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 3  Osteopenia Diagnosis Dizziness, tiredness, low energy, aching gums, acid reflux symptoms Had thyroidectomy and take acid reflux medicine too. Got bone density scan last year and diagnosed with osteopenia from my doctor. Wants me to take 5,000 IU along with magnesium. When I take 5,000 I get immediate side effects listed above. If I take 1,000 IU or no more than 2,000 IU my side effects lessen some and it's more tolerable. It has helped my vitamin d and calcium levels. I take vitamin D3 every other day either 1,000 IU or 2,000 IU along with my daily multivitamin with food. F 36 1 years
5000 IU 1X D
 1  Dr. Didn't even test for deficiency Headache, nauseous, achy body, rash on my face, overall I'll feeling. Make sure you actually have a deficiency F 36 1 days
50,000 1X D
 2  Deficiency Dry eyes & mouth, insomnia, constipation, hot flashes, tinnitus (probably due to combination with calcium causing hypercalcemia), killed off my libido. Dry eyes (I have Sjogren's) got so bad I had to cut the dosage to just 2.5 mg (100 IU) a day and they still remained dryer than usual. On a positive note, it lowered my TSH-level so much I could quit 75% of my thyroid meds. Side effects ceased when taken via transdermal route as it isn't broken down by liver first. Dry eyes - could be telltale sign you're allergic to steroids which this hormone is! F 53 2 years
10 mg 1X D
 2  Low levels Bloating headache nausea palpitations tired F 49 0 months
2000 1X D
 1  Insufficient levels 34 High BP, Dizziness,Headache, Bloating. I would advise everyone to go in sun than popping in pills. If you are in a zone where sun shines less take a lower dose. Start with 1000iu and go a max to 5000iu. Always cycle these multivitamins..I.e dont take them for very long periods.. give your body a break. M 35 14 days
50000iu 1X W
 2  Vitamin D deficiency. Side effects. Fatigue. Sleepiness. When taken at night, woke next day with nausea & lethargy. Taken one morning & by noon, was so tired, slept for rest of the day.. This is needed. Will try with a lower dosage. F 52 4 days
120 mg 3X O
 1  Deficient Very dizzy F 27 1 days
50000 1X W
 2  Prescribed for a deficiency I collapsed with undiagnosed sleep apnea and had many health problems, including Vitamin D deficiency. Tried taking these vitamins for two months but they made me shaky, tingly, anxious and depressed! All these symptoms went away when I stopped taking them. So strange. Be cautious about taking them and monitor your side effects carefully. F 50 2 months
1000 1X D
 1  Low levels Palpitations, left arm and shoulder pain, light headed, dull headache, teeth pain, stomach upset, diarrhea, sensitivity to light, feel like a lump in stomach, irritable, bp high, itchy body, pain in legs. Won't take it again. This was my first dose. F 61 2 days
50,000 IU
 1  Low levels Dr gave me 6000 iu a day because he said level was low the first day I toke this within hours I had puffy eyes mouth was swollen and had terrible burning that lasted 3 days in my whole body Dr said it could be a reaction to a filler they put in the medicine put told me to buy a smaller dose over the counter and work my way up gradually I know 6000 doesnít seem like a lot compared to what some people take but I personal could not take this if you google it which I know your not supposed to do it said Vitamin D is the only vitamin that works like a hormone steroid I canít take steroids so maybe thatís the problem M 61 1 days
 2  Low level Terrible heart palpitations, scary fast heartbeat that won't go away, dizziness, drowsiness. I went to ER with heart beat of 172 it was scary. Now palpitations daily. Not taking that anymore. F 32 6 weeks
10000 ui
 1  Low in D Very nauseated.... has ruined my week . This is the 4th day since I took it and still feeling sick to my stomach, and dizzy , very fast heart rate (130 resting)I will never ever take this again . Totally wiped me out and hopefully will get out of my system soon !! My dr didnít even test my Vit D level . He just said itís good for me, no side effects . F 58 1 days
 5  Back pain None whatsoever except improvement with back pains F 65 6 months
 5  low Vit D, tiredness, depression Can't sleep well if I take too high a dose or too late at night. My level was 17. Dr first put me on script 50,000 D2. Didn't do much after 6 months and she remarked she had trouble getting patients levels up. After studying, I ditched this and got 10,000 D3. Used that for 3 months and level went up to 76. Now, use 5,000 daily and level stays b/t 50-70. Can get thru the day now without a nap and don't have to talk myself into doing my normal routine. Happier in general. F 59 7 years
5,000 1X D
 1  Low lewel in blood I developed kidney stones! I will never ever touch this kind of pills.Better 15 min a day of sun,then a visit to ER for kidney stones. F 42 6 weeks
50.000UI 1X W
 4  Vitamin D deficiency, non-specific Mild nausea, loss of appetite, adrenaline, heart pounding/racing, tired, headache My number was 12.5. I rarely have any side effects from medications, but this is like having a mild flu... it sucks, but not sure what the alternative is. I have Crohn's Disease (remicade) and hypothyroid (levothyroxin) but more likely it's my long-term, hype-rvigilant use of daily sunscreen, hats, and long-sleeves through the summer. F 42 12 weeks
50000 IU 1X W
 2  Fatigue and low blood level Severe itching, insomnia, anxiety, frequent urination, diarrhea F 40 7 weeks
 5  osteoporosis only side effects have been improved health! diagnosed at age 50 with osteoporosis. Found Vit D level to be only 20. Taking 6000iu daily raised level to 48, so I now take 7000iu to get level to 60+. My varicose veins are better, as is life-long eczema. Feel better and have less body aches. I think my body was screaming for it for many many years, and I think it is a miracle pill!! Of 11 people that I have convinced to get levels checked, 9 were too low! Epidemic... F 50 6 months
7000iu 1X D
 3  Vit D deficient due to MS None I cannot seem to get my levels above 19-25 range. Been on this for 2 years. Lowest I have been is 7. That is when I was very sick. They tell me that is also the source of this deep bone pain I have.. deep in the bones. My PCP just increased it yesterday to 4 times weekly. I pray it helps and I have good results. I also have Ovarian Cancer. F 38 2 years
50,000 3X W
 5  Deficient/ level was 21, now its 42 Feel great, since I'm no longer deficient. Did not have the flu or a cold for the first time ever and blood pressure is lower. Was taking 2000iu, but have upped it to 5000iu. I get my level checked every 6 mos. F 63 21 months
5000 iu 1X D