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 4  Covid-19 Vaccine All I experienced was a sore arm for two days after first and second shots of covid vaccine. I, of course, took it easy the day of vaccination but was back on my usual activities the day after. I did not sign up for V/safe because fortunately, I did not have any reactions. F 68
 3  Covid-19 Vaccine Chest pressure and difficulty breathing for several minutes immediately after the injection. The CDC recommends not getting the second dose if you have an immediate reaction to the first. I am still glad that I have received at least one dose which is about 80% effective. Received first dose on March 7. Very well organized, drive through event by OHSU. F 64
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine With the first shot I had uncontrollable chills, nausea and vomiting, followed by weakness and feeling very tired. It all went away within 48 hours, but my arm was sore at the site for almost a week. With the second shot I had headache, nausea and tiredness. My arm was also sore. But everything passed in 24 hours. No did not sign up for V-Safe. F 70
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine After about a week after taking the second dose, I suffered from fatigue, mental fatigue, paranoia, weird thoughts and emotions, significant breathing issues. The effects went away after about a week. Administered by Kaiser in Jan and Feb of 2021. I had exactly ZERO side effects from the first dose. M 80
 5  COVID-19 Vaccine 1st shot sore arm. 2nd shot was very tired for a day or so. I am very thankful for the vaccine No did not sign up for v-safe app. F 67
 4  COVID-19 Vaccine Second dose on a Friday. Felt chills and headache and fatigue the day after the vaccine. By Sunday felt much better. Had the "covid vaccine arm" a rash that appeared a week after the first dose. Enrolled in the V-safe app a week after getting the first dose, which is when my first dose symptoms occurred (red circle rash and pain on arm - "covid arm"), but it was too late to "retroactively" put in symptoms into the app. However, for the second dose I was able to check in with the V-safe app daily to report any side effects. Second dose did not get the arm reaction so far (it has been less than a week). F 57
 5  Covid Vaccine 1st covid injection had a very sore arm for 23 hrs. Experienced some fatique, no big issues. 2nd injection took 2 Tylenol before hand and had no issues at all. F 72
2/26/2021 4:31:00 AM
 2  Covid-19 Vaccine If your disabled on Medicaid in Utah let me know how your vaccine goes please email me. Utah has a problem with elderly disabled dying, disappearing doctors, misdiagnosing excessively, prescribing drugs labeled to be unsafe for people with your health issues for profit for pharmaceutical incentives they know they can't be sued because you are disabled you are valued as worthless to the United States government and there for attorneys won't take your case because it's not worth it for them giving doctors free reign with no accountability and IHC is fully aware of their doctors doing it and they are not being held accountable either. So how do you know if your getting a vaccine or something else? If I lived in another state I would have been vaccinated by now but I don't trust Utah the have their own rule book for poor people and step all over their rights. I have video of maintenance people coming in and out of my apartment like they live there. 1st and 2nd dose info please! F 60
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine Sore arm. Maybe slight headache but that could be weather too. Received 1st dose Feb 20 at Banner Health. Did register with V-safe and they have checked in each day so far. F 66
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine Moderate arm soreness next day Received both doses of the vaccine last month. Only side effect for me was that my arm was significantly sore for a couple of days. Not enough to see a doctor r take medication. And. Yes. I did the v-safe surveys and app. F 38
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine First shot: sore arm. 2nd dose: sore arm that stayed red and warm a couple of days, slight headache , and chills, but no fever. F 62
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine Dose 1 - arm was sore for 2 days. Felt totally fine otherwise. Dose 2 - arm was sore for 3 days. 6 hours after the vaccine, I got body aches and felt very cold and arthritic and tired. This lasted till about 32 hours after the vaccine. Then I felt fine. F 59
 5  Healthcare Worker No side effects other than sore arm after injection and some fatigue. N/A F 24 0 days
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine 1st dose, painful bicep, nausea, single episode hypotension. 2nd dose Symptoms began between hrs 20 thru 30 after vaccine then vanished. Painful bicep, 101 fever, migraine, nausea. Next 48 hrs red swollen bump at injection site, occasional itch. F 56
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine Sore arm day after. F 47
 5  Prevent covid Sore arm, some slight back discomfort now have a swollen gland in my neck wondering if it is a side effect from the vaccine. Will check with doctor. Only had first dose , next dose in 2 weeks. F 73 0 days
 3  COVID-19 Vaccine First dose: pain at injection site and red circle at injection site; after 2 weeks arm is itchy sometimes. Also the arm is still colored where the vaccine was given - goes darker and lighter. Am a teacher so needed this shot. A bit worried about getting second dose but plan to get it. F 53
 5  COVID-19 Vaccine I've had the first shot. Zero - just like it never happened. Injection site - nothing. Afterward just like it didn't happen Kaiser Permanente Northern Virginia Area M 80
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine Sore arm First dose F 74
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine Fatigue, sore arm, headache, body aches, chills. I had the 1st shot, going in for second in a month. Side effects lasted for 3 days. Better than dying from Covid. M 77