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 5  peripheral neuropathy Memory loss, no sex drive, ankle swelling, fatigue, apathy, depression.. The worst is the constant nagging about urine testing. One false positive creates a catastrophe because it puts you at risk of Medical sanctioned torture. They will cut you off without an alternative with out thinking or blinking an eye. So what if you commit suicide from the pain, that will be called an overdose, not suicide, and will be tallied up in the data which perpetuates the myth that chronic pain patients die of overdose rather than from paranoid narcotic protocols written by attorneys that MD's blindly follow. MDs give up any moral, ethical, common sense thinking, and are the last to believe they will be replaced. You see, they willingly gave up what makes us different from computers.. A computer easily follows a good or bad protocol-it doesn't matter. When MD's do this- when it doesn't matter- they become even less than what computers can do-because of perfect memory. Yes, the once respected MD, whom Wait about 5 years and see these smart docs find themselves at the end of what once was a noble profession that had great respect. Since attorneys are guiding health care decisions and MD's have negligently rolled over, handing it to them, who can be sorry for this generation of MD's that look out for number 1 first? Themselves. The patient is last, if considered at all. Bitter you say? You are expletive right. When your healthcare is managed by an uncaring Attorney written protocol, trust me, walk in my pain inducing shoes. You'll quickly wake up. This is coming from someone that knows. I'm early retired Critical Care/Trauma , RN MS Specialist.UCSF '95. Trust me when you are on the receiving end of a Hippocratic, dying profession it hurts badly to know too much. Time an again I see where MD's have sold out their ethics to follow the all mighty protocol of so called best outcomes. Whose outcomes are best? The attorneys I imagine. If this generation of MD's doesn't wake up real fast and take back the power of profession that they have laid over and given to attorneys, they will be unemployed by an on every corner ATM attached computer kiosk that has a male/female urinals, and auto blood draw and video teaching, that replaces 20 Doc jobs at each installation. I'm dead serious. It amazes me they can't see this coming. Not a whimper, I suppose when you've spent a lifetime of learning what they never can use for good. What mind wants to see the writing on the wall with that M 6 years
10 2X D
 4  back pain I have a terrible memory, it seems like I can't feel it in my system I take 30 mg 3 times a day and I have a high tolerance level for taking them for so long that they don't feel like I have taken anything they use to work good all the time but lately they don't seem to do the job like they used to and I'm afraid to go through the withdrawal symptoms so I still take them F 45 10 years
30mg 3 tim
 4  Arachnoiditis severe weight loss, dry mouth, no appitite,tired and sluggish, foggy thinking, constipation It works for the pain, but the side effects I have need to be addressed. I can't loose any more weight and I have no desire to eat. I'm tired of being tired! Could also be from Neurontin 600 mg.3xday. and other meds. F 59 1 years
20 mg. 3X D
 5  heroin addiction Great drug. And don't be so silly! do your research. YOU DONT HAVE TO STAY ON IT FOREVER. I was seriously opiate addicted, went from heroin and had to go on methadone. I tapered off and I am still here 12 years later not addicted to anything. I have never needed to take an opiate since. THe withdrawal can be HELL but don't fool yourself, you can get off it!!!! F 33 6 months
 3  BACK PAIN and NEUROPATHY Hello EVERYONE !! If at all possible do NOT start taking Methadone UNLESS your PAIN is Completely UNBEARABLE ,, BECAUSE you will become an ADICT of this Drug and as far as I know you will NEVER be able to get Off of Methadone Unless you DIE !! As far as I can remember I have been taking Methadone for 8 or 9 years for my Back and Body Pains and Neuropathy from Diabetes . But !! I wish to GOD that I would NEVER started taking Methadone BECAUSE I can NOT Quit ! If I do NOT take a 10MG pill for more than 12 hours I start getting Withdrawal Symptoms that get worse every hour after the first 12 hours . I started taking Methadone to get OFF of Vicodin and my Doctor NEVER told me that Methadone would become WORSE than Vicodin . Doctors are such LIARS !! Now I am age 62 with type 2 Diabetes and weigh about 340 lbs. and also have Neuropathy in my feet , Legs and Left Arm amd Hand . And worst of All I'm on SSI and have NO Job and NO $$$ ,, so I guess I will DIE using Methadone fot the Rest of my Life . No Sex Drive , you Gain weight , and Sweat after taking the pills , andalso have sever Cramps when getting out of Bed and Sometime you become very Constipatedand need to use water enemas and Pills to force you to be able to SHIT . Also affects your MEMORY and could possibly lead to Alzhimers I think because I can not remember more than 1 or 2 days ago hardly most of the time . My biggest HELP is that I sleep with my PC 24-7 and Browse the Net every DAM day just to try to keep from going CRAZY !! I'm just passing time waiting to DIE !! or if I'm very Luck MAYBE someone will Invent a PILL or something to get me OFF of Methadone forever . I'm LUCKY because I usually only take 2 10MG Pills each Day M 62 9 years
 5  Chronic Pain None F 48 30 days
 5   still suffer from fibromyalgia and still have breakthrough but able to have a better quality of life with it. F 53 2 days
 4  Arachnoiditis At first, nauasa and fatigue. Methadone has given me a life. I don't have my old life back but at least I'm able to work full time, take care of my house and two dogs. F 42 5 years
 4  Back Pain/Opiate Dependence Daytime drowsiness, fatigue, loss of sex-drive, dry-mouth, mild insomnia at night, nausea, and visual disturbances I am on 60mg per day. At first they gave it to me all at once, but I was getting too tired during the day. Now I take 20mg 3x a day. Good drug for someone in my situation (pain and history of opiate abuse.) This is the first opiate I can take without taking more than I need. I get very little euphoria and if I take more than I am prescribed, I just get very tired. It does a good job with my back pain as well. For the first time, my prescription lasts me the whole month. That is unbelievable for someone like myself who loves opiates so much. M 29 4 months
 3  Cronic Pain After taking for years I cannot just stop. Withdraws are very hard to get thru. It takes about 2 weeks to stop feeling withdraw symtoms.(severe stomach cramps, flu like symtom,body gets hot then normal, anxiety bad ) M 47 9 years
 3  Cronic Pain Good all around pain relief,low labido,constapation. I take 2-10 mg tablets 4 times / day. After taking for years I cannot just stop. Withdraws are very hard to get thru. It takes about 2 weeks to stop feeling withdraw symtoms.(severe stomach cramps, flu like symtom,body gets hot then normal, anxiety bad ) M 47 9 years
 5  For percocet, oxycontin addiction constipation, weight gain, dry mouth, low libido, nodding out. Has been a life saver for me, I have been unable to kick the habit on my own with no success, I am in detox and feel good now. F 27 99 days
 5  heroin addiction [recovery program] loss of libido, constipation was up to 300mg/day a year ago for withdrawl from heroin. Now down to 80mg/day! except for a couple side effects I have no problems with it. Am also taking Xanax & Paxil to make withdrawl easier. M 56 2 years