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 3  Panic Disorder None In the end, this drug was too mild for my severe anxiety. I feel I would have had to take 3-4 times as much as I was prescribed to have the same effect something like Xanax had on me. I would not recommend for anyone with severe anxiety, only mild to moderate. M 29 2 months
5MG 2X D
 3  Anxiety Disorder None. Does not help with sleep though weaker then Klonopin works with Aniexty will I will say. M 40 1 days
20 mg :
 4  PTSD w/ associated night terrors None other than a little bit of sleepiness the next day. I only take this at night, 1-hour before bed. I was unable to sleep and crying uncontrollably and for no reason from a PTSD setback and I also started having horrific night terrors again. This in combination with Zoloft, also taken at night has helped a great deal. I can now sleep again with minimal night terrors and the cry valve has been adjusted appropriately. I now feel I am becoming immune to the current dose I am on. I started at 5 MG and am now at 10 MG. F 46 2 years
10 mg 1X D
 1  muscle relaxer Hallucinations..loss of speech. Memory loss and loss of peripheral vision Horrible..took medicine to help relieve spasms and now I cant even remember what I did yesterday .this medicine is poison F 39 2 months
15 mg dail
 1  Muscle condition Withdrawal symptoms were horrific and prolonged. Over a year until I felt better. My doctor did not warn me to stop slowing and insisted that the pills were not addictive. Good news is I am off them and better 2 years later and have no desire to ever take another one F 53 5 months
3 mg 2X D

 4  panic disorder / sleep / mania None Note that I wasn't taking 80mg a day every day, just on the days I needed it. I found that valium didn't do anything at all to help me sleep or for anxiety, even when I took pretty high doses. (found that zopiclone is the only med that works for sleep for me, ativan is the best thing for anxiety - again I only take these when needed not every day) However I'm also bipolar and I have found that valium is actually pretty useful in toning down the manic side of it without having to take stupidly high doses F 31 6 months
40mg 2X D

 4  neck spasm Helped relax the spasms. Prescribed for 4 days and pain returned after stopping. F 44 4 days

 5  sleep I have osteoarthritis and am stiff in the morning. Would valium add to the stiffess M 84
1X D

 5  Stress None(i also took it many years ago during a divorce and when I tapered off - over a period of one Month - i experienced feelings of paranoia ) M 68 2 years

 5  Anxiety & depression No side effects at all except sometimes it isn't strong enough. I love my Valium! Klonopin, Ativan, and the dozen of depression meds I've tried don't work at all but this does. I know I can always count on it and have NOT had any physical or psychological dependency or addiction to it (warning: not typical) M 17 4 months
30 MG

