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 1  Congestion Initially, clearer bronchioles, and increase in muscle strength. Soon set in: extreme brain fog and fatigue including overall muscle drain that never lets up, the need for 3 extra hours of sleep, poor quality strength during waking hours, confusion, and inability to keep up chores and household order. I actually feel damaged by this medication. I have had no improvement after stopping the medication in 5 months. That negative affect on my health in absolutely unacceptable and if anyone ever attempts to have me treated with it again, such as during a surgery, I would sue Keep this medication away from me. F 64 6 weeks
7.5mg 2X D
 4  Covid Severe brain fog, dizziness, unable to visually focus, drunk without the buzz. Been off for 5 days now, all the above are still a daily and persistent problem for me. I can't wait for this to end as there is no way I could ride a bike or drive in this condition. I am sure this helped me recover from Covid, but I am now worried about the long term effects if this doesn't start winding down. M 56
6 1X D
 4  Mild covid Heart rate dropped to 58 ...but now it stays in 90s at skin looked flush an peeling on legs..made me pee alot..insomnia at an all time high canno tr sleep did raise my pressure higher than my normal..they. said it wasnt high anything 150 or 160 at top was high to me wen ny nornal be 106 t0 120 0ver 68-78.. anyways glad i aint have to be on it too long F 44 10 days
6mg 2X D
 4  Covid 19 Insomnia, blurry vision, brain fog It did help with my breathing issues. F 45 5 days
6 1X D
 1  Brain tumor during and after radiation - insomnia - weight gain - increased appetite - water retention - weak/painful joints - irritability F 30 22 days
4mg 1X D
 1  brain tumor radiation dizziness, brain fog, weak legs, blurry vission, felt like i had the flu M 44 21 days
 1  I received a shot dexamethasone for Dr. gave me a shot of dex. Itís been 3 months of sweating, buffalo bumps, blurred vision. I havenít been myself since I got shot. Dr. Says it canít be this medicine, but I have found a lot of people that has gotten the same shot, and they describe the same thing I have going on. It has destroyed the last 3 months of my life. Iím still dealing with the shot. I hope someone can help me or if unfortunately had this happen to them contact me and let me know when this hell I have been living will be over. Iím desperate. I I got shot July 12 18 itís now Oct 1 18 and I still feel very sick. Hard to explain just how bad I feel. Never take the chance with this medicine. I have a great support system, but I feel like I could had taken my life and I never thought like this ever. 3 kids and a lot to live for but this med changed me as a person. Please lessen to me. Save the pain and possibly your life. M 47 1 days
1 cc 4 mg
 1  Inflammation (Lupus/RA pending Dx) Abdominal pain & discomfort; Pressure in stomach; Headaches; Increased appetite, can't seem to get full, always hungry and thirsty; Weight gain; Fluid retention; Body aches and pains, joint aches and pains (mid to lower back constant ache and stabbing pain, neck and spine discomfort, always using a heating pad because of it); Joints frequently crack/pop; Ribs under breasts, on right side and left side of body ache with a stabbing sensation and a feeling of a tight band wrapped around (possibly Costochondritis); Flushed face comes and goes; Moon faced, even around my neck; Hair is falling out more, looking like "Lupus hair"; Insomnia; Frequent and persistent UTI; Hematologist convinced me to try Dexamethasone to see if my Fibromyalgia symptoms improve, remain the same or worsen because my blood work continues to show inflammation, which could be the reason why I've been battling iron-deficiency anemia since my mid-teens. First week and half I dealt with the worst mood swings (mostly major depressive episodes but had some severe anxiety episodes & attacks, full-blown panic attacks, psychotic episodes followed by a panic attack, etc.), my OCD symptoms were distressing, suicidal ideation/passively suicidal (although I had at least two episodes where I was actively suicidal and started to proceed but somehow stopped myself, probably because I self-harmed but in my head it was that or die... sigh), and the constant feeling of "I can't seem to get full" after eating a meal. Then I started dealing with terrible abdominal discomfort and bloating, which turned into terrible abdominal pain and persistent bloating. I've gained weight so fast and I hate the way I look and feel, but I can't do anything about it till I can be properly taken off this Rx. I've gotten so used to my Fibromyalgia symptoms that, sadly, I was better off before I started Dexamethasone. Honestly, I feel this Rx has worsened my symptoms, as well as given me new ones, and I've gotten so tired of feeling like there's a sword jammed in my back and a tight band around my ribs. F 27 30 days
