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 3  Prevent Pregnancy In the beginning it was great. My skin is beautiful, but the depression and weight gain is awful and nothing helps subside these side effects. Been taking it for 9 months. F 40 28 days
1X D
 1  Birth control I have a history of anxiety but not depression. Ever since I started taking this pill I've become more irritated, depressed, anxious, tired no matter how much sleep I get, it's not enough. It has however cleared up my hormonal acne but I do not recommend taking this is you have a history of anxiety because for me it makes my anxiety worse. I'm usually a happy person, but this birth control makes it so much harder for me to be happy. It makes me withdrawn from my family and friends and makes me feel sick mentally. I feel like this birth control clouds my head. I get angry sad and cry for absolute no reason. I'm never that way. My breasts are always sore no matter what. I have mood swings up and down. It might work for you, but it doesn't work for me. I will be changing this soon. I used to be on depo and that made my body feel worse physically not mentally. I was happy on depo, but it made my body feel upset. F 20 3 months
0.10mg 1X D
 2  Irregular peiods Heavy bleeding with clots every single day since taking it, 18 days now. Sharp headaches, whole face hurts. Trouble sleeping. I have gone through more pads in 18 days than I usually do in 4 or 5 periods. I have stained my clothes from the heavy bleeding that occurs and can feel the clots. I am ready to stop this medication and deal with my irregular periods. I feel miserable and scared not knowing if this is "normal". F 40 18 days
20 MG 1X D
 1  To prevent pregnancy Feeling depressed, anxious, loss of sexual desire, vaginal dryness. I feel like there is something wrong with me, my old birth control was way better than this! I am seeing my doctor next week, I hope that I can get off of this one. I know my body, I was not having these weird side effects with the ones that I was originally on. I was really close to getting off of them but I'm seeing my doctor anyways. F 24 2 months
30 MG 1X D
 1  period regulator The only things that I have noticed is I keep getting heart palpitations and I feel so tired all day now for 3 days. I feel like I might be putting on a pound even aswell. This is my first time going on a pill and after reading the reviews I am terrified and if i notice any really bad side effects im OUT. My skin is generally clear but ive always had bad back acne... i hope this helps even one bit with anything... if not then whatever. Im off. F 16 4 days
0.1/0.02mg 1X D
 1  Pregnancy Prevention Weight gain, bloating, anxiety, depression, ance breakouts on back, low sex drive, diharrea F 29 6 months
 1  To reduce heavy bleeding and cramps Became a light sleeper and woke up constantly in the night. It did make periods lighter and helped reduce hormonal acne. But I will be stopping this pill effective immediately as I just had an ultrasound and its caused me blood clots in my leg. Thanks Aviane 28. Buyer beware.... pain in your leg is not normal if you are on this pill. Seek medical attention immediately. Would not recommend. Will be stopping this medication immediately. F 41 8 months
N/a 1X D
 1  Pregnancy prevention Caused me to have HORRIBLE anxiety and depression (no previous mental health conditions). I wanted to commit suicide and I had never in my life had those thoughts until this medication. Nausea every day and no appetite, I lost 10 pounds in a month, and I didn't have it to lose. I think this pill should be taken off the market!!!! It is dangerous Please do your research about the mental health effects F 25 30 days
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 4   When I First began taking this birth control (Sep. of 2017) I experienced heavy bleeding for two weeks. I got pregnant in December 2018 and just recently began taking aviane after being off for the duration of my pregnancy. I have experienced no side effects this second time around. F 22 1 years
 1  prevent pregnancy. anxiety, panic attacks, PPD, suicidal ideation, depression, weight gain, mood swings I started taking this a few months after having a baby. i had not signs of PPD until after i started this pill. I was irrational, moods were all over the place, depressed, etc...then the suicidal stuff started. The only break I got from being a mental case was about 2-3 days into the white pills. When the next pack started, so did the side effects. F 31 4 months
.1-.02 1X D
 1  Pregnancy prevention Started taking a few days after my period ended and about two weeks after taking i have experienced heavy bleeding and i am still bleeding after 8 days. Have also experienced weight gain and acne and shortness of breath. Definitely will quit this pill F 19 1 months
