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 1  heavy periods and ovarian cysts This has made me afraid to take any form of birth control in the future. I explained to my OBGYN about my side effects and they brushed it off. I threw away my pack today I'm 100 percent finished. When I first started taking it I experienced migraines but then that passed. The next symptom was chronic fatigue I would be tired after sleeping forever. I could not make it through a whole day of class without wanting to nap. I then experienced some mild nausea, this quickly turned into vomiting everyday. I can not keep anything down no water, no food, no drinks everything I swallow comes back up. I have a constant feeling of nausea followed by serious upper stomach cramps that dig into my rib cage, very very bad gas, and constipation, my taste buds are off and I don't want to eat anything. All I had today was crackers and tea unfortunately it came back up again. I've also been really moody with everyone for no reason. I'd get mad at my boyfriend or family for the smallest things I don't like how I am. I am usually a mellow person and it takes a lot to set me off. I've also experienced acne, rashes, itching and eczema. I had eczema growing up as a kid and it finally subsided at age 12 but now at age 21 since being on this birth control I've been breaking out and my eczema has been slowly returning. I would not recommend this brand to anyone and if yo F 21 4 months
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 1  Birth control I've only taken this medication for 3 days and I have cried about something minuscule every single day. I feel like my depression is worse than it has been in 15 years. I'm so nauseated that I'm laying in bed with a bucket next to me in case I throw up. I will be stopping this medicine ASAP and calling my doctor to go back on my old birth control. I've never experienced such quick and horrible side effects of a medication! F 35 3 days
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 1  Irregular periods This was the Worst Birth Control ever The first day I took I experienced headaches and Very bad Nausea. I gave it a few days because I thought the symptoms would subside and it didn‚Äôt so I stopped taking them. I Use to be on another Generic brand of this Called Low Ogestrel it was the best. F 22 7 days
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 1  Cramping was taking a different generic brand of cryselle and that was working perfectly fine for me. no harsh cramping, no heavy/long periods, and no side effects that affected me and my daily life. went to go pick up a prescription last time and they said they had a different manufacturer but ingredients were the same and i highly disagree. ever since starting this new "cryselle"Ě pack: i've broke out with acne all over my face (which acne has never been a problem for me), cramping in the middle of a pack, migraines when waking up in the middle of the night and morning when i get a good 8-10 hour sleep, horrible weight gain, and severe emotional attacks (crying randomly, sensitivity to people's words, panic attacks) . F 18 21 days
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 1  Birth control Severe cramping, weight gain, zero energy, lazy, no motivation, depressed, breast hurt, leg cramps, gas, heavier periods, feel miserable I picked up rx and they gave me this. I have been on low- egestral for 6 years no problems loved it! Now I hate waking up in the mornings .side effects started immediately gained 13 pounds in two months F 44 2 months
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 1  Hormonal imbalance- heavy periods I had nonstop period since January of 2020. I finally went to the doctor in July after all this pandemic and I got prescribed this medication . The period stopped and I was happy, but when I got my period again on the week that the pack has to get it, I fainted from the cramps and I've had bad periods before, but this is another level. The next couple of periods on the pill have been far worse than the first one. I had an IBS Type of pain that is concentrated in the beginning my colon and my right ovary area that is unbearable. Wish to die and get over with it all. I can't rest in any way because the pain doesn't let me sit or lay on bed. I've literally had to kneel or be on all fours because if I move I feel like a knife going through that area. It's a nightmare don't take it. I will stop it and get another doctor see me because my current one doesn't want to prescribe another one. Also, Weight gain, headaches, and I went up a cup size in my bras !!! I'm currently experiencing all this so please ask for other alternatives. F 42 3 months
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 1  Birth Control Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, heart palpitations, extreme shakiness, bloating, loss of appetite, constant headaches, dizziness, and panic attacks. This medicine definitely helped with my period making it light and easy, but the side effects make it horrible. It feels as if im constantly upset over anything. This is my third type of birth control i have been on and this is by far the worst. im a complete emotional mess. Usually, I am a very happy and positive person but im the complete opposite now. I would never recommend this medicine. F 17 7 days
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 1  Birth Control Bloating, extreme crying and anxiety, hair loss, poor sleep When I tell you this pill should be illegal I mean it. I would rate it a -100 if I could. I have been on multiple pills before this one and this was by far the WORST. I had terrible cramps, literally ones that made me cry, my emotions the week before my period made me seem like I was going crazy. I would worry and have so much anxiety over nothing, cry hysterically for hours straight over nothing to the point where it would effect my relationship so much because all I did was worry and cry over nothing. I have been super bloated since starting the pill, losing hair like crazy, and my sleep schedule has become almost nonexistent because of how much I wake up throughout the night. This pill literally makes you feel like you are going insane and is not worth taking for a birth control, there are so many other pills out there and this is NOT it. I've never experienced any side effect from a pill before this one, and I promise you all of the reviews you're reading about this pill are 100% accurate. ITS HORRIBLE!!!! 10/10 would not recommend this to even my worst enemy. F 19 6 months
30 mg 1X D
 3  Birth Control Increased appetite is a major thing, I can't even tell you how much weight I've gained. The pandemic has not helped, but along with that you are extremely emotional. Depression is absolutely awful. Something that thankfully I had not had to deal with previously in my life until taking this. The only reason I'm on it is because it does the job intended. I've never had super bad periods, but I just cry so easily now it's insane. Sometimes I forgot my words too like someone else commented. As someone already on anxiety meds I thought that was a side effect, but apparently not. F 23 1 years
