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 3  hyperhydrosis Extremely dry mouth and eyes. Worked extremely well the first few days I took it, was so excited. Now it only seems to work now and then..I wake up 2 hours before I have to get up for work to take on empty stomach, etc...and still doesn't work very well...any one else have similar experience or have some advice. F 38 2 months
 5  Hyperhydrosis/ hands and feet Dry mouth and dry nasal passages I wrote a review two years ago but thought I would give an update. It still works great! I still take it twice a day, morning and night. It works best if you take it at least two hours before eating in the morning. I don't worry anymore about my hands sweating while taking this medication. In my other review I talked about all the treatments I have done. Nothing came close to being as effective as Robinul. The key is finding what dosage works for you. My life has drastically changed since taking it. I no longer avoid situations where my hyperhydrosis might embarrass me. Any side effects I have had went away after a few weeks. This is a great drug for managing hyperhydrosis. F 32 2 years
2 mg 2X D
 5  Facial Hyperhidrosis Light dry mouth and dry lips M 30 1 months
2mg 2X D

 5  All over sweating I have hyperhidrosis: cranial and body. Hands and feet are fine. This medicine has helped me with my social life and job. Without it I would avoid social events or chit chatting with neighbors. Which made me so anti-social. I take 2mg on days I know I would have to go out. I get dry throat but I suck on Halls and it helps me a great deal. Don't take 2 doses at once, just space them out through out the day for very hot days. Take one dose in the morning on an empty stomach, 1hr to 2hr before eating. F 37 10 months
2 1X D

 2  Excessive head and facial sweating Very dry mouth and throat and blurred vision I was so happy when my Doctor prescribed Robinul for my sweating. I though maybe, just maybe I could stop sweating from my head and face and not be embarrassed. Well, I've been taking it now for a little over 2 months and as I'm sitting here writing this, I'm pouring sweat :( I just emailed my Dr. asking how to safely stop taking it. F 59 2 months
1 MG 2X D

 5  hyperhydrosis over my entire body I have suffered from excessive sweating over my entire body for years. It prevents me fromdoing normal daily activities. I will sweat in 40 degree temps. I never wear a coat. Drying my hair proves to be very troublesome as it never gets dry. After pleading with my Dr. For help, She prescribed ROBINUL. Today is my first day on the medication. I have been on the internet reading reviews of the product. I am hearng nothing but raves. I am so excited for it to start working. I just want to live a normal life without the worry of my hair going flat and my make up running down my face. Wish me luck and ill see Ya at the gym! F 51 1 days
2 MG
 3  sweating excessive I'm sweating excessively since my childhood but rubinol is not in pharmaceutical shop in Nigeria it is available on line M 32 1 days
 5  extreme hyperhidrosis I don't take it everyday but when i'm about to be in a social gathering or out in public I'll take one 2mg in the morning on an empty stomach. 2 hrs later it kicks in. Lasts all day. I'm able to live again now. To keep my mouth from being so dry I use biotene mouth wash. It solves the issue asap. This is my 3 month review. Thank God for Avert :-) !!!! M 39 3 months

 5  extreme hyperhidrosis Mild dry mouth and occasionally dry throat. Will also have to use eye drops as well. This has changed my life. I have lost out on many high paying jobs, meaningful relationships, and you name it because I would sweat so much. The first day was amazing. It's only getting better....Thank God for this medicine. It has given me my life back...Amen M 39 1 weeks

 2  severe craniofacial hyperhidrosis Blurred vision, bladder numbness. I didn't get the urge to empty my bladder until it was over-full and fit to burst! Robinul had hardly any effect on my craniofacial hyperhidrosis. F 60 4 months

 5  hyperhidrosis Dry mouth and nasal passages, indigestion. I take from 1-3 mg a day depending on my needs. Works very well, however, I cannot eat or drink anything for a few hours after taking, ootherwise it doesn't work well. F 33 2 years
 5  Excessive sweating If I take two at once, I sometimes have blurred vision for a shirt time. I take two a day during hit days but space them out. It's the only thing that works for me. F 41 2 years
 5  Hyperhidrosis When I first started taking it, my mouth was really dry. Now it is fine and I experience no side effects. If I take twice what I usually take, my body gets jittery for about 45 minutes but gets better after that. I take the generic brand called Glycopyrrolate. It is the same thing but it is cheaper and works great! This medicine has changed my life and I thank God for it! I suggest it to anyone who is tired of sweating messing up there lives! F 14 4.5 months
2 Mg 1X D
 5  excessive sweating My side effects are blurred vision sometimes, constipation, headaches, dry mouth.....i would take these side effects anyday to be able to have confidence and not be embarrassed...and not having to wear a jacket in the middle of summer to hide stains EVERYWHERE F 16 2 years
1mg day