 1  Pregnancy prevention HEAVY bleeding between periods, severe bloating, intolerable cramps. Started taking Aviane 2 days after my menstrual cycle had ended. I took it for 5 days and am extremely bloated and experiencing the WORST vaginal bleeding I've ever had. It started out as light spotting and now it's horrible and so is the cramping that came along with it. I've stopped taking it and wouldn't recommend this pill to anyone. F 27 5 days
 1  Prevent pregnancy Extreme anxiety and panic attacks This pill ruined my mental health F 28 10 months
 3  birth control acne, irritability/mood swings, decreased vaginal lubrication I tried to stick this pill out for the entire three months but since taking it my mild acne has gotten worse, in weird small bumps all over my face, my boobs went down an entire cup size, I cry all the time and her angry for no reason. I also started to experience dryness during sex and will definitely be switching back to my Juleber. I really wanted this to work for me but unfortunately it doesnít! F 19 3 months
 1  birth control, acne - deppression and moodswings (not sure if this is from gentics because ive taken aviane and aleysa since i was 14) - acne -fatigue i mean im not pregnant... it does help with cramps and makes my periods very short but acne and depression is not worth it :( F 18 2 years
 5  Pregnancy prevention I absolutely love this pill. Since Iíve taken it Iíve felt completely normal. No weight gain, cravings, anything. Keeps my period on track and helps with cramps. Love this pill! Highly recommend F 18 4 months
 1  To ease cramps/headaches Breast tenderness, mood swings, depression, growth in breast size, lack of appetite, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats This pill should be renamed to ďdepression-28Ē! I was on Lo Loestrin Fe but had to switch due to my insurance no longer covering it. I was put on Avaine which has been one of the worst experiences of my life!!! I was recently in the ER because I was experiencing shortness of breath every time I stood up, irregular heartbeats, and chills. This pills side effects suck!! I took it at night and by the second morning after being on it I cried SIX times in one day! I am a super happy, upbeat person who isnít usually very emotional but this pill took me from being my usual optimistic self to a depressed mess that doesnít want to get out of bed! I seriously have been looking up ways to detox my body from this pill made by the devil himself because I canít live like this!! I have no emotion other than depressed, angry, sad, annoyed, irritated or just overall blah. My breast have been hurting every time I try to lay on my stomach and they were growing quickly which I didnít like either. I was so nervous to switch pills and this is exactly why. From here on out I would much rather deal with severe cramps, headaches and horrible periods then EVER take this pill again!!!! I do NOT recommend this pill to ANYONE! Ever! F 22 3 weeks
 1  Control endometriosis, painful periods Nausea, bloating, weight gain, water retention, fatigue, depression, anger. Nausea and bloating have been continuing for almost 2 month after stopping taking Aviane. I tried Aviane as alternative to Microgestin which was making me irritable while actually working well otherwise. Right on the second day of taking Aviane I became quite nauseous and wasn't able to eat my regular meal portions. I also immediately gained 3 lb which seemed to collect around my waist line in form of rather firm cushions. Never experienced those cushions before, even weighing 15 lb more than now. After a couple of days I started feeling depressed, and after 10 days I felt disgusted with mostly everything around me, including my husband who was trying hard to behave well. Then, on day 13, I just sat looking at my feet for the most part of the day feeling angry. It was very clear to me that I can't continue taking Aviane. After I stopped taking it, the depression cleared up in a day. The nausea and the weight gain, however, are still ongoing after almost 2 months. This week, I put myself on the detox diet and contacted my OB/GYN who responded expressing her scepticism about nausea being still the result from taking Aviane but ordered some tests. I wish I would have never touched Aviane, and I do not recommend experimenting with this pill. F 41 13 days
0.1/0.02 m
 1  Birth control I have been vomiting every night after I started taking this pill and have had random moments of not being able to see straight. I am pretty sure I am going to stop taking it because I'm tired of being sick every night for hours on end. F 27 4 days
 1  Pregnancy prevention I noticed instantly, night sweats horribly, headaches, blurry/jumpy vision, and extreme mood swings.HATE this pill F 32 12 days