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 5  psoriatic arthritis, enthesitis Some tiredness. Nausea and hair loss. Overall I'm up. No longer wishing I could die d/t the pain I was in. Was able to decrease my pain meds. F 60 1 years

 4  severe, aggressive RA &AS extreme fatigue, after infusion i sleep 14+ hrs. loading doses gradually led to me feeling great again. then regular doses progressively led to reactions (sweating, flushing, itching) then by 3rd dose i became EXTREMELY fatigued, swollen lymph nodes, joint pain; couldnt even walk, was sleeping all day. this fatigue lasts 3-5 days then clears up. compared to how i was prior, Remicade worked well but after time I am getting tired of side effects & am developing antibodies, even though Im on 25mg MTX weekly. I developed resistance to Enbrel & Humira so I think TNF blockers dont work for me. M 38 4 days

 5  chrons Eight years ago, I felt as if I was paralyzed. My doctor suggested remicade I was a little hesitant due to the side effects. When all other drugs did nothing to help the pain I decided to try remicade. The best thing I could have ever decided. Remicade is at the top of the pyramid, once you start to use it, normally other medication will not work. Always make sure you get it as prescribed not before or after the date. This will greater uour chance of feeling tried and the side affect. My life total changed, thanks to remicade. F 46 2 months

 5  ulcerative colitis Very fatigue and have muscle ache along with severe headaches M 27 7 months

 5  AS/PsA/psoriasis almost complete remission of skin involvement, pain relief from Ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis/spondylitis. Changed to self-inject sue to insurance change...worst mistake! F 62 4 days
1X D

 1  JIA juvenile arthritis / uveitis Extremely tired a week after the infusion. Mood swings. No patience at all, poor concentration. Extreme rash around her eyes. Tingling in her arms and then she loses strength and sometimes drops things. Headache , she looks grey with no life in her. I want my vibrant girl back! F 9 3 months
1X M
 5  Seronegative arthritis No major side effects after two infusions, a bit of nausea, tiredness. Has transformed my life, almost pain free and fully mobile. F 41 2 months