 1  Seizure disorder Valium was very useful to help me sleep after the birth of my baby and to prevent another seizure. It is however incredibly addictive and as you build tolerance it stops working. The withdrawal is a living hell. Not worth it. F 38 1 years
 2  Meiners, panic attacks, anxiety First time I took 5mg felt better, after 2 months up to 10mg then up again to 17.5mg after 5 months. This drug has done nothing for my anxiety or panic attacks. It makes me feel like I'm drunk upon waking, memory loss, concentration problems gave me social anxiety it's been 14 months and dr still won't take me off of it just wants to keep adding more mg's. I had less anxiety before I started it but it does keep the vertigo at bay. F 44 1 years
 4  Anxiety/Panic No real side effects, felt relaxed and put me to sleep within an hour or two. This is supposedly the easiest of all benzos, but also the weakest and it has a long halflife. Tolerance builds fast for me, took 4mg once and it did great..Few days later, 5mg did nothing. Doctor switched me to Ativan because of the shorter halflife and less issues with Seroquel xr, haven't needed to take it yet so who knows. It's good to have these pills for the occasional moment. M 32 2 weeks
4mg 1X AN
 5  Severe Cerebral palsy I have been on Valium since '92. It has calmed me down from the worst muscle spasms. The biggest side effects are, at least to me, sleepiness and memory loss. You'll remember but it may be fuzzy the day after. F 28 10 years
5 to 10 mg
 4  pulled muscle in neck; neck spasm none -other than possible sleepiness, but he took it at 11 pm at night. My 7 year old got a dose of 2 ml (2mg) of liquid valium to help with severe pain from pulled neck muscle-- He was unable to move his head /neck without screaming. - Along with motrin, it seemed to help him tremendously and we didn't need to even fill the prescription - (drug stores don't typically keep liquid in stock, and by the time it would have arrived, the pain was much better anyway) One dose was enough, which he received at the ER at night. The next morning he woke up and was dancing around feeling great, but later in the day he got a little sore again, so we just gave him 1 100 mg tablet of motrin. Day 3: can tell it is still just a little stiff based on his head movements, but no need for ibuprofen. M 7 1 times
2 ml /2 mg 1X D
 5  insomnia/night terrors/stress Sometimes dry eyes during sleep. Easily remedied by an eye ointment or drops. I have taken it off and on for 40 years. Sometimes I have gone as long as 6 months without taking one (perhaps to prove I am not addicted ). Sometimes I take a 10 mg to sleep, I have insomnia and night terrors. The beauty is I don't need to take them every day. When my mother was dying of cancer, Doctors put me on every type of anti-depressant, each gave me a horrible side effect. They made me sick and did nothing to relieve anxiety, actually they made me feel more anxious. Valium has been the only drug that not only helps me sleep, but relieves the anxiety. Actually,it proves to me that "nothing horrible will really happen", so I can deal with life's dilemma's without taking anything. It has been a type of "behavior modification". Doctors and laypeople have a tendency to give this drug a bad connotation, even so far as to accuse us of being "drug addicts". I know this has been a "lifesaver" for the victims of horrible traumatic experiences. It has allowed us to function as "normal individuals" and not dwell on the unfortunate. M 61 40 years
5 0r 10 1X D
 5  anxiety well rested no anxiety or anxious F 22 2 days
 3  generalised anxiety/panic no adverse side effects, just a bit of somnolence during the day Klonopin/Xanax XR gives you the long-acting anxiety relief. Ativan and Xanax far more effective for short-term immediate-release anxiety treatment. Yes, Valium is the most sedating of these anxiolytics, however, I was up to 45 mg (15 mg 3X a day) of Valium, quite a high dose, and it just never did the trick for me. I took more and more and my anxiety wouldn't be quelled. Depending on your own situation, I would recommend Klonopin or especially a combination which I am now on of Xanax and Xanax XR for effective anxiety treatment, which, while less sedating than Valium, is a great mixture of long-release and immediate-release relief. M 29 3 years
15 mg 3X D

 4  Anxiety : stress at work initially Initially valium / diazepam was helpful it was a great calming feeling ; yet that passed & I got totally reliant : I still got relief yet I got dependant & had many painful detoxes : I initially didn't detox & came off them not by choice I lied to myself took more than I should & had a terrible fit when I suddenly stopped / I finally got the correct help yet my need to take them is v strong I relate to so many things I have read : I want to be free of tablets I have gone this time 5mgs daily to nothing & I'm fighting with myself to not get them again I feel very spaced out luicid tingly fingers : yet it's awful but I can't stand the dependency : dr refuse to prescibe them were I live it's there rule no tranquilisers so it lead to buying them which is awful DR should prescibe carefully as I went from Dr who saw them as good in the 1990's to a absolute No : what I totally stand by is detox at the patients time it's not a race : F 42 2 years
 5  For epilepsy &. Panic attacks Makes me sleep good! 52 1 days
20 mg
 3  always angry I was drinking and taking valium.not as an addict,but to just forget about all the wrong decisions i made in life,having 3 kid, i realised i was starting to loose my concept on life this went on for nearly 2 years.i was still able to workout and be employed.but i started to strugggle towards the end. i quit drinking cold turkey.and weened my self of the drug.try to keep away from it for to to kill you slowly in many ways, especialy in your mind. M 39 1 years

