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 1  back injury I took this medication and it helped for about 3 hours and then we're off once it wore off I was in worse pain than when I began to take it F 29 2 days

 5  Muscle contracture None. I like this drug because it helps my contracted muscles, but unlike Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine) and Zanaflex (Tizanidine) I can stay awake on it. I just wish it were less expensive. M 37 1 years
800 mg 3X D
 2  complete rotator cuff tear, et al. moderate nausea, moderate headache, "faucet" diarrhea ;-) , chalky taste in mouth, additional spasms in places that weren't spasming before, every time I eat anything at ANY time severe "sedation" (zombie-ness) kicks in, shortness of breath (most severe side effect), a pretty bad nightmare. How in the hell are Rx's marketed that are not understood by docs how they work ? This drug made zero impact, though I was very hopeful / thankful my PCP decided to try it ... did nothing but fill me up with intolerable "side effects" (how about the medication doing what it's promised to do ?). So I'd call them MAIN EFFECTS, since I am still spasming / in much pain from the original problem. M 49 2 days
800 2X D

 5  TMJ Disorder/Neck & Shoulde tension Works great! No real side effects except a little drowsiness at times. M 42 2 weeks

 5  herniated disc in neck Sensitivity to heat, sleepy F 41 1 months
800 mg
 4  Migraines and Tendon pain in thumb Constipation and drowsiness the next day I have had migraines for 30 years and nothing has helped. My doctor out of desperation put me on this once a day at bedtime, and it is really helping with controlling my frequent migraines and daily tension headaches. F 3 weeks
800 1X D

 2  for post op neck fusion Makes me sleepy Does not work very well sucks M 50 3 days
800 1X D

 4  sciatica, hip pain Irritable, swelling of hands and feet, insomnia, stomach pain after taking. It worked better than flexeril with no daytime drowsiness. I would recommend trying it, it helped my pain along with vicodin. F 51 2 months
800 mg
 3  Pulled neck and shoulder muscles. A little bit of cloudy thinking but was able to work an 8 hour day. Does not give you the "buzz" other muscle relaxants do, which is good if you don't want to create a potential habit.. Took 2 days before I felt any serious benefit. But as soon as it started working it made daily life bearable and I am able to sleep at night. I still feel stiff but no pain to speak of. If you are looking for immediate relief, stick with the narcotics. I noticed a lot of folks only took it for a day or two. It needs to build up in your system before you will see any results. M 47 4 days
800 3X D
 1  muscle spasms in the back Didn't relax the muscle at all. Gave me very bad gas. F 38 1 days
800 mg 3xd

 1  Pain and swelling in thumb Horrible stomach cramp M 42 4 days

 5  Lower back spasms A little groggy perhaps with a minor headache. I can't say for sure this was the cause. Made me kind of anxious...I am pretty sure this was due to the drug..All side effects were mild. Doctor prescribed this for me for back spasms I was having due to muscle strain in my lower back that developed from exercise. Worked like a charm..almost from the start it seemed to "block" the spasms which were 10/10 painful....allowing me to recover and heal faster. M 50 7 days
800 3X D

 2  Back pain 30 minutes after taking this pill my tongue felt like I had burned it on hot food, which I didn't. I tried eating an apple with peanut butter and I had to stop because my tongue was so sore. 4 hours after taking the pill (bedtime now) I had bad cramping in both legs. The feeling was like the bad cramping you get after your legs had fallen asleep and the blood was finally rushing back to them. Also, had about 8 palpitations or heart fluttery feeling. I may try taking it again once more since it did help my back pain. Hoping all those sensations were just a coincidence and not side effects. If not, I will not take again. F 35 1 times
800 mg 1X D
 2  PINCHED NERVE IN NECK Horrible stomach pain, bloating, gas, general unwell feeling, headache F 32 2 days
3X D
 2  Muscle spasms from herniated disk Lips swollen, blisters in mouth, genital itching I do not have any other known drug reactions, have mild seasonal allergies and a latex sensitivity if it touches my face. I have not come in contact with latex while taking skelaxin as far as I know, when I do come in contact with latex on my face my whole face swells not just my mouth. After taking skelaxin my lips are swollen to the point the skin is peeling. Blisters forming in mouth, the blisters form quickly and burst shortly after. Within an hr of taking a skelaxin pill developed severe genital itching that lasts a few hrs and then goes away. I did the in home yeast infection test kit thinking maybe it was a coincident, but that came back negative. Just feel I have to say it, I was at my obgyn a week before taking this med and got a clean bill of health and have not engaged in any sexual activity since then so I am confident the intense itching correlates to skelaxin and not a separate issue. Not noticing a diffrence in the pain or spasm when taking it, the adverse reactions outweigh any benefit I could be getting from this med. F 28 1 weeks
3X D
 1  neck pain Severe panic attacks, insomnia, heart racing, miserable indigestion F 24 1 days
800 mg

