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 3  ringing in ears? sleepy.very dopey.Takes effort to focus eyes sometimes I just started congentin & remeron. So i do not know what is doing what. but I am picking up the house. an that is good. 2 days
 5  Akathesia from antipsychotics Dry mouth This was a miracle drug. My akathesia was so intense but it just melted away 100 percent when I took this drug. I only quit it when I quit the antipsychotics. I would sometimes get dry eyes or itchy skin from it but that's about it...I didn't notice the constipation like others are saying. F 21 6 months
2 mg 2X D

 4  For side effects of Abilify Very dry mouth, so much that it affects my speech and ability to eat. Some dizziness and constipation I would recommend this drug for help with the terrible side effects of Abilify. No more muscle cramps or restlessness. I was able to sit through an entire movie. F 52 14 days
10 mg 1X D
 4  akathisia from Latuda Dry mouth! Like someone else said, it makes it hard to eat. I have to take a sip of water with every bite in order to swallow. Also, ringing in my ears now and then. This is a TERRIFIC med to treat Akathisia. I was having night time restlessness from taking Latuda, to the point that I couldn't stay asleep and wanted to crawl out of my skin. I'm trying to decide if the dry mouth is a fair trade off for sleep. It's really unpleasant. F 38 13 days
2X D
 4  side effects of Trileptal blurred vision I was put on Cogentin when I first started Trileptal and so I don't know how it is "helping" as a side effect drug. I have had some dizziness, too, but don't know which drug is causing it. Wish I could say more. F 47 2 weeks

 4  Extra Pyramidal Symptoms I initially experienced blurry vision but that is gone. Still have very dry mouth and difficulty regulating core body temperature. I take this drug to combat side effects of antipsychotics and it works great for that! F 22 6 months

 4  Akathisia Dry mouth, Could not swallow food. Cogentin helped with akathisia associated with an antipsychotic drug, but the side effects are horrible. I would recommend this medication to anyone cause the side effect akathisia is to me is terrible. F 20 2 weeks

 3  akathisia depression took over like a vengeance! life started to feel hopeless. It helped take away the akathisia I feel while taking abilify, but since I suffer from depression as well, it's worsening it. F 40 2 weeks
 3  Involuntary movements from haldol Just pure sleepiness, and slowness! I am taking it for about 1-2 weeks because the ER doctor gave me an injection (via "rear" muscle , OUCH!) on 02/18, for a HEADACHE! That was an anti psychotic, very high in potency tranquilizer. Not for me, and I was left sleeping for two days and having RLS, and my tongue was tightening up.. I was also repetitively saying "something is wrong" like a broken record. I now have to take Cogentin to eliminate these uncontrollable movement, after only one does of Haldol. So far, day two (too soon to give more info) It did it's job, but I still feel slightly restless. Not everyone reacts to the same meds the same way.. but for me, it calmed me down and made me feel REALLY relaxed. F 14 days
1mg 1X D
 2  Combat effects of abilify Very dry mouth and throat, muscle cramps, trouble putting words together or thinking of words, and my mouth and hands twitching enough to make it hard to type and hard to talk without sounding crazy. F 23 3 days

 1  tics trembling hands, off-balance, memory loss, difficulty with speech I took this med for the tics that I have. The side-effects are horrible, especially the speech problem. I'm afraid to go out of the house, because I honestly can't talk to anyone and make any sense at all. Just trying to form a sentence is very hard and people know that something isn't just right. Embarrassing!! F 41
7.5 1X D

 1  side effects of risperdol horrible, couldn't think, couldn't move, release me from delusions that mental health professionals were intelligent creatures. I was wrong-the devil advocates they are. Psychotic psychiatrists at Benedictine Psych in Kingston,NY said I suffered from delusions, rage, explosions. I agreed so I could get out of the hospital & to take defense. These nut doctors are horrible. /what are they talking about?Some crazy alcoholic claiming to be my father said I must leave my wonderful career and work in a dusty, dirty factory as a favor. said I was delusional about crimes against me. Horrible drug-how is a pill suppose to change the past reality. Make the psychiatrists eat this for breakfast. Thanks for a lost life. My apologies to all for ever manufacturing these poisons. Poison, Poison and more Poison. Is this a real psych drug???? F 58 5 years
1mg 2X D

 1  Akathisia Extreme dry mouth to the point I could barely swallow and felt like I was choking! Could barely think or form a sentence.HORRIBLE..made my agoraphobia come back! F 1 days

 5  Akathisia Slight tiredness, very relaxed I took this drug to help combat the horrible effects of Akathisia and it worked like a dream. It took about 3 hours to notice the difference but I feel much better now. M 38 3 days
 3  side effects from invega constipation, dry mouth, blurred vision solved side effect from invega but created many more side effects, constipation, dry mouth, and blurred vision. M 10 days

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