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 1  High blood pressure Chest pain, severe anxiety, stomach pain and surprisingly high blood pressure I ended up in hospital twice, once via ambulance. My blood pressure was sky high on this drug and I was taken from to hospital F 47 3 weeks
20mg 1X D
 1  High blood pressure Severe headaches,ringing ears,leg tremors,dizziness Numbness in hands and feet,heart palpitations Took this medication and it lowered myBp too low. Don't think I needed Bp meds. Started with ringing in ears then terrible headaches. Went to Dr. and they lowered my doseage to 10 then took me off completely. Blood pressure good without meds today 123/68. Have not been on lisinopril for 3 months and still have leg tremors,headaches, heart palpitations and ringing in ears. Do not take this drug. Dr told me I had anxiety cause of heart palpitations and shortness of breath Have been to emergency thought something was wrong with my heart. ekg and blood work showed I'm fine. Now going for stress test with cardiologist. Had none of these symptoms till I was put on lisinopril. F 65 60 days
20 1X D
 2  Mild high BP Started out feeling no symptoms. Then on my 3rd week I would get dizzy spells doing the slightest bit of work which is very irritating. Stomach issues along with it. I sure hope this medicine works after the initial start up. I just want to be able to do normal activities with my family. M 40 3 weeks
20mg 1X D
 1  High blood pressure...170/90 HORRIBLE! I think if I was forced to stay on this drug I would have killed myself. Pounding, pounding much anxiety....inability to focus...incredibly low mood! Luckily, I was switched to Metropolol and it's like night and day. I am so calm now...blood pressure still a little high, but I need to get in shape. But the difference in how I FEEL is so amazing! I'm so happy! F 49 7 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  High BP Severe chest and back tightness, nausea, severe shortness of breath with only the slightest of movement, frequent palpitations, arrythmias. Should be taken off the market. This is an awful drug that led me to A&E twice in a week after i thought id had a heart attack. How on earth are doctors allowed to prescribe such a dangerous drug thats even capable of making you feel so worryingly ill? FDA need to start doing their job by banning this (snake) poison. M 36 5 months
20mg 1X D
 1  High Blood pressure Started with 2.5 about 8 years ago. Immediately started feeling faint and dizzy. After a TIA this year dosage was increased to 20mg. The feeling like I'm about to pass out and faint much worse Now the feeling like I'm about to pass out is very much worse so I lie down most of the day. Feel so fatigued and with no energy. I was someone who would do my own house cleaning, etc. F 83
20ng 2X D
 1  Blood pressure Dizzy, fatigue, weakness in leg muscles, bp dropping low, ringing in my right ear, stabbing pain in my head. I hate this med but am afraid to come off being my BP went to 210/117 at the hospital and the doctor put me on it. I did try another medication and it was even worse, if you can believe it. Going to talk to my doctor my next appointment and see what to do. I even went to 1/2 of 5mg with no improvement :( F 58 100 days
5mg 1X D
 1  Borderline HBP Muffled hearing in my right ear was main problem. Occasional cough that lasted about a minute or two at a time was not really a problem. Lisinopril caused muffled hearing in my right ear. I had to figure it out myself. ENT was no help except he prescribed steroids which might have helped in preventing the muffled hearing from getting worse. I wish the ENT would have recognized the connection between hearing problems and lisinopril and told me to quit right away. I told my regular doctor I quit the lisinopril. My BP is currently around 136/86 without any medication. Doctor told me to keep it below 140/90. My right ear hearing seems to be 99% back to normal. I hope it's still healing and will return to 100%. M 56 8 months
5 MG 1X D
 1  High blood pressure Very tired and shortness of breath. M 61 33 days
5mg 1X D
 1  Misdiagnosed with hbp I was on it almost 2 months & been off 2 months & still suffer from side effects. Heart palpitations, chest pains, earaches, throat tightening, body aches, stabbing headaches, fatigue, anxiety, depression, numbness over body. I believe it has lowered my white blood cell count. A nurse at the ER told me that is a bad medicine & it can linger around in the body a while. I'm trying to research ways to detox so I can get this poison out of me. I feel I can't have a normal life & enjoy my family because of these side effects. If anyone know how long it took for them to start feeling better & if you took any natural remedies, please email me. That med is evil & I don't advise anyone to take it. F 37 2 months
