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 3  hives Confussion , drowsy, i felt "high" F 21 1 days

 2  fungal infection itching Loss of appetite, feel drowsy and unable to focus on daily tasks.can make you sleepy but with some auditory problems at night.these may pass with time.was taking loratadine before which increased appetite but atarax there is loss of appetite. Suppose I will lose weight which is good! But I enjoy my food so bad:( F 42 4 days

 1  bipolar anxiety, sleep problems diarrhea, vomiting confused with gastro-enteritis, no sleeping enhancive, occulaire adjustments, blurred vision, state of confusion, itchy dermatitis I knew that I was Atarax non-responsive (as well as one of my son's). We could drink an entire bottle and not experience any benefit to our problems. We would only be stuck with the side effects. I knew that if Atarax had no effect within the 24 hours following the initial dose, to stop it right away. I'm a doctor, but that had no effect on my treatment. I pleaded with the psychiatrists to stop giving me Atarax (because it was the only meds that they put me on), but they refused, so I was stuck on it, until I played the game, and told them that I was much better, and they let me go. My whole body has become a playground for Atarax. I'm now taking enormous doses of Lasilix to evacuate the Atarax, and slowly having my bipolar meds reintroduced. F 44 180 days
400 4X D
 3  Stress Mood swings, drowsiness, lack of motivation, complete detachment, minor hallucinations. Vivid nightmares at night. M 20 3 days
 5  Toxic Shock Syndrome F 16 7 days

 2  Anxiety Drowsiness, allergic reaction Was prescribed this to fight anxiety, and it worked pretty well. Problem is, I had severe allergic reactions to Atarax (red eye) each time I took it. Won't use this again. M 20 7 days
25 2X D
 5  Autoimmune Chronic Urticaria Terrible nightmares, anterograde amnesia, excessive drowsiness, inability to focus/concentrate, auditory hallucinations, "hangover" feeling up to 15 hours after consumption, in instances where the medication did not make me fall asleep within one hour... aggressiveness/mood changes often occurred This medication makes it difficult for me to carry on basic functions, such as concentrating and left me feeling that something was wrong/missing... I've had days where I took it for three days and mentally I lost more than a week. Often sleep 10-15 hours within 24 hours of consumption. F 34 7 years
10 1X D
 5  idiopathic hives My sons hives only go away with this med. It makes him sleepy. I've tried it and it puts me straight out. It would be a safe but sleepy alternative to anxiety. M 15 1 years

