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 4  No period for 4 months second day on Provera nothing major. I had some cramping last night on my left side. I was told that I have a cyst on that side that is nothing to worry about. I hoping this will bring my period back. F 39 10 days
10mg 1X D
 3  No period for 4 months third day on the provera still nothing major happening. i am scaring my self by reading all the side effect i mentally have had a stroke and trouble breathing you name it it has happen. but not true nothing is happening, not even a period. hope it works for me F 39
10mg 1X D
 2  No period for 4 months 7th day on the pill and nothing has been happenening expect that am hungry all the time. beast are tender but other then that nothing. i wish i could know if this is going to work or not before the 10th day. F 39 7 days
10mg 1X D
 3  No period for 4 months still waiting on a period, on my third day since i took my last pill and nothing. i wastold that it could take up to 2 weeks to see one. the hard part for me and provera is the waitng. F 39
10mg 1X D
 5  No period for 4 months my third day on my very heavy period. i am so glad to see it again. thank you provera. and no side effects what so ever. F 39
10mg 1X D