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 1  Type 2 diabetes Up all night with stomach cramps and diarrhea. Finally got to sleep well after daylight to find some blood in underwear. It feels like I have a hemorrhoid, and who wouldn't after all this. Not taking it today F 62 60 days
500 mg. 1x 1X D
 1  PCOS I've tried it twice before. This time a Dr. suggested trying the extended release despite me explaining that my gene test showed that I don't metabolize the drug well. It's been 3 days and I'm calling it quits. I haven't been able to sleep, my stomach is constantly on fire, and extreme food aversions. How does someone have gas, nausea, and diarrhea if they can't eat anything. I'm super bloated and feel like I have the flu. I'm moody and have had 2 panic attacks which I haven't had one in 10 months. It's a no for me. F 34 3 days
500mg XR 1X D
 2  Type 2 Diabetes It's not worth the constant diarrhea to not have Hypoglycemia with an injection drug. And the diarrhea drug he gave me is like a placebo. F 62 29 days
500 mg x 1 1X D
 5  Diabetes type 2 Loss of appetite (no nausea), increased GERD. I take 750 mg of regular metformin a day, 500 in the morning and 250 at night. I immediately experienced a substantial increase in energy levels and a decrease in in anxiety and depression. My glucose levels began normal within about 5 weeks. I was able to begin a healthier diet as the metformin controlled my appetite and carb cravings. Works wonderfully on its own but for some reason, starting Eliquis seemed render the metformin completely ineffective. Very upsetting because Iím not seeing anything on the Eliquis literature that states there is a drug interacting warning on metformin, but other T2s are reporting this as well. F 57 50 days
750 mg
 3  diabetes F 69 0 years
 3  Diabetes Mainly gas and lower body muscle cramps. Stomach churning when not eaten with food. None of the side effects are that bad and it does lower my blood sugar some. M 66 5 years
500mg 2X D
 1  Elevated sugar Never knew when I would unexpectedly vomit or have explosive, uncontrolled diarrhea. It happened in public several times. Worst drug ever!! Never helped lower my sugar levels either. I was always sweaty and nauseated. I started taking the herb Bitter Melon and it's worked wonders with no horrible side effects Horrible drug. Would never take again. M 59 3 years
 2  Type 2 Constipation / Gas in stomach and Intestines. M 64 6 months
850mg 2X D
 1  Diabetes 2 Diarrhea 24X7. Unexplainable pain similar to Kidney Stone pain. Lower back both sides, Entire front abdomen, both sides (not down the middle). Horrible pain all the time. Horrible Diarrhea all the time. My quality of life was affected. I couldn't take the pain. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me, tests were all fine. I decided to quit metformin after I experienced one day without taking it. F 48 5 weeks
? 1X D
 1  T2 Diabetes Severe leg and foot cramps and joint pain F 53 5 months
500 1X D
 4  PCOS Started at lower dose and increased over first 2 weeks to 1500mg. Initially cause gastro problems (cramping, nausea, etc) but only last the first couple weeks. Changed diet at same time and initially lost 35 pounds, I've gained some back as I haven't been diligent with diet and exercise. It helps regulate my blood sugar which is nice. This illness is difficult to deal with, I wish there were a better medication. I do feel better now than I ever have. Oh, very important, different manufactures have not worked for me, there is a difference. Currently the manufacture is: Solco Healthcare. F 33 3 years
1500 1X D
 3  T2 diabetes Diarrhoea and wind Had to reduce carbs and change to the slow release version to mitigate the side effects. Only a problem now if I overdo the carbs - seems to help with bg levels. F 55 4 years
500mg 2X D
 3  TTC, PCOS-like symptoms Some diarrhea, nausea Started taking this medicine about a week ago. Trying to conceive and dr says this will help regulate my metabolism and hormones. Also thinks I should lose 5-10 lbs and this medicine may help. I am just on the line of being overweight, 165 lbs and 5'6. dr said that if i lose 5-10 lbs my body will just work more effectively and will possibly be able to conceive. taking this along with provera, and later will be taking clomid to induce ovulation. F 23