 5  Psoriatic arthritis/psoriasis I guess I am one of the lucky ones. Maybe a slight sore throat or slight head ache was the extent of the side effects.i had "P" severe...remicade has given me my life back. After 7 years of infusions I am still 99.9% clear and I am never sick anymore. Before I started remicade I always had some kind of infection , from ear ...chest...sinuses...bronchitis!!! This to me is my miracle drug and would never skip an infusion. F 41 7 days
30 MG
 3  Ulcerative Colitis Infusion once every 2 months after initial loading dose. Joint pain, itching, accute liver function problems (as worded by my GP) Loading dose's went with no problems. After 2 dose itching and joint pain. With the 3rd dose itching and skin problems (started loosing patches of skin on my scalp) became much worse, nausea so bad I lost 31lb in 2 months and liver function test showed damage (at one point my ast was 394 and alt 531 and climbing, pre remicade it was 16 and 14) GI had ignored my side effect complaints up to the point where I declined to get the next treatment then sent me to a liver specialist. As I withdraw from the medication I am having severe joint pain that moves to a new joint every few days. The medication worked, the colitis symptoms were completely gone, but the side effects were worse in this case. Have liver function tested before starting and regular liver function tests done during treatment. M 52 6 months
500 mg 1X O
 1  zieke van chron prikkelhoest, kortademheid, neerslachtig,duiseligheid ademnood hartklopingen. hoe vlugger ze de remicade gaven hoe slechter en zelfs prikkelend en verward ik was. Liep rond lijk een dronkaard. Laatst gaven ze het in driekwart uur en was fataal voor mij.Binnen de 3 weken verslechterde ik op mijn kortademheid en hartkloppingen heb mij in het ziekenhuis aangemeld en kwamen daar tot vaststelling dat ik longfibrose had. Nu sta ik dik van de medrol dat ze vlug als medictie gaven en nu heb ik nog het cushingsyndroom erbij. F 64 8 weeks
86 kg 1X O
 5  Crohn's disease Hair loss F 59 6 weeks
 3  fistulising crohns Migrating joint pain which is excruciating usually 6 weeks post infusion. . Its happened twice now been on Remi for 1.5 yrs.. I'm on 8 weekly infusions. . Remicade has caused the joint pain as I've never ever had joint pain prior to Remicade. . The pain is really really bad.. soon as I have infusion the pain goes away 100% even before I leave the hospital. .. I'm very worried. . Am I now dependant on Remicade. . Whats going to happen to my joints that were normal before remicade? ????? F 51 2 years
 5  Crohn's Disease and RA so far, I actually have not experience any side effects of this drug. it has been a miracle drug and has eliminated about 90% of the pain I was going through daily between both of my diagnoses. I am extremely happy with this medicine. M 19 2 months
 5  JRA None My son was diagnosed with JRA when he was 5. Since then he has also been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis as well. We tried everything from just methotrexate > Humira > Enbrell and now Remicade. He hasn't complained about any side effects to date. This is working! M 17 1 years
1X M
 3  Crohns Disease Nausea, joint pain, brain fog, extreme hair loss, extreme dizziness, exhaustion, headaches, hives/rash, random red patches on skin, very dry/painful eyes, bloating, mild depression, constantly feeling like I had to pee, always freezing. I was on Remicade exclusively for 8 months with my infusions occuring every 8 weeks. I had my last & final infusion in Oct 2013. I have mixed feelings about this drug. Not being keen on the idea of getting infusions, I had nixed Remicade whenever my doc suggested it. Fast forward a few years and mid-flare, I was no longer responding to Pentasa and doc said it's either Remicade or surgery. I've stubbornly refused surgery in the 13 years with this disease (which is the best decision I've ever made) and I wasn't about to give in, so I signed up for Remicade. There's no doubt it made me feel better in the first few months but the negative side effects and the tedious process of administering the drug were outweighing the postives for me. That and the cost... even with insurance & Remistart, this drug is expensive!! So with the blessing of my doc, I quit taking it...or any drugs. Ultimately the best thing Remicade did for me was push me to take responsibility for my own health and change my diet to Paleo, which has helped me feel truly healthy for the first time since being diagnosed with CD. After 13 years of one crappy drug after another, I am 100% pharmacutical free & loving it. F 38 8 months
Not sure 1X D
 2  psoriatic arthritis Instead of black mold lung disease it was an infection of Candida Albicans. That clarified by my GP this morning. The doctor was quite concerned as my "normal" heart ECG showed signs of damage. I feel horrible. M 66 8 weeks

 5  Crohn's No side effects but I got shingles six days after my first infusion I have had Crohn's for 21 years and have been horribly sick for 18 months. I was hospitalized for a month in july and was literally near death. I had my first infusion ten days ago and am shocked at how much better I feel. I can eat!!! Even though I got shingles I would highly recommend Remicade. It is a miracle for me. I feel so much better!!! F 44
30 1X D
 2  Crohn's my skin got extremely dry and itchy. I have intense itching episodes now whenever I workout or my skin is warmed/hot shower. They are crippling I have had to leave the gym many times. Vision problems, thinned my thick hair out really quickly, devastating. Hair loss. Joint pain, scalp issues, depression, extreme fatigue, sensitivity to the cold. This drug is awful, I would not recommend it unless you were desperate for relief. It does the job to control the Crohn's symptoms but at the expense of the health of your body. I feel like crap. Extremely fatigued all the time. Most GI doctors don't care at all about the other symptoms. I'm skipping my 4th dose of Remicade after the extreme itching episodes started. My hair and visions is ruined. I hope everything returns to normal after I have stopped. I'm going to try my best to treat Cohn's with alternative treatments. F the GI Drs.!!!!! M 26 3 months
2X M
 3  crohns I only had one yesterday, today i have stomach pains in upper stomach feel really bloated. I am also running a low grade feaver was wondering if this is normal, Thanks F 42 1 days