 5  degenerative disk disease, bulging So far no side effects - this is the most pain free I've been in years! Wish some one had thought of it sooner instead of all the narcotics! I just hope it continues to help!!! F 70 3 days

 3  Fibromyalgia pain The major side effects for me were increased pain after the dose had worn off. Also severe consipation. To continue taking this med I had to take a stool softner. I have tried flexeril and baclofen and the 1st stopped working and the second I had bad side effects to. I work full time, go to school full time and have a per diem job, so I can't let the fibro beat me. F 34 3 months
800mg tid

 5  neck pain from headon collision 15 years of excruciating pain that prevented me from working. After a couple of days on skelaxin my headache was finally gone...my physical therapist was amazed at how loose I became... I didn't even feel tired on this medication, I feel energized. It feels good to feel good again...I wish I had tried it a long time ago, but didn't because of the price...none of the flexeril, Valium, percocet or twenty other drugs worked or either made me pass out. F 48 3 days
800 mg

 1  leg muscle cramps & spasms insomnia, feeling of "swollen muscles", sore & tingling leg muscles My doctor prescribed Skelaxin for muscle cramps that were continuing after a bout that landed me in the emergency room. While in the hospital they treated me with Flexeril, which worked very well. I'm not sure why Skelaxin was prescribed instead of Flexeril afterward, but the nurse said they were equivalent. The Skelaxin prescription was filled by Sam's Club with a generic (don't know the manufacturer, but it's a pink oval scored tablet). I had asked for a muscle relaxer because I was having difficulty sleeping, due to the muscle cramps/spasms and twitching in my thighs, calves, and toes. I could cope in the daytime, but not at night, so decided to take it only at night. I took 1/2 of a 800mg tablet Friday night about 11pm. At 3am I was still wide awake, and took the other half. I never slept that night, and did not notice any difference in the cramps/spasms. Basically, a sugar pill would have had the same effect, except for the insomnia. Saturday night I took one entire tablet before bed. I never slept that night, though I felt extremely tired. After several hours, I noticed my leg muscles felt "swollen", sore, and slightly tingly. I was more sore after generic Skelaxin than before. Before, I had "troubled" sleep; with the pills, I had no sleep at all. Another reason not to take this med - on my drug plan, 30 generic Skelaxin cost $106, and 30 generic Flexeril cost $4. Though I have 13 tablets remaining, I will not be taking this medicine a F 57 2 times
800mg 3X D
 1  Fibromyalgia Worked well at first, seemed to help my tight muscles relax. The longer I continued the medicine the worse the side effects became. Fatigue, mild headache, stomach upset and pain followed daily. Will be discontinuing today. F 43 2 weeks
200 MG
 2  Bulged discs, Fibromyalgia Just started taking this medication due to severe Fibromyalgia and 2 bulged discs. definatly isn't working. I've taken 800MG 3x's a day for the past 4 days and have noticed a lot of anxiety and my depression has severely worsened. Also every night I have severe Restless Leg Syndrome so bad I only sleep for roughly 2-3 hours (if that) per night. I will stop this medication upon doctors approval ASAP F 34 4 days
800MG x 3
 1  back and neck pain none didnt work, ive tried it before for back pain and it didnt work then either, doesnt even work for a stiff neck let alone an injury. loved cyclobenzapr but im down to my last one and need to save it. cyclobenzapr works great with one dose but cant take it at work or driving. F 48 1 days
800mg 2X D
 1  Severe muscle twitching never quit On my 3rd day of treatment for neck pain, I took some NyQuil and my dosage before bed and them starts having large muscle twitches all over body in large muscles. Confined through the night and next day at work. Stopped taking medication. To this day, I still get muscle twitches in large muscles on body that I never had before taking this drug. F 36 2 days

 1  muscle spasms caused by chest tubes Bad breathe when i burp, sick at stomach. Im only seventeen but i have cystic fibrosis, my lung collapsed and it caused me to get numerous chest tubes for over three months; i had the worst muscle spasms even with morphine. I absolutely hate this drug it doesnt work; i would not recommend it personally. F 17 2 weeks