 5  Hyperhydrosis of the underarms I've experienced the dry mouth, throat, & eyes along with my vision be especially sensitive to sunlight My dermatologist was weary about giving me the RX due to the possible side effects, but when nothing else proved to be working-he agreedto give this a go. It's only been 1 week but it definitely seems like a keeper. Even with intensive exercising and cardio workouts-I haven't felt dizzy or lightheaded! I used to sweat so bad under my arms that I'd have to change my shirt & bra about 3x per day, and any other color besides black? forget it! Since taking Robinul, I've been able to wear any color I desire and any type of shirt (I would wear loose fitting T-shirts to try and minimize the underarm circles) I'm extremely pleased with my results thus far and hope that it continues to be as effective. For now, I may stick with the 1 MG pill in the morning and add 1MG in the evening if necessary! I'd definitely recommend this Rx to anyone having problems with hyperhydrosis. F 21 7 days
1MG 1X D
 5  Hyperhidrosis severe Headaches, dry throat, dry eyes, occassional bloating, occasional fatigue Robinul really works! I've been suffering with hyperhidrosis all my life (am 30yrs old) and have tried Botox and dry sol to no avail. My dermatologist suggested I take 1mg of Robinul /day. It had no effect on me. he suggested I try 1mg in the morning and 1mg at night. I instead decided to take 2mg in the morning; it worked but for only 3-4hrs. I tried taking 3mg but the side effects were too severe for me; it would hurt every time I ate and my throat would be so dry I could barely talk. So I went back to 2mg and tried, as someone suggested in this site, to take it on an empty stomach. And BINGO This worked! I take it as soon as I wake up in the morning and then I do not eat or drink anything for 2-3hrs and I must say it works wonders! I feel like a normal sweat free person. It has the effect of eliminating my sweat for about 10hrs - 12hrs with very minimum and tolerable discomfort. I can use my contacts and i can even now wear clothing other than black. sometimes I get headaches in the morning and my nasal passages get really dry especially if it's cold out but it's nothing I can't handle. Tip: your throat becomes very dry especially after not drinking anything for the first 2hrs after taking the pill. Drink something warm like tea or coffee to avoid pain when eating your first meal in the day. If I take it for 3 or 4 days straight the side effects do become less severe. I have also noticed that if I take it for 4 consecutive days and then stop for a day or two, I go can F 30 1 years
2-3mg 1X D
 5  Excessive sweating (head) Dry mouth and nasal passage Generally I would wake up in the morning with my pillow drenched in sweat and it seemed everywhere I'd go I'd be dripping sweat, even in cooler weather. From the first day I took Robinul I woke the next morning completely dry! My initial doses I was given was two pills in the morning. Unfortunately by the third day I had a strange taste sensation and my mouth became excessively dry. I was eating breakfast and it became impossible to chew and swallow without taking drinks between every couple of chews and then to assist swallowing. It was initially a let-down, but I noticed that this subsided by that afternoon. I consulted with my dermatologist that prescribed me the medicine and suggested that I try reducing the dosage to one or 1 1/2 a day, or the two but taking only one twice a day. There were still a couple of onsets of what I had the third day of taking the medicine, but it looks like I've finally got it down for me. I now take one pill a day, and I take it at night before going to bed instead of the morning. I haven't been experiencing the extreme mouth dryness, I haven't been dripping sweat or waking up with my head soaked in sweat. Currently I seem to only break a sweat when doing more strenuous activity such as exercise, which is actually the time you want to sweat. If I have any of the dry mouth side affects in the first couple of hours of taking the medicine I'm not aware of it when I'm asleep. If this keeps up and I don't have future issues with the dry M 44 14 days
2 mg 1X D
 4  hyperhydrosis in armpits Just dry mouth and maybe some blurred vision. This is an update since I recently started taking 2mg/day. New dosage decreases my sweating significantly. I'm usually dry all day, however if I have really bad anxiety I do sweat but it's very very minimal. That being said im sure if I took 3mg/day id be completely dry but it's not that much of a problem for me to increase dosage. Overall still recommend this to anyone suffering from this embarrassing problem. F 21 2 months
1MG 2X D