 5  Severe itching Sleepy, but that was good because my itchy rash was severe. The rash had kept me awake. 5 days
25 mg

 1  anxiety, sleeplessness I was actually prescribed Atarax syrup to take to help treat anxiety and sleeplessness that I was experiencing. This syrup smells awful, tastes, awful, and all this medicine did was upset my stomach. If you have bad anxiety problems along with insomnia and a doctor tries to prescribe you this stuff, just say no! I sure which I had. It's too weak to help with anxiety and not strong enough either to help with insomnia at any level. Not worth trying! F 38 1 days
10 5X D
 5  Eczema I have taken atarax since I was in secondary school year 9. It has been a very good drug for me but it makes me drowsy but only when I take it sometimes if I take regularly the I don't get drowsy. It helps a lot calms my skin down if itchy. I would recommend this to exzeema who suffers from a lot of itching.going abroad to hot countries also helps. I was the worse case bandages being hospitalised and the lot if you are bad then get dr to refer you to st Thomas hospital in Westminster it is one of the best hospitals with all the good doctors in dermatology. My daughter had exzeema aswell by taking her to a hot country Pakistan really cured her exzeema. I'm still taking atarax but only if needed and no more scratching at nights for me cause I'm partially cured in not as bad I used to be. I hope this helps. F 33 10 years
 4  Anxiety Drowsiness and suppressed feelings at first. Really helped with anxiety. I just quit cold turkey a few days ago and now I am constantly itching all over my body. I know this medicine also treats itching so was wondering if it suppressed my itching even though I didn't need it for that and now that I'm done with it my body is going through withdrawal and itching a lot? Would really love to know if anyone else has experienced itching when they stopped taking it and didn't take it for itching in the first place F 20 2 years
 4  anxiety mild sedation definitely not a sleeping pill for me, but the anti-anxiety effect is similar to a k-pin (without taking yet another benzo)...worth sticking it for awhile F 46 3 months
25 mg 3X D
 1  hives I was first given a shot of Visteril at hospital after a week of predisone (20 mg)and my hives were returning. I was pissed they gave it to me, I felt like I could barely walk and I had to drive home. The initial effect wore off then I was wide awake all night (shot was at 7pm) I filled the script the next day, took it one day, still had the loopy feeling at first then decided to quit taking it. Two days later I quit the prednisone. I had horrible muscle pains, bouts of depression and anxiety, chest pains, ringing in my ears, nausea, no appetite and lost 9lbs in a week. I thought it was all due to the prednisone, then tried the visteril again after a week off the prednisone and didn't get the severe loopy feeling so I thought it was because of the prednisone. It helped with the itch due to hives coming back in full force but now after reading all the side effects from others on here. I can honestly say what I thought was prednisone withdrawal is now from the visteril. I even last week got a script for 25 mg of attarax. Took it last week up until yesterday. Then decided to quit taking them. I have severe muscle tension, zaps in my back, head and calfs, only 4 hours of sleep and still wide awake. Alot of nervousness and worry. I would really like to know of these symptoms will work themselves out. I can say I would rather be up all night putting cold copresses on hives than deal with these side effects. It may help some with anxiety but don't take it if you didn't because it'll F 44 3 weeks
50 mg

 3  Rash &itching Memory loss F 75 4 months
30 mg 1X D

 3  Unable to sleep Helped me sleep but felt groggy in the mornings & couldn't stop eating - put on 10 pounds over 2 months!! Stopped taking them & my appetite has returned to normal. F 2 months
10 1X D

 1  to help my insomnia Best nights sleep I ever had but felt tired and depressed all the next day. I lost my desire to exercise and experienced a significantly increased appetite. Without medication I normally have terrible interrupted sleep, so i tried Atarax. With 50mg one hour before bed I slept for 10 hours but didn't want to get up. I felt tired and depressed all day and ate 50% more than I usually do. I discontinued the Atarax after 2 days so I can't say if the bad side effects would have reduced. M 52 2 days
50mg 1X D
 3  Anxiety Worked well for a couple of months then started to get reflux within 30mins of taking it which made my anxiety worse! I initially started on 10mg and had to up the dose every 8 weeks as it would become less effective. Eventually decided to stop as I didn't want to keep going up. F 23 6 months
37.5mg 1X D

 4  Stress and anxiety Just make me tired, for the first time but now, am fine M 51 2 days

 4  Autoimmune Urticaria None When I read your comments I felt like I should stop taking this medicine. But looking back, I see that Atarax helped me a lot with the skin rash and pruritis, although these symptomes appear only when I am awake and don't disturb my sleeping behavior as well as Atarax. Do I recommend it? of course yes, but just for a short period and not in an exessive way. Try to find out why you can't sleep in stead of handing the problem to Atarax. Good luck to all!! F 30 2 years
10mg 1X D

 1  I was taking Atarax for anxiety. I am going to try and explain in my own words what this new "pill" that I was going to be taking was supposed to help me with. Ok I guess when I committed my self to the hospital they started me on Atarax. I wasn't ever even told I was put on a nrw medication. When I found that out I was kind of upset. I thought to myself what did they put me on? But at that time it was working. So I said to my doctor well I guess,its working. Because when I first started the new pill it was working. Ok so then I was feeling good with Atarax. Then after I got out of being watched while I was taking it. Got out of the hospital I felt fine. Then it started that whatever that this med. Was the I just started taking was different. This new med was not the same. It made me laugh that new pill Atarax it made me sit there from the first I took it to my friends that were nice people I thought and that pill was not that right medication for me. I would take it and then I would loose it. I would sit there a laugh about nothing. If this happen to anyone else please let me know F 26 4 weeks
25mg 3x da

