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 1  Pharmacy ran out of Gildess. Headache, dizziness, fatigue. F 34 3 days

 1  Endomitriosis I have spotted on this pill more days than not. Over the past month, my sex drive has gone from high to gone. I am so moody and bitchy. I don't feel at all like myself. My poor boyfriend has been so tolerant but admitted he has been worried. Never taking this again. I would rather have horrible periods! F 32 6 weeks

 1  birth control Was on Loestrin for 4 years and loved it. it got idiscontinued.My doc switched me to junel. No period just spotting the first month. Vaginal pain! Extremley tired no matter how much I sleep. All I want to do is eat! Very unhappy with this medicine. F 22 2 months

 1  Birth Control - Ovarian Cyst Preven First three days was a cake walk, after that, it all went downhill. Started out with spotting (which my Dr. said could happen) but six days later, went into full blown period, which is still going on now. Well over 10 days of a period is not something I am used to. Migraines to the point I cant get out of bed. Nausea to the point of vomiting. Weight gain of almost 10 pounds in three weeks (yeah I exercise 5 days a week and eat healthy and Im not losing an ounce). Horrid mood swings and bouts of crying uncontrollably. Body sweats at night. Restless leg feeling from my waist down at night. Body aches during the day. Abdominal pain that was/is not from cramps. Bloated to the point I had to go buy a pair of "fat" jeans for myself. Probably made my minor depression worse (probably hence the crying). Swelling in both my legs. No sex drive (I feel like a virgin again thanks to that). My breasts ache a lot too. Overall, this pill just sucks. I stopped taking it last night F 25 3 weeks
1/20 1X D

 1  birth control Worst birth control ever. Have been sick since I started it. I know have hives because I'm allergic to it and not just hives on my skin but deep under my skin and in my gi tract, stomach and it's very painful. I can't move because of the pain. My stomach is all messed up. I'd rather be in labor than all this pain. I have had 2 children one via c section and one naturally. And yes I would rather do that all over than to keep taking this. F 29 2 weeks
 1  birth control, regulation extremely nauseated, mood swings, headaches, no period only a day or 2 of spotting, decreased sex drive F 21 5 weeks

 1  Prevent pregnancy I am very moody. Most days I feel crazy. I'm tired and don't care about anything. My bf must really love me Bc I will cry and freak out for no reason all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions on a better birth control? F 26 4 days
 1  birth control This drug gave me a vaginal infection which I thought was yeast so I used Monistat. After a week, it was worse, which didn't make sense, so I went to the doctor, who said it was BV (bacterial vaginosis). By then it was too late. The bacteria had spread into my bladder, and even though I took all kinds of antibiotics, the bladder inflammation would not go away. I had interstitial cystitis, one of the worst diseases imaginable. Imagine "permanent UTI" and the doctors don't help. Because of the IC, I developed pelvic floor dysfunction and pudendal neuralgia (nerve pain). It was over a year before I figured out what I needed to do to fix my bladder, but by then, it was too late. I have permanent muscle spasm and nerve pain in my pelvic floor. I have lost the ability to run or have sex without pain. I will probably be this way for the rest of my life. It is all thanks to Junel. The people that make money off of this life-ruining POISON deserve to have their lives taken away just l NEVER EVER EVER TAKE THIS POISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAY MORE FOR ANOTHER BRAND. THIS **** WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE. F 21 1 months
1X D
 1  birth control I have experienced many negative side effects from this pill. It started with terrible migraines w/ aura, then came nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness, very irritable, and the worst part..I bled for 18 days straight and now I bleed on and off every couple of days. I also never break out and all of a sudden I'm breaking out and eating everything in sight. My wedding is in 2 months I pray my body is back to normal by then. No more Junel Fe for me!! F 24 4 months

 1  Birth control NO SEX DRIVE I have no desire to have sex and it decreased my vaginal fluids, it also makes me very emotional F 17 8 months
 1  pcos Weight gain loss of sex desires miss period head aches etc F 33 1 days
25 mg
 1  Premenopausal Loss of sex drive and blood clots formed, which went to my lung. (Death). Doctors told me only 1% survive. Too many hormones in it vs 20 yrs ago.and if you smoke (which I don't) the risk is higher and leading cause of young women dying. PLEASE find an alternative to a birth control pill!! F 45 4 months

 1  prevent pregnancy and to help perio I've been fighting a lot with my boyfriend because of my terrible mood swings, seriously so bad. I'll start crying about the littlest things and freak out about nothing. I have no desire to have sex, I've been on it for seven months and this started a couple months ago and I had no idea why, I felt crazy. until I read other reviews on this birth control. I'm setting up an appointment immediately to get off it. F 18 8 months
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