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 5  shingles I could not tell any side effects, the shingles were so painful like knives slicing thru my face, I didn't notice any side effects This medicine pulled me out of that strong stabbing knife pain, it was a God send F 40 10 days
4X D
 5  Chronic Cough I was prescribed Tylenol with codeine #4 for both a chronic severe cough and pain associated with bronchitis. It worked wonders for me. My dosage was 60/300 4 times daily. No side effects Though some think codeyis inferior, recent double-blind scholarly studies have demonstrated the same efficacy of T w Codeine to Hydocodone. It worked well for my cough and pain at the dosage mentioned F 34 5 days
60 4X D
 1  Knee pain By far the worst experience I've ever had in my life I literally felt like I was dying with the this medication I experienced a lot of anxiety attacks with the medication . My heart rate was extremely fast ! Shortness of breath , confused,dizzy,shaking,anxious, F 26 8 days
 1  Bored Sides hurt can barely breath and sweating alot Crushed up 5 and put it in water and drank it... M 19 0 days
 1  spinal stenosis Severe itching all over body. Broke out in hives and felt very warm. Scratched so bad I thought I gave myself broken blood vessels in spots I my body. F 42 1 days
30 mg
 2  Back pain Hands felt extrememly itchy and swollen ,throat felt tight like knot in my throat and dizziness. F 24 1 days
 1  Hip pain Extreme itching ache all over legs drawing bad severe joint pain F 57 1 days
 2  stomach pains Headaches Did not work at all not strong enough F 19 2 days
 1  laser vision surgery Woke up in the middle of the night with severe chest pain, taken by ambulance to emergency room, no signs of heart attack, blood test showed multiple abnormal levels in liver function. Repeated liver function blood tests the following day which showed improved, but still abnormal levels. A month later, liver function blood tests showed normal. Will NEVER take again!! F 53 2 days
3X D
 1  Headache I took 2 Tylenol w/ codeine pills on a full stomach after 30 min of my meal, I became so sick, I thought I was going to die, I had pain all over my stomach, I couldn't breath, I had nausea, I got fever, I was truly sick to my stomach and thought I was going to DIE. Plus was itchy all over my body. F 38 1 days
 1  back pain unbearable itching all over. did not help the pain at all. a lot of tension and everytime I take it I just feel sore F 30 3 days
 3  Wisdom teeth removal Itchiness everywhere, increasingly bad chest pains, nausea, drowsiness, upset stomach. F 1 weeks
 5  migraine headaches M 30 7 months
30 mg
 3  migraine headaches -Itchy skin and scalp -irritable -addictive -variating effectiveness -difficulty concentrating -nausea -after headaches *I have been taking them on and off for many years. If I take two at the first sign of a migraine it dulls it down to tolerable but does not rid them completely. I have also found that one day it will help my headache and another occasion it won't do anything. Then on another occasion it makes me very intoxicated when its begining to work. So much that ive had to stop everything to just lay there like a teenage stoner. It also takes 30 mins to work and weara off well before 4hrs. Highly addictive as well. It takes a reaponsible person to realize this when using them. I also experience a lot of itchy skin and scalp. F 26 10 years
 4  post fusion back and muscle pain It helped take the edge off from the physical therapy required to regain strength and mobility. Lasted through most of the night so not as stiff and sore upon waking. F 59 1 months
1-2 daily
 4  Arthritis, RLS Extreme dry mouth, itchiness all over all the time...very addictive...need to wean off F 47 10 years
 1  Post Jaw Surgery Was hardly effective. Very weak Narcotic. Had to take it a few times a day and even then, it only took the edge off. Constipation. Sleepy. I was 18 when I took Codeine 3. F 21 1 months
300/30MG 1X D
 3  Infected Wisdom Tooth mild itching. Cotton mouth after day 1. White tongue Not for anyone in real pain. Unless you go over the recommended amount, your not going to be seeing a very good result of complete pain removal. I'm taking the correct amount, take about 30 min to kick in and the peak only lasts about 20 min. Just using it when the pain is to much to mentally deal with. M 22 4 days
t3 4X D
 2  Sore throat due to mono Itchy, itchy scalp This medication didn't relieve my sore throat. Sugar pills would givin me the mind power to fight the pain. The itching didn't hurt it was more like annoying tingled like tickling no bumps though. And the dose is what the doctor had entered on my medication sheet. There is no dosage printed on the label. F 19 3 days
300-30mg 3X D
 3  neuropathy Mental confusion F 50 7 years
1X D