 5  Severe Itching Drowsiness (which was the point), difficulty waking up in the morning I love Atarax. I am taking it for a severe itch that no doctor has been able to figure out. I've been itching for 6 months now, and wasn't able to sleep at night because the itch was so extreme, I'd wake up in tears after less than an hour of sleep. With the help of atarax, I'm able to get a full night's sleep. Waking up is difficult, but I'd rather have that problem than the itchiness and lack of sleep. Unfortunately, until they figure out why I'm itching and find a way to fix it for sure, I'm going to be taking these on a nightly basis. F 24 2 months
25 1X D
 1  severe anxiety groggy, sleepy, trouble concentrating, headaches, increase in appetite, 25 MG did nothing but 50MG knocked me out and left it hard to wake up did not relieve anxiety F 31 10 days
25-50MG 3X D
 5  Allergies None Have suffered with horrible seasonal allergies. I made an appointment with an allergist for testing. I'm off the charts for seasonal allergies and indoor dust mites. She prescribed Nasonex along with irrigating my sinuses once a day in the morning. I also covered my mattress and pillows with protective covers to prevent dust mites. She also prescribed Atarax for bedtime. It works fantastic. I've never had a better night's sleep and I feel great in the morning. Wonderful drug! M 64 14 days
25 MG 1X D
 3  Hives Hoping to dispel misinformation. 7 days ago I had a bad food allergic rxn. Bottom of my feet to the top of my head, worst on torso. Was prescribed Atarax + 40mg Prednisone/day. First 24 hrs: no change. After reading on sites like this about people having hives disappear in 24 hrs on Atarax, I started to worry. Even doubled up on the Atarax dose once. 48 hrs: went back to the doctor because my experience wasn't matching what I saw on the internet (this is why health care costs are rising). The (2nd) doctor explained two important things: First, ATARAX DOES NOT MAKE HIVES GO AWAY FASTER. It only helps with the itchiness, and if I didn't need it for that, I should stop taking it. I confirmed this with the pharmacist. Second, the only things that DO make hives disappear is a) Prednisone and b) time. I stopped taking the Atarax at that point. End of the third day: started seeing real, substantial fading, especially on my extremities. Days 4-5: people wouldn't notice the marks unless I pointed them out. Day 6-7: pinkness barely noticeable everywhere except my chest (because of the sheer quantity that had been there). I liken the recovery time to that for acne. Hope this helps someone! Vowed I'd come back and follow up, unlike people posting "just started, hope this works" and never reporting back. Take your Prednisone, be patient, and don't take extra Atarax unless you need it for the itching. Good luck to all! M 2 days
50 MG 4X D
 4  eczema Great sleeps - longer than usual; 7 - 8 hours. Wild, good, dreams - consistently. Groggy in the morning, but not for very long. I can't see anything wrong with this drug! But I wonder if it's addictive and fear having to stop using it. It was prescribed for nighttime itching and eczema. But when I told doc that I also suffered from insomnia, she thought this was a good choice for me. I am happy with it, but don't want to get addicted! M 50 5 months
10 1X D

 5  autoimmune urticaria drowsiness very recently splitting headache and nausea (3 days after withdrawal) i started with 25 mg tab 1/day 7 years ago for autoimmune urticaria. after 2 months, the hives were managed and the itch was less. over the years, i started to taper the dose from 1 tab to 1/2 tab, until 1/4 tab as prescribed by the doctor. and ive been on the 1/4 tab dose for 3 years and the hives almost never appeared. 3 days ago i stopped taking it to check whether hives would appear, now on the 3rd day im not sure whether this splitting headache and nausea are withdrawal symptoms. anyone experienced the same? F 27 7 years
5 1X D
 4  angioedema Mostly drowsiness. Occasionally dizziness, vivid dreams, a little hyper for 1-2 hours after taking a dose. Once my body became used to the medicine (about a week) I didn't notice side effects much, anymore. I'm not sure it's helping the angioedema (which doesn't come and go; it's been pretty constant) - the side effects are MUCH easier for me to handle than claritin and it makes me less drowsy than benadryl. I'm pretty sensitive to medications, but my experience with atarax has been a good one so far. It's also helped with underlying anxiety even though I'm on a fairly low dosage. If my anxiety gets worse, I would be willing to take a higher dose of atarax to treat it because this does not cause dependency like some other anxiety meds I've tried in the past. F 33 3 months
10mg 3X D

