realised before it was too late. I urge anyone with similar symptoms to come off the pill- IT IS NOT WORTH IT!! I'm so sorry all of you have had similar negative experiences, would not wish this on anyone. F 18 1 days
 4  birth control very light and irregular periods. Maybe fatigue? Micronor has been very good to me. F 28 2 years
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 1  Birth control Severe depression, severe brain fog, depersonalization, bad thoughts, unreal feeling, fear, anxiety, disconnect to loved ones. Wow. So I am sensitive to hormones, after bad experiences with nuva ring, and combination pill, my dr offered the idea to try the mini pill which only has progesterone. I was really excited hoping I was only sensitive to combo pills. I never had depression before. I am a healthy marathon runner, and about 2 weeks in I woke up in a fog, a nasty dream like estate. When everything in my life is great! Feelings of despair, and fright, but no reason to be frightful, finding myself to fusterated at night that I just cry myself to sleep scared to death? It's a slow fade, an I hit a wall with this pill. Not refilling my pack tomorrow. My husband says it's not worth feeling this awful. We will just do family planning or condemns till maybe trying the paragard. (No hormones). No one should ever feel this way. I don't have depression, but this month has really opened my eyes to what the people with chronic depression go through. I am going to pray for them. Because just a month of this was awful. Do not take this pill. F 21 1 months

 2  Birth control Hair loss, mood swings, irritable,bloated, weight gain,ibs symptoms,fatigue, crying all the time. 35 day in between periods. Coming off this pill, due to recent hair loss... Big clumps coming out and feels really thin. Also random bleeding and having two periods this month. Seems symptoms get worse the longer you take this pill... Hate feeling like this And looking back to before I started taking this pill I didn't feel like this. I'm so happy I found this site, made me realise it's not just me and I've decided to stop taking it straight away. F 33 1 years

 4  Progesterone only pill I began this pill to help regulate my period and I can only take progesterone pills. I have increased acne. Generally when I should be getting my period, so could just be the extra hormones. Around the 5th month of usage my period has stopped. So not too bad. F 21 6 months

 1  Recommended by dr. Started taking this about 2 months postpartum. I was almost at pre-baby weight with 5 lbs left. After a little while of taking this, I started to gain weight. After a few months, I went from 128 lbs to 136. I wondering why I couldn't lose weight. I even tracked everything I ate for the last two months! I ate about 1000 calories a day, and could not lose any weight. That was so incredibly frustrating. Plus I have oily skin and hair. I am going to look for a different option starting ASAP. F 30 6 months
.35 mg

 1  To ease heavy periods After two weeks I started to feel emotionally numb. After six weeks in severe depression with anxiety attacks, anger, suicidal thoughts and in a brain fog. Bleeding was constant but it was lighter. Stopped taking and after just six days the blackness started to lift. F 49 6 weeks
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 5  Contraceptive Some spots occasionally Love this pill, get some spots every so often. Haven't had a period since I started it which has been great. F 21 4 months
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 1  contraception unbelievable weight gain and anxiety due to lack of periods I was put onto micronor by my new GP as apparently I think ( there was no consultation just a change of prescription ) had been taking Cilest for too long although it suited me and I was perfectly happy. I suffer from depression also and didnt realise this pill could make that worse. For me though, not knowing when my period is coming has caused me so much anxiety. Constantly thinking I could be pregnant, taking tests, not sleeping. Pregnancy was a real worry as the weight gain and breast enlargement have been significant - just like when I was expecting. I have gone up a cup size ( DD - E ) and from a 12 to a tight 14. I have put on over half a stone in 4 months. I am constantly hungry and windy, am on slimming world diet with disappointing results which has worked fine for me in the past. After reading all these reviews I am stopping taking them immediately and will try for sterilisation. What an awful tablet and shame on the Doctor for putting me through this ( yes, I know they are trying to look after us but I wasnt consulted - just swapped with no discussion at all ) F 42 4 months
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 4  For contraceptive This would be my second month into taking Micronor and so far, so good. When I first started taking birth control, I was put on Alesso which caused spotting for me. The doctor then gave me a 3 month trial of Tri-Cyclen Lo which was just awful. I would get extremely agitated and when it was time for my period I would get the worst cramps where I couldn't even move or breath. After, I requested for the Evra patches since I started getting a really bad habit of forgetting to take my pill. The first night of application I experienced severe abdominal pain.. To the point where I thought I had to go to the hospital. After that night though, I didn't get any side effects other than extreme fatigue on the day of my period. I eventually switches from the patches as I am a smoker and my smoking had increased. I was then put on Tri-Cyclen where I had absolutely no problems with other than moderate to medium fatigue during my period and my skin was always so clear until my 7 day break as well. I decided to try Micronor because my friend (pharmacist) said that there is a lower risk of blood clots with smokers who take birth control. I haven't experienced any side effects other than during the first month I was a bit more irritable (I think I still am actually, I'll have to put that to the test and switch back to Tri-Cyclen). I haven't had any spotting or bleeding even if I take the pill a bit late than my usual time. Since its a 28 day pack, I don't get my period - totally fine with tha F 22 1 days