 5  head and facial sweating Extreme dry mouth F 52 4 months
 5  Cranial Hyperhidrosis Dry mouth F 51 3 months
3-6 MG
 5  Cranial Hyperhidrosis Dry mouth F 51 1 months
1 MG
 5  Hyperhidrosis-face/scalp/back/chest Dry mouth, fatigue, dry nasal passages F 38 2 days

 5  hyperhidrosis of head/face Dry mouth lessened over time Figured that at the age of 60 change-of-life could have nothing to do with this awful sweating, which started four years ago and got worse over time. Heard all the boloney about excess "anxiety", etc. but who's anxious in the middle of a grocery store at noon? I'd look like I'd just come out of the shower! Or cooking dinner with no company? This condition literally came to control my life; so frustrated no one could understand! On-line research led me to hyperhidrosis, then to a dermatologist, and then, thank GOD, to Robinul! I take only one a day on winter days, even none on some days; have gone to 3X a few times with summer heat/humidity. A miracle drug!!! F 68 30 days
2mg 2X D

 5  Hyperhydrosis in feet and hands When I first started taking it, my mouth and eyes got dry. I occasionally get a dry throat but it is 100% worth it. It doesn't even feel like I have hyperhydrosis anymore. This is such a miracle pill. F 15 3 weeks
One 1mg
 5  Hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet Dry mouth and dry nasal passages I have suffered from hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet since around the age of 9 or 10. I am now almost 30. I have tried drysol, Ionotophoresis, and botox injections in my hands. None of these treatments gave me the dryness I was striving for like Robinul. I take 2mg in the morning around 6 or 7am on an empty stomach and I don't eat for 2 hours. I then take 2mg again on an empty stomach before bed around 9 or 10pm. I did have some side effects of dry mouth and dry nasal passages that went away after about 2 weeks. I do have some minor difficulty in urination but only slightly and hardly that noticable. I wouldn't even call it an issue at all as I'm still able to fully urniate. These are the only side effects I have experienced. For the first time in my life I can go out in flats, heels and sandals and not worry about my feet being obviously sweaty. I can also shake hands with people and not worry about them sweating. I also exercise and still sweat. My back and face will still sweat but my hands are still dry. My feet will still sweat when exercising but I think it's mainly because I am wearing socks and inside a tennis shoe. Once I take them off my feet dry right up. I would definitely recommend this drug for anyone suffering from hyperhidrosis. F 30 1 months
2 mg 2X D
 5   I am dry, need eye drops to lubricate eyes from dryness. It's a miracle that I can come out of the shower, and towel dry and be dried and not take 1/2 hour to dry off. Amazing that I am dry all over and nto sweating like a poig as I usually do all day. F 45 6 days
1 mg 1X D
 5  Excessive sweating Dry mouth, sore throat, headaches (may be due to Enbrel or combination of both) and oddly in the last 2 weeks I have had a sore throat and the feeling that I have something caught in my throat. I've coughed, tried my best to clear it, and drank as much water as possible-upwards of 100ozs per day like always) to no avail. One time I was able to cough up mucous which was thick and awful tasting. I am unsure if I am getting some type of virus and this is the beginning or if this is due to Robinul and dry mouth etc. It has lasted for a couple of weeks and I have not gotten sick, so maybe due to the crazy winter we've had it is allergies like everyone else in the area, only I don't typically suffer from seasonal allergies. I may have to back off the dosage and see if that alleviates this problem for me. Even if it doesn't I will not stop taking the medication as it helps with my sweating so much. If anyone has had this sore throat, feeling like something is caught in your throat fee This medication has drastically reduced my sweating, and as everyone else here has noted I can live normally now. I even wore a gray t-shirt-which I ALWAYS avoided like the plague before. I still have some sweating but it is what I would consider normal sweating like if I am working hard or in the gym. I take adderall also which I think contributed to my sweating, even though the dr said it's not listed in the side effects, and even when I take the full dose I do not see the terrible sweating. I used to avoid taking a full dose of adderall due to the sweating but now I can take it and not worry about sweating, so it has not only helped the sweating it has helped me take the adderall I so dearly need to function making this a double win for me. F 31 30 days
2mg 2X D
 5  Sweating, Palms, Forehead, Feet Wow, this really works. After trying almost everything except surgery with really no improvement in my palm, feet and sometimes forehead sweating, I am extremely happy to see this working for me. 2mg Once a day in the morning keeps me dry all day. If I miss a day, the sweat comes back. Trust me you will feel the need for this immediately if you miss more than 1 day of dosage. Have been suffering for past 2o years. Just worried about the long term usage consequences. 35 8 months
2mg 1X D
 5  Excessive sweating generalised dry mouth, dry skin This is the tablet I have been seraching for! I have suffered with hyperhydrosis for 20yrs and tried ALL sorts to cure it. This tablet is amazing and has thankfully enabled me to have a normal life. I dont think people realise how debilitating this condition is and how it has a massive negative impact on life. This tablet stopped my sweating completely after 2hrs of taking it and lasted all day!! (TAKE ON EMPTY STOMACH) Its a God send and only wish I'd known about it earlier. But better late than never. I'd recommend this to anyone with this condition as the side effects are nothing compared to the effects of hyperhydrosis. Thanks to this website I found out about this treatment. F 34 35 days
2 1X D
 5  head/forehead sweating Intense Dry Mouth, sore throat After reading comments from you all about a week ago, I cross-referenced Robinul on various sites, read doctor testimonials that assured me this was worth a shot, and although I may be speaking prematurely, this is the greatest drug out there, no questions asked. I was so pumped to read that this type of drug existed, I texted a buddy of mine, a dentist, had him call in the Rx, life's been better ever since. I'm truly upset that it took me this long to uncover a solution, and I have you all to thank. You're my Santa Claus this year, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. As far as symptoms, like many of you, my scalp & forehead would sweat. It could & would happen at any time, but most often at the least appropriate times (meetings, dinner table, close quarters, etc.). And as I've read from many of you, there didn't seem to be a way to stop the sweating. From there, I'd almost develop a panic attack. And no, the SSRIs didn't help, although my stint with Paxil was a short one. The past 5 years have been rough, it's actually gotten worse over time, and now I see there's an answer for me. So thank you for your suggestions. I feel like a new guy, no fear, no worries. I start with 2 mgs early AM (7 am), then I go with 1-2 mgs later in the day (between 2-3 pm) depending upon the ensuing situations I'll be in. I couldn't be more pleased. Side effects are nothing compared to what I was dealing with, and it sounds like they'll lessen over time. I'm in. Thank M 36 6 days
2 MGs 2X D

