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 1  Prevent pregnancy Moody, depressed, anger/irritability, irregular cycle, ANXIETY, panic attacks F 28 6 months
1X D
 2  Prevent pregnancy Big sensitive boobs, daily headaches, IBS, cramps, light sensitivity, less acne, emotional, no sex drive Everybody says wait at least 3 months so I did... didnt really have symptoms the first 2 months that I could tell other then just random stomach issues everyday. Diarrhea, constipation, sharp pains, gas... you name it. I've had to start taking probiotics. I forgot a pill one time and took it the next day at 11am and then tried to take it at the normal time still at 10pm... yeaa woke up at 3am and threw it up... ever since then I started having daily uterine cramps which made me think I was pregnant. Little paranoid and crying over everything pretty much. I dont get wet or turned on easily anymore, I hate it. I dont like how I feel on this. Will try for one more month or I'm just gonna use the pull out method. Tired of this. F 18 3 months
1X D
 1  Prevent pregnancy, slow blood flow Sore breasts, irregular bleeding, extreme paranoia, mild depression, crippling anxiety, abdomen and back cramping, migraines with aura, mood swings, loss of sex drive If this review helps one person feel okay while on this demon pill I will be happy. They moved me from sprintec (great pill) to microgestin for my endometriosis, and all it did was ruin my life. I gave it a solid go for 8 months and slowly over time i noticed I became much more paranoid, the paranoia was the main factor to make me leave this pill. I felt that any minor scare or inconvenience in my life was heightened to the point of non functioning while on this pill. I bled so irregularly on it that I always thought I was pregnant, even tho I took the pill flawlessly. Not to mention the many nights I cried in bed over my paranoia and anxiety (CAUSED BY THIS PILL I DIDNT HAVE THIS BEFORE) to the point of looming depression. The migraines and cramps that come with this pill interfere with my job constantly. I had extreme nausea for the first 3 months on it, I had to eat with it everytime I took it. I also shouldn't leave out im a kinky and high drive female and this pill crashed my sex drive totally. F 26 8 months
1/20 1X D
 1  Irregular periods Really bad anxiety, mood swings and depression towards the end of my usage. In the beginning I didn't experience much side effects except spotting F 23 3 years
1X D
 4  Pregnancy prevention Breast tenderness breakthrough bleeding mood swings F 23 0 months
20 1X D
 1  Lighter Periods Depression, anger issues, suicidal thoughts Please do not take this medicine if you have depression or ADHD it made it so much worse for me F 17 20 days
 1  Contraceptive, acne From day one of starting the pill I broke out in hives all up and down my arms and my exzama flared up in the creases of my arms. I never had hives before so I thought they were just bug bites since there were so few. Then the hives got worse and started to spread to others parts of my body. My skin is sensitive and so I started blaming my soap I was using because sometimes my skin rejects soap even when I've been using the brand for years. Changed my soap and was still dealing with the hives and exzama. Not even Benadryl helped it, I was at a loss. But then I got to the placebo week and suddenly the hives disappeared and my exzama cleared up. I attributed the hives to allergies from something I must have been coming into contact frequently that month. But then I started my second pack of the micogestrin and what do you know I flare up in hives and exzama again! After that I just knew it was the pills because nothing else changed in my day to day life. Not to even mention I also had the worst moods ever just so angry and so uninterested in affection and intercourse. Never have I felt like this before it's these horrible pills. Can't wait to get back to my normal brand. This pill was not for me. My pharmacy ran out of my Blisolvi Fe 1/20 so in its place they gave me Micogestrin Fe 1/20 saying it was the same thing. They may have the same active ingredients but the inactive ingredients are different and I feel that's why I'm having the problems I'm experiencing. I'm going to go back to my Blisolvi that worked wonders on me. F 22 40 days
 3  accutane Extreme bloating, random harsh cramps, increase on my headaches and tiredness (I already had headaches and tiredness from my accutane) moderate to severe dizziness, weakness, & nausea. Its extremely early on in my pill cycles (I just started im 2 weeks in) to be able to decide if this is a good brand or not. So far based off the side effects i been having, no. But they say it takes months to adjust. Im not sure if I should proceed with this after im no longer required/forced to be to be on this. F 24 14 days