500 MG 2X D
 3  Type 2 Diabetes Bad taste in mouth, diarrhea, does not manage blood sugar as well as other products I take this medication 2 x daily along with 100mg of Junuvia 1 x daily. I struggle constantly to keep my sugar under control even on a low carb diet with plenty of fluids. Previously took Actos 1 xdaily and had great sugar levels but was seeing increased weight gain. Am currently taking prometrium 100 mg 1 x daily that has resulted in further increases in sugar levels. My general practioners solution was to have me not eat 1/4 cup of fresh fruit at lunch and put me on solution I'm going to find an endrocrinologist and talk with someone who understands my condition and can help me develop a plan to help me have better control. M 54 3 years
1000 2X D
 5  Diabetes I had some diarrhea for a couple of weeks when I first started taking this medication, but it quickly subsided. (I started with 500mg 1 x day.) I think it's a quality drug for treating diabetes. My body has absolutely no side effects from it. Anyone who is just starting and having diarrhea or other gastric-type disturbances, hang in there. Once your body becomes accustomed to it, I think you'll find that it will subside. Then you'll have a good medication that doesn't make you go low and controls your diabetes. F 57 11 years
1000mg 2X D
 3  Type 2 Diabetes METFORMIN does control my blood sugar levels somewhat. I still have to inject some insulin 3X daily, though. I'm getting readings in the neighborhood of 110--131 (not great, but not too bad). METFORMIN causes wild, explosive, copious diarrhea which can come on suddenly and without notice. You simply have to be near a bathroom at all times to avoid frightful accidents. Any food you eat passes right through you in less than 5-6 hours. I observe METFORMIN having three other side-effects for me: 1). a mild dysthymia (ie., can put me in a mild, funky, listless, apathetic mood). Thank God for my Zoloft and Seroquel to keep my mood up. 2). It dulls my sense of taste somewhat; "good" food often just doesn't taste very good. I'll sit here and gnaw on food that just seems flavorless. As a result, I find myself seeking piquant/sour flavors just to have some taste in my mouth: pickles, mustard, salsa, children's sour candies. 3). It is somewhat stimulating, causing me to wake too early sometimes. M 47 3 months
2000mg 1X D
 4  high fasting readings None. This medication has lowered my fasting sugar numbers with no side effects at all. TEVO is the manufacturer (not sure if that makes a difference.) F 44 6 months
500mg 1X D
 1  PCOS, Insuline resistance Horrifying diarrhea, made controlled IBS symptoms much worse.Abdominal cramping, fatigue, running to bathroom all day long and during the night. I can't leave the house. I'm a prisoner living in my bathroom. Am using a very low carb diet, which I hope will help in losing weight, (have lost none on this drug), then can lower the dosage or get off of it entirely. I asked my doctor to let me off of this drug as I am in the bathroom over 6 or 7 times a day, (as many as 10 time daily) sometimes more and she said no. She offered another drug for insulin resistance, but it also has Metformin in it. The pain that goes with the diarreah is terrific and I'm so worn out by noon everyday after going to the bathroom so many times. Afraid to eat anything, including healthy foods because it seems as soon as I eat, I'm in the bathroom again. Body isn't even using the full dosage as it floats in toilet bowl several hours after taking the dosage. (sorry to be so vivid). I can't travel, run errands, go out for a meal, or visit friends because I don't know how bad it will be any given day. Using heating pad on my belly to sooth the pain. Drinking plenty of water, but even that can result in a flare. What makes me angry, is that this drug has been proven to work, it is economical and easy to get, however, the side effects are so debilitating that patients stop using it becuase they can't live their lives. Why don't the drug companies recognize this and DO SOMETHING about it? I know my doctor wont, she thinks it's fabulous and her only suggestion was liquid Metformin which is not available in the USA. Will keep trying to lose weight, then F 48 5 months
1000mgs. 2X D