2 MG 1X D
 1  Migraines Burning in my vaginal area when administered through my IV..Im not able to sleep..mood swings..heart feels like its pounding out of my chest and that it has an elephant sitting on it. It has not helped with my migraine at all. Worst drug ever!!! F 36 4 days
 1  my dentist gave it for root canal i got this autoimmune disease called pemphigus vulgaris F 37 2 days
2X W
 1  Root canal inflammation Had no pain or sensitivity prior to taking this medicine day 4 my teeth and gums became very sensitive and painful like before my root canal. Feel very jittery, can't sleep, and feeling very out of it. I'm super sensitive to medicine but I'm not taking anymore I have 2 pills left and I can't stand it. It was fine this made it worse just wish I put it together sooner. I wouldn't take this again it did nothing to help the situation just put me in pain. I'm also epileptic so not getting enough sleep is really bad for me. The first night I was woken up by my dog I was in such a dead uncomfortable sleep she startled me and it took forever to fall back asleep. Since that night I wake up constantly. I just want these side effects to go away as soon as possible. F 32 4 days
.75 3X D
 4  Peritonsillar abscess (Quinsy) Fatigue, rash on neck back and shoulders, increased appetite, dizziness, mood swings, irritability, insomnia, muscle weakness in legs, swelling of the face and stomach, I was on IV dexamethasone in hospital for 2 weeks. I came home with oral dexamethasone and the dose was gradually reduced over the past 2 weeks. I finished the steroids 5 days ago and am still experiencing all of the side effects. F 21 4 weeks
3X D
 4  Inflammation after surgery My physician prescribe Dexamethasone for inflammation after surgery.I was concerned with all the side effects noted on the medication information and review sites of other patients experience with Dexamethasone.I feared the side effect of irritabilty,mood swings and especially the weight gain.However, my experience was the totally opposite.After my first dose I had an increase in energy and a loss of appetite and weight loss during the 2 weeks.The only bad experieince I had was heartburn couple hours after taking the medication.This was resolved with over the counter medication.And yes it helped with the inflammation.The weight loss was not not due to the swelling going down.My pre- sugery weight was the same a week after the sugery when my physician noted I had extra swelling in sugery area and I lost 6 pounds in those 2 weeks while on Dexamethasone. F 39 2 weeks
.75mg 2X D
 3  brain tumour Severe insomnia, weight gain, mood swings, muscle pain, fatigue, muscle weakening M 28 7 weeks
4mg a day
 4  Nerve Pain Increased Appetite/weight gain, mood changes, insomnia, face breakout after completing the prescription. The med work to give me pain relief, but I went through hell with the mood changes. M 31 7 days
6mg 2X D
 2  autoimmune problem I took dexamethasone for about 7 days and had both immediate and lasting side effects. My glands in my neck got extremely swollen and they would wax and wane - get big and get small and big again for months. I told my rheumatologist this and he said it was not happening because of the drug. The dex was the only thing that changed in my life and the onset of this side effect was immediate so his reassurance did not convince me. Secondly, I had been warned that dex had a side effect in some of weight gain. That did in fact happen to me but what I was unprepared for was that this weight was not water weight that shed right away after ceasing the drug. This was different weight and it took about 8 or 10 months to drop the 10 lbs that I put on within 2 wks of being on this drug. After taking dex I learned that the drug changes EVERY cell in your body...thus such changes leading to long-term weight gain makes sense versus just a temporary water weight gain. Secondly, dex is a powerful immunosuppressant and it is possible that during an immunosuppressive state microbes that had been in check by my immune system were suddenly able to activate and prompt my immune system/glands to inflame and have the waxing and waning cycle effect for months on end. I KNOW that dex caused this side effect in me. Not saying this won't work for others but want to share my experience! F 41

DEXAMETHASONE  (DEXAMETHASONE):  Dexamethasone is used to treat conditions such as arthritis, blood/hormone/immune system disorders, allergic reactions, certain skin and eye conditions, breathing problems, certain bowel disorders, and certain cancers. It is also used as a test for an adrenal gland disorder (Cushing's syndrome). This medication is a corticosteroid hormone (glucocorticoid). It decreases your body's natural defensive response and reduces symptoms such as swelling and allergic-type reactions.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)