 1  Crohns I went into a hypersensitivity mode and became very confused with a head act hat lasted for 45 days and lost 70 pounds of weight. On top of this whole thing I was going to my GI dr and primary dr complaining about my problems and neither of them figured out I was having a reaction until I suffered severally and don't no if ill ever be the same again. M 48 5 months
 2  Crohn's and reactive arthritis Itchy between infusions, increasing nausea after infusion even though I was taking anti-histamines. Sadness. I took Remicade for a year and came off approximately 2.5 months ago. It worked well for both my crohn's and reactive arthritis. However, the infusions made me increasingly nauseous and itchy - I've never had allergic reactions and now I seem to be allergic to a whole range of things. Remicade? The last infusion made me feel very ill and my feet and face were itching, etc. Eight weeks later when I went in for the next dose I told the nurse how I had felt, she spoke to the doctor and they decided they didn't want to do the infusion until I had spoken to my Rheumatologist. I made an apt with the Rheumatologist and when I told him he said (very casually) "it's lucky you didn't take it, you could have died". Now I don't want to be a panic merchant, however, I wasn't told when I began Remicade that the allergy to the drug can increase over infusions and can potentially be fatal. If you have allergy symptoms (I was even taking anti-histamines), just be careful, especially if they become greater with each infusion. Dr wanted me to swap to Humira, but after the Remicade experience I'm just too chicken. I'm not on anything now except huge quantities of fish oil and magnesium. It's nerve-wracking because I've been on drugs forever, but I actually do feel so much better mentally and physically and this is possibly a result of the Remicade as it can intervene in the course of the disease. The drug is a double-edged sword! F 41 1 years
1X O
 1  chrons disease After taking remicade from nov 2004 thru nov 2006. I was taken off after being diagnosed with chf. I am dying due to remicde causing my chf. No one will help me due to time lapse. Makers of remicade are criminal. Stephen Hoffpauir, crowley, la. 70526. M 51 2 years
max dosage
 5  UC Itching (hives), soar joints (might be unrelated) I was very sick with UC, I was on the Canadian National rowing team and had just finished Racing at U23 World when I became ill. I lost 20lb in two weeks and another 10 in the next two months. I was using the washroom as frequent as 30+ times a day (no joke). Finally I started Remicade and things began to improve. Compared to where I was the immediate improvement was amazing, but I was still going 10+ time a day and waking up a couple times a night without fail. After having my dose doubled and frequency shortened to every 6 weeks I am back to where I was. It took 11 months, and coming close to getting surgery, but I am back to what I was before, using the washroom from 3-5 times a day and sleeping all night. I have gained back my weight and have begun training again. Although I might no longer be able to row on the national team, to be able to have my life back is awesome. M 23 11 months
90MG 1X O
 3  chrones Unpredictable nights with no sleep. Remicade is the only thing that has helped. I am feeling a little better more and more. It has been a slow recovery but ill take it. I have a sleepless night about once a week that could be do to anything. When my chrones was at it's worst my sleep was too. F 29 3 months
4X O

 5  UC I am sorry I waited so long to make the decision to start, I must say I was very timid due to me having tried so many different meds to control my UC and the only form that has helped me was prednisone highest oral does 40 mg, before bathroom trips were timed every 45 min to an hr., or a few minutes after eating, abdominal cramping/uncomfortable pain, weight gain & no quality of life. Now I've lost over 50 pds, prednisone is down to 10 mg, bathroom trips are 2-3 times a day, I can go out and not have to track the bathroom down. Only con is that the infusion sucks your veins dry!, however I'd rather enjoy my life and kids opposed to complain about a couple of sticks (I refuse to get a port). I recommend you as the patient do your homework first, don't let anyone me or dr sway you either way, good luck ;0) F 4 years
700 mg
 3  Colitis chills, joint pain, abdominal cramping, tired M 48 5 years
1X M
 2  Psoriatic arthritis Very swollen feet and ankles and severe muscle pain I was given Remicade thru IV and than 2 weeks later, than 4 weeks later and from there it would be every 6 weeks. After going thru the initial introduction of Remicade, I do not like how I feel and the swelling keeps getting worse after each treatment along with continuos muscle pain! F 53 3 times
400 mg 1X O
 4  Ulcerative Colitis I am experiencing horrible insomnia and weight gain. I occasionally itch but this isn't as bad as the insomnia or weight gain. I have even had the gastric sleeve so I know it is not an issue of overeating, it is the remicade. Although it has helped me tremendously I am seriously considering alternate medications becasue of the weight gain. F 35 2 years
1X O

