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 3  Shingles It's my second day and have severe stomach uneasiness and insomnia. F 33 14 days
1000mg 2X D
 4  Bells palsy - shingles? Foul smell and discharge - compared to after birth blood smell. Dr prescribed after Bells palsy onset thinking my body was fighting shingles but I had no outbreak of any sort. My facial paralysis is easing up (day 7). Started this MED along w steroids literally about 30 mins after Onset. F 45 10 days
1000mg x3d
 4  Shingles Headache, stomach pain / upset, mental impairment, nausea I experience Shingles almost once every 6-8wks. Extent is mainly on my leg and when bad it runs from the trunk of my body down my leg (RHS). The scabs and scarring take a very long time to go away. I tried Aciclovir previously with limited effect, so this time tried a generic Valtrex alternative, Valacyclovir Hydrochloride. The positives. The blisters and pain had gone by day 3. It was very effective for me. No sensation beneath the blistered area, no scabbing, no raised bumps. I was astonished but continued with the 5 day course. The negatives. Severe headaches which were only dulled by pain killers. Sensitive stomach, upset / churning, almost a sore feeling in my gut. Loss of appetite (which was not a worry given the stomach pain). Mentally low and vulnerable feeling, upset by thoughts or actions that would not normally affect me. Unable to drive, somewhat fogged mentally and uncoordinated. I was tired and unable to concentrate on my work, or home tasks. I also had a spell of nausea on two occasions, but this was short lived. On balance. Valacyclovir vs Shingles. I'd take the Valacylovir again until I found an equally effective, less disruptive medication. Personally I wasn't able to function fully on this drug and go about daily life. Though I have to say it worked a dream at clearing the Shingles. F 47 5 days
2X D
 5  Cold sore on mouth I have used brand name and generic and benefit far outweighed the side effects for me- which were bloating and gas. Next time I will try taking Gax-X before and in between the doses. F 38 1 days
2 gram BiD
 4  Genital herpe outbreak I have no side effects (thank god). I have noticed a small amount of tingling after missing dosage. Complete dosage, drink lots of water, exercise no smoke& u 2 will c gods grace still works. Claim your healing through the strikes of jesus christ. UR HEALED :) F 20 2 times
 1  Herpes This generic drug didn't do one thing for me. I had to buy the brand name, which my insurance doesn't cover. My pharmacist told me that generic drugs don't work for everybody and to take 2 at a time to see if that works. It doesn't. The pharmacist says that the generic has the same active ingredient but if that is so, why doesn't it work? Is anybody else having this problem with this generic drug? F 64 3 days
500 mg 2X D
 3   Stomach discomfort. Yeah, my tummmy is not happy. Is Ranbaxy valacyclovir working as well as other generics? So far I've pretty much had the same side effects with this generic as I did with the brand Valtrex. F 32 4 months
1X D
 3  shingles spacy, lethargic- taken it for 4 days 3x daily..still have mouth sores but pain a little down I think..scalp still killing me and sores on nose..insomnia at night due to steroids mild stomach cramping, spaciness, lethargy but read that as side effect F 52
20mg 1X D