 3  birth control Bled for two weeks for the first 3 months. This fourth month it only lasted a week. Have breast tenderness and increased thirst. No mood changes. This has prevented me from getting pregnant so far. F 36 4 months

 4  birth control haven't ended up pregnant which is the main job. however it hasn't been plain sailing. the first 6 months I bled every two weeks, had breast tenderness and wright gain. however this all settled out after that to no periods except about one v light one two monthly - 6 weekly. however after that i have bled two weekly for 7-9 days. it is driving me mad. no wonder it prevents pregnancy when you are always bleeding! breasts 2 sizes bigger. weight gain happened but it is lost again. skin wasn't much different. think this pill depends on whether you ride out the issues or can put up with them. I think I will do an IUD next... F 22 3 years
 1  Birth control Severe depression, suicidal thoughts I have a history of depression, and within a month of taking micronor I found myself going downhill. I looked for information on side effects on the NHS choices website, and as depression only featured as an uncommon side effect I thought it was unlikely it was responsible for my sudden dip in mood. Over the last few months my depression has got worse and worse, I have started to self harm and am frequently suicidal. I am so glad I found this website, I am going to stop taking them straight away. I would advise anyone with a history of depression to be very wary about using this pill. F 46 11 months
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 1  Help with period pain and PMT depression, suicidal thoughts, bloating, irritable, crying constantly I'm so glad that I've found this website as I really thought I was having some sort of mental breakdown. I'm 34 and I've been taking Micronor for 5 months. My GP put me on it as I was suffering with severe period pain and PMT. I can't take the normal pill as I get migranes. I' m usually quite a happy and positive person but the last few months I've felt as though I've had a personality transplant. I've been feeling so depressed and weepy, found myself crying more in the last 5 months than I have in my entire life. Even had sucidal thoughts which was really scary and not something I ever want to expreience again. I've had no interest in anything - everything is an effort. Been snappy and nasty almost every day which is not me at all. I've felt as though I want to isolate myself from everyone and everything. Been suffering from sever bloating and IBS like symptoms and constipation. Haven't been able to lose any weight (not even 1lb) despite eating healthy and exercising! I really thought there was something menatlly wrong with me - until I found this website last week. I cannot explain how relieved I felt to see that there was an explantation for the change in my moods etc. I stopped taking Micronor a week ago and feel so much better already it's unbelievable. I really dont like this pill - I've tried various pills over the years and non of them really agree with me (I think I'm just one of those people that doesn't get on with it!) - Micronor has without a doub F 34 5 months
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 2  Birth control while breastfeeding Mood swings,depression,unable to lose weight from pregnancy,very dry+no sex drive,no period,hair loss F 29 2 months