 1  HBP Swelling in feet and hands. Dry cough fatigue. Pins and needles in feet and hands. Anyone else had swelling in feet to cause pain when walking? Terrible drug M 37 1 years
10 1X D
 1  Hypertension Headaches Muscle pain dizziness very tired and fatigued pressure in chest - problems breathing panic attacks felt like I was about to check out of here!!!!!!! Doctor took me off of lisinopril it's been 4 days still having the crazy side effects! Does anybody know how long the side effects/ last? Do not do not take this poison!!!!!!! M 55 6 months
5 mg 1X D
 1  High Blood Pressure I started having severe sinus problems such as ear popping, ringing in ear, and stuffy nose. It has progress since than to dizzy spells, brain fog, TIA symptoms, restless legs, severe anxiety, achy muscles, and an unwell feeling. These symptoms came and went for a year and a half. I finally figured out that all my symptoms have been from this medication. I have only been off of it 5 days and feel a little better. The aches in my muscles are really bad still. Please someone email me back to let me know how long these symptoms will last and if you have experienced anything like this. Insomnia, numbness and tingling, burning sensation, dizziness, anxiety, F 48 2 years
10 mg 1X D
 1  High blood pressure Starts off with lowering your blood pressure then Bam side effects discomfort-in chest body aches to the 10th power back arms shoulders headachesAnd make my sinuses flare up I am top all that off I'm starting to get that awful cough. And make my sinuses flare up I am top all that off I'm starting to get that awful cough. Do not do not take this medicine !!!!!! M 55 6 months
5 mg 1X D
 1  High Blood Pressure This drug did great for me lowering BP Heres the deal this drug gave me issues with going to the bathroom. It seems to have aggravated my colon. The other problem that hasn't been addressed in this forum is the issue that this drug effects your inner ear. BADLY! after a week of taking it I start having major ringing in my ears! I never had Tinnitus in my life. OMG its so horrible. I immediately stopped taking it. The ringing really really stinks. EEEEEEEE all day long is horrible. I hope this goes away. If it doesnt then I am going to have to learn to live with it. That is really horrible that drugs like this are allowed to be out there that can harm people so badly! M 51 7 days
15mg 1X D
 1  High blood pressure Starts off with lowering your blood pressure then Bam side effects discomfort-in chests body aches to the 10th power back arms shoulders headachesAnd make my sinuses flare up I am top all that off I'm starting to get that awful cough. And make my sinuses flare up I am top all that off I'm starting to get that awful cough. Do not do not take this medicine !!!!!! M 55 6 months
5 mg 1X D
 5  High blood pressure No side effects Have been taking lisinopril (10mg) in conjunction with metoprolol (100 mg) for several years. No side effects whatsoever. The 2 medications keep my blood pressure under control. F 67 8 years
1X D
 1  High blood pressure Terrible side effects for my elderly mother; Hair loss, memory loss, brain fog, some confusion, choking in sleep, extreme tiredness. She stopped taking it and has never been the same. She is extra tired, and still hasn't gotten her strength back. She use to be super active. It's pure poison. Snake venom from India. If your bottle says Lupin as the manufacturer throw it away. 90 6 months
20mg 1X D
 2  High Blood Pressure Anxiety and low mood mostly. Can't think straight. low sex drive M 54 10 days
10mg 1X D
 2  Hypertension I was just recently prescribed Lisiniprol . I started taking it yesterday and last night I felt the weirdest sensation over my body . Weak and clammy feeling and extremely tired . This morning (2nd dosage) my blood pressure dropped pretty low and again feel cold , clammy and weak with a little chest tightness but I have anxiety too. Not sure how long I can keep this up. The Dr. told me to cut the pill in half and drink lots of water . F 39 2 days
20-12.5 1X D

LISINOPRIL  (LISINOPRIL):  Lisinopril is used to treat high blood pressure. Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. It is also used to treat heart failure and to improve survival after a heart attack. Lisinopril belongs to a class of drugs known as ACE inhibitors. It works by relaxing blood vessels so blood can flow more easily.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)