 1  Prevent pregnancy Mood swings, hot flashes, increased heart rate, increased poor blood circulation, worsened acne, hair falling out and bloating. This pill cause me to have mood swings depression, angers and anxiety. It worsened my heart arrhythmia and made my poor circular in my legs worse. It caused more acne. It made me constantly tired, week, hot and hard to breathe. It cause my hair to break. The only good thing is it worked to prevent pregnancy and by skipping the brown pills and continue taking the regular pills it stopped my period. F 32 28 days
 1  Prevent pregnancy I thought starting out that this was ok. Wrong. The gas and bloating is horrible. The nausea is unavoidable. I've tried taking st night, but I'm sick between 10am-1pm. I take in the morning and I'm sick 430pm-7:30. I can't win. I just realized my breasts are tender and that's why sleep has been uncomfortable and the bloating has caused my clothes to fit less. Tonight I went on a date and thought I might faint. The nausea was horrible. I was thinking "Omg I'm pregnant"Ě before looking online at reviews. What are the odds others are sharing my struggles? I'm going to stop taking this. No one should go through this for months just to "see"Ě if it works or their body adjusts. Hell to the nah nah nah. Don't walk run. Ask for anything else. F 31 3 months
 1  Contraception Depression, mood swings, headaches, spotting This birth control left me very depressed. I would cry out of nowhere and was not myself. I had horrible thoughts and had a hard time sleeping most nights. I strongly recommend not taking this birth control. It was a horrible experience. I am usually positive and happy. This pill changed my brain!! If you are feeling not like yourself, I would immediately stop taking the pill, the longer I took it the worse it became. F 34 33 days
30 mg
 5  I wanted to skip periods At first I had crazy spotting (like for 3 weeks) and some slight nausea the first week taking it, but after about 2 months my body adjusted. I have taken microgestin continuously for 4 years now, and I really love it. I have no periods and absolutely no side effects F 21 4 years
 1  Birth Control Iíve always been a super happy, outgoing and bubbly person. I have never had any history of depression whatsoever, but about a month into taking this pills I noticed a downer, sluggish lazy and lethargic mood begin to develop. With it being February in Ohio, I blamed it on the winter blues. However another month went by and I became more and more depressed. I stopped caring about pretty much everything. There is nothing traumatic or upsetting happening in my life so I didnít understand it. The weather was improving and I was getting worse, then it hit me! I thought the only thing Iíve changed recently was starting on this pill. I did some research and I found that many other people have experienced depression on this pill. I quit taking it immediately. F 29 60 days
 4  Heavy flooding periods/ perimenopause No side effects after third pack. Was spotting at first. This med helped my period go from 7 nutty heavy flooding days to 3 days of one day spotting and two days normal. Plus helped with night sweats. F 45 8 months
 3  Pregnancy protection When I first started this pill I was an emotional nutcase for 2-3 months and would cry about everything. Eventually that lessened up and isn't an issue anymore. My weight stays about the same, I haven't gotten pregnant, I have short and light periods, it didn't cause acne, and I didn't lose a bunch of hair like I did with the Nexplanon. My main complaint is that for a week or so before my period my breast get pretty swollen and tender to the point where I can't lie on my stomach comfortably, and I also have intense cravings for sweets. Other than that I'm satisfied. F 26 2 years
 4  Heavy flooding perimenopause period Spotting, breast tenderness It's still early I'm just done with 2 nd pack. Had withdrawal period but wasn't as bad as before. Over time this will help even more with periods and cramps. Give it time people. It can take many pill packs to adjust. 45 2 months
 1  Prevent pregnancy and regulate periods Anxiety, nausea, bloating, heartburn, mood swings, spotting in between periods. Would not recommend this BC to anyone!!!! After the first month I started experiencing horrible anxiety. My stomach always feel bloated and causes heartburn. Also I have zero sex drive because of this pill. Will be discontuing after I finish the second month. F 30 2 months
 5  Prevent pregnancy& regulate cycles No side effects such as weight gain or mood swings. Very great low dose birth control medicine. Iíve taken it for several years and have very light periods. Very rarely Iíve missed actual bleeding during periods. F 28 7 years
 1  Prevent pregnancy Grouchy, constant weight gain, low sex drive! Caused bleeding 2 times a month. Horrible birth control! Gained alot of weight about 15 pounds within the last 6 months! F 24 6 months
 2  birth control massive bloating, weight gain, acid reflux,blood pressure changes, breathless at times, depression, tired, low libido I am also feeling "flat"; emotionless. Not sure if related, but have had muscle issues/plantar fasciitis shortly after starting this pill. F 47 10 months
1/20 1X D