 4  excessive sweating dry mouth and sore throat M 41 2 months
4mg 1X D

 5  extreme facial sweating and blush About one week of dry mouth and nose It's a Godsend medication it Cured me in about 3 days! Life changing. Side effects lasted only about 1 week maybe because I drank lots of water. I aked my Doctor for Robinul because I had uncontrollable nervous facial hyperhidrosis for about 10 yrs. Doctor said I can take up to 8mg. The max I took was 4mg worked Great. Take on empty stomach. Thanx! to everyone that recommended Robinul to me M 34 4 weeks
2-4 mg 2X D
 5  Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) Dry mouth To quickly sum it up, if you have problems with excessive sweating....Robinul may work for you as well as it has for me...I couldn't be happier. Long story.....I've had problems with excessive sweating for 20 years. Anytime that people around me might be sweating too, I would literally be dripping. And I would always be the first to start sweating. Those situations never really bothered me though as I just laughed it off and it was normal to be sweating then. Over the past few years though, there were times that I would start sweating in business meetings...and the more serious or stressful the meeting, the more I would sweat. I'm in sales and routinely close very large deals and it was never a question of nerves or confidence. I went to my dermatologist and asked about beta blockers as I thought it was a problem with adrenaline. She instead suggested Robinul and I'm so glad she did. The prescription she gave me was for 2 mg once a day. What I've found though is that as a previous poster mentioned, the medication doesn't need to be taken every day. I also found that 2 mg wasn't really enough for me. So, what I do now is take 4 mg on the days I have big meetings and am worried about sweating. And it works amazingly. I do get a really dry mouth, so I always carry a water bottle into meetings with me....but it is so much easier to explain a water bottle than it is to explain why you're sweating during a big presentation. M 40 4 months
4 MG 1X AN
 5  Excessive sweating Dry mouth and skin Has given me a few problems with drymouth because I am a singer and I have to drink water, while singing to keep my lips, teeth and tongue from sticking together. Even with this side effect I still love it. Robinul has changed my life. I wore wigs or extension for the past 3 years because of my sweating, now wig free and loving it. No longer do I feel uncomfortable or worry about smelling like sweat, when I am around other people, and no more comments like "are you alright", when people see me sweat. I now sweat when others are sweating. My advice is to try it, there are side effects, but you may be like me and feel the good outweighs the bad. F 43 4 months
2mg 4X D
 3  Excessive sweating I am 24, and I have been Excessive sweating for all my life, because of this I am always indoors.... I live in Ghana and I have try so many medication but non work, I really would like to try to Robinul,.. But the problem is where can I find this since I am not in the USA, can I buy this online M 24
1X D
 1  hyperhydrosis Hives for two months along with angioedema after stopping the robinul. How many others have had this problem. It is horrible. F 26 40 days
6mg 1X D

