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 1  UTI chest pains and shortness of breath after taking 4 pills over 3 day period. It was frightening, thank you for this site. I can understand why some people went to the emergency room. F 77 3 days
100MG 2X D
 1  Uti Severe diarrhea after one day of taking - this cleared up in 24 hours then severe heartburn which I have never had before - thought I was having heart attack! Not ever taking this again would rather pee razor blades! F 43 1 days
100mg bd 2X D
 1  UTI flulike symptoms: nausea, chills, body aches, low-grade fever, fatigue Husband thought I was having a stroke and called 911. Spent 3 hours in ER and given anti-nausea medication. And a new prescription for EXACTLY the same medicine and a anti nausea med. There must be something else with fewer side effects F 84 2 days
100MG 2X D
 3  uti neon yellow urine F 21 7 days
1X D
 3  UTI 2nd day out of 7 drinking this medicine Abdominal cramps that go all the way down my right leg, burning sensation in my vagina and itching as well headache dizziness feeling weak and upset stomach F 29 2 days
 1  UTI Starting with heartburn in day 2 went on to develop extreme chest pain that worsened rapidly and after calling (non-emergency) medical service was ambulanced to hospital. I had a feeling it was this medicine as I had had a skin rash earlier in the day and have also had heartburn from an antibiotic once before, but this was like nothing I have ever experienced. ECGs, blood pressure, blood tests etc showed no sign of heart problem and pain reduced after painkillers and antacids. Doctors described my symptoms as severe epigastris. 24 hours later I am still quite poorly, in pain and discomfort, cannot lie down or on my side, it hurts to laugh, bend or walk. It is hard to understand the pain as it is across the whole chest and up into my neck but it is slowly calming down. Very frightening tho. I had taken three doses of a 6 day course, had this episode on the second evening at which point I also stopped taking the medicine. This medication clearly has had some effect on my stomach but also possibly my lungs or pleuritic membrane - it has felt like the most severe chest infection or chest muscle strain you could imagine. I am asthmatic so it is possible that there is a strong contra-indication for asthmatics? I accept that this is a very effective medicine for many people but I do think doctors should very carefully consider the type of patient they have and their history, and maybe they would not have prescribed this to me. I will now need to ensure my medical records state this medicine clearly as no-go for me. F 43 2 days
100 mg 2X D
 4  UTI Lower abdominal pain (but no diarrhea), lower back pain, pretty mild nausea, bright neon yellow urine Woke up in the middle of the night with the strong urge to pee and was peeing blood the entire day. I've never really had a UTI before. I knew blood wasn't uncommon but didn't want to take chances so went to a clinic. They prescribed me Bactrim first which seemed to clear things up by the next day or day after that. But then got a call that the culture came back and that particular strain was resistant so they put me on Macrobid. I guess it's cleared it up; no more blood, no more pain, no more urgency, etc. I should probably take them with more food. Perhaps that would help with the slight nausea I've been getting. F 27 10 days
100mg 2X D
 4  UTI Very bad headache, occasional flutter of heartbeat, tired, some gas first day. First time UTI. Within 2 hours of first dose, my urine turned red-brown. Scared me, because I thought it was bloody urine. This subsided by second day. By second dose, (12 hrs after first dose) my razor sharp pain lessened a lot. By the third day, (fifth dose) I was feeling much better, headache lessened and UTI improved dramatically. I do not tolerate medicine well, so I was pleased to not have all the awful side effects. Not sure I will comply with taking it for 10 days, just because I cannot stand to take medicines, especially something this strong. F 50 2 days
100 2X D
 2  urine infection nothing yet ive been taking this for two days now to clear a uti but havent got any difference yet i feel ok one minute then suddenly the uti is still there.. worked for anyone else? F 5 days
50mg 4X D
 1  UTI Chest pain in evening of 2nd day. Called my doctor to report side effect and she ordered me to the hospital saying I was probably having a heart attack. I knew I wasn't but went anyway. Admitted overnight, suffering blood draws every 6 hrs, stress test, EKGs and after was sent home had to wear a monitor for 24 hrs. I won't take this drug ever again. F 63 2 days
100 mg 2X D
 1  U T I horrible, weak, shaky fatigue, headache, just wanted to stay in bed, its right up there with that other poison 'Avelox' going to try natural remedy, cranberry juice or pills F 63 2 days
100 mg 4X D
 1  UTI Pressure in chest, difficulty breathing, rapid heart beat, fatigue On the 3rd and final day of taking this medication I had extreme chest pain. Normally I am given Cipro for UTI's. The Nitrofur-Macro did not work and I was later prescribed Cipro. I initially dismissed the chest pain as heartburn, but noticed that it was worst when lying down and my heart rate seemed more rapid, as well as palpitations. I took antacids for three days without any change in my symptoms. After two weeks of discomfort I finally read the possible side effects listed from the pharmacy. One of which may cause serious(possibly fatal) lung problems. I decided to go to the ER, they took a chest X-ray, an EKG, an Echocardiogram, a stress test, ultra sounds of my thyroid and carotid arteries. They came back with nothing. They said I was just find, but they were going to prescribe Xanax because maybe what I was experiencing was Anxiety. I have not taken the Xanax. If you are reading this about the generic form, I would suggest you read the reviews for Macrobid on this same site. There are 15 pages of reviews, many negative and quite a few with my symptoms. I am looking for a Physican that specializes in Pulmonary medicine. F 49 3 days
100 MG 2X D
 5  UTI none This is the 2nd time I have taken this drug and it is awesome, clears my symptoms on day 1. I have never had any side effects on this, please do not read these comments. They either took too high a dose or had an allergic reaction. If you are sensitive to most drugs, tell your doctor to prescribe you 50mg instead of 100mg, works just fine for me. F 27 7 days
50 mg 2X D
 4  UTI I have taken this medication for 14 day periods of time for UTI's for more than 20 years. I had been taking the Nitrofurantoin on many separate occasions over a period of 20 years. The last few times I took the Nitrofurantoin I experienced strong headache around my eye along with nausea and vomiting after the 6th day of taking the medication. I have glaucoma (low tension) with damage to the optic nerve. I was afraid that the Nitrofurantoin might not be a good idea with the glaucoma so I stopped taking it and my doctor switched me to another antibiotic. I liked Nitrofurantoin because it was very effective with regard to the UTI's and I experienced no side effects other than the headache. So it's too bad I am afraid to take it anymore. F 58 14 days
2X D