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 1  mast cell disorder/seasonal allergy Severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression, tearfulness, extreme fatigue, dizziness, felt "out of it." Because I have a mast cell activation disorder (it's similar to histamine intolerance) I am extremely sensitive to most medications. If there is a "potential but rare" possible side effect I will probably experience it. That being said, I had no idea that this med could potentially cause depression, anxiety and panic attacks- until I experienced them and did a bit more research. Glad to know I'm not "going crazy" and hope the effects will wear off as the medication completely gets out of my system. Only been off of it for a couple of days now and still feeling kinda shaky, but definitely better. F 61 14 days
274 mcg 2X D
 2  Allergy symptoms Left me with a dry bronchitis type of cough.. The first time I took this spray it seemed to help clear my runny nasal passages, however after a few more uses I began to develop a dry cough and tickle in my throat. I guess I will have to try something else. I can't take the cough. F 53 5 days
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 1  stuffy nose Dry mouth, irritability, over emotionalism, horrible slightly sweet taste, vivid and bizarre dreams and sleepiness. Also, didn't relieve my stuffy nose. F 7 days
.15% 2X D
 1  Allergies, sinus congestion Besides Azelastine causing me to have blurry vision, it made my eyes look like someone who has completely lost her mind. Azelastine, caused me such embarrassment. Since the first things that people look at are one’s eyes (face), Azelastine disrupted that. Totally preventing me from making that one to one eye contacts with individuals that I come into contact with. I am very grateful to have come across your site, helping me to put things into perspective instead of living in limbo. Azelastine is a very serious drug, having experienced it first hand, I can definitely attest to it. F 53 2 years
137mcg 1X D
 4  Enviromental Algeries Bad Taste for about 30 min. after taking the spray, and sometimes a LITTLE drowsy, but these are normal ( and listed ) side effects. No Other Side Effects Noted. Both I and my 7 year old son take it for our enviromental allergies. I do 2 sprays in each nostril twice a day, and he does 1 in each nostril twice a day. They have helped both of us to breath more normally. After some research ( and some use ), I've found this drug to have almost no bad side effects. I tried it from a recommendation from my ENT ( Ear, Nose, Throat doctor ), after having recurring sinus infections every 5 months, and having to take Albuterol and Flovent 220 ( An Inhaled Steroid ). After charting all the data I found that the cause was that the enviromental allgeries started up and then the Flovent would "tip the scales" until I'd end up on BiAxin, or it would turn into Pneumonia requiring Avelox 400 ( Definately not a drug you want to be on !! ). Since stopping the Flovent and using the Azelastine ( Generic for Astelin ), I've been feeling great, and no Penumonia's even 1 year later !!! As for my son, it has been helping him to breath easier without any side effects but bad taste !!! All-in-all I'd highly recommend this drug to anyone who has bad enviromental allergies, and is worried about other drugs side effects as we were. M 41 3 months
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