 1  CONTRACEPTION Feeling sick,dizzy,bloated tummy,extremely tired all the time.Depressed and nervous,crying.Craving sweet things and junk food.Annoyed with people,snappy. Have only been on this 2 weeks and the change is immediate.Im stopping this instantly now ive found this site and seen all the other comments on this drug.DONT TAKE IT !!! My 12 year old son noticed my change and kept asking if I was ok,i feel so bad poor lad.Should be taken off the market. F 47 14 days
350MCG 1X D

 1  to prevent pregnancy It was the worst and very scary as well my abdomin swelled tremendously and my back pain was severe I was frightened. F 38 6 days

 1  Irregular periods and Endo Hungry all the time,SO TIRED, 8 pounds weight gain, acne, cramps, gassy feeling, bloated and most importantly for me my breasts were so painful that it became my final straw for stopping this horrible pill. I was literally in tears when calling my doctor to discuss side effects. Thank you to everyone else who reviewed this drug. I really thought I was loosing my mind with all of the symptoms especially the severe breast pain/tenderness and the weight gain. I really can not explain the pain/tenderness of my breasts it was awful. My clothes were becoming tight, this after just purchasing new clothes after weight loss. I work out 5/6 times a week pretty hard core and I knew exactly what my weight was prior to taking this awful pill. I was so tired that I went from working out 5/6 days a week to barely 3 due to extreme exhaustion alone. I had been getting up for my 6 am workouts for over a year with rarely an issue.6 am workouts can be tough to get use to but, I had managed to bounce up with little extra effort after only a few months in, you really do get use to working out that early. Then cut to taking this pill and I was fighting to get up. Needless to say these side effects are no where near worth it to me. I stopped this pill a few days ago and today I have severe cramps and I am bleeding more than I ever had. I imagine this will subside so I'm not freaking out just yet. F 41 3 months
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 4  Birth control On 25-27 day of taking I get awful period pains but only light spotting awful tender breasts and constipation feels like I'm pregnant ?? F 39 3 months

 4  Clotting issues with combined pill No major side effects. Some weight gain. Periods were regular and lighter/shorter than before I went on the pill. No issues with sex drive. I have just stopped taking Micronor after 2.5 years of use. Waiting to see what the side effects are for coming off this pill. 2.5 years
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 1  Advised to change due to age Big weight gain, increased anxiety, tender breasts, bloated stomach, water retention (in ankles mostly), low moods I am so glad I found this page and read some of the other comments - I'm not imagining it! I, like others on this page, had to stop taking a combined pill due to my age. I had been on the combined pill (Logynon) for a long time with no trouble at all, but within a couple of weeks of taking Micronor I started noticing my breasts were extremely tender and I had a bloated stomach. Within 4-6 weeks I had put on over a stone. I am actually a bit annoyed that my doctor prescribed this - I realise he couldn't have known how I'd react to it, but knowing that I was also suffering from anxiety and depression should have rung some alarm bells at least.... I know I have taken at least a 25% step backwards now...I am anxious all over again and am so irritable I find it difficult interacting with people without biting their heads off! All this and it's only my 2nd month on them! Well, it's my last - I have one more pill to take tonight and then I'm not taking them anymore. Maybe some of what I have experienced is the menopause and if it is then I'll just have to grin and bear it, but taking a pill and having it create all these side effects is just plain wrong. F 47 2 months
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 3  Hormone levels and contraceptive No periods (yay) for years Spots acne at first Bloated tummy Suddenly periods again after years of none. Only light but lots of tummy ache. Was bloodchecked for menopause but no sign yet. Big Weight gain but could be age or other meds. F 45 8 years