 5  Severe Hyperhidrosis Dry mouth and sore throat. The type of hyperhidrosis I have is generalized and sweat just drips off of me. I have been living with severe hyperhidrosis for 11 years now and it has only become progressively worse as the years have passed (especially since moving to a much warmer and humid climate less than 6 months ago). After speaking to maybe 5 doctors, including a dermatologist, my most recent physician agreed to try me on this drug. I have been taking this medication for 4 days now and since the 2nd day it has worked like a charm. I take 2 mg, twice-a-day. A number of patients suggested to take the medication on an empty stomach and I found that to be most helpful. First thing in the morning I take it and then at night before bed. I wish I had known about this medicine a long time ago, but I am so grateful that I stombled upon this website while doing research on medications used to treat this condition. I can not even remember being this dry and it is indescribable. It may take me a while to get used to the idea of not having to choose my clothing based on concealing the sweat; not having to constantly check to see if the sweat is noticeable; and so forth. I do experience the dry mouth and therefore a sore throat at times. To combat that I drink plenty of water and bought some cough drops. Hopefully I do not have to experience it for long, but if I do I will have to live with the side effects because I never want to go back to how I felt before. Thank you reviewers! Good luck. F 25 4 days
2 mg 2X D
 3  hyperhidrosis blurry vision. slight headaches M 50 18 days
1 3X D

 5  Severe Hyperhidrosis Dry mouth, dry eyes, minor headache I have only been taking Robinul for 3 days now, and I have to say, I recommend it to anybody that has mild to severe Hyperhidrosis. I am so suprised on how fast and well this medicine works. I have had it for about 4 years now, and have tried every treatment out there besides the ETS surgery, which I have tried my hardest to stay away from. I would consider my Hyperhidrosis on a scale of 1-10 being the worst, as a 10. I was hesitant on taking Robinul because of the side effects, but to me, dryness of mouth and eyes (which is not very bad) is alot better than my hands, feet, armpits, and facial sweat. Anybody that has Hyperhidrosis knows how big of an impact it has on your emotional and physical self being. I don't think I will go another day without taking Robinul! F 20 3 days
1MG 3X D
 5  hyperhidrosis No side effects except slightly dry mouth in morning I've had a significant problem with year-round face, head and chest hyperhidrosis (even indoors) since I was a teenager. I've tried everything. Nothing worked until I found Robinul. I'm using the generic. I started at 1mg and didn't see much difference. 2 mg helped a little. 3 mg is perfect and I am dry all day. Amazing and yes ... life-changing. I live in Central Texas and it is very hot and humid here during the summer. F 55 3 days
3 mg 1X D

 5  mild hyperhydrosis Slight dry mouth This worked like a miracle drug! I only take a 2mg capsule in the morning and stay dry the whole day. I feel more comfortable in social situations and am truly grateful that I stumbled across this. F 22 1 weeks
2mg 1X D

