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 4  Foot & lower leg surgery vomitting, constipation, dizziness, disorientation/drowsy It definitely help get me through the first month following a 2.5 hour surgery. I was asleep for most of that :-). Once I adjusted and would stay awake this medication did subside pain in my foot so that I could function. F 24 1 months
 2  Wisdom teeth extractions Euphoria, Constipation, Itchiness, Paranoia, Severe Constipation and Nausea. When taking this med. make sure you have someone close by. It can cause extreme changes in your mood and alter your mentl state. I also felt like I had spiders crawling all over my body biting and scratching me. I wound up having to go to the hospital becuase of the side effects only to learn I had a mild alergic reaction to it. F 22 1 days
 5  Knee Surgery I feel like a marshmallow! ;) "Oh my, I feel like a marshmallow!" Were my words after about 20 minutes of taking my first one of these! Woo Hoo!!! The pain of my recent knee surgery was gone and I was ready for the world in a lazy hazy kind of way. I had to take myself off of these after three days and endure the pain without them because I was liking them way too much! Excellent for severe pain, however very addictive. Be careful! F 39 3 days
 5  Knee surgery Everything in the world was right and good. Basically, the pain was completely eliminated and all the colors I could see just sounded so beautiful! Its magically delicious. I can understand now why some people want oxycodone / oxycontin. M 39 14 days
 5  Abdominal Surgery Couldnt Poo! Warm and fuzzy all over...I could see myself becoming an addict on this drug.Thats why I asked for no more refills. I was higher than a kite ; ) But it REALLY got me through those days of my 4 year old screaming "mommy, mommy!!! I want this I want that!" It helped me get up and cope with the every day things with out being in pain. F 24 1 months
 5  Kidney Stones Boldness Tylox is perfect for most stones, however Demerol is required for larger ones. M 44 21 years
 5  Foot surgery A feeling of warmth and happiness; sleepiness; weird dreams; some constipation This drug got me through the worst days following foot surgery. On the very worst day I took two Tylox every four hours. After that I tapered it down. Now I am one week post-op and just take two before bed so I don't wake up in the middle of the night with foot pain. Tylox takes the pain away. And honestly, I enjoy these pills. I've been depressed since my foot surgery because I can't exercise or do anything for myself-- Tylox lifts my mood and makes me feel optimistic. My prescription runs out in a couple of days and that's the last time I will take it-- I have never been addicted to anything but i can see how people would become addicted to this. F 35 7 days
 5  back pain nice high for a couple of hours,one side effect constipation M 34 2 months