 5  itchiness drowsiness, bloating of face, weight gain F 38 9 years
10 MG
 3  Itching I am facing itching problem form past 2 years. If i take 10mg of atarax there will be no itching for next 2 days. Again the itching starts after 2 days and repeat the same. I am taking it form past 2 years. till now i didnt face any issue. Please anyone can you tell me is there any side effects if i continue taking ATARAX. Or is there any other way to stop itching. Please help... I am facing itching problem form past 2 years. If i take 10mg of atarax there will be no itching for next 2 days. Again the itching starts after 2 days and repeat the same. I am taking it form past 2 years. till now i didnt face any issue. Please anyone can you tell me is there any side effects if i continue taking ATARAX. Or is there any other way to stop itching. Please help... M 25 2 years
20mg 1X W
 3  sever anxiety n i mean bad None F 33 7 months
100mg 3xs
 5  hives, mild anxiety Made me drowsy (but I took it at nite) but I slept well and longer than usual, around 9-10 hrs). I did have a nightmare that nite, maybe a coincidence. After a first time bout of hives lasting on and off for about 7 weeks, and finding only minimal relief from Benadryl, oatmeal baths, calamine etc., I got a prescription for 10 mg of Atarax. I took it once and slept through the night without staying awake from intense itching. The next morning I felt a touch groggy but so grateful to not have any itching. I did not take another dose because there was no renewed itching and the size of the existing hives on my body was starting to shrink. I did not get any new hives after this first dose. Am keeping my fingers crossed, it has been almost 72 hrs since that dose and I have not needed to take it again. F 55 1 days
10 mg 1X D
 3  Itching Nothing for over 40 years (other than drowsiness) then post menopause, its drying effect was bad on my complexion. So I stopped cold turkey OMG! For a few months after stopping abruptly (an idiot move in retrospect) last April, the insomina was horrid for a few months. That resolved. But what's followed has been a nightmare. The ringing in my years is so noteworthy, I have to attempt to talk over it. I never had anxiety before (a mental brick) now I feel close to panic for no reason. I'll wake up with dread. My resting pulse rate has gone from around 65 to 120 (that's upon waking!). My heart will pound, my pulse will roar through my extremities, throbbing unmercifully. I can go on, but you get the idea. It was so bad, I had all my hormone levels checked. I had a thyroidectomy in the early '60s so I watch that regularly and take dessicated natural hormone replacement. Over 9 moths later, blood levels are all normal, and clearly I am not. I have no other underlying health issues. How long will this last?! (the rhetorical cry of the damned) I'm wondering whether to start back on a very low dose (like splitting the pills to 2 or 5 mg) but I'd rather not. I'll watch this site for any signs of encouragement (OK, that may be wishful thinking-- even documented discouragement will do.) I can't find anything to replicate my experience online. Thanks. F 60 42 years
10 mg 1X D

 2  Interstitial cyctitus Severe Tiredness sleeping up to 12 hours a night and still tired during the day. Weight gain of 6 pounds. Dizziness and rash. Heaviness in chest. F 40 1 months
10mg 1X D

