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 1  Reduce pain and prevent pregnancy Extreme weight gain, horrible mood swings, extreme anxiety, random crying fits, very emotional. The pain associated with my monthly ovulation and monthly menstruation were both reduced, not completely. However, the anxiety, mood swings, emotional fits, and weight gain issues were too extreme to justify taking Lessina anymore. F 37 6 months
0.1mg 1X D
 1  To help prevent ovarian cysts Rapid weight gain if 15 pounds Hair loss Bloating Anxiety Blurred vision Headaches Vaginal dryness But less cysts and less yeast infections F 27 8 months
1X D
 2  Cramping/heavy bleeding Boobs were sore, chest pains, horrible cramps(worse than before) but light bleeding, terrible abdominal pains, nausea, i did vomit once, anxiety was bad, and had terrible crying episodes(during school) This is the first birth control I have been on, this makes me not want to try any other kind of birth control F 16 4 days
25MG 1X D
 1  Pregnancy prevention small acne all over my face, angry mood swings and bipolar episodes as well as my anxiety was through the roof all the time. I bled for the first 6 weeks of being on it. Would not recommend. No pill had done this to me before F 23 2 months
1x D
 2  Pregnancy prevention Weight gain (25-30 lbs), acne, angry mood swings, constantly sore boobs. It's a very sucky pill, at least for me... I was kinda hoping NOT to gain a freshman 15 but lessina had other plans for me! F 19 6 months
1 x day
 2  Birth control and skip periods I had mood swings, break outs, low sex drive,. The worst was nipple disharge... I was producing a milk like substance :( I was on Nuvaring before this for 4 years never had any problems . Only switched for financial reasons F 30 1 years
 4  pregnancy prevention/period Only complaint is I've become very emotional . F 15 3 months
 2  BIRTH CONTROL I was on Yaz for 2 years but started to experience vein swelling and pain in my legs. Along with permanent spider and Varicose veins in my legs!!! At only 23, so upsetting:( Anyway I switched to Lessina, and now 6 months in I am plagued with erythema nodosum (red swollen painful lumps in legs) which is an immune response I'm having to Lessia. So I'll now be geting off Lessina :( F 24 6 months
1X D