 5  Crohn's and UC Confusion right after infusion, lasting about six hours. Then I sleep about 12 hours straight, followed by eight to ten days of profound fatigue/lethargy. Diagnosed when I was 60, unlike most people, with severe symptoms. Tried conservative treatment with 6-mp, Canasa, Rowasa, and 40 mg prednisone daily for eight months. None worked, and I'll never take prednisone again. Terrible side effects. Within seven to ten days after first Remicade infusion, toilet trips went from 40 a day to six or so a day. Wow! However, I remain at that frequency most days. F 62 9 months
420 mg. 1X O
 5  uc basically, none. joint pain I had before treatment and diagnosed as OArthritis. been taking infusions every 8 weeks for 2 years. instant positive reaction and recently exam showed complete remission including biopsy of parts of colon. M 65 2 years
500mg 1X O

 5  Crohn's Disease, Ankylosing Spondal I have had a couple of itchy periods after infusions. I took Benadryl for a while pre-infusion. I was a test subject for this medication and I'm sure I would have been dead if I had not received this drug. F 47 15 years
500 mg 1X O

 2  Crohns disease Felt high after infusions. Experienced mysterious night itching with no rash although this may've been from Azathioprine (doctors do not know). Seemed to trigger symptoms of Crohns disease or simply was ineffective. M 38 6 months

 5  Crohn's and Arthritis Exhaustion for 2 days after infusion. This med has changed my life. Both diseases had been active for over 3 years, no oral medications were working. Felt better within the first day of the first infusion. I couldn't even walk for 10 minutes without hurting before I tried this. Now I can physically do things I could not for a long time and I don't worry about the location of the nearest bathroom anymore. F 36 4 weeks
5 ml/kg 1X O

 1  Psoriatic Arthritis The day of infusion I'm wired. That is followed by severe mood swings ranging from anger to depression, my head feels like its going to explode, my eyes hurt, and I've lost all my energy in the days following the infusion. I'd rather live with pain than live like this. It makes me so miserable that it is affecting my family life. I just spoke with my doctor and I'm officially off this junk. If you read the various forums on side effects and what patients are reporting you can see there are issues but the medical professionals make you feel like you're a psycho because they do not have documented scientific evidence that these side effects exist. M 64
400 MG 1X O

 1  RA Hives at first, possibly taste and hair loss I had been taking Enbrel 4 years and it stopped working. Remicade just had little effect, and that didn't last but four weeks. - I was on 6 week infusion intervals. INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE. I was fortunate to have medicare. M 82 4 months
infusion 1X O
 5  UC Insomnia, restless legs(initially after infusion), joint pain(after only second infusion) M 22 6 months

 4  Crohn's Nothing during the infusion. I get joint pain, headaches, swelling of my ankles the day of and a few days after my infusion. Very tired day of and for about a week after my infusion. I can't tell if I'm seeing major results yet or not. F 39 2 weeks

 1  Arthritis My mum died 6days after having this horrible drug!!! she was too unwell to have it in the beginning! So if u suffer from regular infection or a low immune system do not go ahead with remicade! F 52 1 days
 1  Hidradenitis Suppurativa During 2nd infusion: short of breath, pulse was 145, my blood pressure was 192/110, legs tingly and numb, eyes burning, neck and jaw were tight, my jaw was chattering, feeling of nonstop adrenaline rush in chest, felt very faint/dizzy/heavy, whites of my eyes turned bright red, received benadryl and cortizone in IV, moved to ER from infusion center not sure if the benefits are worth the risks F 35
1X D

