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 1  Stage0 in situ breast cancer Extreme fatigue, dry eyes, worst joint pain I have ever had and I have arthritis. Feet problems every sense starting, torn tendon and arthritic ankle worse than normal. Constantly swollen. Stopped 1 week ago. Getting my energy back. Only pain now is ankle when it rains. Mental foggyness gone mostly. No dizziness since stopping I can not live this way. Anastrozole needs to be researched to see if should be pulled off market F 67 12 weeks
30mg 1X D
 2  Breast Cancer Stage 1 Severe joint and muscle pain. Dizzy initially but that stopped. Lack of energy and motivation. Usually very active but became sedentary. For me the small statistical gain was not worth the loss of quality of life. F 78 5 months
1 1X D
 5  Stage 1 breast cancer, nodes clear No side effects whatsoever. Compared to taking chemo, it's a piece of cake! I know that many women experience side effects, but I haven't had any. F 65 2 years
1mg 1X D
 1  BC Bone, joint, tendon, muscle pain. Numb fingers and toes. Swelled hands when wake up, loss of grip. Will probably take myself off, cant live like this. Thought I was having an arthritis flare up, but this is all over and worse. F 56 4 months
1 mg 1X D
 1  IDC 8mm,negative ax nodes, ER+ Headache, insomnia, elevated blood pressure, heat intolerance, sweaty without flashes, very dry eyes, peripheral joint stabbing pain, irritable, weakened grip. Oncologist said my complaints not related to anastrozole. All issues gone during RT (during which anastrozole was discontinued). Resumed symptoms one week after restarting it. Bad way to live during my expected lifetime. F 71 8 months
1mg 1X D
 1  follow up after double mastectomy hot flashes, mood swings, body aching all over, numbness stinging hands, hair loss, insomnia, and much more !!! I tried both anastrozole & letrozole. Had terrible side effects. I am 74 and very active. I just refuse to spend the rest of my life that way. It was worse than my original menopause. I still have the hot flashes and am looking for a remedy for that. Despite that I am back to enjoying my life and using CBD for "old age" pain. F 74 3 months
1 mg 1X D
 2  Stage 1A no node involment Took for a year then it hit hair loss pain all over bp and cholesterol up. Edema in ankles and feet on several more pills to counteract side effects. Dr took me off for a month will see if it helps. Quality of life awful. F 68 1 years
1mg 1X D
 1  Stage 0 DCIS, lumpectomy, 20 Rad Tx Bone/joint pain, nausea, carpal tunnel, fatigue/lack of energy, vaginal dryness, hot flashes/sweating, headache, dizziness, hair thinning I feel horrible on this drug but I don't want a breast cancer recurrence because doc said he would recommend mastectomy. I do not want to take Tamoxifen due to a family history of stroke and my own Factor V Leiden. This is a miserable quality of life. F 55 10 months
1 1X D
 1  Breast cancer stage 2 one node Heart palpitations, joint pain, hard to get a good night's sleep, anxiety, depression. Palpitations have become such a problem I went off drug 5 months ago. On and off a lot before that to see if palpitations would get better but got worse. F 76 3 years
1 mg
 2  invasive lobular carcinoma achey, joint pain in ankles, hands, loss summary: estrogen blocking drugs cause accelerated aging- miserable F 63 2 days
1X D
 1  post stage 1 BC, lumpectomy, radiation Increasing pain in back, joints. Difficulty getting out of bed. Even walking leaves me in pain for days. Also weight gain and nausea/stomach upset (latter resolved after about 3 weeks). Some depression, but that may be from constant pain. Have lost over an inch in height after starting this drug. Another friend on it has lost 2 inches and is having to take shots for her bones. F 57 17 months
 1  Stage 1 breast cancer less than 1cm Numbness in my fingers, pain in my feet, hardly can walk when I get up in the mornings, pain in my body especially at nights. Pain is over my body For how long should I take Anastrozole 5 or 7 years numb I had lumpectomy, no chemo. But 28 radiations F 65 1 years