 5  Hyperhidrosis Dry mouth, but it seemed to get better as time went on. I read up on this before I took it and I too noticed people calling it a miracle drug. Well, they're right. Like any medicine, some people won't do well on it or it just won't work, but it did for me. I've been suffering from embarrassing head and face sweating for years. It affected me in every aspect of my life. I wasn't able to socialize like I wanted to and it was just plain humiliating being in a room, inside, and all of a sudden break out into a sweat like I had been doing yard work. I tried Botox. Twice. It got rid of, for a while, my frown lines but did nothing for my sweating. I went to the dermatologist, and he said he wished I had come to him before spending so much money on Botox. He said Robinul has a good success rate. To make a long story short, I started taking it, and at first, was taking it twice a day. I read where one guy had success taking three pills once a day so I tried that. It is amazing. I still sweat, but now, it's like a normal person sweats. I don't sweat for no apparent reason, and when I do, it stops when I go inside where it's air conditioned. Before, once I started sweating, it was like someone turned on the hose and left it running. It has made a difference for me. I no longer sweat at night. I am dry, dry, dry!! You have to play with the dosage to see what works for you. The dry mouth got better after a few weeks but to me, I would rather have a dry mouth than look like a sweaty pig all the time. Plus, it helped me up my M 35
1mg 1X D
 5  hyperhidrosis dry mouth I've been suffering with hyperhidrosis ever since I was born. I had the surgery to repair my sweaty palms which worked great but it caused compensatory sweating which has been a nightmare. I sweat on my back, face, groin, legs etc. I finally decided to take Robinul and I can see a HUGE difference in my body already. I live in Houston where the temperatures get up to 105 degrees. I have not had any sweating issues over the past few days which is a miracle. So far all I have to do is take 1mg and it lasts all day. F 30 3 days
1mg 1X D
 5  Hyperhidrosis Dry mouth, dry nasal passages, reduced bladder urges, dry eyes. I'll just say that for me Robinul is everything I'd hoped it be. I am really completely dry now after suffering from extreme entire body (mostly face) sweating. Some of my work includes sales and I cab say that I am much more confident now that I do not have to sweat like a crazy person. I'll give a few pointers for use that I have learned: First, these pills dry up anything they touch including your tongue. So when taking them, get them as far back in your throat as possible to prevent them touching much of your tongue. This will significantly reduce dry mouth side effects. Second, if you feel like you need to go, do not hold it. This pill will relax your bladder and you won't feel the pain you normally would if you were holding it without the pill. This is important because holding it is not good for your bladder and can lead to side effects such as over active bladder etc... Dosage: I am a pretty big dude at 250 lbs, I find that 2 mg in the morning lasts for 11 hours, but takes about 2 to start working and gets stronger until about 6 hours at which it begins to level out and then diminish. This means I get about 9 hours of effective use and about 6 at full strength. If I take first thing in the morning I am covered for the work hours in the day and am happy. I think it will depend on the individual but this is what works for me. Stop waiting. Go see your doctor and see if Robinul can help. BTW I take the generic and it works great at only $10 for 30 1mg pill M 23 10 days
2 1X D

 5  severe head and facial sweating!!!! dry mouth. this medicine has changed my life!!!! i am now taking 3mg a day. im pretty sure i will have a to increase to 4 to 5mg a day. But its working really good. once i get the dose right ill be all set. No more hiding when im ask to go to a social event. i do recommend taking it 2 hours before or after you eat. it is much more effective. My Hyper.. is really really bad. i couldnt even walk a flight of stairs without sweating like crazy. Of course you get the "are you ok" which makes it worse. It completely controled my life in every aspect. Work, home, social events etc. I suggest that if your suffering with this problem to talk to your doctor and give it a try. M 40 3 months
1mg 3x d 3X D
 5  hyperhidrosis Dry mouth Two words to describe the effects of this drug, "life changing". I have struggled with sever head sweating all my life. Not anymore! This drug has changed my life! M 36 1 months
3-6MG 2X D
 4  Sweating I have no side effects I love Robinul, no more sweating for me. I am just wondering on the hot summer days if i will have to up my dosage. I started out at 1mg and up to 2mg. The only downside is I have no insurance and it is costly, $60 a month! If anybody knows of how to get a hold of this prescription at a lesser price let me know! F 26 2 months
2mg 1X D
 5  hyperhidrosis dry mouth, dehydration, congestion Despite the side effects I love the way this medicine helped me feel "normal". I am amazed how many people have had good experience. My closet is too full of black clothes. Everybody thinks I am in love with black and that I wear it because it is my fav color. WRONG! I like black but LOVE other cute colorful clothes that I could never wear. Often I would try some other colors but I would find myself running to the store in the middle of the day during my lunch break to go buy me something black because I would have horrible stains. It sucks to shake people hands and see them wiping their hands because they got wet from mine. Arrrrg. I went to the doc to get a botox but he told me to try ROBINUL... no way I am going back and getting 100 units of botox injected in my armpits. Ouch. btw, prescription deodorants didn't do it for me either. I have been struggling with hyperhidrosis since I was a teenager. not fun!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! F 28 7 days
2 2X D
 5  hyperhidrosis dry mouth, dry eyes I've had hyperhidrosis since i was a teen (or even before) and its a horrible condition, as you probably know if you're reading this. About 10 years ago I started taking glycopyrrolate and am very happy with the results. Its given me back my life and confidence. My concern now is regarding potential long-term effects. There is very little research/evidence regarding long-term use and associated health impacts. I foresee needing this drug for the rest of my life, but also have to weigh this against any potentially more severe health risks due to extended use. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU KNOW OF ANY LONG-TERM (10+ years) HEALTH IMPACTS OR SIDE-EFFECTS FROM TAKING GLYCOPYRROLATE. M 33 10 years
2mg 1X D
 5  underarm sweating dry mouth this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. finally i can wear/ buy something other than black. so so so happy. i have had this problem for 6 years now and have tried honestly everything from over the counter to botox and NOTHING worked. i had lost hope until i tried this medicine and it worked wonders. strongly recommend! F 17 7 days
2 mg 2X D

