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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 5  cold and allergy symptoms occasional mild drowsiness While being a potent antihistamine, this drug is also a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, similar to some antidepressants. I did not know this for many years of taking it. However, there have been no extensive studies to know what the proper dosage would be for depression. M 73 20 years
4 mg 1X AN
 4  Allergies Take this prior to going outside. I wait about 1/2 hour to take effect. Glad its only 4 hours long so I can decide if I want more. Only take half so I can function. Its a balancing act. Also rinse my nose often with salt water. Its not perfect but better than most with less side effects. Benadryl makes me very tired but use it occasionally as last resort. A whole tablet makes me way too tired. F 66 3 years
2mg 1X D
 5  Seasonal allergies None as long as I take 1/2 of a 4 mg tablet. When I take a whole table (4 mg) I feel very "spacey". I take 1/2 of a 4 mg tablet every morning because I have a lot of allergies. During the months when the Cedar trees are puffing their pollen ( Dec, Jan, Feb) I sometimes have to take 1/2 tablet every 4 hours through the day and night. F 73 8 years
2 mg 1X D
 3  seasonal allergies Caused a sort of speedy feeling - a bit like I had too many cups of coffee - and caused my heart rate to go through the roof @ 120bpm while resting. Will not be taking it again. Unfortunately I can't continue to take this because of the rise in heart rate it caused but it did relieve a lot of my symptoms. It was as good as Zyrtec, better than Claritin and totally different from Benadryl. None of the grogginess but if you are sensitive to decongestants (despite that this is NOT one), you might want to avoid it. F 42 3 days
4mg 2X D
 5  Allergies and Allergy Related Sympt Unfortunately, when I first take the drug, there is a brief (45 min +/-) period where my nose becomes terribly itchy. In the evening hours I become more sleepy than without, however it's very easy to remain awake during the day. With seasonal allergies, and my need to drive a vehicle for work, this is by far the best medicine on the market. The 4 hour is my personal preference. Directly after the itchiness, there is immediate and sustained relief of post-nasal drip, allergy related headache and watery eyes. T F 45 30 years
4mg 2X D
 4  Seasonal allergies Sometimes causes drowsiness; sometimes not. This is the best over the counter simple tried and true med out there! It's affordable and I appreciate that it only lasts for 4 hours! Love it! May it never, ever go away. F 53 1 years
1X D
 2  itchiness dry mouth, severe irritability, twitching in neck muscles, blank thoughts, trouble speaking properly I wanted this to work without side effects based on other reviews here. No such luck, at least for me. I do think the medication helped slightly with my itchiness, but was very short acting. What has not been short acting are the side effects. My mouth is much drier than it ever gets with Benadryl over 12 hours after taking 1/2 the recommended dosage as a test before bedtime. I'm glad I didn't take the whole pill. I couldn't keep a thought in my head for hours after I woke up, and when I tried to speak I kept stumbling over words, leaving words out or saying the wrong words. Not good. Also I'm way more irritable than normal. M 50 1 times
2 mg 1X O
 4  allergies None so far M 33 1 days
 2  Allergy and asthma I took this medication hoping to get some help from asthma due to allergies. The other posts seemed like it might work. This medication did not help me and made me feel worse. It causes a rapid heart beat, bad dreams and no relief from trouble breathing. Now I have a full package minus one pill. Will not take again. F 55 1 days
30mg 1X D
 5  seasonal allergies drowsiness and dopey feeling if I take it with a decongestant (like Sudafed); otherwise nothing bothersome. I used Chlor-Trimeton to manage my hay fever from age 15 through maybe age 30, when i moved to an area where my allergies were milder and didn't need medicine. When i returned to the pollen-rich land of my childhood five years later, I tried Claritin (which didn't work well) and Zyrtec (which made me feel depressed and hopeless). Now I am back to good old Chlor-Trimeton, which works well without awful side effects. F 40 25 years
4 mg 2X D
 4  post-nasal drip, indoor allergies none Would prefer a 10 or 12 hour version to be available F 25 1 months
 4  allergies I began taking chlor-trimeton after I was diagnosed with hypertention. Before that I took sudafed, which is useless. Zyrtec and all other allergy meds cause me to have an irregular heartbeat. I think it does help me to sleep better at night, but I am not sleepy during the day. It helps a cough, runny nose, and itchy eyes. I think it is very good. F 72 6 weeks
 4  Seasonal allergy With the 4-hour tablet I get drowsiness, though not as much as with other products. The 12-hour tablet makes me less drowsy, but is sometimes hard to find. In more than 58 years of dealing with allergy, this is so far the best of the bunch. M 60 15 years
 4  bronchial allergy cough It stopped the cough completely, but also made me sleep better at night - I'm normally a very light sleeper and wake up tired. Chlortrimeton did not sedate me during the day, but I did sleep longer and better at night consistently.... I switched to zyrtec when it went over the counter, which works well enough for allergy and cough related asthma (which I have) but my anxiety seems increased - not terribly so, maybe it's just that I stopped the chlortrimeton. I may switch back. Not sure F 48 1 years