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 5  GERD None? Possibly constipation rarely. Possibly night sweats I tried everything. Prescriptions, doctors, nothing and no one could help me. My life revolved around the discomfort. I was ready to go on a liquid diet for good. Then I found this. It has been life changing and continues to work years later. M 33 12 years
 1  Peptic Ulcer Axienty, heart pain, chest wierd feeling. Every time take the drug feeling like heart want to stop beating. Strange feeling in head, hard to focus while driving, talking and in crowded. Just take magnesium trisilicate to help the pain. Stop taking this drug. Some doctors they never ever feel this pain of side effect. So they talk shit when we complaining. M 30 2 days
 3  Gerd stopped heartburn, but had headaches and muscle pains, dizzyness and nausia F 60 3 months
150 mg 2X D
 3  Heartburn nausea a little bit at first, later none I took it for a month. It didn't work. After I quitted my job, I took it again, my heartburn was getting better, from 4-5 times heartburn a day to 2-3 times a day. But I took antibiotic for some reason and I got allergy. So, I stopped the ranitidine again. Now I use Blendtac to blend a whole piece of ginger with water. Keep it in the fridge. Pour some, add water and boil it (it's hot n spicy). Drink it in the morning and night before bed. I don't have heartburn the whole day. F 40 40 days
300 mg 1X D
 1  GERD I was OK using 75mgs of this drug once a day but have had to increase it over the past 6 weeks to 150mg+ per day as GERD worse. Now night sweats, chills MUCH worse and horrid `lump in throat sensation' all of the time - also drug has ceased to wrok well and casues severe burning after taking it (in throat area and chest pain - which is very slow to abate). I am stopping this drug and using Gaviscon for awhile as I feel it has done some damage now - with such long term and medically approved useage. I `trusted' to help GERD but am convinced that it has done more damage than good as my digestive system seems to have gone haywire nd I feel quite unwell after using it now. F 58 2 years
150 1X D
 1  caused severe chest pain caused severe chest pain which the doctor said was normal. I stopped taking it and went back to my first med and I do not have any problems M 67 4 days
 2  ulcer anxiety, muscle pain was given 150mg twice daily but the side effects noted were so strong I have reduced it to 150mg once a day. still feeling the effects though not as bad. the anxiety is the worse for me. i do have anti-anxiety drugs but I don't want to have to take them just because of this medication, so I'm not taking this after today. not worth the trouble. not a medication I would recommend at this point. F 39 2 days
 5  GERD/Acid reflux Nausea after prolonged usage I have been taking Ranitidine (or generic Zantac if you may) since 2000 and thus far it's been the only thing besides Prevacid that keeps my GERD under control. However, if I take it for a few days or so straight, I start suffering with nausea and have to quit taking it. M 26 8 years