 1  Birth control Started taking it when my doctor told me I should come off the combined pill due to my age (46) which I had been fine with for years. Was ok for the first 8 months, regular but quite heavy period once a month with a little breast tenderness BUT now into my 9th month I am in shock as I have just had a heavy period that lasted 10 days, and then 4 days later I am bleeding again and have been for the past 3 or 4 days, more than spotting, enough to need a pad, kind of like a light period. I have a bloated belly and crampy period pains. Going to the doctor next week :( Shocked to see how many people are having bad side effects, but also slightly reassured that its not just me! F 46 9 months
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 1  PCOS, Irregular Periods Headaches, Irregular Periods, Weight Gain, Higher A1C levels, Diabetes, emotional I am taking this for medical problems. Before I took it, I wasn't on any pill and had my period every two weeks, heavy ones. Now I'm having 2 or 3 heavy periods a month. I wear depends and thick pads because I tend to leak alot. Doesn't help. I wear tampons cautiously, because of the toxic shock syndrome they can produce. Wish there was something else I can do. F 41 3 years
.35mg 1X D
 1  Birth Control Weight gain, migraines, bloating, stomach cramps, loss of sex drive, moodiness, snappiness, discharge, skin problems I hate this pill!! Was put on this as birth control and after having bad reactions to the normal pill was told this mini pill had no severe side effects.Rubbish! I have gone from a size 8 to a size 12 and couldn't work out why as I am constantly on my feet and barely eat! I lost all interest in sex, thank god my fiancé is patient! Severe migraines and fatigue. Not good with 2 small children. Snappy, moody, generally a complete pain in the rear. Felt fat, ugly, and didnt need much of an excuse to start an argument, even with myself! I am stopping these tonight! Only other thing I can think of is the coil? Doctors really should inform women of these issues. F 35 14 months
350MG 1X D
 1  Birth Control Tiredness, Increased Appetite, Sore/Tender Breasts, Spotting, Apathy, Anxiety, Spots, Headache, Bloating, Low Moods, I started taking this 10 days ago and began spotting only 5 days later. My breasts were extremely sore to the touch and appear to be swollen. My appetite has increased and I've been eating too much junk food lately as I seem to be craving sugar. I have a history of depression/low moods on certain types of birth control (depo being one of them) and the last 3-4 days I've started having the same feelings coming back from taking Micronor. I'm feeling restless, yet have no go in me to do anything. I'm tired and just feel very flat and disinterested in everything and everyone. F 30 10 days
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 4  To stop periods completely Tender breasts, occasional cramping I started taking this medication to stop my periods completely because I am on blood thinners and my periods were severely heavy, I was losing so much blood that I became severely anemic every time I had my period. I took the generic form of Micronor for a year and was told by my doctor that it would take about a year for it to stop my periods, but after a year I still had a period about every 3 months, in which my periods would last 3 weeks. At the start of the generic I gained 20 lbs the first month and another 20 the following year. At the 1 year mark I switched to the name brand of Micronor because my doctor said that some women react better to the name brand than the generic. I have not had any side effect or weight gain with it and I only had one last period right after taking it that lasted 4 days. So far it's been 4 months and no period. So far, it's working like it was intended and I'm very happy with it. If you're reading this and thinking about taking this med, I'd encourage you to get the name brand if possible. F 26 1.5 years
.35 1X D
 1   Extremely bad mood swings snapping at everyone feeling no connection with daughter bloating ibs symptoms really tired all the time F 28 2 years
 1  As a Birth Control Major Mood Swings, Depressive tendencies, Pent up Anger, Frustration, Feelings of worthlessness, Constant Shroud of Anxiety, Light but Frequent Periods I have not had a day in the past two weeks where I have not cried. I thought I was just depressed, having moved to a new city and recently graduated. I thought that the monthly rent, my new job, having a few amount of friends, not having the exercise routine I wanted to. I thought maybe it was driving me into a depressive hole. But everything was so bad. I am still on it currently and I can tell you I have major lack of interest in activities, no drive to try and put myself out there, and the mood swings. Oh my god the mood swings. Yesterday I had my first anxiety attack. Couldn't breath it was so strong. Literally knocked me down to the floor with all the weight of it's worrisome, worthlessness. I cry if my boyfriend does or says something wrong. I mean 4 hours straight crying after already staying up until 3 in the morning and having work at 4:30 the next day. Over Everything. I am typically a logical, sympathetic person but Micronor threw me over the edge. It was a constant flow of easily jolted desperation to grasp onto my emotions and control myself. I felt irrational. What's lousy is that I blamed myself. I didn't think it could have been my birth control. I was never warned this could be a side effect. I blamed myself for being erratic and did not know why I could not get a handle on myself. As of tonight I am no longer going to be taking Micronor in hopes that within the two week span of filtrating out of ones system, everything goes back to normal. I wish everyone l F 19
.35 1X D
 3  contraception extremely tender breasts, bloating, breakouts, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, PMS symptoms for 2 weeks before period! I was prescibed this contraception due to migraines and bad experiences with other progesterone only methods (cerazette and the implant) The family planning nurse advised this was a differnent type of hormone that works with your body more naturally. After the first few days of taking it i started to feel quite sick and my breasts were so sore i couldnt ever take my bra off, but after a week or so this calmed down.... temporarily! After the first few weeks i started to get severe PMS 2 weeks before my period was even due... i was then 4 days late for my period and it lasted for 7 days (normally i am on every 28 days and it last 4-5 days) I thought this was just the pill settling in but then gradually my mood swings, anxiety and general mood have got worse! My last period was a week early and lasted for a week again! I feel like i am either on my period or having severe PMS constantly! I also feel like this pill is a pain as you have to take it at the same time everyday. I think it works well as a contraception as long as you take it at the same time everyday but for me, the side effects aren't worth it! I know everyone is different so its worth trying but i think its back to natural family planning for me as nothing suits me! F 26 3 months
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 1  Contraception I have never written a review of this kind online before but feel so angered about the side effects of this pill (and some other POPs), that I wanted other people to be informed of my experience before making a decision to take it themselves. Without wanting to replicate/duplicate the negative mood-swing comments on here already ... by my symptoms seem to be identical to many others on here. Constant feeling of "what's the point"; suicidal thoughts, enraged anger over absolutely nothing; irregular bleeding - sometimes for weeks with no pattern at all. I didn't suffer headaches and don't believe this pill to have affected my weight. I came off Cerazette for the same reasons as above and was prescribed Micronor instead - both have very similar side effects and wouldn't recommend either! F 38 6 months
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 5  Protection No side effects no bloating protects me in my great sex life F 27 4 months
 3  birth control and migraine history Mid cycle pain. Weight gain. Breast enlargement by 2 cups (bra shopping sucks!) delayed periods which makes me constantly think I'm pregnant. Mood swings. But so far its working. F 20 5 months