 5  Hyperhidrosis- primarily hands/feet Excessive dryness at first, dry mouth, peeling, and sore throat all of which subsided. Worked excellent! My excessive sweating of hands and feet was constant and intense. At its worst I developed eczema on my hands. The doctor said this had a short half life thus to work constantly I'd get a prescription for 3 times daily. However, I do not need to take it that often for it to keep me dry. I usually take it once a day and it keeps the sweat from being a problem. If there is an event in which anxiety would exacerbate the problem I take as needed. No problematic side effects. F 24 5 months
2 MG 3X AN

 5  hyperhidrosis dry mouth started with 1mg in the morning the first day didnt work too great at all the 2nd day i took 2mg and i noticed a bigger difference, and today only the 3rd day i took 2mg and i noticed it helps significantly, gonna up my dose one more mg tomorrow and should be fine i havent had any bad side effects thus far definitely worth it and would reccommend M 23 3 days
2mg 1X D

 5  hyperhydrosis Extreme dry mouth, but I keep a bottle of water with me and it's getting better This medicine has had a huge positive impact on my life. Have been dealing with hyperhydrosis for over a year now. Have only worn black clothes or patterned clothes to hiding sweating. Have been embarrassed in work and social settings. After much internet searching (and trying many home and store remedies), decided to set up an appt with a dermatologist to discuss botox. Derm recommended a trial of robinul before botox. It's been 3 days and I am sweat free, even wearing tight fitting, light colored, solid clothes. I truly feel like a new person. F 41 3 days
2 mg 2X D

 5  Palmar HH Some dry mouth, and very rarely eye dryness I commented back in 2008 after using the drug for about 1.5 years, and now I am back to tell everyone that I am still pleased by this miraculous drug (for me at least). I regularly get my yearly physical check up, and no internal side effects of any kind. I take 2mg once a day about an hour before meal and no worries for the whole day. I have almost forgotten what it used to feel like when I was sweating! I am soooo past that phase, now I am giving my girlfriend a massage everynight with my warm (actually very warm during the evening) hands. Hope it works for everyone! M 42 5 years
2 mg 1X D
1mg 2X D

 5  Excessive Sweating Horrible dry mouth in the beginning. After a couple months this side effect slowly became less and less. Now I don't really experience it. Headaches/Nausea/Blurred Vision ONLY WHEN TAKEN IN EXCESS. This has been absolutely life changing! I found out about this drug and though hesitant, my doctor let me try it out. This pill makes my life so much better. Heres a piece of information that I tried to find when I first started taking this drug that I think is useful. This drug works when you take it, it doesnt take a week or two to get into your bloodstream. I don't even bother taking it when I'm not going out because I don't care if I sweat at home. Another thing is, this drug does not work well at all if you eat before or right after taking it. Try and take it at least an hour before eating for best results. Started out on 1mg twice a day and found slowly increased does till I found what worked best with me. Absolutely AMAZING! M 18 8 months
5mg 1X D