 4  anxiety, tension, panic None so far. I just hope it works. I restarted taking 5 mgs of valium daily for anxiety and panic. I have been taking it for 6 days again. I have tried to come off of it but feel so bad until I had to restart. I hope it works. It is weak compared to some of the other benzos. I wish I did not have to take these drugs. Overtime, they start to work less for some ppl due to tolerance altho a few people don't seem to experience tolerance and the drug seems to work for a lifetime in these people. Please e-mail me and share your Valium experience. How long before this drug accumulates enough in the bloodstream before you start to experience relief. It may take a little while in my case because I have been suffering a longtime and have resisted taking anything but doing nothing is not working....just suffering day after day with no relief in sight. M 50 6 days
5 MG 1X D
 2  Muscle spasms None Didn't do anything for me, not even made me drowsy. 2 MG probably too low a dosage. F 60 5 days
2 mg 1X D

 1  sleep Lose of control, disyness lack of cordination. Sleep far too long. Better just using lavender in a bath M 35 1 days
 1  Muscle Cramps, Anxiety due to CFS To start with my Dr Alan Broome (NZ) did not tell me about the Withdrawal syndrome. So I had great results in relaxation, less cramping of muscles, less stress. Of course it did not cure my CFS but helped it greatly for about 2 years. He kept me on it at doses ranging from 15-40mgs per day and never mentioned the nightmarish withdrawal syndrome. DON'T TAKE IT! It is so easy to become addicted as it becomes part of your brain and very being. It clamps down on your emotions and turns on you after a while so you just have to take it to avoid w/d syndrome. After 12 years I tried coming off it and after 9 months had got down to 1mg, then 0.5mg, then all living hell broke loose in my body. Imagine a heroin user and think worse! Shaking, chills, cramps, no sleep, showers hurt my body, vertigo, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, terrified of the world, sexual blunting. Imagine hell and call it diazepam withdrawal. I HAD to go back on it as I was raising my daughter alone and my mother had cancer. I hear from patients that have finally got off it that even up to 7 years later they are impaired mentally and still suffer. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE THIS EVIL DRUG. It my have it's place in a hospital setting but should NOT be prescribed to ANY NEW PATIENT. Evil does come in a bottle. M 47 20 years
40 2X D
 4  Anxiety and Panic Disorder None so far but not much relief. I am hoping for efficacy after the drug has been given a chance to build up in my system. I just started taking the drug daily again for my anxiety and panic. I have just started back taking valium after about a year of taking it only PRN. Please anyone, e-mail me if you would like. I would like to share experiences. Can you please tell me what your experience has been taking valium each day. CBT and all the other non drug approaches have simply never worked for me and the quality of my life has been very poor trying to manage my disorder without drugs. M 48 2 days
5 1X D
 4  Anxitiy, Insomnia after waking up in the morning, I felt as if I had gotten wasted the night before. Like having trouble walking because of staggering/ having trouble with balance. When I would lay down to sleep I usually sleep for 7-9 hours, It helps a lot with sleep. F 21 4 days
15mg 1X D
 4  Lower back muscle tear Instant severe drowsiness and dry mouth My doctor added this to the standard pain meds to help with the back spasms. It works pretty good to calm down my back spasm attacks. However, sleeping for 3 hours is the result of taking a pill. So cutting them in half works to some degree to prevent instant sleep. 5 mg instead of 10 twice a day. M 33 3 days
5 2X D

 4  Anxiety Dizziness Calm and relaxed Sleepy M 5 days
20 mg

 1  Anxiety Permanent brain damage from withdrawal of drug. Spent 5 years completely non-functional -- next 5 years trying to regain my life, left with permanent perceptual/emotional dysfunction and memory loss. This is a very dangerous drug that Roche knows about--it can cause uimaginable suffering for those who are susceptible to a permanent down regulation / alteration of the brain's GABA network---I am one of those as are many, many others. F 68 7 years
5mg 1X D
 5  Anxiiety A little sleepy F 70 1 months