 3  Severe Eczema I do not think this drug should be used by any kids under 5 as it seems to reduce the brain wave patterns which could effect learning in kids who are not suffering from anxiety. Does it slow development in normal kids taken it for itch. This drug in my opinion "Should be categorized as a chemical mind alter drug and not a antihistamine" something that might actually reduce normal kids ability to make the grades in grade school. Ex. Have your child off it for 3 weeks toss them simple puzzles to put together watch and time. Now put them back on and do the same thing and puzzles and be shocked for yourself. F 2.6 365 days
1.5 MG 2X D
 5  Allergies/ Anxiety/ tension i have had no side affects whilst taking this, i think it is brilliant. Although i am supposed to take 50mg in the morning and the same at night but i go straight to sleep within half an hour so i can only take them of the night. i fall asleep half an hour after taking the tablets so i tend to just take 2 tablets (50mg total)of a night. if i forget to take them i spend the whole day very agitated and tense, i had never suffered with Anxiety prior to taking these. however they are brilliant with my allergies so i cant complain. F 26 6 years
50mg 2X D
 3  anxiety wieght loss, moody, head aches, emotional im 14. and every 1 thinks i have anxiety problem so they put me on this. but i dont think i have an anxity problem and i dont know wether to take the medicine and shut my mouth or to stop taking it. F 14
25 1X AN
 5  chronic hive, dermatographic skin I"ve been taking this medication since I was 13 years old. Initially I experienced weight gain and grogginess. Now the only side effect is a small amount of grogginess so I take it at night. Atarax has changed my life. I have dermatographic/dermagraphic skin, which mean your body constantly produces too much histamine. It is hereditary in my family. I have other family members on it as well, including my 21 year old son. This drug has definitely been a life saver. F 51 38 years
10mg 1X D
 3  Severe Eczema None yet Dermatologist prescribed Atarax for my son who suffers from severe eczema to help ease the intense itching. He would wake up in the middle of the night and itch so bad there would be blood on his sheets, nails, clothes, etc. So far it has made him able to sleep without itching which in return is making the open wounds from itching ALOT clearer. Hopefully it keeps working along with the prescribed creams and his eczema can be a thing of the past :) M 1.5 7 days
10 2X D

 4  severe allergies Drowsiness; nightmares on the first 2 nights. Lots of muscular pain. Feels like my fibromyalgia is back in full swing. Bad copper taste in mouth. This drug has proven helpful in reducing the symptoms of the hives and itching. Its early days yet so I am hoping the side effects would wear off. Today not as bad as yesterday, so am looking on the positive side. F 48 3 days
25 3X D

 5  Anxiety Bad taste F 58 30 days
25 1X D

 2  PTSD/anxiety/panic attacks dry mouth,couldnt sleep at all,my joints ached severly and made my fybromyalsia 10 times worse!and gained 10 pounds in one month. F 33 40 days
25 6X D

 4  anxiety/panic attacks very sleepy, nightmares/daymares im not one to have nghtmares or anything of the sort. but since ive began the medicine it helps calm me down but i also have bad nightmares. M 18 2 weeks
25 mg 1X D

 1  intertitial cystitis Took for 2 yrs with increasing tiredness and groggy feeling, but helped with ic symptoms. Then began having tremors, muscle twitching,dropping things, numb fingers. Was referred to neurosurgeon who was considering neck surgery, but turns out to be caused by atarax. Stopped taking 5 months ago with no improvement. Arms so weak, can't do daily tasks. 45 2 years
15mg 1X D