 1  Birth Control Excessive weight gain - 15 pounds since taking it. Heavy,painful period,headaches daily,nausea,bloated stomach and discomfort,swollen and tender breasts,low sex drive,irratability and tirednes. Prior to using Micronor i was using the Mirena coil but had unpleasant side effects so was was advised by GP to use this...AWFUL! The side effects were worse than the coil,stopped taking today so hopefully will start feeling normal again. F 44 8 months
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 2  Birth Control Anxiety and Weight gain, Loss of sex drive. I was put on this pill by OB after birth - my body was getting back to pre-pregnancy shape until I started this pill (6weeks after birth). I have piled on the weight over 6-7mths. My GP has changed to Microlut so I hope I have better luck with that. F 35 7 months
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 1  Birth control??? I started taking Micronor because I have an inherited blood clotting disorder, so my doctors won't let me use anything with estrogen in it. So when I started taking Micronor, my hands broke out in a HORRIBLE itchy rash. I would get random bug bite looking things all over my hands and my god, did they itch. I could barely even sleep. I tried anti-itch cream but it barely helped at all. I freaked out for weeks, thinking I had bed bugs, but I didn't. I realized it might be the birth control. At that point, me and my boyfriend broke up so I didn't have to take the pills anymore. After a few weeks I think, all the itchy bumps went away. Not sure if I'm allergic to it or just a side effect..? I'm getting super depressed. I can't take anything with estrogen, and I may be allergic to this. The Depo shot is really bad so I refuse to take that (my mom refuses to let me even if I wanted it). Sure there are condoms and spermicide, but you know how that goes. Condoms suck and spermicide just sounds really disgusting and a turn off.. I'm so frustrated. F 16 3 weeks
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 2  Birth control/ migraine Mood changes. Serve bloating and weight gain. Period every 2 weeks or heavy spotting. I went on it after my daughter was born and had a lot diffierent side effects like no mood changes no weight gain no Periods for the first year. Then after my son was born I have all of the side effects I listed at the beginning. Iam so bloated and gained so much weight I am always taking test to make sure am not pregnant . F 23 3 years