 3  Neck / Shoulder Tension > Migraines extreme flatulence seems to help prevent / get rid of a small fraction of my migraines F 31 13 months
800 MG 3X D
 1  degenerative disk disease I have taken skelaxin now for little more than a month. I began shortly after thanksgiving of this past year in combination with 300m.g. of tramadol. well on December 23 rd i woke up and tried to put my boots on. i couldn't. i immediately realized that my calves and feet were extremely swollen. i never thought about skelaxin. my pain management doctor had not tell and swelling of the extremities is not listed as a side effect and it should be. this drug caused my blood pressure to seriously dropped. i know it was the drug. the e.r. doctor said so. i was in e.r. for three hours. my blood pressure at one point was 68/55. i saw it on the monitor. they brought in a crash cart since my heartbeat was so slight. my skin was cold and clammy and my nails and lips were turning blood from lack of oxygen. Now my question is this: my doctor is a pain management specialist. He told me the side effects, which did not include seriously low blood pressure and stumbling. i couldn't walk without a ca M 49 30 days
400m.g. 2X D
 2  neck, arm pain, pinched nerve no appetite, slight stomach upset. I felt absolutely nothing after taking this medicine. I also suffer from fibromyalgia, and was hopeful this might help with that pain as well after reading some of the other posts here. It is very expensive, and I feel as if I wasted my money on this medication, I don't really even understand why I would have been prescribed this for a pinched nerve, but what do I know. Wouldn't personally recommend, but everyone is different. F 31 10 days
800 mg 3X D
 2  Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain Severe tinnitus and unexplained nausea Had taken this drug before without success. Recently had a flare-up of chronic neck pain and without a doctor's appointment scheduled until after the holidays, decided to give Skelaxin another try, a major mistake - this time around, ringing in ears and nausea almost like morning sickness ugh. Am throwing the bottle out so won't be tempted to take again no matter how much severe pain am in. F 52 7 days
800 mg 2X D

 5   I did not have any side effects. After a couple of weeks this medicine relieved some of the pain I have had for many years. I really wish I could get this medicine again and soon please! F 48 3 months
800Mg 3X D

 1  muscle spasms sleep walking, abrubt behavior, paranoid, light headedness stopped taking after a week of not taking it was still light headed heart rate went up also physcological behavior ill stick to the hydro codone 7.50 much safe i had no problems with that for 3 years this drug is wacked M 53 28 days
800 2X D
 1  TMJ Pain Started off just being groggy and my eyes tearing up a lot, but my doctor said side effects would go away once my body got used to it. Well, as time went on I experienced EXTREME vertigo, nausea, sweats/chills, heart pounding, tingling in my face, pain in my chest and a burning sensation in my mouth. I could not get off the bed for quite some time. By day 3 I was having terrible panic attacks, shaking and crying spells. Still dealing with the lingering gastrointestinal effects. What a nightmare! I think it did help with the TMJ pain, but this medication caused me so many other problems that I couldn't even appreciate that! F 27 3 days
800mg 3X D
 4  headaches from muscle tension Just feel super horny. M 45 3 days
30mg 1X D
 5  Lower Back Pain - Muscle Strain Drowsiness, inability to focus. Highly effective - completely eliminated the back pain when taken. Highly recommended. Do not drive while under the influence, because the drowsiness is noticeable. M 19 10 days
800mg 3X D

 2  Neck muscle spasm dry mouth, heart pounding sensation on and off all day. F 39 1 days
800mg 3X D

 2  Cricopharyngeal and neck Spasms Headache at first, tiredness. Went away after about a week of use. I am not sure if Skelaxin is working or not. I still have extreme tightness in my neck and throat muscles. I am currently 4 months post cervical fusion surgery. I was prescribed valium but because of its addictive nature I was switched over to skelaxin. F 24 1 months
800mg 3X D
 4   Stomach and guts churning. Can feel heartbeat through stomach. Never did that before. M 57 25 days
800 mg 2X D
 5  lower back pain No side effects I pulled my lower back back in april and I reaggravated it about 3 weeks ago. The pain moved from my lower back and spread up towards my right arm from ribcage to shoulder blade. The spasms I had would send searing pain through my shoulder and into my abdomen. I couldn't breathe in deep and moving hurt. Went to the dr thinking all sorts of things wrong and he prescribed metaxalone(skelaxin). First day I took one and I didn't really see a diff. Next day I took all 3 doses and felt awesome. The last two days I've only had to take one pill and its done the job. No pain. However I talked to the pharmacist and he said that if you take pill without food, its actually a lower dosage, apparently taking tthis pill WITH food u get all 800mg...so maybe that's why I havennt experienced any side effects at all. None! Anyways, this helped a lot. F 33 4 days
800mg 3X D
 5  herniated disc/muscle spasms No Side Effects. This is the only drug that works for me. When muscle spasms hit, I am totally out of commission and in the worst pain ever...level 10. Without this drug I would not be able to function at all. All the other drugs don't even touch the pain or allow me function coherently. Flexiril is the worst drug on the market. If skelaxin doesn't work for you fine! Find one that does. But don't scream and throw fits to take skelaxin off the market that actually works for others. Live and let live. Also, the warning label tells you not to take this drug with alcohol or other drugs - duh! F 43 3 days
800MG 3X D