 2  vestibulitis It does make you a bit sleepy. But the worst side effect was the gastritis that resulted. That's inflammation of the lining of the stomach and means at least 6 weeks of Nexium type drugs. It is very painful. I looked up the side effects of Atarax and sure enough, there was gastrointestinal distress...and that's what I have now. I will not take this drug again even though it helped with the vestibulitis. I found that the herb Valerian root capsules works just as well with no side effects, take at bedtime and sleep like a baby. I did not take Atarax for a straight 200 and some days...I actually only took it when the auto-immune problem flared up, so it was off and on for almost a year. F 63 250 days
25 mg 1X D
 4  nerves, and allery I stopped taking atarax, and I notice that all my arthritis type symptons are gone. I would take at night before bed, and wake up each day with seems like so many joints aching. It owuld take half the day to begin to feel better. Now Two nights without it and no joint aches. Is this a true sympton of this drug, because emotionally it has helped me so much and also with my allergies..thank you Would like very much to continue to take but..tha joint pain does seem to be related to this 10 Mg pill F 69 25 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  Chronic Hives While taking it: Dry mouth, severely chronically exhausted, nightmares, insomnia, muscle cramps, joint pain, severe depression, moodiness, memory loss, rapid heart beat. Even years after getting off of it: Always extremely tired even after getting plenty of sleep, joint pain so bad as to make me limp at times, memory loss, moodiness, muscle cramps so bad as to make it hard to sleep, lack of concentration, anxiety, my son was born with half a heart. After my son was born with Right Atrial Isomerism (half a heart) I started looking into this drug that I had been on for about nine year of my own child hood and had not taken it for about 5 years before I got pregnant (I had even done a very extensive purification program after getting off of it) and found another person who was also on it long term also had several kids born with birth defects, one of her's even died from it. My exhaustion/tiredness is so severe that even after 8-10 hours sleep I feel like all I can confront doing is going back to sleep. If any of you anticipate using this drug DONT!!!! And if you are on it now get off now before you get the long term effects!!! F 33 9 years
25 MG 4X D
 2  Anxiety & insomnia Increase in appetite I take other medication in addition to this, one of them being oxycodone 15 mg. Atarax does not make me tired, sleepy, dazed, calm my anxiety or anything. I think my body has a high tolerance for sedating medication. I even took 100 mg at night time and I was still up for hours. F 39 9 days
50 mg 4X D

 5  Interstitial Cystitis Sleepiness I take this medicine at night so that the side effect is actually a little helpful. I take this medicine as part of a three drug cocktail for Interstitial Cystitis (Amitriptyline, Hydroxyzine and Pentosan Polysulfate). Other than the sleepiness, I have had no other side effect. M 39 4 years
25mg 1X D
 2  Sleep Initiation+Staying Asleep hangover,grogginess,unclear thinking Initially worked well to improve the quality of my sleep; after a while, however, I noticed that I'm always groggy, tired, and listless while taking this medicine-even after a full nights sleep. I normally sleep 8 hours-with this drug I sleep 10 hours and still don't feel energetic. M 25 2 years
50 mg 1X D
 5  Anxiety/Sweating & Asthma Slightly drowsy for the first few days. I seem to not be able to sleep through the night very well although when I do sleep, I sleep well and feel like I am fully refreshed upon wakeing. I always had a problem with extreme sweating in situations that made me feel slightly anxious. I've also had to use a fast acting inhaler for weezing all the time. I workout often and workout hard. I am very healthy. My doc prescribed me Atarax 10mg and so far, this has almost been a miracle drug for me. I now rarely weeze for no reason, allergies are not bothering me, My sweating has been reduced to basically nothing (unless physically induced), and I am waaay more comfortable in most situations as the Anxiety is almost disapeared. As I've said above, I workout often and watch my weight, along with other aspects of my body closley. The weight gain some are contributing to Atarax, I have personally not experienced. Considering I smoke weed as well, the hunger people claim this induces, has been nothing I have noticed either. I have noticed I pee more and I am thirsty a little more when taking Atarax though. Maybe it's my higher protein diet, or a combination, but I have also noticed being slightly more gassy as well. It made me worry when I read people contributed weight gain to this medicine and possibly it's different for everyone but I am a firm believer that the weight gain is more so due to personal lack of motivation/will power or another drug. M 24
10 2X D

 1  Eczema At first made me very sleepy and I slept good on it, but last time I took it, I stayed awake all night long and all night the next day, today I'm hoping it will wear off. Also, there was muscle spasms, jerks, and twitches combined with general restlessness that night. I hate it so much. Don't take this stuff, just scratch yourself or use topical medicines. M 27 3 days
25 MG 1X D