 2  birth contro Bloating acne pms lasting 2 weeks gassy stomach I never thought this was linked to micronor but after reading these reviews I'm stopping it today had very regular periods with no spotting but was happy enough until I started to think was my crazy sugar cravings all linked to microcor I now believe it is after reading these reviews sometimes bloating so bad I thought I was pregnant also very greasy skin find it very hard to lose weight even though I follow weight watchers definitely stopping this pill today F 38 3 years

 1  birth control/suffer from migraine Mood swings, bad skin, Weight gain, hair loss, irregular and very painful periods. Tender boobs, bloating....Was on cerazrette but had to change because of irregular bleeds which was a shame as it was ideal. Started taking micronor and the last 2-3years have been awful. Full of pregnancy tests, scans for cysts or fibroids & pain. Have now had IUD fitted (without hormones!) 2 weeks ago and feel free of hormones and cramping, bit of light spotting but it's good just not feeling so down and argumentative and fat! :) F 41 3 years
1 x Day

 4  I couldn't take any other pill After Femulen was discontinued (I loved this pill -no periods, no mood swings, no cramps etc) my doctor put me on Micronor as I can't take oestrogen tablets due to the migraines I used to have. The first couple of months, I saw my period come back for about ten days every two weeks and I started to get the nausea etc. I am now just finishing month three and things appear to have settled down, no period for over a month now and the nausea has gone. Fingers crossed it stays that way!! F 27 1 days
 2  prevent pregnancy/migrains I started Micronor back in 2009 recommened to me bc I can't take other types of birthcontrol with estrogen in them due to my sever migrains . The first 3 years i was on it, it was amazing! Never had a period again after I took the first pill! Woooo-Whooo! No periods! Who wouldn't love that...untill ur constatly freaking out thinking your pregnant (when your not) spending unnessasry money on tests & freaking my fiance & myself out for no reason. Other than that I was in love with the pill, no cramps, no periods, no mood swings, no change in sex drive.....was the perfect pill....atleaset i thought lol When my fiance & I took a break I got off birth control completely but then when we got back together I immediatly got back on the micronor. This time around it was a COMPLETELY different experience. I would have a period (full on period) every 2 weeks and be spooting the other 2 weeks so basically i had a period all month long for about 3months then outta no where its gone! Havent had a period in 4 months now. They warned me about periods being irregular but its driving me crazy, im so so bloated taken a bunch of preg test all negative (thank god) but if I'm not pregnant why am i continually gaining weight, so bloated none of my clothes fit, severly depressed, and anxiety through the roof. Moody, insomnia bad, cant sleep, then tired all day. feel depressed, fat, ugly, no self worth, pain in lower back, sore breasts....really wish I would have come, isolating myself. Its been really bad I thought I was going crazy but now after reading all these glad to know I'm not crazy & its probably the pills. I am going to the dr next week to make sure im 100% not pregnant (fingers crossed for me that im not) & stopping these pills asap! F 27 4 years
30 1X D
 1  Contraception Depression ,anxiety ,aggression and acne within 6 days of taking it F 41 6 days
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 1   Not sleeping mood changes bloated sore Brest bleeding every two weeks never felt so depressed I would not recommend it F 29 5 months