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 1  Irregular periods Cramps, dizziness, extreme fatigue, sweats, memory issues, Anxiety, heart palpitations, foggy head, Difficulty finding words to say and reading I felt like I had some sort of stroke. Absolutely awful! Horrible product - never take this. F 48 5 months
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 1  IVF Supression Headache EVERY DAY since I started taking these. Very Moody and sad. I'm supposed to take these for 9 more days but I don't think I can. Why do Doctors ignore side effects reported by patients.....//frustration// F 42 7 days
 1  Heavy period DEPRESSION!!!! I wanted to kill myself. Donít take this medicine. I rather bleed to death with heavy periods. I was so dizzy light headed and sad and un focused. I hated it I will never touch this pill again F 42 0 months
 4  severe cramps / birth control Migraines at first, excessive bleeding I had migraines the first few months, but they went away after awhile. SIGNIFICANTLY less cramping during periods. Periods only lasted a few days but were insanely heavy. The heaviness got too much to handle so I had to switch to another bc, wish me luck.. F 22 1 years
 1  Contraceptive to not get pregnant This is the worst thing I have ever taken. I have never felt so terrible. My obgyn said allow 3 months for it to work and the nausea to subside. It's been almost 6 I have one week left. I noticed the 3rd week of pills makes me the sickest. My head is pounding. I sweat for hours and then get chills all thru the night. I can't even get food down because I am so sick. I barely sleep anymore and can cry at the drop of a dime. I never ever had been like this I just had a baby he is 6 Months old and I could not wait to be able to work out and do all these things but the sad truth is I have not even been able to get out of My own house I am so sick. And so sick I have no desire to work out. I use to run 14 miles per. Week and gym 5 days This birth control is killen me. I am going to the doctors this week. I'm scared to experience this wit something else also. And my doctor.only has ever said " are u a depressed persons" that's the only question I was asked and or warned about . Side affects of depression . I have everything but That. Thank God. 29 5 months
 1  Birth Control I have never ever had any medical issues in my life. I was on the same BC for 7 years, and one day I went into get my prescription and they gave me Cryselle instead of my low-ostrgel, and I told the pharmacist it was wrong, and he swore up and down that cryselle it was the exact same as my otherjust the generic brand. HE WAS WRONG. I have felt absolutely crazy. Insane dizziness and lightheaded, which makes me nauseous, and then gives my very high anxiety which I have NEVER had until this pill. It makes my heart race and I have anxiety attacks. I thought I was having some major medical issues, about to go to the hospital for a brain scan thinking I had a tumor or something because I was so dizzy every single day. I decided I am stopping this pill and hoping all this goes away. I am on day 1 of not taking it, still dizzy, but hopefully after a few days it will be out of my system. Do NOT take ever F 25 2 months
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 1  Hormone control DO NOT got on this medication. I was taking Crystelle for about 9 months. During the 7th month I started noticing my hair thinning quite a bit and it was getting extremely brittle. I went off the pill after the 9 months and my hair was continuing to fall out. 3 months later I was losing chunks of hair up until the point that the shower drain was clogged after every shower. I had a receding hairline and about 1/3 of the amount of hair I have always had. It took over a year but my hair started coming back. During this whole process I had gone to one of the top hair loss clinics in the country thinking I was battling female hair loss or alopecia. I was almost diagnosed with alopecia at the age of 29 due to this medication and it wasnt until my hair started coming back that the medication proved to be the cause. It's not worth going through something so tramatic unnecessarily. Stay off this medication! F 30 9 months
 1  Birth Control, Endometriosis The worst thing to ever put in my body! While on the pill I suffered from Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal thoughts, yeast infections, bladder infection, heart palpitations, thinning of hair, and it affected my sleep. After being on it for 7 months, I got off of it. Trying to heal myself naturally now. Itís been a rough journey but will NEVER go on any form of hormonal birth control ever again! F 34 7 months
 1  Adenomyosis Im an emotional mess, crying over everything and full of anger constantly almost. My depression and anxiety are through the roof , I've gained weight and have no energy and want to be completely alone. It did pain but not worth the side effects ive experienced . I dont want to try any birth control bc im scared to after how i feel with this F 25 3 weeks
 1  Birth control Depression, anxiety, weight gain, irregular bleeding, acne F 32 15 days
 1  Birth control While taking this pill I experienced depression and anxiety for the first time in my life. I would cry at the drop of a hat, and my family became extremely worried. My distress was noticable to everyone who was close to me. I went off Cryselle after 16 months and noticed changes in my mood immediately. Unfortunately, the next pill I tried sent my period all out of whack, so I went back on Cryselle a few months later to get my cycle back to normal. The depression and anxiety returned, proving to me that the pill was truly to blame for the mental health issues I had struggled with. Now I have been off Cryselle for over a year. It's been amazing to return to a life where I don't cry every day or regularly think about suicide. I haven't had any concerns about my mental health since stopping Cryselle. If you're having an experience with Cryselle that sounds similiar to what I went through, please know that IT GETS BETTER. You can get your life back... don't give up. F 21 20 months

CRYSELLE  (ETHINYL ESTRADIOL; NORGESTREL):  This combination hormone medication is used to prevent pregnancy. It contains 2 hormones: a progestin and an estrogen. It works mainly by preventing the release of an egg (ovulation) during your menstrual cycle. It also makes vaginal fluid thicker to help prevent sperm from reaching an egg (fertilization) and changes the lining of the uterus (womb) to prevent attachment of a fertilized egg. If a fertilized egg does not attach to the uterus, it passes out of the body. Besides preventing pregnancy, birth control pills may make your periods more regular, decrease blood loss and painful periods, decrease your risk of ovarian cysts, and also treat acne. Using this medication does not protect you or your partner against sexually transmitted diseases (such as HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)