 5  Hyperhydrosis Dry mouth, dry eye(s), swelling when levels are too high. I have suffered for many years with hyperhydrosis and didn't know what it was. I just knew how embarrassing it was to be sitting/standing somewhere and be the ONLY one sweating profusely! I was mortified over and over and finally decided that I was NOT going to leave my doctor alone until there was a cure or at least help with the issue. After having just had lab work done and knowing my thyroid was okay, my doctor said that the sweating is likely due to anxiety. He suggested a anti-depressant. I was already on one for depression. So he said the next step was to see a dermatologist. I thought it sounded strange but was willing to do anything for help with the issue! When my dermatologist told me there was medicine to help, I almost cried! It started working very quickly and I am reminded how well it works if I let my prescription run out.... the sweating returns pronto! I take 1 mg but I take 8 a day. The dermatologist said that this is the absolute limit (even at my current obese weight- I had hyperhydrosis even when I wasn't overweight) because of potential dangerous side effects. Notably, the inability to urinate, therefore hurting/shutting down the internal organs. Even with the above mentioned risks, I would not stop this medicine for anything! It has helped my life feel normal again. Once I was out to eat and a manager there had stopped by to check on our table. He was sweating profusely and his shirt was very wet. I felt SO very bad for him, knowing what he was g F 41 2 years
1 mg 4X D
 4  Hyperhidrosis Dry Nasal passages, dry nouth, dry eyes Suffer from aux, plantar, and groin sweating. Had plantar sympathectomy in 2009. I still have sweating causing bo. Went back to my derm for a followup and to get a refill of clindamycen wipes (works well for cutting down bacteria) and she asked if i wanted to try robinul again. I said sure, but was worried about side effects. First day I tried two mg (2pills), second day took a break, third day took 3mg in the morning on empty stomach. I was still sweating mildly and receiving reactions. I took 4 mg today in the morning on empty stomach and ooh my god I am so dry with little to no BO. So far so good and hope it lasts..Wow..this stuff really works...The bottle says 1-4 tablets as needed daily however, my derm said I can ramp up to 6 if need be. I am cautiously optimisitc though. M 35 4 days
4mg 1X D

 4  Hyperhidrosis Excessive sweating pretty much everywhere, but mainly my feet, hands, underarms, lower back, and face. When resting, there would be sweating, when stressed out, more sweating, when embarrassed, or suffering anxiety, even more sweating... and when it's warm or humid, holy cow, the wetness don't stop!!! It works pretty well. I guess the best description would be an overall feeling of dryness. Like I can rub my hands together and they feel nice and dry, something that I rarely experience. However, it's not totally a miracle. The sweating is pretty much eliminated at rest (my keyboard is dry as I'm typing this... YAY!!!), but when I start getting nervous or feel a little warm, the sweating still persists, although to a lesser extent than before. And I'll usually still have sweat stains on my shirts at the end of the day, but it's not nearly as obvious as before where I would have to keep my arms to my side so people hopefully won't notice. I also suffer from really bad acne and an oily face (Yes, I know, I definitely did not win the genetic lottery :( And I've noticed that my face is less oily since I started taking this drug. Not sure if it has anything to do with Robinul or perhaps my face is just going through a dry face (as it does every once in a while), but I'll probably need to see if this continues. As far as the side effects go, you'll definitely notice the dry mouth (especially after waking up, your mouth will feel... icky and dry), and dry eyes. I wear contacts, but I have found only a little discomfort and dryness when wearing them. To wrap up, this is definitely worth trying if you're suffering from hyperhidrosis. Although it's not a complete miracle, it does work to some extent. Perhaps I need to try a higher dosage, but I definitely M 24 7 days
2 MG 2X D

 5  Underarm Sweating Slight Dry Mouth I have had severe underarm sweating for as long as I can rememeber. I am a 26 yr old female. My whole wardrobe is black shirts and shirts that don't show sweat. I honestly pour water on shirts before I buy them to do a "sweat test." I have let my sweating problem decide my life for me. I thought there was no help since I tried all the prescription deoderants and home remedies. I did some research and found Robinul. Yesterday was my first day and I started with 1mg twice a day. I didn't see any results. So today, I took 2mg this morning and I will take 1mg this evening. For the 1st time in my life, I have on a bright pink shirt with short sleeves!!!! AND NO SWEAT!!!!!!!! I am 100% thankful that I found this pill!!! F 26 2 days
3mg 1X D
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