 5   have not experienced any side effects at all, had back surgery was doing fine until an employee at Wal-Mart dropped a box on my back. Thank God for Skelaxin. Pharmacist says they can't get anymore,Skelaxin works better than the generic. F 57
800mg 3X D

 1  Neck/back pain due to MVA Extreme nausea, diarrhea, headache, heart burn, indigestion of all sorts, very gassy. This med is very potent it did absolutely nothing for my muscle spasms just made me very sick and weak. Do not take this medicine! It will burn a hole in your stomach and wallet! F 21 7 days
800 mg 3X D

 2  Severe neck muscle pain After the second dose, woke up in the middle of the night puking my guts out. Woke up the next morning and felt so nauseous, so I poured myself some Coke to settle my stomach. Ten minutes later, threw that up too. Been nauseous all day, just thinking about food makes me sick. No difference in the neck muscle pain/tightness. I might try taking half instead of a whole tablet, and see if that doesn't make me sick. F 48 1 days
800 3X D
 1  Herniated discs I normally have great blood pressure but my blood pressure soared when on this stuff. My face was very red. Had to be hospitalized while blood pressure came down. Finally figured out it was the Skelaxin. Skelaxin worked as a muscle relaxant. But nearly killed me heart/blood pressure wise. I'll gladly take the back pain instead of using it again. M 63 10 days
800 mg 2X D

 5  Shoulder pain Makes you relax...as it sais it does these posts are nuts....works great.. Relax as it said to do M 42 5 days
800 4X D
 1  back pain M 55 1 days
4X D

 1  Neck Pain At first it worked. Then I started getting panic attacks and sever hives, vertigo, severe tinitus and confusion. It has been 6 months since I stopped this poison and I still get hives and panic. Judging by the experiences others have had with this poison it should be taken off the market and the CEO of the drug company jailed. DO NOT TAKE THIS POISON. If your MD prescribes it find another doctor. Your doctor should know about Skelaxin by now. M 50 3 days
400 1X D

 1  Post op muscle relaxer/pain Worse muscle spasms, worse neck pain, Worse arm pain, increased heart rate, high blood pressure. M 33 1 days
injection 1X D

 4  neck pain Hives, allergic reaction, had to go to hospital for medication to counteract the side effects F 50 2 weeks
800 2X D

 3  Lower back / neck surgery c6c7 I took this med for the first time last night. Have a small headache this morning, more relief.. but not completey. I took this on an emty stomach, but ate about an Hour later. Became groggy about two hours later. Have experienced a fairly major bicycle accident at age 17, numerous head impacts at work I.G.- machanic shop lift. Lower back problem during this period also. This occured approx five years later after bicycle accident. I have severe nasel problems I.G.- GERD, deviated septum allergies. At age thirty five years of age became very I'll with a blood disorder called T.T.P, would not wish this illness on my anyone. Has changed my enitre life. Have had long term cognitive issues, fatigue, deep bone and muscle pain. At age thirty seven a work related neck injury pushing the disc in to the spinal nerve at c6-c7 approx two years later. A fair improvement, pain has been cut to approx sixty percent. Nerve damage is aparently The cause of remaing pain issues. Have been taking hydrocodone, lyrica, Xanax, piroxicam, and now metaxalone, generic equivalent or substitute for skelaxin. Again, improvement but only dose. I have had migranes for years, woke up this morning with a headache, fingers crossed that it isn't leading to a Migrane headache. Will continue to dose as perscribed for a day or two to saturate my system with this med. M 40 1 days
800Mg 2X D

