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 1  Covid-19 Vaccine I had covid in December 2020, contracted from a blood draw lab as all I do is go to medical appointments. I had tingling in my throat almost immediately following the injection. Waived it off as anxiety, waited 30 mins, went home. My dysautonomia symptoms began to rage about four hours later. I dealt with it and went to bed. I was awoken 14 hours after my injection with my heart pounding so fast in my chest that I couldn't count the beats. I passed out while reaching for my phone to call 911. When I woke, I was disoriented and exhausted. My pulse was stable. I don't know why I didn't call 911 after regaining consciousness. I had my vaccine 4/22 and it took three weeks forme to stop feeling dizzy and exhausted. I continued to have heart rate increases into the 130-140 range and was seen at cardiology, the ER, and by my PCP several times. It was hell. Covid was hell too and it made my heart issues worse but it didn't do what the vaccine did to my heart at all. It was horrifying. This was just dose one. Dose two can't happen and that makes me really sad. My partner got his two doses. He was fine, just a headache and sore arm. He has no health issues, however. I was expecting something similar as I tolerate vaccines quite well. Get the vaccine if you can. Protect those of us who cannot get both injections. I reported my reaction to VAERS, not V-safe. This wasn't initially tested on patients with dysautonomia. Covid took a lot from me. I speak like I had a stroke (I didn't) and I struggle with PVS. But if you have dysautonomia or an autoimmune disorder, please talk to your specialists. The ER doctor and my PCP tried to push me into the second dose. My cardiologist said absolutely not to get it. I listened to him. I don't want to present to the ER with an MI because I listened two two people who have no experience with my heart problems. F 35
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine COVID-19 injection #1: Slightly sore arm and fatigue. Both lasted 2 days. COVID-19 injection #2: Sore arm, fatigue, headache that was not touched by over the counter medication (ibuprofen 800mg), stomach pains with diarrhea, joint pain and a low grade fever of 99.8. These symptoms lasted 2 days as well. I also am having some issues with my monthly cycle as well since receiving the 2nd injection. If it's right for you I'd do it, it's a due diligence for people who cannot fight this virus. F 26
 5  Covid 19 Vaccine First dosage: sore arm Second dosage: sore arm No other side effects I was just fine. F 44
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine 1st shot only so far. Mild fever some body aches, some arm pain. Side effects lasted from about 11 pm the day of the shot to 4pm the next day. I don't understand why some people are afraid of the vaccine. The first dose is usually somewhat protective and has minimal side effects. I encourage everyone to have at least the first dose... You can always skip the 2nd if you feel the first one was difficult in some way. No, I did not sign up for v safe M 56
 1  Covid-19 Vaccine Moderna 1st dose set off a FOUR DAY LONG Osteoarthritis Flare. moderna 2 Made me Hyper like Celestone. I was VERY IRATE at HOW FAST this vaccine was pushed out into the public for administration. It should have been tested for at least one year!!! I have Osteoarthritis, and the first dose of the vaccine caused me incredible pain for FOUR CONSECUTIVE DAYS, with little ease. F 50
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine Nausea, low fever, body aches, swollen lymph nodes, full body rash & fatigue. I have CVID & Covid could be very dangerous to me. My body doesn't make antibodies to most vaccines, but because this is a different type of vaccine, my immunologist was hopeful I would mount a response. I had 2 days of side effects ( the rash lingering a bit longer), but woke up feeling great on the 3rd day. I get a full body rash every time I have any sort of infection (cold, flu, sinus infection) so I wasn't surprised since that is how my immune system responds. I was REALLY nervous about my second shot after having a few days of nausea following the first one, to the point of an almost panic attack as I waited the 15 mins. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat & feel very lucky to be vaccinated. I have a science & research background and encourage everyone to get vaccinated. We need to stop Covid as best we can. F 44
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine Pretty sore and achy Yes F 74
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine FIRST DOSE - slightly sore arm for a day or two. SECOND DOSE - Chills, fever, aching muscles, the whole shebang. Major side effects ended after a day and a half. Since then, I have felt extremely exhausted - not wanting to exercise, not sleeping well, and loss of appetite. I've also has muscle aches. The benefits however outweigh the considerably minor side effects. F 57
 3  Covid-19 Vaccine Day after, severe nausea (not expecting) fever, chills, body aches. Had no side effects w first one F 63
 2  Covid-19 Vaccine Increased tinnitus started two days after receiving first shot. Went ahead with the second shot with no end which has been more than six weeks. Have been reading that this is being reported a lot more now for many and happens with all of the Covid 19 vaccines. First dose was March 18 and second dose was April 15. F 64
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine The most important information I have to offer is my lymph-node related symptoms. Within a week after my first injection the lymph nodes around my collar bone and arm pit swelled up, bothering me for nearly 2 weeks before the pain subsided. The nodes' swelling began to go down but kicked right back up after my second injection. Upon inspection my doctor said it's normal for lymph nodes to be triggered within approx 6 weeks of the vaccine(s), and for the lymph nodes to linger afterwards. >>>Otherwise, here's my general experience. First shot: headache kicked in 2-4 hours later and stuck around for a few days. The morning after the first injection I started the day tired, foggy-eyed, pissy, achy, and my arm soreness was all-encompassing. Everything settled after a few days except for the arm pain and blurry vision. That took 2-3 weeks. I received my second injection 5 days ago and I'm over most of the crappiness. Again, I'm left with lingering blurry vision and deep arm pain. My reaction is one of the more extreme cases. Most people feel ‘good as new' 24-36 hours later! :3 Plus, this level of reaction is bearable regardless. It's all worth the sense of protection and relaxation I feel when my mask slips around, or when a strange, spiteful lady coughs at me in Walgreens. I received 2 injections 4 weeks apart. F 32
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine First dose pain where injected, some fatigue, headache. Second dose pain where injected, chills, fever, no appetite, achy starting the night after getting the vaccine for about 24 hours F 61
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine Fever, chills, body aches, cough & fatigue. 1st dose, malaise & fatigue that lasted 2 wks. 2nd dose, fever, chills, body aches & cough. By the next day, I was 90% improved with no lingering fatigue 2nd time. F 69
 3  Covid vaccine After the second shot I had stomach pain but Tylenol helped. That lasted about 12 hours Now about 2 weeks after the last shot I was noticing inflammation in two of my joints , my orthopedic doctor said it could be a flare caused by the vaccine. Now 2 more weeks have passed and the inflammation seems to have calmed down . F 73 1 days
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine None at first but almost exactly 24 hours after getting the shot it hit me suddenly - got chills and felt like had mild flu. Only lasted for a day. F 50
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine Knot on arm where shot was given. Soreness in the arm. Second shot; got each shot in different arm F 43
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine No pain with injections, minimal injection site muscular discomfort, severity rating 2/10, no impact on activity, lasted <24 hours. No other side effects. This was true for both doses. Doses 1/6/21 and 2/4/21. Multi-specialty medical clinic physician's office by experienced RN, right deltoid, no pain with injection. M 59
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine 1st night had sharp body pains all over, they lasted one day. Was very tired for a couple weeks. Other than that, it went well. Just had my first dose and will definitely get the second. Didn't have to sign up, our clinic called us. F 64
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine none F 87
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine I've only had the first injection but did experience fatigue and sore arm for 4-5 days beginning the day after. Also some body aches for a couple of days. Going for second shot in two weeks. Did not sign up for the CDC V-Safe app F 63