One daily
 1  Breast cancer no nodes Hair loss pain everywhere, skin dryness I couldn’t hack it, after 30 days my Dr switched me to Tamoxifen - much better F 75 30 days
1 mg
 1  infiltrating lobular bc pain in ribs, depression, eye problems, weight gain, cholesterol higher than usually, BP high and was not before. Difficult to walk my little dog. Live in senior housing as I can no longer shop for groceries because of pain in hands. Horrible. Oncologist wanted me to stay on. My oncology surgeon told me get off it for next 2 months to see if quality of life is better. In just a few weeks I feel so much better and will not go back on it. I now take yoga, dance class, attend entertainment provided at sr. center where I live, so much happier. F 77 3 years
1 mg 1X D
 1  Stage 2 BC. Node and margin negativ Ripping, burning pains constantly in my quads, piriformus and glutes. Tight IT band Tendons in my wrists are sore; surgery on one wrist. Hair thinning. Absolute physical misery constantly . I'm afraid to stop it as my Onco score was high F 64 1 years
 1  Lowrisk Stage1 invas.bc no nodes Sharp needle- like pain zings in long arm muscles and joints (elbow, shoulder, foot, wrist, chest/heart?) starting at about 3 weeks increasing on 4th week to the point I could see it was getting worse each day so discontinued to see what would happen and before my appoint w/new doctor. Pains continued for 5 days more.. and will see how much longer after stopping. Developed Carb craving, not feeling up to par yet recovered from radiation well and had only three weeks of radiation . At end, hard to stand up from sitting position as knees hurt or were stiff after only 4 weeks . Otherwise I am in good health and weight a bit over normal . I have had osteopenia in a couple locations , hip and spine and am mostly concerned about the bone effects of the drug. Also read read a study that people should get eye exams as the medicine, or it in combination with a bone growing medicine together, could dry up or affect vitreous membranes in eye.. which could affect vision.. I finally just got scared about what ALL areas in the body it affects... Final straw was a zing sharp pain in the chest muscle wall near the heart and I thought for a moment it could be the heart muscle reacting so not sure, but did not like the idea of having pains/aches in the heart area as well. Thanks for posting everyone. F 68 4 weeks
25 1X D
 1  Breast Cancer Stage II with 1 node Dizziness, joint pain, hard to sleep, made peripheral neuropathy worse, blurry vision, impaired thinking, depression. Went off it after only 12 days. Have two replaced hips and on day 12 had seven dizzy spells. Almost fell. Feel so much better now and no more dizzy spells. May not take any estrogen blocker at all; not worth bad quality of life; I am very active biking and swimming. 72 12 days
1 mg, 1X D
 2  Breast cancer Extreme joint and muscle aches continuing on even after the drug was discontinued. Seems to have sent my body into a "Lupus like" condition that is not subsiding even though I have been off the drug for almost a year. I also had a severe rash that was misdiagnosed for months which did go away when I stopped the drug. I believe this drug has changed my life....but not for the good. F 64 1 years
1 mg 1X D
 3  I had a lumpectomy Weight gain but most of all I am weepy Help F 64 2 years
 1  Breast cancer Some joint pain, neuropathy in hands and feet. I had no hot flashes, but I never had any during menopause. Some joint pain. Neuropathy in my hands and feet. No pain, but a fair amount of numbness. Also, my tongue is slightly tingly and feels as though it has been burned. I tried stopping this medication for awhile and taking it every other day. F 72 4 months
1MG 1X D

ANASTROZOLE  (ANASTROZOLE):  Anastrozole is used to treat breast cancer in women after menopause. Some breast cancers are made to grow faster by a natural hormone called estrogen. Anastrozole decreases the amount of estrogen the body makes and helps to slow or reverse the growth of these breast cancers.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)