 5  severe nerve pain It takes away pain, helps me be able to turn my head & gives me energy. F 53 2 times
5 mg
 5  various No bad effects, no withdrawal symptoms I have taken this at times for: divorce anxiety, dentist anxiety, sleep, sea sickness, migraine headache. It has been a great help in all of these situations. M 48 45 days
15mg 2X D

 3  Anxiety, panic attacks Addiction, memory loss, mild depression, decrease in coordination AT FIRST, this drug helped to control my anxiety and panic attacks. It enabled me to work and leave my house without fear. After about a year of taking valium as prescribed I was physically addicted. Twice I have tried to wean off this drug, even after three months off my last dose my anxiety is far worse than before I started! It does not take abuse of this drug to become dependent. I found the website "benzobuddies" helpful with getting off the drug. Please beware of all drugs in this class. F 46 5 years
5 mg 3X D
 4  Anxiety and Insomnia makes me sleepy. I have to say,this drug have help me alot,after I started taking latuda I've been having horrible anxiety and insomnia as an a side effect,I take this at night a hour before bed and I was albe to sleep peacefully,this has been a lifesaver. F 18 1 months
10 1X D
 5  stress depression and insomnia dizziness, sleepiness, fatigue, relaxed, calm, poor coordination, loss of balance and addiction. F 41 8 months
10 mg
 5  Anxiety and muscle spasms None really I was first given Valium for anxiety, then my Pain Dr. said it really helps for neck spasms. M 45 10 years
5 2X D
 3  Anxiety/panic attacks, depression I only take Valium when I get a panic attack or other occasions involving my anxiety. However, when I take it I feel super relaxed, almost to the point where I can't function. I get tired, numb and I've experienced some memory loss after taking Valium. Therefore, this medicine helped me - did what it was supposed to- but the side effects are concerning to me. F 16 1 days
Half pill

 5  anxity/ muscle spasms None really M 45
5 mg 2X D
 5  Anxiety, stress, depression None M 42 3 months
 5  Anxiety not many 2mg daily, takes edge of anxiety, but i could do with something more potent. Mommas little helpers they call them ,10yrs later i still pop them daily, part of my ritual. If i take 5mg or more i end up bit whacky Loo! so low tolerance perhaps. Not good long term..... just a habit like smoking M 44 10 years
2 1X D
 1  Anxiexty Was put on valium due to panic attacks and could not sleep. Also other medical problems. Had siezure attacks and got 4 diffirent oppions. Was told phesedo siezures and after 10 years dr reduced and took me off since cant not sleep and back to mid say attacks If i knew that trying get off this would cause more problems would never started. M 46 10 years
10mg 2X D
 5  anxiety and pain Side effects implies something unpleasant or unexpected. In my case = nothing. I take 20 mg prior to dental or medical procedures. According to my dentist "it makes it easier on the patient and easier for me", I have to agree. M 44 30 days
20 MG 2X D

 4  Panic attacks I had panic attacks that were so intense, I thought they'd kill me. Valium helped tremendously. I also have insomnia and they help me sleep. However, they make me so tired the next day, I can barely get out of bed. As a result, I only take them when I have a big panic attack, which are now few and far between. When I take the Valium, I'm too tired to do my workout the next day (I lift weights) and i feel stressed and the panic attacks return. But the fatigue is horrible. It is almost worse than having the panic attacks. F 71 4 years

