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 5  Asthma, severe respritory blockage No side effects at all. I was a heavy smoker in 1984 and suddenly I found that I could not breath. I was diagnosed with severe blockage in my lungs. A physician prescribed Slo-bid, Theophylline 200 mgs time released capsules and I have been taking this medication for over 23 years now going on 24 years and it helped me tremendously. I am still taking this same medication, but was told by my physician that it is an outdated medication and the pharmaceutical companies would like to discontinue this medication all together. The time released capsules have already been discontinued and the medication is now only available in pill form, which does not seem to be as effective as the time released version. I can't live without this medication. If this medication is discontinued all together, I don't know what I would do. My physician is trying to convince me to try flovent, but I refuse. I have only heard negative remarks about it. It also contains prednisone and steroids, which I do not want to take. I alre F 48 23 days