 5  Ulcerative colitis I was diagnosed in 2001 with u.c. and was managed with asacol and rowasa at times. I eventually started flaring more often requiring prednisone. Each flare it took longer for the prednisone to work and my doctor highly recommended I start remicade. I was hesitant and waited a few months until I had 2 flares close together. I started remicade in November 2009 and had immediate results. The first thing I noticed was that my very painful and frequent abdominal cramps disappeared. My first treatment gave me a significant headache but beyond that, I don't have any side effects. I do have achy joints but I know that goes along with u.c. I've also gained about 15 pounds since starting my treatment. Remicade changed my life for the better and I wouldn't give it up. I don't have to know where all of the public restrooms are or worry about multiple bathroom breaks at work or wonder if my latest meal with punish me. F 40 4 years
 1  Ulcerative colitis Extremely dry skin, lost sense of smell for abt 2 months, every single hair follicle on my head burned and hurt and then I started balding. Arthritis in my hands and knees, tendonitis in my achilles tendons, dry inflamed eyes. Remicade did nothing for my UC, but it ruined the rest of my body. I haven't taken it in 3 months and never will again, but the side effects still remain. I hope to God they will go away. I had only 3 loading doses, and on the 3rd one I had a horrible reaction where I couldn't breath and started sweating profusely-- instead of stopping the infusion, they just shot me up with a bunch of stuff to stop my reaction and continued till the bag was empty. I used to have oily hair and skin, now I'm dry and brittle... I could go a year without washing my hair that's how dry it is. I have so much pain from the arthritis it gave me, and I can barely open my eyes at night because they are glued to my eyeballs from being so dry at night. It hurts to walk because of the pain in my achilles tendons. All of my hair is falling out. I used to have thick thick long hair, now I only have 1/3 of it left and it's still falling out I won't be surprised if I go bald. So much has fallen out that I have a strange receding hairline. This is the worst drug you could ever take for UC. I never knew that there were mice antibodies or proteins in there, which is what causes these horrible reactions. If you are desperate, try Humira instead as it is made with HUMAN antibodies, not mice, and the bad reactions are much less in comparison. F 31 5 months
1X O
 1  pars planitis ETC.... Numbness tingling in arms, legs,hands,feet slurred speech, disorrented, joint pain, headaches, neck pain, worse eye pain, dry mouth, anxiety. I've lost my job, sanity and all of my doctors are jackasses so I have decided to go all natural and if it means I go blind, so be it! Maybe that's the way God intent ex me to be but I'd rather be blind and healthy then sick and miserable!! I hope Thu helps someone out here!!!! Don't take this drug!!!! Its nasty!!!!! F 29 10 months
not sure
 4  Ankylosing Spondylitis Headaches, weakness, shaky Pale complexion immediately following IV M 45 2 years
5 vials

 4  Crohn's Disease headache, nausea, insomnia, confused and muddled brain, muscle and joint aches and pains, sore throat, loss of appetite, tearful, chills, extreem tiredness / fatigued, no energy, increased sweating, weight loss. I noticed an improvement in my symptoms withing 24 hours of the 1st dose. the side effects lasted about 4 months but now i am only suffering with small amount of nausea, tireness and still find i sweat easily. i lost just under a stone in the first 5 months which i beleive is unusual but then again i also lost weight on steroids so go figure. Although this drug anitially worked really well I have found recently it is loosing it's effectivness so from my next treatment in four weeks time i will be on the higher 10mg dose as symptoms are not getting properly under control. doctors are going to run tests to see if i am builing up antibiodies to the drug or metabolising it too quickly. The first four months with all the awful side effects was hell but the medication was working so well for my Crohn's that i decided to persever with it. I will have to wait and see if higher dose works now and hope it doesnt bring back all the nasty side effects. F 39 6 months
1X O