 4  Hives/Angiodema Weight Gain(~4 lbs every month), extremely increased appetite(was eating 3000+ calories when only 1500 is required), racing heart, sleeo the first two days after starting the medication Although I love atarax for what it does to my hives, I cannot stand its side effects. Every year, after my seasonal allergies end and I get off atarax, I have to start exercising twice as much to take the extra fat off my body. I am a very skinny person by default and eat very healthy normally but when I'm on atarax, its like my body has a mind of its own. I get extremely hungry every two hours and eat crazy amounts of food. I don't think gaining 12-15 pounds every year and losing it in the next few months can be healthy for my body. And I'm talking about 15% gain in weight...its nothing to sneeze at. Aside from all the crazy side effects, this drug does work wonders on my hives unlike any other anti-histamines like benadryl or claritin. One curious thing after getting off atarax this year was I lost my appetite. It's been going for a few days now....let's see how long it lasts. F 27 4 months
20 mg 4X D
 4  UNKNOWN BREAKOUT OF SKIN sleepyness, dizzy, weight gain - 8 lbs in 4 months After taking it, the itching stopped for several hours. one pill was often enough. when the itching was real bad, I took two of them, day or night. I was able to work but had to have coffee in the afternoon so that I wouldn't fall asleep. I stopped taking it because of the weight gain. F 40 4 months
10 4X D

 5  Bipolar/Anxiety Dry mouth the first few nights, some daze Very good cure for insomnia and nervous excitability. It is very safe has little side effects. It's cheap and efficient recommend to all who have probelmy sleep or anxiety. Working 30 minutes after dosing for approximately 8 hours. I took him even as a child when I had periods of depression in their bipolar illness. In poland costs $ 5 per pack 30 tablets 10mg but the best is in syrup because you can individually choose whether or not the dose to the child. M 38 25 years


 2  Contact dermititis This medication upon first use stays in your system for quite a while. Effects are extreme sleepiness, had a difficult time getting up the next morning, arms and legs completely lifeless. Can you say real bad nightmares when taking this stuff? That may go away after continued usage. I was in a fog the next day after taking this the night before. For individuals with moderate pain not requiring opiate based pain killers I think atarax would be a great sleep aid. No way you would combine this medicine with vicoden at night, may not wake up the next day. M 44 2 days

 3  Various allergies & anxiety Extreme drowsiness, some periods of insomnia, extremely vivid nightmares, auditory hallucinations, paranoia, emotiona apathy, lack of energy, lack of motivation This is the only anti-histimine that has been effective for me - I *cannot* take Benedryl in any form. F 30 3 years

 5  severe skin allergy- unknown source Drowsiness and that becomes more tolerable with exposure. Resting hand tremor in very high doses (125mg/day) Atarax changed my life. I had a disfiguring skin allergy and the most intense itching, even in sleep. I'd been to many dermatologists and tried everything to no avail. Atarax relived the itching to the point I could completely recover. At my highest pt I was on 125mg daily. Now I take it for maintaince only when symptoms develop and I've not had a recurrance of anything that level in two years. An added benefit for an insomiac like myself is that it can be counted on as a sleeping pill as well. I don't know what I would have done if I'd never found it. F 37 2 years

 2  interstitial cystitis mast cell deg increased heart rate, sensitivity to sound, lack of motivation, sensory hallucinations (scary), easily startalled, presence of people not there, sore throat that passed with time, dry mouth and bad breath, increased body temperature after taking, muscle twitches, agitation, memory problems (bigtime), urinary retention, dysphoria, my eyes pop open at night and can't sleep but my mind is going strong along with my feet and picking at my fingers i'm not lying when i say i had all those side effects, i was on elavil too and thought it was the elavil, the 'tripping on acid' feeling didn't go away after the elavil stopped and i figured it was from the atarax, turns out both are anticholinergics and as you can see, i must have a problem with anticholinergics, yay me, frustrated. started at 50 mg at bedtime (asked dr. for lowest dose--turns out they make 10 mg--thx doc!), took 25mg last night and still feel trippy and up all night, wonderful...sigh. this was a substitute for klonopin by my psych at one time and i said 'no'. i should have listened to myself. i almost went to the hospital last night b/c of this! i didn't go b/c i thought there was nothing they could do...turns out there is a drug to counter the anticholinergic effects...thank goodness for the internet...no wonder drs. hate the internet...people are more informed now!!!! F 36 2 weeks
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