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 5  Covid-19 Vaccine None after either shot. But important that anti inflammatory Pills not be taken at least 48 hours before the shot. I didn't know that and wondered if the second shot fully took ever since. M 73
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine I experienced swollen glands in my right armpit. After lying on the floor with my arms outstretched and both legs in the air, I drained my right arm glands within 2 minutes. The pain was gone and in doing this yoga move, I played 18 holes of golf the next morning after receiving the shot. I did strike the pose during one point of my game and I played without any complications. The glands were fine by the evening of my second day. Just amazing. It turned out to be thrilling that I had no trouble with either shot. I did not sign up for any app. I did not know I could. F 71
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine First dose just sore arm at injection site. Second dose, sore arm at injection site, body aches, loss of appetite, upset stomach, chills and fatigue for one day. F 65
 1  Covid-19 Vaccine Modern vaccine affected my autoimmune affected my Hashimotos thyroiditis, increasing TSH level. It affected my acid reflux by causing autoimmune gastritis, decreased vitamin levels, flared up osteoarthritis, my body now has side effects/allergic reactions to antibiotics. I have not felt well since getting the second Moderna vaccine March 2, 2021. I did sign up for the V-Safe and reported the effects to the CDC. I only got a thank you. I have spent a lot of money on doctor's, tests, medicines due to this. F 69
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine a little sore on second shot of moderna M 71
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine 1st shot-was given in my left arm; I am a righty. Sore arm for several days which is usual for me even with flu shots. 2nd shot-also given in my left arm. Felt some soreness about an hour later in my arm. Shot was administered at 1:30 pm. By evening I felt I had a bad case of the flu. Body aches and pain, fever, nausea, head pounding. Took extra strength Tylenol, drank lots of fluids. This lasted for 2 days but it took a good week to feel myself again. All in all I'm glad I decided to get vaccinated and would do again if need be in the future. Unfortunately knew 5 people during the Covid-19 pandemic who passed away from it. So I feel the flu-like symptoms were nothing compared to the alternative. F 67
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine The first shot in March left me feeling exhausted for around five days. My arm was extremely sore. I also had a mild headache beginning the night of the injection and it lasted another 24 hours. I had absolutely no side effects following the second dose three weeks later. No, I did not sign up for the V-Safe app F 63
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine Pain at injection site and arm. Drowsiness, fatigue, giddiness, slight dizziness. By the time we parked in the waiting Zone, I felt intoxicated. People said I was acting drunk and the effect went on for several hours before my friend got me back where I could nap. The arm reacted quite a bit and hurt for a good three or four days. About a week after the first vaccination, a bump formed around the injection site on my arm with some swelling and pain and subsided by the time I woke up next morning The second shot also felt intoxicating to me. I felt very tired and fell asleep in the car. I had my mother pick me up this time and felt awake enough to hangout and plant flowers. But then I felt so baked I didn't have much idea what was going on so I went into her house and fell asleep on the couch for a few hours before she woke me. I wasn't normal the next day either. I was at first and got plenty of my work done but it wasn't long before I was fatigued again and then really stoned feeling, intoxicated the rest of the day. I might be the only one to say I had a great time and I never expected a free buzz from a vaccine. Highly recommend! M 40
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine The first shot was not painful at all. My arm was sore for about 3 days afterward. The 2nd shot was 30 days later & I was ok for 8hrs maybe? Then I felt like I had chills & fever. It lasted for exactly 24hrs & then I felt better. yes F 62
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine As addressed before I had to get the vax for my job - over all not bad but I still wanted to wait and do it when I wanted too. Listed below were my symptoms 1st shot- 5/21/21- metallic taste instantly in my mouth that lasted a week, headache, nauseous, and obviously sore arm for about 4 days. 2nd shot- 6/18/21- sore arm for about 3 days. That's it. F 39
 3  Covid-19 Vaccine Took first moderna shot last Friday and have osteoarthritis my left ankle was in such pain which about a month ago had surgery for bone spur removal. Left work and went to my foot specialist prescribed strong anti inflamatory using crutches today. Its Monday today. First dose. Never heard of the app. M 62
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine No side effects whatsoever. The injections didnít hurt at all. First dose in left arm in March, second dose 3 weeks later in April in right arm. The process was super fast and easy. Iím extremely grateful to be vaccinated. Ignore the absurd lies that are being spread about the vaccine. F 69
 3  Covid-19 Vaccine I could not even lift my arm, it just hung there for 2 days. 3 days later I fell. It was as if the ground came up to meet me. I felt off balanced. I was in a fog for a few weeks, lethargic and very shaken. My doctor said my reaction indicated I should not take the 2nd shot. I followed his advice and did not. F 62
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine Sore arm, headache, fatigue after first dose May 12th. Second dose was June 9th and side effects are far more intense and have turned out to be a week delayed. These include whole arm pain in side received vaccine in (left), lower back and leg pain, terrible whole body inflammation, sinus and head pressure, high blood pressure, dizziness/vertigo, headache, brain fog that is basically constant, weakness in legs and arms, neck and shoulder pain, and an overall feeling of not "sick" but not feeling normal or right. My seasonal allergies also have been much worse and prevelant after especially the 1st shot. My mom received the same Moderna vaccine and has had multiple food allergies appear, nausea and my dad has had increased back and leg cramps and pain. I would prefer to have these side effects over actual COVID but everyone should be aware they are more intense after the 2nd dose and those effects could be delayed. I suggest taking at least a 2-3 week break, as it took that long for mine to clear up after just the 1st dose. Ginkgo, Bacopa, or other clarity herbs have helped with the brain fog but it will just have to go away on its own Stay VERY hydrated as well and watch any inflammation causing foods. Ibuprofen and related OTC pain meds help with soreness and all mostly. It does improve, but it is somewhat slow. Some days are better than others as well. M 24
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine No reaction with first shot, a little tired and sore with second shot. M 71
 4   I have some autoimmune conditions so was concerned that the vaccine may flare them. But my doctor advised me to get the vaccine. After 1st dose, just a sore arm for 1.5 days. After 2nd dose, I had what was basically a bad flu for 24 hours. Fever of 102, chills, sweats, horrible headache. I've been fine since then and so far haven't experienced a flare of my autoimmune condition. F 59
 3  Covid-19 Vaccine I will not take the second dose. The first one activated my autoimmune disease. It's scary . I'm a researcher. Be careful. Yes F 59
 2  Covid-19 Vaccine In order to keep my job I had to take the vax. I took it last Friday and I'm not sure if my nausea and headache came from the stress of having to get it and crying for 2 days or from the actual vax. I'm trying to figure out if I want or need to take the second dose as I've heard it's much worse side effects. But I did get a sore arm for 2-3 days and also I had a taste of metallic (as described as nickels in your mouth as some people have said) which is rare but people have had it. I never had covid and 2020 I had out of this world inflammation and sore joints - they've subsided last 2020 I still don't know if it's necessary but if I get the second dose I'll update. F 39
 2  Covid-19 Vaccine Forgetfulness, slurring of words, inability to complete 3letter words, memory loss, blood clots First dose F 44
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine 1st dose had a sore upper arm for about 2 days. 2nd dose had zero reaction. M 44