 1  sciatic nerve in stenosis Serious leg cramps! Took twice before, no problem. Third time, leg cramps increased at night to agony, had to take strong pain meds. Something told me to check patients' comments, and saw that other patients had same side effect! Stopped skelaxin, and leg cramps stopped. Check all drugs before suffering. I am so grateful for this site, and for other patients who told of the leg cramps. F 68
3X D

 1  Low back pain Have been taking deep breaths frequently, experiencing chest pain, palpitations, restlessness, light-headedness, dry mouth, stomach problems, irritability. I spoke to my doc about the symptoms and he brushed it off as being symptoms of steroids prescribed the previous week. I didn't take the Skelaxin for two days and just took two tonight and was lying in bed when the pounding heart started again. That's when I knew that this is a side effect of the Skelaxin. The benefits of the medication DO NOT outweigh the troubling side effects for me. I won't be refilling this prescription and I will be notifying my doc that I made the connection with the drug. F 32 10 days
800 mg 3X D
 2  Low back pain, shoulder pain, hip p Very constipated and gassy. Don't really notice anything that has helped. I think I had better luck taking Excedrin. Very expensive and disappointing. I backed off to 1 - 2 pills a day thinking the constipation would go away, but it didn't. F 53 30 days
800 mg. 3X D

 3  muscle spasms/pinched nerves Nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness The first time I took it, it seemed to help, but the last two times I get relief for about two-three hours, then feel absolutely sick for the next six-seven. I didn't mix with alcohol and tried it with food and without. I can't even take it to help me sleep, because I wake up feeling ill. Not for me. F 30 3 days
1X D

 3  3 bulging T & C disks No drastic side effects besides arms and legs feel slightly like Jello about 1 hour after taking it. Enough to notice it, but not drastic enough to effect motor skills at all. My doctor had me on Somas for constant chronic back spasms. They did not work and gave me severe headaches. Changed over to Skelaxin on Thursday. The headaches have ceased. The spasm pain had decreased by aprox 1/2 of was they were. I still find myself stretching the muscles and doing the "Grizzly bear rub" on wall corners. F 39 6 days
800 2X D
 5  possib.bi-lat rotator cuff syndrome NONE This pricey pill has replaced 2 a day 500 mg. Naproxen nightmare. It can knock the edge off of excruciating shoulder pain within an hour or two of taking without any side effects. I don't leave home without it. M 56 3 weeks
800 1X D
 4  back pain None that I am aware of Skelaxin has really helped me from very bad back pain. Sometimes I still have to take hydrocodone. However, there are now many times that Skelaxin itself relieves the pain F 66 1 months
800 1X D

 3  Cervical and Lumbar Disk Herniation Leg cramps; brain fog; irritability; hypersensitivity to light and sound. Will have to admit during a bout of extreme neck pain flare-up this medicine did help tremendously and didn't knock me out the way Flexeril does, but the leg cramps in the middle of the night scared me and I didn't really know what was causing them until reading some of these comments. After being on this for approx. 3 months the leg cramps have subsided but have noticed hyper-anxiety,jitteriness and an extreme sensitivity to light and noise if I take it more than 3 days in a row. Last Friday my boss asked what was wrong with me, was everything all right, and I had to say NO it wasn't ! Am glad only had to pay for the generic version - the doctor had written the RX for name brand only and I called and made him change after the pharmacist alerted me to the fact a generic was available! Would be wiling to use it again but only only during extreme flare-ups and didn't have to work or drive. F 49 60 days
500 2X D

 5   I think that it causes a loss of appetite. I can't take it with tramadol because it makes me sleepy but if I space it out by at least an hour then it doesn't I have taken Skelaxin for about 9 years and it will help spasms in my back and terrible spasms that go from my feet to my groin in both legs. Skelaxin relieves the spasms in a matter of minutes after I take it. The best thing I have ever taken.Without it I would be sceaming in pain unable to move and I live by myself. F 72
800 mg 2X D

 1  Shoulder Pain/ Spasms Fogginess, light headed, "out of it", nausea, and loss of equilibrium... I have been taking Skelaxin once a day before I go to bed.. I wake up and the whole next day I feel as if I am sea sick. I lose balance easily, very cloudy headed, and definitely nauseas... I would not recommend to anyone!! M 22 2 weeks
800 1X D

 5  lower back pain Slowed down my thinking a little bit but absolutely no other side effects. First time used in conjunction with Nabumetone to relieve significant back pain (so, unclear which helped more). Have used again when back was reinjured at it worked well for me. F 48 3 days
800 MG 2X D

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