 5  High Cholesterol & Heavy Cycles I was taking Beyaz and took Yaz for years before. I was put on Micronor because I have high Cholesterol . I've only been taking it for three days and I've already got a cycle .Its very light and no pain of any kind . What's amazing is I have no symptoms at all I feel like a million bucks . I should have been on this all this time . I take it at the same time every day and all the symptoms I had on the Beyaz are gone . I think everyone is different . Not everything is for everyone. F 39 3 days

 1  migraines & endometriosis psychotic episodes// suicidal feelings// PREGNANCY// miscarriage// violent mood swings// insomnia// daily panic attacks// thyroid imbalance// EXCESSIVE HAIR LOSS// never ending bleeds for weeks & months at a time// androgens in this pill caused painful regular cystic acne on chin// asked to be taken off this pill after 3 months of side effects listed. was told to continue. side effects became more severe over time. took pill at exact same time daily (alarm on my phone) only to discover i miscarried at 12 weeks. did not know i was pregnant. went to doc last week regarding these persistent effects only to find i have massive cysts on my left ovary now. cysts that did not exist on my left ovary 8 months ago. i was told this was better than cerazette. is pill is awful. i won't even get in to how this pill mentally debilitated me. ladies, if your mind or body tell you micronor is wrong, listen to yourself. doctors do not understand this medication fully, as my left ovary will verify. F 33 8 months
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 1  high blood pressure. heavy periods Headaches. Body pains. kidney and back pains. Gassy. Bloating. Weight gain. Moody. Depressed. Angry. Short temper. Heavy bleeding 2 weeks on 5 days off then it starts again. Am on my 3rd period in less than 2 months. Tired. Anxious. No interest in intimacy. I want to sleep all day but cant sleep at night. I'm tired of being tired and real tired of constantly bleeding all the time. Thank god for a very patient mate F 40 2 months
1 a day
 5  birth control Ok I have been on everything. Combined pills made me sick,depo caused headaches and stomach problems,implanon made me have flu symptoms and it nearly got lost in my body. So I tried this and have been on it since. No weight gain,no mood swings,I can happily raise my child with no cramps or periods. I love it. F 29 6 years

 1  Birth Control(I'm on Epilepsy meds) Mood swings, Incredible rage at boyfriend often (Now ex because we were fighting so much!), Depression, Suicidal thoughts, self harm, Acne on my face, hair loss, Breast swelling, breast tenderness, Increase in appetite FEELING (I would be hungry but would eat less and feel full then hungry again within an hour!) Back pain, Constant tiredness, foggy mind, Stress, Constantly felt pregnant, cramps, would randomly feel as though I was starting my period when I wasn't, short periods. To be honest, The irrationality and Depression were the worse. I literally became a completely different person while I was on this. I will never take it again, I almost ended my life while on it. This is my first form of birth control. Because of what this did to my mood I went through a breakup yesterday with someone I felt strongly about. At first I thought maybe I was crazy and it wasn't the pills but after coming here I definitely know. Women do not take this! It isn't worth the risk! I'm stopping this tonight. It's brought me nothing but pain. F 17 2 months
35 MG 1X D
 2  Severe PMS Bloating,irregular stools (IBS-like symptoms) weight gain, sore breasts. Occasional dizziness, and occasional bad headaches which onset in the middle of the night and woke me up from deep sleep . Minor symptoms: acne and a couple thick hairs (hirsuitism) on chin)., spotting. On the positive note, did lessen the severe PMS/moodiness during last 10 days of cycle, but made me feel like I was having mild PMS all month..... F 38 40 days
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 1  Birth control Nausea- My kidney hurts- Acne-Extremely tired- Cry all the time - Depressed. I've tried Yasmin, Yaz, Marvelon, Aleese... They all make me extremely tired. But Micronor is the one that affects the most my mood! F 29 2 months
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 4  Blood pressure I love this pill no side effects up in till now!!! Period is getting longer and cramps are bad! Don't know what to do??? F 31 6 years