 4  Ulcerative Colitis For a couple days after the infusion, I am very tired. I schedule it for Fridays, though, so I have the weekend to rest. I go in every 8 weeks. It can't cure me, but I actually feel like a normal person again. It has really helped. I know there are risks, but to me they are worth it. F 47 2.5 years
400MG 1X O

 3  Ulcerative colitis Severe headache /dizziness muscles aching I get my treatment every 6 weeks and it used to help until I got pregnant the whole time I was pregnant I was on it and it didn't do a thing and now that I've had my baby I've had to treatments and it still isn't doing a thing F 19 9 years
400 mg 1X M
 4  Psoriatic Arthritis Tired after infusion . I have infusions every four weeks.Need to take injectable steroids and benedryl at time of infusion due to reaction and take Prednisone and Zyrtec three days prior to infusion. Currently take 25 mg of methotrexate weekly as well. Right now Remicade is working but I still have swelling and joint pain. My dr will increase as needed. F 48 10 months

 5  Behcet's Disease The day after an infusion, I usually begin having mild flu-like symptoms that last for about two days. My flare-ups have virtually disappeared, except for the last 5 or 6 days prior to the next infusion. Since those are eight weeks apart, it seems tolerable to me. F 64 16 months
1X O

 5  Ulcerative Colitis Only side effects I get are headache and fatigue / weakness after infusion for about 24 hours. It's worth it considering the pain in intestine goes away and I go bathroom 1-2 times a day compared to 6-8 before treatments. M 32 4 years

400 1X M

 4  RA No side effects I believe it's working since ra has not been found in any new joints in the 5 years I've been taking it. F 57 5 days
500 1X M
 1  Crohn's The 3rd infusion I broke out in hives, throat closed, etc. I was prescribed benadryl b4 infusion & had infusion rate decreased. I had similiar reactions probably 3-4 x's at least thru out yrs. I was nvr very consistent w/ infusion & had them every 10-12 wks instead of every 8. I quit taking Remi when I got pregnant & breast fed for almost 1.5 yrs. Remi didnt work as well when I resumed so my dose was doubled. That was 2 yrs ago. 4 wks after last infusion I noticed the following: hard, swollen lymph nodes all over body (neck the size of golf balls); dry scaly skin including soars in scalp; rash on face, neck, back, arms, & legs; itchy skin; night sweats; chest & back pain; joint & muscle pain; sinus soars; dry cough; neuropathy all over body; headaches; chills w/out fever; hair loss; pee all the time; extreme tiredness; the list goes on. I had these symptoms b4 but not at same time & minor versions so nvr put 2 & 2 together. My GI told me that I prob. h Not sure how I feel about Remicade? I guess it will depend on whether I have something life threatening from it after further testing. I was always afraid of Remicade given its strength and the side effects that are possible hence me getting it every 10-12 wks instead of every 8. Given the extent of my disease, my GI really encouraged me to use it. I do think it played a role in me being in remission (or close to it anyway) for a decade or longer. CAUTION: Listen to your body...closely. YOU know it better than your doctor. If you think something is "off", communicate it immediately. If you don't think you should take it any longer, than don't, and come up with a better game plan. Immunologically, this medication is pretty scary stuff... I can personally attest to that. F 36 12 years
1X O
 5  Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis 500mg in 250ml saline every 8 weeks. Side effects for 24 hours after infusion - Hot Flush, Exhaustion, Headache, General Malaise, Tachycardia. Has virtually cleared my Psoriasis, was 90% covered before Greatly Improves my Psoriatic Arthritis. Now walk with stick instead of Wheelchair bound. After 17 years of hell this was my miracle drug. I take it alongside 15mg of Methotrexate every week to prevent development od antibodies to the Infliximab. M 42 2 years
550mg 1X O
 5  UC F 46 5 months
1X O