 3  Anxiety, Spasms (Car Accident) Dizziness, Drowsiness, Fatigue I was given Valium after a car accident last September to treat both the muscle spasms and severe anxiety. While it certainly made me less anxious, it wasn't quite something I could feasibly take during the day or as needed while out. Essentially it..well... put me to sleep. As in, snoring, drooling sleep in the middle of work. Unfortunately it didn't quite work for me as intended but it was a fantastic sleep aid! F 28 7 days
5mg 1X D
 5  GAD, PD, Depression The withdrawal from Valium is a walk-in-the-park compared to Effexor or Cymbalta!!! This medication is harmless. I feel no addiction at all, and my brain feels like its come out a seizure state (anxiety, panic disorder). I just feel normal! Avoid the 5 mg tabs as they contain tertrazine (yellow dye # 5) which 50 % of the population is allergic to. I get the 10 mg blue tabs and snap 'em in half. This drug is highly under-used. It makes you feel normal so you can get on with life without anxiety or panic. Added bonus is the muscle relaxant qualities that other benzos do not have. So say goodbye to the physical pain associated with GAD & PD. SSRI's and SNRI's need to be re-examined. Not everyone with anxiety and or PD can be lumped into one bin - Serotonin. Some of us lack the neurotransmitter GABA, which is what Valium targets. M 40 6 years

 5  Reduce spasms after surgery Drowsiness This medication was excellent. I had surgery which caused me to have pain in my back and this medication virtually eliminated all of the pain by itself. I was also prescribed Vicodin, but I did not even touch that stuff because the Valium worked so well. I had no negative side effects such as grogginess after waking up. Also, I did not experience any euphoria or anything which I would characterize as a recreational benefit besides sedation so addiction potential for me was practically zero. Great medication when used for a short duration. M 23 10 days
10mg 1X D

 1  Anxiety/Panic Withdrawal is hell. Dry mouth and eyes, still having anxiety, shaking all over, jaw pains, agoraphobia, and many more NEVER EVER use benzodiazepines. If I had known in the beginning when my Dr. prescribed first Lorazepam, then Ativan and now valium for withdrawal, I would never have used them. My Dr. now has yanked me cold turkey off of Ativan and had me start on valium. I'm down to 1 mg. at nite and the side effects have worsened 100%. F 68 6 months
5 mg. 3X D

 5  vertigo and migraines This is the only that that has helped my vertigo and even with a bad migraine attack (I have severe chronic Basilar migraines that leave me housebound/bed bound for months on end) it helps my pain, nausea, vomiting, everything associated with my migraines. It has been a life safer and kept me out of the ER for my vertigo. I only use it as needed, very sparingly, maybe once or twice a month. It's the only thing that has helped me in 8 years. It also helps severe motion intolerance/sickness because it works as a vestibular suppressant. I understand if you use it on a regular basis, the withdrawals are bad but my vertigo is so severe at times I'd end up at the hospital and that's the treatment they give. I think with occasional OR short term use, this drug is very good. F 35 1.5 years
5 MG. 1X AN

 4  TMJ Last night was the first night taking it; 10 mg at 8:30 p.m. By 9:45, I could barely hold my eyes open. I slept for the entire night for the first time in years. Today I've felt a bit groggy, but still able to function. This evening, I'm extremely tired and considered not taking another one. However, I did as the doctor prescribed and took it again at 8:30. It's 9:10 now and I'm ready for bed. I also feel really "loose". My coordination is a bit off and I wouldn't dare think of driving after take a pill. I've been told that the daytime drowsiness will subside after a few days. Getting a good nights sleep is worth it. F 52 2 days
10 mg 1X D
 3  panic attacks Heart palapatation, dizziness, sleepiness, vomiting. F 2 months
2 mg

 1  before having an MRI Had a life threatning reaction from having ingested one tablet from the prescription I was prescribed. Bed ridden for seven months . Very bad pain in the head. It was like a migraine magnified 50x, sense of space very distorted,dizziness, very bad tinnitus, very bad pain behind eyes, heart complications,panic attacks morning,noon & night, suicidal because of the untolerable pain I had to endure with the pressure and pain in my head the list goes on. Had one tablet. Believe I may have had an unforgiven batch. Should come with a black box warning. You never know when you are going te end up with an unsafe batch. It may be a life saving medicine until one receieves a contaminated, tampered with or unsafe batch. My husband also had one tablet from the same batch and had a heart attack. Coincidental- No. What does one do when you get an unsafe medicine that causes so much harm??? F
1X D
 5  Pressure(tightness)head + Insomnia No negative side effects Take 10mg 3 times a week.Don't take all the time otherwise it won't work as well Has proven excellent at the moment.Saved my life.I was on the verge of suicide any day before asking my Doctor for this due to pressure/pain in my head.I read up about it knowing it has muscle relaxing properties.They tried to force SSRI's on me but they didn't do anything positive. M 38 3 months
10mg 3X W