 1  Contraceptive and PMS Was given this due to my age, I'm early 40's so can no longer take the combined pill. I was also told it would stop my PMS completely. I started taking this when I was bleeding heavily for over 7 weeks on Serazette. The bleeding stopped within days and everything seemed fine for the first month. The closer it got to my period date I found my breasts were that sore that I couldnt touch them, my libido was at rock bottom and I was having spurts of terrible anger. My period came and lasted 4 days and then the reality sank in. The tiredness is the worse. All I want to do is sleep and when I am awake all I am doing is crying. If I'm not crying and believing life isnt worth living then I am ready to argue and fight with everyone. After reading all these comments, I dont think I will be taking my dose tonight or any night. The way life has been the last couple of weeks, I think I would rather get pregnant. Roll on the Menapause I see as it's got to be easier than this pill. Oh and F 42 2 months
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 3  blood pressure/lighter period,cramp Some spotting in 1st month after period,then period started when was suppose to next month,still have severe cramps and period seems same as before,acid reflux,increased appetite,was hoping period was stop completely but hasnt yet.... F 34 2 months

 1  prevent pregnancy Started taking micronor after the birth of my son. Started out on the generic then started using the brand name recently, not a good choice of birth control. I always feel very tired , hungry and depressed. Everything plucks my nerves I cry very easy I'm snappy my period comes when it wants and when it does it last for a week or two.I've gained a ton of weight I'm breakin out horribly my boobs have gone up a size . I constantly think I'm pregnant becus I'm havin food cravings and always drained of energy but every test shows that I'm not pregnant. I'm not able to take estrogen becus I have high blood pressure so this is very frustrating . I feel like I'm out of options. F 22 6 months

 2  Prevent child birth Been on this pill a month and 1weeks next Monday . I've bleed for the past week and bit ! There seems to be noo slowing down either ! Which I am not impressed as it's quite heavy and it's not the easiest when you have a 3month old who is a mummy's boy and you are leaking ! F 20 1 months

 5  stop pregnancy Had awful side effects with cerazette so switched to micronor and everythings nrilliant. No mood swings, no being an emotional wreck! Periods are very regular every 28 days for approx 4 days. F 27 7 years

 1  Prevent pregnancy Really bad acne all over my chin & jaw line. Tired all of the time, weight gain, spotting. F 33 4 months

 1  Breastfeeding I started taking this pill when my son was a year old after my period came back (was breastfeeding exclusively) I was having pms and breakouts and do not want to get pregnant right now I felt a little moodier the first month of taking it. Then I felt more hatred toward my husband then I do when I have pms. Even my kids were getting in my nerves which rarely happens. I agree with other reviews that say you get a weird tired zombie feeling and also pain in the back and body. I was afraid to weigh myself but did feel bloated. I also felt like crying over the silliest things and more anxiety. My sleep was very restless and when I did sleep it didn't feel like a deep sleep and I felt so tired all day I thought maybe it wasn't the pill but I stopped a few days ago and feel better already. The only good thing is it cleared my skin and stopped my period but then I was paranoid I was pregnant because I felt tired and nauseous. But not pregnant in glad to see the reviews and know I'm not imagining things F 30 2 months

 1  prescription Im having it for 2 weeks now I got lots of pimples...1st time happened to me to have pimples outbreak.:( F 2 weeks

 4  cant have estrogen I had horrible side effects with an iud, hives, awful mood swings ect. Without fail each month. So I went back to mirconor, I helps with my mood, mostly seemed to be getting better and better each month until this month, and last I guess awfully grumpy and mopey and I had two periods a month and my boobs grew gigantic in a space of three weeks, my mood had put some strain on my relashionship, soooo lucky hes patient and in love. hairs been shedding but I dye it so not sure its from my pill, no skin issues or weight gain no pregnency while on it, still condidering quitting it but not sure if my mood will worsten or not and my only other birth control option is condoms, I dont want to put a barrier between us F 17 2 years
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