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 3  Irregular periods; TTC None; I really didn't notice any difference in mood, sleepiness, anything. I've had no period at all for 7 months, after stopping the pill 9 months ago, as my husband & I are TTC. Found out it was a slow thyroid preventing my ovulation. Doctor prescribed Provera to trigger a period, and I was checking websites to see how long after stopping the dose it would take to start a period. My last pill was Saturday, it's now Monday, and I'm feeling a little crampy, but haven't started yet. For the first time maybe ever, I'm kind of looking forward to having a period! If only so we can get started on the TTC part. I feel pretty lucky not to have had the mood swings people are talking about. Let's hope the period doesn't change my mind, but so far, so good. M 37 5 days
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 5  Irregular periods; TTC Whoa... it finally kicked in. Lots of cramps & back ache & a little more emotional, but nothing out of the ordinary for PMS. It's a heavy period, which I expected after reading the other entries. Next up, tube check! M 37 5 days
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