 3  Lupus/Vasculitis (ANCA negative) n/a Symptoms beginning to flare before infusions; increasing frequency and symptoms continue to show through. I suspect I'm developing an immunity to the drug. Been on Remicade for about 18mos. This is a shame because it has allowed me to cut back on extreme doses of and swings of Prednisone. I am ANCA negative and do not have a specific diagnosis though my systemic inflammation is quite serious, landing me back in the hospital in a rapid downward spiral within days; eventual organ failure unless I take Prednisone. The onset of my illness came suddenly 7 years ago, and severely; I was on full life support in the ICU for 3 weeks. F 43 18 months
1X O
 4  Ulcerative Colitis Remicade worked miracles as far as healing my ulcers. I am in "remission". First three infusions I had no side effect. This fourth one, I am dying!!! I ache all over. My lymph nodes are swollen and hurt. My neck feels like I slept wrong. I am tired all the time even after getting 8 hours or more sleep. I think I now have restless leg syndrome because I can't seem to keep my legs still when trying to go to sleep. I am retaining water so my feet and ankles are swollen. My joints hurt and that really sucks because I have arthritis in both knees and already need knee replacements. I sure don't need this added pain! And, I get congested in the middle of the night which wakes me up. I don't know which is worse, the disease or the cure! F 56 3 months
1X O
 4  Psoriatic Disease, skin-eyes-joints tiredness day of and day after infusion. possible stomach pain but that could be from other things. As some who suffers from severe psoriatic disease in most of its various forms, remicade has been my miracle drug. I am not sure about a lot of negative comments so if someone would care to enlighten me? Pain at injection site? What kind of pain? I mean what do you want? I think this is crazy talk. Also- people that come on this site to spout their 'cure' and tell everyone that apple cider will fix them; hello? Are you daft?! I have suffered from this disease for most of my life. No remicade is not perfect. My dosages and intervals have increased over the years and eventually it will not be an option for me. That will be a very, very sad day. I will try the fringe biologics then, as biologics have been the only thing to give me relief beyond my wildest dreams. I am disabled from Psoriatic Disease. If it didn't work for you or you had horrible side effects, I am truly sorry. But for me, while not perfect, it raised my QOL beyond what I ever thought was possible. Is it perfect science? NO! Is it a step in the right direction- absolutely. I believe that even better treatment will come out of this. MTX was like throwing a dart and yet I never knocked it because with all its faults it made an improvement. Now we have a more targeted instrument. YAY! Again, my condolences for those that did not find this to be so, as a survivor of prednisone induced cushing's syndrome I know how difficult that is, but I would not deny anyone the relief that steriods provide. Also I woul F 52 8 years
40 mg 4X W

 5  Crohns None Highly recommended. Went from being terribly sick for 3 months to feeling great within a few weeks. Have stayed healthy since I've been on it. No side effects. Only bad thing is that it is delivered by IV and you have to go back to doc often for the dosage, and its very expensive if you don't have insurance. F 25 4 years
1X O

 4  rheumatoid arthritis None F 69 9 years

 1  Psoriasis SEVERE JOINT PAIN, CHEST PAIN, FATIGUE After the first infusion my psoriasis went away.....NOT WORTH IT! I was getting infusions every 8 weeks and about the time my 6th infusion was due...EXCRUTIATING JOINT PAIN EVERYWHERE. It felt like I had been in a severe car accident and every bone, muscle, and joint hurt tremendously. I have a 9 month old baby who I can't even pick up in the morning because my joints in my hands hurt so bad. I wish I had never taken this horrible drug! I was diagnosed with drug induced lupus from the Remicade. NIghtmare. I have no idea how long this is going to go on for and the prednisone and pain medicine only gives me little relief. The rheumatologist wants me to start plaquenil but after having such horrible side effects from Remicade I'm scared to start a new medication. I was so much better off before starting Remicade. My advice to anyone out there thinking about taking a biologic....DON'T DO IT!!!! F 38 6 days
8X O
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