 4  GAD, dysthymia, muscle spasms None, unlike anti-depressants. The only thing that is a concern for me is the dependence and addiction, which are very real. However, considering that I no longer contemplate suicide on a daily basis I am happy to take the bad with the life-saving. SSRI's however are horrible! At least for me... Has generally improved my quality of life through reduction of almost constant back pain. It has helped my chronic anxiety, immensely! Also my depression and social anxiety to some extent. M 29 1 years
5 1X D

 5  Migraine(presumably stress-induced) Sluggishness and minor side-effects commonly associated with marijuana (which is used in a synthetic form in conjunction as needed to provide pain relief) such as dry mouth, mild euphoria, relaxation, and an occasional "high" at higher doses To begin, I am a high-school senior my IQ is well above 150; however, beginning at age 11 I suffered debilitating migraine headaches nearly constantly. After a period of time I learned to squint my eyes ignore the pain and work through the day with nearly no human interaction. Through-out the next six years I suffered insomnia due to the migraines leading me to extreme measures including downing several bottles of the sleep aid diphenhydramine (nearly 200 times the normal dose). All the testing four doctors can do and all the treatment they tried in seven years including a brief stint on morphine did nothing to show a cause or treatment. THC(meridol) has provided pain relief and allowed me to sleep and think for just over a year; however the headaches persisted. I began self medicating on Valium with incredibly high doses (160+mg sublingually ~equivalent to 250+mg orally) following a very traumatic car crash. I felt disconnected from the world, but noticed that even on lower doses I was not experiencing migraines. After speaking with my doctor I stopped taking valium(as doses in the range I was using should have left my 125lbs self unable to move) and was put on zanax which left me feeling the equivalent of restless-leg syndrome over my entire body. I then tried clonazepam and found myself taking high doses to relieve the headaches causing me to forget large chunks of time (nearly the entire month I was on them). My doctor and I once again discussed valium which we found to be M 18 5 months
0-100mg 3X AN
 4  anxiety, insomnia Euphoria, drowsiness, occasional depression, tolerance after 2 mths It was prescribed to me in 1971, in a state mental hospital. I was 19 at the time & flipped out after joining the national guard (to avoid the draft). Valium made worry look ridiculous...the effect like pot w/o any unpredictable strange effects. Upon my release (after five weeks) the rx continued for another 3 mths; after the first two mths, I was upped to 20 mg a day when tolerance set in. I was only on the higher dose a few days & fortunately researched the facts in local library &, duh, discovered V. is addictive. I stopped for three weeks and tolerance abated; then I stopped taking it daily; when the rx stopped, no real withdrawal, but the timing was perfect, just when my mother died. M 60 4 months
10 1X D

 4   Felling off unreally And about evey symptom there is M 23 6 days
25 mg
 5  ptsd, anxiety, depression This drug is not for everyone. As with any drug make sure someone close to u reads the pamplet the pharmacy gives u. It works great for me!!! I take it at night to make my head stop spinning. Also if I feel a panic attack coming on or if I'm going to be driving in high traffic areas then I split it in two, put under my tongue for thirty seconds and wash it down with water. Also do not drink alcohol with this drug! U can stop breathing!! I def prefer valium over xanax. Xanax is evil stuff to me. F 29 8 months
 4  Anxiety The lsd guy is stupid.who asked him? M 31 1 days

 4  bad trip on LSD Slowed breathing. Did work to stop scary trip, and helps muscle pain but I can't notice the drug even when taking high doses not recreational at all. Good for what it is intended to do and thats it. M 30 3 weeks

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